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Listings of Anadigics by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
CPU101-1CPU1011Anadigics Refurbished Anadigicom CPU101-1 CPU for TSC100 anadigicom CPU101-1
PSU400-4PSU4004Anadigics Refurbished Anadigicom PSU400-4- Power supply for TSC100 PSU400-4 CLEI 10809-0004
CLK100-1CLK1001Anadigics Refurbished Anadigicom CLK100-1 Clock card Anadigicom CLK100-1 CLEI 11131-001
TIM100-1TIM1001Anadigics Refurbished Anadigicom TIM100-1 TI TRUNK INTERFACE CARD OR TSC100 Anadigicom CLEI 11300-000
TSC100-4TSC1004Anadigics Refurbished TSC1004 AnadigicomRAD TSC100-4 20 slot 4u chasis T1 CLEI TBD
TSM100-4TSM1004Anadigics Refurbished TSM1004 Trunk signaling card TSC100
11232.0001112320001Anadigics Backplace ISC100
11890.0001118900001Anadigics Power Switch
13222.0001132220001Anadigics Supervisory Alarm Card

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