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Listings of 3Ware by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
500-0118-005000118003Ware Refurbished 500011800 8006-2LP - ESCALADE PCIX 2-PORT SATA RAID CONTROLLER 700-0121-0
500-0118-025000118023Ware Refurbished 500011802 700-0121-03 C - ESCALADE PCIX 2-PORT SATA RAID CONTROLLER 500-0
700-0121-007000121003Ware Refurbished 700012100 3WARE 8006-2LP 700-0121-00 C ESCALADE PCIX 2-PORT SATA RAID CO
700-0121-037000121033Ware Refurbished 700012103 2-PORT SATA RAID CONTROLLER
700-0129-007000129003Ware Refurbished 700012900 3WARE 7506-4LP ATA 133 RAID CONTROLLER 700-0129-00 AESCALADE
7500-8750083Ware Refurbished 75008 Eide Adapter
7506-4LP75064LP3Ware Refurbished 75064LP 3WARE 7506-4LP ATA-133 RAID CONTROLLER
7506-8750683Ware New 75068 3ware Escalade 7506-8 Storage controller RAID- ATA-133- 133 MBps
8006-2LP80062LP3Ware Refurbished 3ware Serial ATA RAID Controller SATA-150 PCI64 Standard Bracket
8506-8850683Ware Refurbished 85068
9500S-129500S123Ware Refurbished 9500S12 3Ware 12-Port Sata Raid Controller
9500S-4LP9500S4LP3Ware Refurbished 9500S4LP 4-Port SATA RAID Controller +128MB Cache + 4 SATA Cables
9500S-89500S83Ware Refurbished 3Ware 9500S-8 PCI-X 8-Port SATA RAID Controller Card 0110550
9500S-8Mi9500S8Mi3Ware Refurbished 9500S8Mi
9550SX-12/16ML9550SX1216ML3Ware Refurbished 9550SX1216ML 9550SX-12/16ML 16-Port Raid Controller
9550SX-4LP9550SX4LP3Ware Refurbished 9550SX4LP 4-PORT SATAII RAID PCI-X Controller with ML Cables
9590SE-8ML9590SE8ML3Ware Refurbished 9590SE8ML PCIe x4 8 SATA CONTROLLER
9650SE-16ML9650SE16ML3Ware Refurbished 9650SE16ML 9650SE-16ML-KIT RAID Controller 0/1/5/6/10/50 16 Channel SATA-2 PCIE PCI-Express
CBL-SFF8087-06MCBLSFF808706M3Ware New CableSFF808706M 3WA Cable SFF8087 06M MULTI LANE INTERNAL SATA CABLE 0 6 MET
3W-68003W68003Ware Refurbished 3W6800 3WARE 3W-6800 ESCALADE PCI ADAPTER 6800
3W-7506-83W750683Ware Refurbished 3W75068 3Ware Esclade 8-Port Card
3W-78103W78103Ware Refurbished 3W7810 8-Port CONTROLLER PCI-X CARD ONLY
500-0068-025000068023Ware Refurbished 500006802 3WARE ESCALADE 3W-7810 8-Port ATA IDE RAID CONTROLLER CARD 500
700-0025-057000025053Ware Refurbished 700002505 3WARE 700-0025-05 6800 ESCALADE PCI ADAPTER
700-0101-017000101013Ware Refurbished 700010101 700-0101-01 B - 3WARE 4CCA 7500-8 ESCALADE IDE RAID CONTROLLER
700-0102-017000102013Ware Refurbished 700010201 3WARE 700-0102-01- ESCALADE 7500-4 RAID DMA/ATA-133 IDE PCI 3WAR
700-0119-017000119013Ware Refurbished 700011901 CONTROLLER 8-PORT PCI 64-BIT ATA RD
700-0177007000177003Ware Refurbished 700017700
7500-8A75008A3Ware Refurbished 75008A 8-Port IDE RAID
7506-127506123Ware New 750612 ESCALADE ATA 12 DRIVE RAID RETAIL
7506-8A75068A3Ware Refurbished 75068A 8-Port CONTROLLER PCI-X CARD ONLY
9650SE-2LP9650SE2LP3Ware 3Ware 2-Port SATA RAID Controller
9650SE-4LP9650SE4LP3Ware 3Ware 4-Port SATA RAID Controller
9690SA-8I9690SA8I3Ware AMCC 3Ware 9690SA-8I SAS SATA PCIe x8 RAID Card w/ battery cab
700-0112-017000112013Ware Escalade 7500-4LP 4-Port Parallel ATA IDE RAID Controller Card
9650SE-4LP+BBU079650SE4LPBBU073Ware 3Ware 4-Port SATA RAID Controller + BBU07 Battery
700-3405-00P700340500P3Ware Clean Pull AMCC 3Ware 700-3405-00P SAS SATA PCIe Internal SAS / CLEI 40500PRFOE

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