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WORM Optical Disk Drive Repair Prices
 We will beat any tape or optical drive repair price by 5% 

Turnaround Time: 1 week or less (not including shipping time).
Fixed Rate Repair: price includes all parts and labor.
Expedite Repair Service: $50 per drive when you need your drive fixed in 48 hours 
(2 business days-shipping time not included).
Bench Fee: $50 per drive if it is not repairable or if no trouble is found.   
6 months
Internal/Externals: Same price for internal as externals.

Please always get a repair authorization number before you ship your drive into us for repair.
No matter which method you choose, we need all the information asked for in the below ordering forms.

Order Repairs Online      Order Repairs by Fax        Order Repairs by Phone

Capacity $ Price Per Drive
 800-940MB $ 259
1.0 -1.5 GB $ 299
LF5012Z $ 1890
LF7012Z $ 1890

Most jukebox manufacturers are supported such as HP, SONY, MDI, Maxoptix, Storage Dimensions, Pinnacle Micro and more.
$550 each plus parts 

12" Inch Hitachi/Toshiba/ATG/Philips/LMSI/Sony WORM drives...please call for estimate