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  International Buyers (Outside the USA)


   Let us be your purchasing or sourcing office for you in the United States. 
   Our main buyer has over 30 years buying and selling computer related products. This service is tailored to larger and frequent buyers 
   who set up an agreement with us that is based on cost plus purchase orders with wire prepayment terms. Email sales(at) 
   for more information. 

   The below information applies to cost plus purchase order customers and one time buyers.

   Pinnaclemicro accepts orders from and ships to customers in different countries all over the world using UPS, Fedx, DHL or USPS.
   We would like to be your supplier for computers, peripherals, software, parts and more. At, we have over 1,000,000 models
   and part numbers. Since 1991, we have shipped thousands of orders to customers all around the world. Our customer service 
   agents are available to answer any of your questions. Please call 800-392-6962 or 714-662-4959 ext 1 or email us at sales(at)

   We can ship on your shipping account number
We can also ship on your shipping account number and use your carrier. Do this when you check out online. Use the custom shipping option 
   in the shipping speed drop down. And put your shipper, shipping account number and ship method you want us to use in the notes or
   comments section when you buy via our secure one page checkout.

   Try our currency conversion tool and see our prices in US Dollars and in your currency
   Payment and ordering is easy. We accept credit cards, paypal or wire transfer from most countries when you order online from us.
When paying by credit card we like to ship to the bill to address on the card. 
   All credit card orders are verified and processed at the time of shipment and not before. 

    Wire Transfer In Advance
   When you complete your order online you will get information on how and where to send your payment. 
   You can select this payment option when ordering online. Your order receipt can be used as your proforma invoice.

   Use PayPal for USA and for most countries outside the United States
   Go ahead and select PayPal as your payment method when you check out via our shopping cart, you will be redirected to where you can 
   complete the order and payment. 
   No user name and password is needed before or when you buy from us.
   We have no "login" or "registration" to complete before or when you buy or come back.
   Just go ahead and search and buy. Once we get your order via our web site, fax or email we will contact you accordingly.