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Listings of Apacer by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
48.6A003.TPB486A003TPBApacer Refurbished 486A003TPB 72PIN SIMM
71.84350.1157184350115Apacer Refurbished 7184350115 MEMORY APACER P/N: 71.84350.115 256MB UNB PC133 CL3
71.84350.11F718435011FApacer Refurbished 718435011F MEMORY APACER P/N: 71.84350.11F 256MB UNB PC133 CL3
71.85350.14A718535014AApacer Refurbished 718535014A MEMORY 256MB UNB PC133 CL3 P/N: 71.85350.14A
71-95350-1147195350114Apacer Refurbished 7195350114 MEMORY 512MB UNB PC133 CL3 P/N: 71.95350.114
76.9110.075769110075Apacer Refurbished 769110075 MEMORY P-DR512LDDSAMA1 P/N:76.9110.075 48.16118.090
77.10604.46E771060446EApacer Refurbished 771060446E MEMORY P/N:77.10604.46E DR-256M-266NN-SAM 48.16118.09E
77.10704.46E771070446EApacer Refurbished 771070446E MEMORY P/N:77.10704.46E DR-512M-266NN-SAM 48.16118.09E
77.10736.41G771073641GApacer Refurbished 771073641G MEMORY 512MB UNB PC3200 CL3 P/N:77.10736.41G 48.16118.09G
7R.C2230.A647RC2230A64Apacer Refurbished 7RC2230A64 72PIN SIMM
81.7B015.520817B015520Apacer Refurbished 817B015520 IDE FIXED DISK EMULATOR
81.7B015.5200B817B0155200BApacer Refurbished 817B0155200B IDE FIXED DISK EMULATOR
8C-4BB24-5200B8C4BB245200BApacer New 8C4BB245200B Apacer 1GB 72.8C4BB.A0k ATA Flash Drive 8C-4BB24-5200B
8C-4DD26-8256B8C4DD268256BApacer New 8C4DD268256B Apacer 4GB IDE DOM 44Pin 90d Jumperless 8C-4DD26-8256B
96DR-1G333NN-AP96DR1G333NNAPApacer Refurbished 96DR1G333NNAP MEMORY 77.11128.46G 96DR-1G333NN-AP
96DR-1G400NN-AP96DR1G400NNAPApacer Refurbished 96DR1G400NNAP MEMORY 77.G1136.40G 96DR-1G400NN-AP
96SD3-4G1066NN-AP96SD34G1066NNAPApacer Refurbished 96SD34G1066NNAP MEMORY 4GB SOD PC3-8500 CL7 P/N: 78.B2GC8.AF1 96SD3-4G1066NN-AP
AP-FM0512A40C5APFM0512A40C5Apacer Refurbished APFM0512A40C5 IDE FIXED DISK EMULATOR
AP-FM0512A40C5GAPFM0512A40C5GApacer Refurbished APFM0512A40C5G IDE FIXED DISK EMULATOR
AP-FM06444CAPFM06444CApacer New APFM06444C Apacer 64MB Solid State Flas Drive AP-FM06444C
AP-FM1024A10C5GAPFM1024A10C5GApacer Refurbished APFM1024A10C5G Apacer 1GB Solid State Flash Drive AP-FM1024A10C5G
DR-184-1G-400EDR1841G400EApacer Refurbished DR1841G400E MEMORY 1GB PC-3200 DDR-400MHz 184-PIN 77.11138.464 SAMSUNG CHI
DR-256M-266NN-SAMDR256M266NNSAMApacer Refurbished DR256M266NNSAM MEMORY P/N:77.10604.46E DR-256M-266NN-SAM 48.16118.09E
DR-512M-266NN-SAMDR512M266NNSAMApacer Refurbished DR512M266NNSAM MEMORY P/N:77.10704.46E DR-512M-266NN-SAM 48.16118.09E
P-DR512LDDSAMA1PDR512LDDSAMA1Apacer Refurbished PDR512LDDSAMA1 MEMORY P-DR512LDDSAMA1 P/N:76.9110.075 48.16118.090
7N.G1346.34F7NG134634FApacer MEMORY 7N.G1346.34F C1H8094 48.75025.GN0 CHIP - HY57V168010B T
71.85350.41A718535041AApacer MEMORY P/N: 71.85350.41A 256MB UNB PC133 CL3 48.14090.01A
8C.F1DDR2.LR10B8CF1DDR2LR10BApacer New Apacer 8c.f1ddr2.lr10b 16gb embedded mlc sata flash memory module
77.10728.11E771072811EApacer 512MB DDR PC2700 DIMM CL2.5 64MX64 184P 32mX8 8k 2.5v 2RX8
77.10747.3327710747332Apacer ECC PC3200 CL3
APS25M5A008G-ACMAPS25M5A008GACMApacer Apacer APS25M5A008G-ACM SAFD25M4-M 8Gb Embedded MLC SATA Solid S
77.50739.15G775073915GApacer New 77.50739.15G 512MB DDR PC3200 DIMM CL2.5 64MX64 184P 32mX8 8k 2.5v 2RX8
DR-184-256M-266NNDR184256M266NNApacer MEMORY 256MB P/N:77.10604.46B DR-184-256M-266NN 48.16118.09B
78.A1G9M.AF378A1G9MAF3Apacer 2GB SERVER DIMM DDR2 PC5300667 UNBUF ECC 1.8v 2RX8 240P 256MX7
AP-CF002GF3ER-NRJAPCF002GF3ERNRJApacer Apacer 2GBCompactFlash CF Commercial AP-CF002GF3ER-NRJ
86.23FBA.3T21C8623FBA3T21CApacer Apacer 512GB 2.5 Drive APS25HP3512G-1TM SATA Flash Drive 86.23FB
APS25HP3512G-1TMAPS25HP3512G1TMApacer Apacer 512GB 2.5 Drive APS25HP3512G-1TM SATA Flash Drive HDA3001
88.20102.0718820102071Apacer INTERNAL 3.5INCH USB TO SD AND MICRO SD
8C-48014-4008C48014400Apacer Apacer 32MB ATA Flash Disk AP-FM03241B 8C-48014-400
81.4B015.5200B814B0155200BApacer Apacer 512MB 44-Pin IDE Flash Disk
78.A2GC3.AF178A2GC3AF1Apacer Apacer 78.A2GC3.AF1 2GB PC3-8500 Non ECC Laptop Memory MM4 E
78.A2GC9.AF078A2GC9AF0Apacer Apacer 78.A2GC9.AF0 2GB PC3-10600 CL9 Laptop Memory VV3 E

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