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  AIT Tape Drive, Autoloader, Libary Repairs
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Turnaround Time: 1 week or less (not including shipping time).   
Fixed Rate Repair:
price includes all parts and labor.
Expedite Repair Service: 50$ extra per drive. Turnaround in 2 business days.
Bench Fee: $50 per drive if it is not repairable or if no trouble is found.
Warranty on Repair:
6 months from ship date   
Same price for internals as externals.

  Brands: Seagate, ADIC, HP, Dell, Compaq, Sony, APS, Micronet, IBM, Qualstar or  Equivalent  
  Tape Drive Interfaces:
SCSI or SCSI-2 interface


Models           GB Capacity Price Per Drive
AIT-1 or AIT- Plus     25/50 or 35/75GB $  75



$ 125



$ 275



$ 375


          400/1040GB $ 475

AIT Tape Libraries


   $350 plus parts*

   *We repair library models from such companies as Sony, Conner, ADIC, IBM and more. Since the  
     problems and models vary, we repair the libraries on an estimate basis of $350 plus parts with a 6  
     month warranty. If we are unable to repair your unit or the estimate is not accepted, we have a $50  
     bench fee.