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Listings of Able Computer by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
672042038367-CLONE672042038367CLONEAble Computer New 672042038367CLONE COMPATIBLE ATX POWER SUPPLY
AB475AAble Computer Refurbished 16GB Memory Kit 4X4GB Modules Able 3RD Party compat
PWS-0055PWS0055Able Computer New PWS0055
PWS-0055PWS0055Able Computer Refurbished PWS0055
PWS-561-1HPWS5611HAble Computer Refurbished PWS5611H Supermicro PWS-561-1H 560W 1U Server Power Supply
PWS-561-1H20PWS5611H20Able Computer Refurbished PWS5611H20 Supermicro PWS-561-1H 560W 1U Server Power Supply
SP262-1SSP2621SAble Computer Refurbished SP2621S ABLECOM SP262-1S- SWITCHING POWER SUPPLY 260 WATT PWS-0055 ABLEC
SP301-RASP301RAAble Computer Refurbished SP301RA 300-Watt ATX PSU Power Supply Unit
SP302-2CSP3022CAble Computer Refurbished SP3022C Power Supply Ablecom/Supermicro PWS0028 300watt
SP401-RASP401RAAble Computer Refurbished SP401RA 400W ATX Power Supply
SP450-RPSP450RPAble Computer Refurbished SP450RP 450W 24 PIN ATX POWER SUPPLY
SP502-2SSP5022SAble Computer Refurbished SP5022S Redundant Module Switching Power Supply 500 Watt P
VP-09500077-000VP09500077000Able Computer New VP09500077000 ATX POWER SUPPLY
VP-09500077-000-CLONVP09500077000CLONAble Computer New VP09500077000CLON COMPATIBLE ATX POWER SUPPLY
10209-0102090Able Computer Refurbished 102090 ABLE
138-12-1000D138121000DAble Computer Refurbished 138121000D AC ADAPTER 12VDC 1000MA NEGATIVE OUTSIDE POLE OD: 5.00MM ID: 2M
SP562-1RSP5621RAble Computer Refurbished POWER SUPPLY 560W
A6970AAble Computer New HP 8GB (4x 2GB) DDR PC2100 Memory Kit.
SP502-1SSP5021SAble Computer Refurbished SWITCHING POWER SUPPLY 500WATT/
PWS-0048PWS0048Able Computer Refurbished 500W Power SUPPLY
PWS-902-1RPWS9021RAble Computer Refurbished PWS9021R 900 Watt Replacement Server Power Supply
PWS-0047PWS0047Able Computer 550W 2U INT. PSU Power Supply PWS-0047
SP552-2CSP5522CAble Computer 550W 2U INT. PSU Power Supply PWS-0047
672042620418Able Computer 550W 2U INT. PSU Power Supply PWS-0047
PWS-801-1RPWS8011RAble Computer Refurbished PWS-801-1R 800W 1U SWAP PSU Power Supply
672042620494Able Computer 260W PSU
SP762-TSSP762TSAble Computer SuperMicro Ablecom SP762-TS 760W Redundant PSU 3 X 380W Modules

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