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Quantum DLT Tape Drives Repairs
Pinnaclemicro has been repairing and selling DLT tape drives for over 18 years.  We will beat any tape or optical drive repair price by 5% 


Turnaround Time: 1 week or less (not including shipping time).  
Fixed Rate Repair:
price includes all parts and labor.
Expedite Repair Service: $50 per drive when you need your drive fixed in 48 hours 
(2 business days-shipping time not included).
Bench Fee: $50 per drive if it is not repairable or if no trouble is found.
Warranty on Repair:
6 months from ship date  
Same price for internal as externals.

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Most brands originally made by Quantum  such as Compaq, HP, IBM, Dec, Dell,  
MicroNet, Maynard, Sun, Procom, Silicon Graphics and Conner. 

 Quantum Model 

 Quantum PN# Series   Capacity GB $ Price per Drive


 TH4 series

 10/20 GB

$ 65


 TH3 series

 15/30 GB

$ 65


 TH5 series

 20/40 GB

$ 75


 TH6 series

 35/70 GB

$ 95


 TH8 series

 40/80 GB

$ 150

 VS80 Half Height             

 BHH series


$ 125

 DLT 1 Full Height             

 BH1 series

 40/80 GB

$ 150

 VS160 Half Height            

 BH2 series


$ 175

 SDLT220 Super DLT1       

 TR-S13 series


$ 275

 SDLT320 Super DLT2       

 TR-S23 series 


$ 375

 SDLT600 Super DLT3       

 TR-S34 series


$ 475
 Autoloaders or Libraries  


$ 299 plus parts* 

DLT Autoloaders or Libraries 

*Quantum, ATL, Boxhill, ADIC, and others make all kinds of different models and capacities. Since the problems
and models  vary, we repair these on an estimate basis for $299 each plus parts with a 6 month warranty. If we 
are unable to repair your loader or the estimate is not accepted, we have a $50 bench fee for our time.
Please always get a repair authorization number before you ship your drive into us for repair.
Order Repairs Online            
Order Repairs by Fax            Order Repairs by Phone