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Listings of Alienware by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
35-UC2043-0135UC204301Alienware Refurbished 35UC204301 Alienware Area-51m 766SN0 Card Reader Board 35-UC2043-01
40-UD6710-0140UD671001Alienware Refurbished 40UD671001 Alienware Area-51m 766SN0 CPU Cooling Fan Heatsink Thermal System
D884PAlienware Refurbished Genuine OEM Dell Alienware M17X Laptop Notebook CPU Cooling
F421NAlienware Refurbished DELL Alienware Circuit Board M17x Audio Ports USB ExpressCard Sl
FMDKGAlienware Refurbished Daughter Board For Alienware Area 51
P0GVPAlienware Refurbished Alienware MS-4194 Aurora FX Master Control Board
WDXVHAlienware Refurbished Dell Alienware 15X 512MB nVidia 8700M Video Card
33-D90T0-01X33D90T001XAlienware Refurbished 33D90T001X Alienware D9T D900T Heatsink Plate 33-D90T0-01X
33-D90T0-02X33D90T002XAlienware Refurbished 33D90T002X Alienware D9T D900T Heatsink Plate 33-D90T0-02X
33-D90T1-01233D90T1012Alienware Refurbished 33D90T1012 Alienware M7700 Left Right Hinge Set w/ Brackets 33-D90T1-012
33-D90T1-02233D90T1022Alienware Refurbished 33D90T1022 Alienware M7700 Left Right Hinge Set w/ Brackets 33-D90T1-012
33-D90T1-04X33D90T104XAlienware Refurbished 33D90T104X Alienware M7700 Top Central Bottom Bracket 33-D90T1-04X
33-D90T1-0933D90T109Alienware Refurbished 33D90T109 Alienware D9T D900T LCD Bracket 33-D90T1-09
35-UC2051-0235UC205102Alienware Refurbished 35UC205102 Alienware Area-51m 766SN0 LED Board Card Buttons w/ Cable 35-UC2
35-UC2080-0335UC208003Alienware Refurbished 35UC208003 Alienware Area-51m 766SN0 LED Remote Board w/ Cable 35-UC2080-03
37-UC2022-0437UC202204Alienware Refurbished 37-UC2022-04 Area-51 766SN0 Motherboard
39-D9TA1-014-139D9TA10141Alienware Refurbished 39D9TA10141 Alienware M7700 LCD Front Bezel Cover Frame 39-D9TA1-014-1
43-D90T1-02043D90T1020Alienware Refurbished Alienware D9T D900T LCD Video Cable 43-D90T1-020
4XN9NAlienware Refurbished Blu-Ray DVD CD Rewriteable Drive 8x BD-RE DVD/RW DH-8B2SH 4XN9N
76-063200-007606320000Alienware Refurbished 7606320000 Alienware Area-51m 766SN0 Modem Card Board MM320 76-063200-00
76-D9TA4-00176D9TA4001Alienware Refurbished 76D9TA4001 Alienware M7700 Alienhead LED Light Board 76-D9TA4-001
79-D9TAR-00179D9TAR001Alienware Refurbished 79D9TAR001 Alienware M7700 LCD Inverter Board Card 79-D9TAR-001
91P7416Alienware Refurbished Alienware Area-51m 766SN0 Wireless WiFi Card Board 91P7416
MEM-MOBLDDR2512P42PMEMMOBLDDR2512P42PAlienware Refurbished MEMMOBLDDR2512P42P Alienware Area-51 D9T D900T Memory RAM Stick 512MB MEM-MOBLDDR25
NPS-875BBNPS875BBAlienware Refurbished NPS875BB 825W POWER SUPPLY Alienware Aurora Tower
UJ-811BUJ811BAlienware Refurbished UJ811B Alienware Area-51m 766SN0 LED DVD-RW Rewriter Burner Driven UJ-8
29-UC2051-0029UC205100Alienware Alienware 766SN0 LCD Cable 29-UC2051-00
43-D90T1-02043D90T1020Alienware Alienware D9T D900T LCD Video Cable 43-D90T1-020
76-D9TAR-00176D9TAR001Alienware Alienware D9T LCD Inverter Board with Cable 76-D9TAR-001

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