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Listings of Apacer by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
48.6A003.TPB486A003TPBApacer Refurbished 486A003TPB 72PIN SIMM
77-10635-1137710635113Apacer Refurbished 7710635113 Apacer 256MB ECC PC2700 CL2.5 Memory 77-10635-113
77-10635-3337710635333Apacer Refurbished 7710635333 Apacer 256MB ECC PC2700 CL2.5 Memory 77-10635-333
7R.C2230.A647RC2230A64Apacer Refurbished 7RC2230A64 72PIN SIMM
81.7B015.520817B015520Apacer Refurbished 817B015520 IDE FIXED DISK EMULATOR
81.7B015.5200B817B0155200BApacer Refurbished 817B0155200B IDE FIXED DISK EMULATOR
8C-4BB14-7254B8C4BB147254BApacer New 8C4BB147254B Apacer 512 MB 44- Pin HF Flash Memory 8C-4BB14-7254B
8C-4BB16-7254B8C4BB167254BApacer New 8C4BB167254B Apacer RoHS HF 512MB 44-Pin Flash Memory 8C-4BB16-7254B
8C-4BB24-5200B8C4BB245200BApacer New 8C4BB245200B Apacer 1GB 72.8C4BB.A0k ATA Flash Drive 8C-4BB24-5200B
8C-4DD26-8256B8C4DD268256BApacer New 8C4DD268256B Apacer 4GB IDE DOM 44Pin 90d Jumperless 8C-4DD26-8256B
8C-4EB14-7254B8C4EB147254BApacer New 8C4EB147254B Apacer 1GB 44-Pin IDE Flash Memory NEW 8C-4EB14-7254B
8C-4EB24-8254B8C4EB248254BApacer New 8C4EB248254B HP Apacer 2GB HF 44-Pin 90 Degree Flash 8C.4EB24.8254B
8C-N2D02-MA00B8CN2D02MA00BApacer New 8CN2D02MA00B Apacer RoHS 4GB SAFD SATA Solid State Drive Flash NEW 8C-N2D02-MA00B
AP-FM0064A10C5GAPFM0064A10C5GApacer Refurbished APFM0064A10C5G Apacer RoHS 512MB 44-Pin Flash Memory AP-FM0064A10C5G
AP-FM03244CAPFM03244CApacer Refurbished APFM03244C Apacer 32MB 8G.88015.390 IDE Flash Memory AP-FM03244C
AP-FM0512A10C5GAPFM0512A10C5GApacer New APFM0512A10C5G Apacer 512MB Solid State Flash Drive AP-FM0512A10C5G
AP-FM0512A40C5APFM0512A40C5Apacer Refurbished APFM0512A40C5 IDE FIXED DISK EMULATOR
AP-FM0512A40C5GAPFM0512A40C5GApacer Refurbished APFM0512A40C5G IDE FIXED DISK EMULATOR
AP-FM06444CAPFM06444CApacer New APFM06444C Apacer 64MB Solid State Flas Drive AP-FM06444C
AP-FM1024A10C5GAPFM1024A10C5GApacer Refurbished APFM1024A10C5G Apacer 1GB Solid State Flash Drive AP-FM1024A10C5G
AP-SAFD25MAA004GSAPSAFD25MAA004GSApacer New APSAFD25MAA004GS Apacer 4GB Sata Flash SAFD Solid State Drive New AP-SAFD25MAA004GS
8C.F1DDR2.LR10B8CF1DDR2LR10BApacer New Apacer 8c.f1ddr2.lr10b 16gb embedded mlc sata flash memory module
77.10728.11E771072811EApacer 512MB DDR PC2700 DIMM CL2.5 64MX64 184P 32mX8 8k 2.5v 2RX8
77.10747.3327710747332Apacer ECC PC3200 CL3
96SDI-512M400N-AP196SDI512M400NAP1Apacer Lot of 8 AdvanTech Apacer 96SDI-512M400N-AP1 512M SO-DDR400 200P
APS25M5A008G-ACMAPS25M5A008GACMApacer Apacer APS25M5A008G-ACM SAFD25M4-M 8Gb Embedded MLC SATA Solid S
75.A83DN.G000C75A83DNG000CApacer Apacer 2GB DDR3 1066MHz SoDimm 204P Memory Module 75.A83DN.G000C
8C-F1DD2-LR10B8CF1DD2LR10BApacer HP Apaer 16GB MLC 180d SATA Module New 8C-F1DD2-LR10B
AP-CF002GF3ER-NRJAPCF002GF3ERNRJApacer Apacer 2GBCompactFlash CF Commercial AP-CF002GF3ER-NRJ
86.23FBA.3T21C8623FBA3T21CApacer Apacer 512GB 2.5 Drive APS25HP3512G-1TM SATA Flash Drive 86.23FB
APS25HP3512G-1TMAPS25HP3512G1TMApacer Apacer 512GB 2.5 Drive APS25HP3512G-1TM SATA Flash Drive HDA3001
88.20102.0718820102071Apacer INTERNAL 3.5INCH USB TO SD AND MICRO SD
3-01994-0230199402Apacer ADIC Quantum Scalar Control Card for i2000 Mfr P/N 3-01994-02 i2
8C-48014-4008C48014400Apacer Apacer 32MB ATA Flash Disk AP-FM03241B 8C-48014-400
81.4B015.5200B814B0155200BApacer Apacer 512MB 44-Pin IDE Flash Disk
8C-4A014-5200B8C4A0145200BApacer Apacer ATA-ADM 256MB Flash NEW 8C-4A014-5200B
78.A2GC3.AF178A2GC3AF1Apacer Apacer 78.A2GC3.AF1 2GB PC3-8500 Non ECC Laptop Memory MM4 E
78.A2GC9.AF078A2GC9AF0Apacer Apacer 78.A2GC9.AF0 2GB PC3-10600 CL9 Laptop Memory VV3 E

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