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In Stock
FUP8X35HSBP   Intel Corporation
Refurbished Intel P4000 8x3.5in Hot-Swap BackPlane FUP8X35HSBP 30 Day Warranty    More Product Info on FUP8X35HSBP
FUP8X35HSBP Intel Corporation
In Stock
D29308-501   Intel Corporation
Refurbished Intel SR1500ALSASR Hot-Swap SATA Backplane D29308-501 30 Day Warranty  
D29308-501 Intel Corporation
In Stock
TCA-00257-02-E   Intel Corporation
Refurbished Intel SR2612URR Hot-Swap SAS Backplane TCA-00257-02-E 30 Day Warranty  
TCA-00257-02-E Intel Corporation
In Stock
G10396-302   Intel Corporation
Refurbished INTEL R1304BT Hot Swap SAS Backplane G10396-302 30 Day Warranty  
G10396-302 Intel Corporation
In Stock
G16566-302   Intel Corporation
Refurbished INTEL H2216JFJR SAS Hot Swap Backplane Board G16566-302 30 Day Warranty  
G16566-302 Intel Corporation
In Stock
FSR1690BP   Intel Corporation
Refurbished Intel SR1690 SR1695 Hot-Swap Backplane FSR1690B 30 Day Warranty    More Product Info on FSR1690BP
FSR1690BP Intel Corporation
In Stock
E70527-301   Intel Corporation
Refurbished Intel SR1695 SAS/SATA Hot Swap Backplane E70527-301 30 Day Warranty  
E70527-301 Intel Corporation
In Stock
79488-303   Intel Corporation
Refurbished 79488303 79488-303 SCSI Hot-Swap Backplane for SR2300 KSW Gateway 30 Day Warranty  
79488-303 Intel Corporation
In Stock
G43195-150   Intel Corporation
Refurbished INTEL R1304BTLSHBN SAS Hot Swap Backplane G43195-150 30 Day Warranty  
G43195-150 Intel Corporation
In Stock
G10396-204   Intel Corporation
Refurbished INTEL R1304BT Hot Swap SAS Backplane G10396-204 30 Day Warranty  
G10396-204 Intel Corporation