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Listings of Alienware by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
35-UC2043-0135UC204301Alienware Refurbished 35UC204301 Alienware Area-51m 766SN0 Card Reader Board 35-UC2043-01
40-UD6710-0140UD671001Alienware Refurbished 40UD671001 Alienware Area-51m 766SN0 CPU Cooling Fan Heatsink Thermal System
33-D90T0-01X33D90T001XAlienware Refurbished 33D90T001X Alienware D9T D900T Heatsink Plate 33-D90T0-01X
33-D90T0-02X33D90T002XAlienware Refurbished 33D90T002X Alienware D9T D900T Heatsink Plate 33-D90T0-02X
33-D90T1-01233D90T1012Alienware Refurbished 33D90T1012 Alienware M7700 Left Right Hinge Set w/ Brackets 33-D90T1-012
33-D90T1-02233D90T1022Alienware Refurbished 33D90T1022 Alienware M7700 Left Right Hinge Set w/ Brackets 33-D90T1-012
33-D90T1-04X33D90T104XAlienware Refurbished 33D90T104X Alienware M7700 Top Central Bottom Bracket 33-D90T1-04X
33-D90T1-0933D90T109Alienware Refurbished 33D90T109 Alienware D9T D900T LCD Bracket 33-D90T1-09
35-UC2051-0235UC205102Alienware Refurbished 35UC205102 Alienware Area-51m 766SN0 LED Board Card Buttons w/ Cable 35-UC2
35-UC2080-0335UC208003Alienware Refurbished 35UC208003 Alienware Area-51m 766SN0 LED Remote Board w/ Cable 35-UC2080-03
37-UC2022-0437UC202204Alienware Refurbished 37-UC2022-04 Area-51 766SN0 Motherboard
39-D9TA1-014-139D9TA10141Alienware Refurbished 39D9TA10141 Alienware M7700 LCD Front Bezel Cover Frame 39-D9TA1-014-1
43-D90T1-02043D90T1020Alienware Refurbished Alienware D9T D900T LCD Video Cable 43-D90T1-020
76-063200-007606320000Alienware Refurbished 7606320000 Alienware Area-51m 766SN0 Modem Card Board MM320 76-063200-00
76-D9TA4-00176D9TA4001Alienware Refurbished 76D9TA4001 Alienware M7700 Alienhead LED Light Board 76-D9TA4-001
79-D9TAR-00179D9TAR001Alienware Refurbished 79D9TAR001 Alienware M7700 LCD Inverter Board Card 79-D9TAR-001
91P7416Alienware Refurbished Alienware Area-51m 766SN0 Wireless WiFi Card Board 91P7416
MEM-MOBLDDR2512P42PMEMMOBLDDR2512P42PAlienware Refurbished MEMMOBLDDR2512P42P Alienware Area-51 D9T D900T Memory RAM Stick 512MB MEM-MOBLDDR25
UJ-811BUJ811BAlienware Refurbished UJ811B Alienware Area-51m 766SN0 LED DVD-RW Rewriter Burner Driven UJ-8
29-UC2051-0029UC205100Alienware Alienware 766SN0 LCD Cable 29-UC2051-00
43-D90T1-02043D90T1020Alienware Alienware D9T D900T LCD Video Cable 43-D90T1-020
76-D9TAR-00176D9TAR001Alienware Alienware D9T LCD Inverter Board with Cable 76-D9TAR-001

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