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Listings of Altec Lansing by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
9701-00648-IUND970100648IUNDAltec Lansing Refurbished Class 2 AC Power Supply 120VAC In / Output 18VDC 1000mA
AVS500-A6860AVS500A6860Altec Lansing Refurbished CLASS 2 AC POWER SUPPLY 120VAC IN OUTPUT 18VDC 1000mA
A1664Altec Lansing Refurbished 15VDC 800mA AC Adapter
MAU48-15-800D1MAU4815800D1Altec Lansing Refurbished MAU4815800D1 Altec Lansing 25w DC 15v AC Adapter MAU48-15-800D1
0R0240Altec Lansing Refurbished MULTIMEDIA SPEAKER
4811A15T-14811A15T1Altec Lansing Refurbished 4811A15T1
4815090R3CTAltec Lansing Refurbished 4815090R3CT ALTEC / 15VDC 900MA AC ADAPTER
9701-00535-1UND9701005351UNDAltec Lansing Refurbished 9701005351UND DC15V 300mA
A215Altec Lansing Refurbished (A215) Multimedia Computer Speakers
A3376Altec Lansing Refurbished A3376 ALTEC LANSING / 15V 0.8A AC ADAPTER
A4432Altec Lansing Refurbished A4432 ALTEC LANSING / 13V AC ADAPTER
A9100UL-950A9100UL950Altec Lansing A/C Power Adapter 120VAC 60Hz 9VAC 1000mA
ADA215Altec Lansing Refurbished Altec Lansing ADA215 Computer Speakers - Works! No Ac Adaper
AVS200-A6858AVS200A6858Altec Lansing Refurbished AVS200A6858 AVS200-A6858 ALTEC-LANSING / 15VDC 300MA ADAPTER
MAU48-15-800D2MAU4815800D2Altec Lansing Refurbished MAU4815800D2 MAU48-15-800D2 ALTEC LANSING / 15V 0.8A AC ADAPTER A3376
OR0240Altec Lansing Refurbished MULTIMEDIA SPEAKER
9701-00748-IUND970100748IUNDAltec Lansing 18V DC 650mAAC Power Supply Adaptor
AC8340Altec Lansing AC Adapter class 2 120VAC output= 13v/4A 3-pin P7-2C

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