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0400B003AA Canon
Part / Model: 0400B003AA
Brand: Canon

Description: New IPQ-1 TONER YELLOW 16K

Availability: In Stock
Warranty: 90 Day Warranty
Category:: Ink/Toner Cartridges
UPC: 13803069136       UNSPSC: 44103103
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CRU Acquisitions Group, LLC 0044-7100-5140 DataPort Hard Drive Mini Storage Subsystem
Manufacturer's Description
The DataPort 4 Bay Mini SAS/SATA Storage Subsystem puts a very large capacity, high-performance, Business Class storage in a small desktop enclosure. Version available to support four fixed 3.5" hard drives. SAS and SATA both support max transfer rates up to 3Gb/s. SAS goes beyond SATA by adding full duplex data transfers, so when commands are queued in SAS, both read transfers and write transfers can occur concurrently at 3.0Gb/sec., effectively providing a total bandwidth of 6.0 Gb/sec. SAS also features dual port point-to-point architecture through multi-lane, or "wide", connections, so a 4x connector provides up to 24Gbps aggregate, bi-directional throughput.
0044-7100-5140 Product Overview
Physical Characteristics
Package Contents3.5" Hard Drive Mini Storage Subsystem
1 x IB to 4X SAS/SATA Device Adapter
1 x SATA Data and Power to SAS Cable
2 x 4 pin Legacy(M) to Dual Legacy(F) Power Cable
Additional Information120mm Intake & 80mm Exhaust Fans
Ventilated swing-open front panel for easy drive access
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