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Listings of Alr Inc by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
12208690Alr Inc Refurbished ALR PROVEISA Motherboard
10221001Alr Inc Refurbished ALR 10221001 FLOPPY CABLE
10221006Alr Inc Refurbished ALR 10221006 IDE CABLE
10221007Alr Inc Refurbished ALR 10221007 PARALLEL PORT ADAPTER
120103-001120103001Alr Inc Refurbished 120103001 PS/2 Keyboard
12208460Alr Inc Refurbished POWERFLEX FLYER Motherboard pa8460c-25600
12208497Alr Inc Refurbished 25MHZ 80486 FLYER MODULE
12208805Alr Inc Refurbished ALR 12208805 System Board ( Motherboard )
12209250-101220925010Alr Inc Refurbished 1220925010 ALR 12209250-10 PROCESSOR BOARD 9250
1220933010Alr Inc Refurbished 1220933010 ALR 12209330-10 100MHZ REVOLUTION Q-SMP CPU MODULE
12407480Alr Inc Refurbished ALR 12407480 POWER VEISA Memory Expansion CARD
12409290Alr Inc Refurbished ALR 12409290 REVOLUTION Q-SMP MEMORY BOARD
12608500Alr Inc Refurbished 3 SLOT ISA EXTENDER CARD
12608850-021260885002Alr Inc Refurbished 1260885002 ALR 12608850-02 LED BOARD
12609120Alr Inc Refurbished ALR 12609120 3 ISA SLOT / VL BUS SLOT EXTENDER CARD
12609310Alr Inc Refurbished ALR 12609310 I/O BOARD
12609500Alr Inc Refurbished ALR 12609500 REVOLUTION LED BOARD TOWER
13000415Alr Inc Refurbished ALR 13000415 415-Watts POWER SUPPLY
254B009189Alr Inc Refurbished System Board ( Motherboard ) PULLED FROM POWERFLEX FLYER SD
264B003206Alr Inc Refurbished System Board ( Motherboard ) PULLED FROM POWERFLEX ALR FLYER SD MODEL #1
P5420Alr Inc Refurbished ALR 3 Year P5420 415-Watts POWER SUPPLY
P5420BAlr Inc Refurbished ALR 3 Year P5420B 344.5-Watts POWER SUPPLY
PA8460A25600Alr Inc Refurbished System Board ( Motherboard ) PULLED FROM POWERFLEX ALR FLYER SD MODEL #1

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