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Listings of Activision by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
72984Activision New Overwatch Origins PC (72984)
87760Activision New Overwatch Origins PS4 (87760)
87763Activision New Overwatch Origins XBOne (87763)
77137Activision New TMNT Mutants Manhattan PS4 (77137)
77141Activision New TMNT Mutants Manhattan XOne (77141)
87421Activision New Guitar Hero Live PS4 Bundle (87421)
87800Activision New COD Black Ops 3 Gold Ed PS4 (87800)
87801Activision New COD Black Ops 3 Gold Ed XOne (87801)
77068Activision New Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 XOne (77068)
87131Activision New Skylanders TT Starter Pack (87131)
77029Activision New Duck Dynasty PS4 (77029)
84934Activision New Amazing SpiderMan 2 PS3 (84934)
77035Activision New Duck Dynasty 3DS (77035)
87968Activision New Destiny Collection PS4 (87968)
87971Activision New Destiny Collection XOne (87971)
77139Activision New TMNT Mutants Manhattan X360 (77139)
87442Activision New Destiny The Taken King PS4 (87442)
87450Activision New Destiny The Taken King XOne (87450)
33451Activision Call of Duty Ghosts PC (33451A)
84750Activision New Skylanders Swap Force Char Pk (84750SKY)
76782Activision Angry Birds Star Wars PS3 (76782)
86323Activision New Activision Diablo III - Role Playing Game - Blu-ray Disc - PlayS
72968Activision New Starcraft II Legacy of Void PC (72968)
87178Activision Diablo III Ultimate Evil PS4
33537Activision COD Infinite Warfare SE PC
72986Activision WoW Legion Standard Ed PC
77147Activision Ghostbusters PS4
77149Activision Ghostbusters XOne
87855Activision COD Infinite Warfare SE PS4
87857Activision COD Infinite Warfare LE PS4
87861Activision COD Infinite Warfare SE XOne
87863Activision COD Infinite Warfare LE XOne
87875Activision Skylanders Imaginators PS3
87880Activision Skylanders Imaginators PS4
87893Activision Skylanders Imaginators WiiU
88025Activision GH Supreme Party Edition XOne 88025A

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