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Listings of Adva Optical Networking by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
NEMI-V2NEMIV2Adva Optical Networking Refurbished Adva NEMI-V2 0063300046 F3k SHELF CONTROLLER Network Element Man
0063300024-1.010063300024101Adva Optical Networking Refurbished ADVA 0063300024-1.01 OSFM OPTICAL MODULE ADVA 0063300024-1.01 OS
200-00169-022000016902Adva Optical Networking Refurbished 2000016902 ADVA 200-00169-02- FSP150CCD ETHERJACK OPTICAL NETWORKING 007890
4BSM-C4BSMCAdva Optical Networking Refurbished 4BSMC Adva 4BSMC 0063207002 1.11 R6.1 V1.2 for the Adva FPS 2000 4B
FSP-3000R7FSP3000R7Adva Optical Networking Refurbished ADVA FSP 3000R7 9U CWDM DWDM transport s
FSP150CCD-410FSP150CCD410Adva Optical Networking Refurbished Adva Etherjack FSP150 Gigabit Optical Ethernet network
P150R-05301PFP150R05301PFAdva Optical Networking Refurbished P150R05301PF AC Power 100-240V AC
200-00165-012000016501Adva Optical Networking ADVA/Covaro 200-00165-01 CC-811 ETHERJACK OPTICAL NETWORKING ADV
CHF2C-IT02IH43-DAIICHF2CIT02IH43DAIIAdva Optical Networking Adva CHF2C-IT02IH43-DAII-D0 Channel 4 2500 Mbps Card Fiber Modul
CHF2C-IT02IH45-DAIICHF2CIT02IH45DAIIAdva Optical Networking Adva CHF2C-IT02IH45-DAII-D0 Channel 3 2500 Mbps Card Fiber Modul
CHF2C-IT02IH47-DAIICHF2CIT02IH47DAIIAdva Optical Networking Adva CHF2C-IT02IH47-DAII-A0 Channel 2 2500 Mbps Card Fiber Modul
CHF2C-IT02IH49-DAIICHF2CIT02IH49DAIIAdva Optical Networking Adva CHF2C-IT02IH49-DAII-A0 Channel 1 2500 Mbps Card Fiber Modul
CH-F2-D-IU02-IH45-CCHF2DIU02IH45CAdva Optical Networking Adva CH-F2-D-IU02-IH45-C-Z-Z-L-E1 Channel 3 10/200 Mbps Card Fib
CHF2D-IU02IH47-CZZLCHF2DIU02IH47CZZLAdva Optical Networking Adva CHF2D-IU02IH47-CZZL-E1 Channel 2 10/200 Mbps Fiber Module f
CH-F2-D-IU02-IH49-CCHF2DIU02IH49CAdva Optical Networking Adva CH-F2-D-IU02-IH49-C-Z-Z-L-A1 Channel 1 10/200 Mbps Card Fib
CHF2D-IU02IH49-CZZLCHF2DIU02IH49CZZLAdva Optical Networking Adva CHF2D-IU02IH49-CZZL-E1 Channel 1 10/200 Mbps Card Fiber Mod
CHF2E-IT02IH37-BACOCHF2EIT02IH37BACOAdva Optical Networking Adva CHF2E-IT02IH37-BACO-E1 Channel 7 4x200 Mbps Fiber Module fo
CHF2E-IT02IH43-EACOCHF2EIT02IH43EACOAdva Optical Networking Adva CHF2E-IT02IH43-EACO-EP Channel 4 4x200 Mbps Fiber Module fo
DCM-20DCM20Adva Optical Networking Adva DCM-20 Chromatic Dispersion Compensation Module 1530-1603 n
MGMT-F2-A-0AMGMTF2A0AAdva Optical Networking Adva MGMT-F2-A-0A-A1 NEMI Master Module
MGMT-F2-A-0A-D0MGMTF2A0AD0Adva Optical Networking Adva MGMT-F2-A-0A-D0 NEMI Master Module
MGMT-F2-A-0Z-E1MGMTF2A0ZE1Adva Optical Networking Adva MGMT-F2-A-0Z-E1 NEMI Master Module Alternate PNs : Cisco 7
WDMM-F2-AA-S-B-A1-IIWDMMF2AASBA1IIAdva Optical Networking Adva WDMM-F2-AA-SB-A1-III MUX Channels 1-8 for the FSP-2000 / F-
WDMM-F2-AA-S-B-D0-IIWDMMF2AASBD0IIAdva Optical Networking Adva WDMM-F2-AA-S-B-D0-III MUX Master Channels 1-8 for the FSP-2
WDMM-F2-BA-S-B-A1-IIWDMMF2BASBA1IIAdva Optical Networking Adva WDMM-F2_BA_S-B-A1-III DMX Channels 1-8 for the FSP-2000 / F
0063206902Adva Optical Networking Adva DWCM-PL 10 Gbit/s s-MC10G WCM-PL Fiber Module. Local: XFP M
0063206904Adva Optical Networking Adva DWCM-PL 10 Gbit/s s-MC10G WCM-PL Fiber Module. Local: XFP M
0063206905Adva Optical Networking Adva DWCM-PL 10 Gbit/s s-MC10G WCM-PL Fiber Module. Local: XFP M
0063206916Adva Optical Networking Adva DWCM-PL 10 Gbit/s s-MC10G WCM-PL Fiber Module. Local: XFP M
AM/SL/FC-MUAMSLFCMUAdva Optical Networking Adva 0063300104 AM/SL/FC-MU Adaption Module for SHELF-SL FC and
AM/SL/MU-SCAMSLMUSCAdva Optical Networking Adva 0063300105 AM/SL/MU-SC Adaption Module for SHELF-SL SC and
FSP150CCFAdva Optical Networking ADVA FSP150CCF Carrier Service Platform Gigabit EtherJack ADVA F
0063300023-1.020063300023102Adva Optical Networking ADVA 0063300023-1.02 8 PORT OPTICAL NETWORKING MODULE OSCM ADVA
FSP150MOAdva Optical Networking ADVA FSP150MO 0078903009 F150/ADV/MO/100/2AC FSP150MO- FSP150MO
0063300001-1.020063300001102Adva Optical Networking Adva 0063300001-1.02 4 Channel 10 Port Optical Networking Car
0063301004-1.030063301004103Adva Optical Networking ADVA 063301004-1.03 WCM 4 CHANNEL 4 PORT OPTICAL NETWORKING CA
0063302501-0.010063302501001Adva Optical Networking ADVA 0063302501-0.01 4 PORT CHANNEL 1 MODULE WCM #1 ADVA 00
0063302502-0.010063302502001Adva Optical Networking ADVA 0063302502-0.01 WCM 4 PORT 2 CHANNEL OPTICAL NETWORKING
0063302503-0.010063302503001Adva Optical Networking ADVA 0063302503-0.01 WCM 4 PORT 3 CHANNEL OPTICAL NETWORKING
0063300019-1.050063300019105Adva Optical Networking Adva 0063300019-1.05 Nemi Version 1.05 Optical Chassis Module Ad
63000367Adva Optical Networking Adva wdm-card channel 2 switched

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