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Listings of Airpax by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
DV-1230DV1230Airpax Refurbished DV1230 AC ADAPTER 12VDC 300MA
S-A83709-M4SA83709M4Airpax Refurbished SA83709M4 Big Brother Stepper Sale 12VDC
LMLC1-1RLS4-24314-41LMLC11RLS42431441Airpax Refurbished LMLC1-1RLS4-24314-41 Circuit Breaker 50 Amp 80 Volt DC Max clip type black handle 11/11/16 KDr
121831Airpax New 121831 CELHPK11-1RS4-32537-2; Breaker 200A Bullet White handle Double 12/07/16 KDr
2556396-000225563960002Airpax PULLEY DRIVE MOTOR FOR SABRE ATB1600 PRINTER
271.0129.00271012900Airpax New 271.0129.00 IMLK1-1RLS5-29789-40; Breaker 40A Bolt Black handle 3 wide pin CLEI 12/07/16 KDr
274.3830.1002743830100Airpax New 274.3830.100 & Mounting Kit; 100A 11/16/16 KDr
407998160Airpax New 407998160 LMLK1-1RLS4-29877-4; Breaker 15A Bullet Black handle 1 pin with 12/07/16 KDr
IEG6-1-62-40-CORDIEG616240CORDAirpax APC Airpax UPS 3000RM3U 30A-125v Power Cord Assembly
IELHK11-35319-16-VIELHK113531916VAirpax Airpax 240V Crcuit Breaker IELHK11-35319-16-V
PR21-62PR2162Airpax Airpax on/off reset for UPS walt
R21-27.50AR212750AAirpax Airpax Circuit Breaker Magnetic Circuit Switch 2 Pole 7.5A P/N:R
S42M048S98Airpax Airpax PV120T DC 3.6u 3.1V Stepper Motor S42M048S98
LELK1-1REC5-32148-60LELK11REC53214860Airpax AIRPAX LELK1-1REC5-32148-60-V CIRCUIT BREAKER MAX V 80 HZ 52 TRI
A0722717Airpax LMLK1-1RLS4-29471-9; Breaker 35A Bullet Black handle3 pins ev CLEI MAKE OFFER
IELK1-1REC4-52-100IELK11REC452100Airpax IELK1-1REC4-52-100.-01-V; Breaker 100A Bolt Black handle 3 pi CLEI MAKE OFFER
UPL1-1REC4-52-803UPL11REC452803Airpax UPL1-1REC4-52-803; Breaker 80A Bolt Black handle 3 pins Unev CLEI MAKE OFFER
LEGBX11-34238-20-VLEGBX113423820VAirpax Circuit Breaker 25A 120/240VAC
18X14X4Airpax Safety Switch Dual hand with mounting Plate
1W102Airpax Disposable Air Filter
205-1-1REC2-52-1-20320511REC2521203Airpax Circuit Breaker 20A
55-70004855700048Airpax Circuit Breaker
PP11-61FPP1161FAirpax Circuit Breaker
LEGBX66-33643-1-VLEGBX66336431VAirpax Circuit Breaker 120/240V 20 Amp

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