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908-0298   Redback Networks
Refurbished Redback Ericsson 2-Port ATM OC3 STM-1 SMF-IR CLEI SN03FRBDAA 30 Day Warranty  
908-0298 Redback Networks
In Stock
AIMX-M2OC12MM   Redback Networks
Refurbished AIMXM2OC12MM 2-Port ATM OC-12c Multi Mode Module 30 Day Warranty  
AIMX-M2OC12MM Redback Networks
In Stock
SPA-2CHT3-CE-ATM   Cisco Systems
Refurbished SPA-2CHT3-CE-ATM 2-Port Channelized T3/E3 circuit emulation over 30 Day Warranty    More Product Info on SPA-2CHT3-CE-ATM
SPA-2CHT3-CE-ATM Cisco Systems
In Stock
7300-2OC3ATM-SMI   Cisco Systems
Refurbished 73002OC3ATMSMI 2-port OC-3 ATM line card for 7304 w/ Single-mode IR 30 Day Warranty    More Product Info on 7300-2OC3ATM-SMI
7300-2OC3ATM-SMI Cisco Systems
In Stock
OSM-2OC12-ATM-SI+   Cisco Systems
Refurbished OSM2OC12ATMSI 2-PORT OC-12/STM-4 ATM OSM+ SI with 4 Gigabit Ethernet 30 Day Warranty  
OSM-2OC12-ATM-SI+ Cisco Systems
In Stock
P-2OC3-ATM-MM   Juniper Networks
Refurbished P2OC3ATMMM 2-port ATM OC-3/STM-1 PIC ( Physical Interface Card ) Multi-Mode 30 Day Warranty    More Product Info on P-2OC3-ATM-MM
P-2OC3-ATM-MM Juniper Networks
In Stock
ATM-3451AS   Spirent Communications
Refurbished ATM3451AS TeraMetrics ATM OC-3c STM-1c 2-port single mode 1300nm 30 Day Warranty  
ATM-3451AS Spirent Communications
In Stock
NS20N22   Lucent Technologies
Refurbished PSAX 2 port E3 ATM NS20N220EB NS20N22 30 Day Warranty  
NS20N22 Lucent Technologies
In Stock
AIM-1K-2OC3MM   Redback Networks
Refurbished AIM1K2OC3MM 2-Port OC-3c ATM Module Multi Mode 30 Day Warranty  
AIM-1K-2OC3MM Redback Networks
In Stock
ATM-3453A   Spirent Communications
Refurbished ATM3453A TeraMetrics ATM OC-3c/OC-12c STM-1c/STM-4c Multi Mode 2-Port 30 Day Warranty  
ATM-3453A Spirent Communications
In Stock
NTNQ66AA   Nortel
Refurbished MODULE: 2-PORT OC3/STM-1 SM ATM-IP FUNCTION PROCESSOR CLEI IPC1H6AAAC 30 Day Warranty    More Product Info on NTNQ66AA
NTNQ66AA Nortel
In Stock
PE-2OC3-ATM-SMIR   Juniper Networks
Refurbished PE2OC3ATMSMIR 2-port ATM OC-3/STM-1 POC Single-Mode Intermediate Reach 30 Day Warranty    More Product Info on PE-2OC3-ATM-SMIR
PE-2OC3-ATM-SMIR Juniper Networks
In Stock
ML-2OC3A-MM   Foundry Networks
Refurbished Foundry Networks ML-2OC3A-MM 2-port ATM OC-3c/155Mbps module MMF 30 Day Warranty  
ML-2OC3A-MM Foundry Networks
In Stock
MRT19-TM-DS3-2   Lucent Technologies
Refurbished MRT19TMDS32 2-Port DS3 ATM Trunk module for Stinger MRT 19 300563640. 30 Day Warranty  
MRT19-TM-DS3-2 Lucent Technologies
In Stock
300563640   Lucent Technologies
Refurbished Stinger 2-Port DS3 ATM Trunk module for MRT CLEI VAUIACGAB 30 Day Warranty  
300563640 Lucent Technologies
In Stock
750A040220   Lucent Technologies
Refurbished PSAX DS3-ATM card for PASX 2-Port 30 Day Warranty  
750A040220 Lucent Technologies
In Stock
73002OC3ATMMM   Cisco Systems
Refurbished 73002OC3ATMMM 7304 2-port OC-3 ATM line card 30 Day Warranty    More Product Info on 73002OC3ATMMM
73002OC3ATMMM Cisco Systems
In Stock
86H3013   IBM
Refurbished 8274 2-Port ATM Module 30 Day Warranty  
86H3013 IBM
In Stock
PE-2OC3-ATM-MM   Juniper Networks
Refurbished PE2OC3ATMMM 2-port OC-3STM1 ATM IQ PIC ( Physical Interface Card ) Multi mode With Differential. Serv 30 Day Warranty    More Product Info on PE-2OC3-ATM-MM
PE-2OC3-ATM-MM Juniper Networks
In Stock
DEFGT-BA   DEC Digital Equipment Corp
Refurbished DEFGTBA 2-PORT ATM LINECARD MODULE No PMDs - T3/E3/SONET 30 Day Warranty  
DEFGT-BA DEC Digital Equipment Corp
In Stock
P-2OC3-ATM-SMIR   Juniper Networks
Refurbished P2OC3ATMSMIR 2-Port OC-3 ATM SMIR PICP-2OC3-ATM-SMIR 30 Day Warranty    More Product Info on P-2OC3-ATM-SMIR
P-2OC3-ATM-SMIR Juniper Networks
In Stock
WS-X5168   Cisco Systems
Refurbished CISCO 2 PORT ATM OC-3 SMF SWITCHNG MODULE 30 Day Warranty    More Product Info on WS-X5168
WS-X5168 Cisco Systems
In Stock
ATM-MMF-OC-3C   Redback Networks
Refurbished Redback 2-Port ATM MMF OC-3c I/O Module VAC1DH0AAA 30 Day Warranty  
ATM-MMF-OC-3C Redback Networks
In Stock
AIM-1K-2DS3   Redback Networks
Refurbished AIM1K2DS3 2-Port ATM DS3 Module DS3 IO Module 30 Day Warranty  
AIM-1K-2DS3 Redback Networks
In Stock
AIM-1K-2OC3SM   Redback Networks
Refurbished AIM1K2OC3SM 2-Port OC-3c ATM Module Single Mode 30 Day Warranty  
AIM-1K-2OC3SM Redback Networks
In Stock
PB-2OC3-ATM-MM   Juniper Networks
Refurbished PB2OC3ATMMM PB-2OC3-ATM-MM 2-Port ATM OC-3STM1 PIC ( Physical Interface Card ) MM 30 Day Warranty    More Product Info on PB-2OC3-ATM-MM
PB-2OC3-ATM-MM Juniper Networks
In Stock
G8M-A03BM-02   Riverstone Networks
Refurbished G8MA03BM02 RS 8X00 2-Port ATM Base Module 30 Day Warranty  
G8M-A03BM-02 Riverstone Networks
In Stock
PE-2OC3-ATM2-MM   Juniper Networks
Refurbished PE2OC3ATM2MM PIC Ejector 2-Port ATM OC-3/STM1Single-Mode Intermediate Reach 30 Day Warranty    More Product Info on PE-2OC3-ATM2-MM
PE-2OC3-ATM2-MM Juniper Networks