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Listings of Amcc by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
21000017320Amcc Refurbished PCI MATCHMAKER CARD
9650SE-2LP9650SE2LPAmcc Refurbished 9650SE-2LP 2-Port 3Gb/s SATA PCI-E 700-3250-23B 3Ware Raid Controller Card
9650SE-4LPML9650SE4LPMLAmcc Refurbished 9650SE4LPML 3WARE 9650SE 4-Port ML RAID 6 PCIE PCI-Express Single-Channel
9650SE-4/8LPML9650SE48LPMLAmcc Refurbished AMCC PowerPC Raid Controller Card PCI-E x4 PPC405CR 9650SE-4/8LP
CBL-SFF8087-06MCBLSFF808706MAmcc 3Ware Cable CBL-SFF8087-06M Multi-Lane Internal Serial ATA 0.6m
CBL-SFF8087OCF-05MCBLSFF8087OCF05MAmcc 3Ware Cable CBL-SFF8087OCF-05M Internal 1 Multi-lane breakout ca
CBL-SFF8087OCF-06MCBLSFF8087OCF06MAmcc 3Ware Cable CBL-SFF8087OCF-06M 1 Multi-lane breakout cable Inter
CBL-SFF8087OCF-10MCBLSFF8087OCF10MAmcc 3Ware Cable CBL-SFF8087OCF-10M Multi-lane SATA Cables 10M 7 Day
CBL-SFF8087-05MCBLSFF808705MAmcc 3Ware Cable CBL-SFF8087-05M Multi-Lane Internal Serial ATA 0.5m
9650SE-16ML9650SE16MLAmcc AMCC 3Ware 9650SE-16ML PCI-Express x8 SATA II 3.0Gb/s RAID Contr
9650SE-12ML9650SE12MLAmcc Amcc 9650SE-12/16ML 9650SE-12ML 12-Ports PCI-E SATA II RAID Cont CLEI 5123004331

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