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Listings of 3DFX by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
N25443DFX Refurbished N2544 PCI Card 16MB 3DFX VOODOO 3 AGP
154397-0011543970013DFX Refurbished 154397001 16MB 3DFX VOODOO 3 AGP
155138-0011551380013DFX Refurbished 155138001 16MB 3DFX VOODOO 3 AGP
210-0364-00321003640033DFX Refurbished 2100364003 3DFX AGP VIDEO CARD
210-0382-00321003820033DFX Refurbished 2100382003 16MB PCI VIDEO CARD WITH VGA OUTPUT
210-0383-001-A02100383001A03DFX Refurbished 2100383001A0 16MB 3DFX VOODOO 3 AGP
600-0035-036000035033DFX Refurbished 600003503 AGP 16MB BANSHEE VIDEO CARD
60010113DFX Refurbished VIDEO CARD
BANSHEE600-0035-03BANSHEE6000035033DFX Refurbished BANSHEE600003503 AGP 16MB BANSHEE VIDEO CARD
PC-P-90M-94V-0PCP90M94V03DFX Refurbished PCP90M94V0 3DFX MSMT467 INTENSE 3D VOODOO PCI
VD200P3DFX Refurbished VD200p type 8MB Voodoo 2 cards

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