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Listings of Apollo by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
APOCG7033SApollo Quick-Dry Transparency Film, Removable Sensing Stripe, Letter, Clear,
V16000MApollo New Model 16000 Overhead Projector
V4000MApollo New Ventura 4000 Overhead Projector
VA-EYB-6VAEYB6Apollo New Replacement Bulb for Bell & Ho
VCG7031SEApollo New Inkjet Printer Transparency Fi
VCG7070EApollo New Color Laser Printer/Copier Tray
VPP100CEApollo New Laser Copier Transparency Film
VPP201CEApollo New Laser Copier Transparency Film
VUF1000EApollo New Multipurpose Transparency Film
VWO100C-BEVWO100CBEApollo New Write-On Transparency Film, Le
008398-001008398001Apollo Refurbished 008398001
008399-001008399001Apollo Refurbished 008399001
011919-001011919001Apollo Refurbished 011919001 16-Bit ISA MFM Hard Drive CONTROLLER
012173-001012173001Apollo Refurbished 012173001 VIDEO CARD
06586SApollo Refurbished 4 / 8MB Memory CARD
177802-0117780201Apollo Refurbished 17780201 4 / 8MB Memory CARD
199901-0119990101Apollo Refurbished 19990101 4 / 8MB Memory CARD
2131Apollo Refurbished
6200PCXApollo New GeForce 6200 Video Card
6200 TURBOCACHE6200TURBOCACHEApollo New 6200TURBOCACHE XFX NVIDIA GeForce 6200 (PVT44PJAMG) 256 MB Local TurboCache PCI Express x16.
6200 TURBOCACHE 256M6200TURBOCACHE256MApollo New 6200TURBOCACHE256M Asus Extreme GeForce 6200 TurboCache
70-105-017010501Apollo New 7010501 1-inch THREADED BRASS BALL VALVE
7732-0007732000Apollo Refurbished 7732000 16-Bit ISA APOLLO004329
78-123-017812301Apollo New 7812301
A5200Apollo New
APOCG7060Apollo Transparency Film for Laser Printer, Letter, Clear, 50 per Box
APOLLO 6800 128-RDAPOLLO6800128RDApollo New APOLLO6800128RD geforce 6800 128mb 256-bit ddr agp 4x/8x video card
APOLLO 6800GT 256APOLLO6800GT256Apollo New APOLLO6800GT256
APOLLO 6800LE 128APOLLO6800LE128Apollo New APOLLO6800LE128
ATI9200SE-64MBATI9200SE64MBApollo New ATI9200SE64MB
FX5200L1-128MFX5200L1128MApollo New Apollo fx5200l1-128m geforce fx 5200 128mb 64-bit ddr agp 4x/8x video card
FX5500Apollo New
FX5700LE-128MBLPFX5700LE128MBLPApollo New FX5700LE128MBLP
FX5900XT-128MFX5900XT128MApollo New FX5900XT128M
GEFORCE-6800-128MB-2GEFORCE6800128MB2Apollo New Apollo GeForce 6800
GEFORCE6800128MB256BApollo New Apollo GeForce 6800
GEFORCE PC6600GTGEFORCEPC6600GTApollo New GEFORCEPC6600GT T GeForce 6600GT 128MB 128-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 SLI Support Video Card
HD3850XTG4-E3RHD3850XTG4E3RApollo New HD3850XTG4E3R
HD3870XTG4-E3RHD3870XTG4E3RApollo New HD3870XTG4E3R
HM1050L-C3RHM1050LC3RApollo New HM1050LC3R
HM1050P-D3RHM1050PD3RApollo New HM1050PD3R
HM1600G2-D3HM1600G2D3Apollo New HM1600G2D3
MX4000-128MBMX4000128MBApollo New MX4000128MB
PCX5900Apollo New
PN-3201789PN3201789Apollo New PN3201789 Apollo pn 3201789 geforce2 mx400 64mb ddr agp 2x/4x video card
R7000L-B3R7000LB3Apollo New R7000LB3
R7000PCI-B3R7000PCIB3Apollo New R7000PCIB3
R9250LPCI-C3RR9250LPCIC3RApollo New R9250LPCIC3R
R9250PCI-D3R9250PCID3Apollo New R9250PCID3 R9250pci-D3 ATI Technologies Radeon 9250 256MB DDR PCI Video Card W/D
R9250PCI-D3RR9250PCID3RApollo New Apollo R9250PCI-D3(R) Radeon 9250 256MB 128
RX155PGA2-D3RRX155PGA2D3RApollo New RX155PGA2D3R
RX155PGA2-E3RRX155PGA2E3RApollo New RX155PGA2E3R
RX1600G2-E3RX1600G2E3Apollo New RX1600G2E3
RX1600GA2-D3RX1600GA2D3Apollo New RX1600GA2D3
RX165G2-E3RRX165G2E3RApollo New RX165G2E3R
RX165GA2-D3RX165GA2D3Apollo New RX165GA2D3
RX165GA2-E3RX165GA2E3Apollo New RX165GA2E3
RX165PG2-D3RX165PG2D3Apollo New RX165PG2D3
TD92A48-10-CLONETD92A4810CLONEApollo New TD92A4810CLONE
V18001Apollo New Slimline Pen-Size Pocket Pointer w/Clip Extends to 24-1/2 Si
X550128MBDDRApollo New Apollo Radeon X550 X550128MBDDR Video Card
X700-128MX700128MApollo New X700128M
X800-256MX800256MApollo New X800256M Apollo x800-256m radeon x800 256mb 256-bit gddr3 pci express x16 video CARD
XHD3850PG3-E3RXHD3850PG3E3RApollo New XHD3850PG3E3R
010683Apollo 4 / 8 MB MEM MEMORY CARD
013081Apollo 4 / 8 MB MEM MEMORY CARD
HM1050L-C3HM1050LC3Apollo Apollo HM1050L-C3R Radeon X1050 512MB VIDEO CARD
2020Apollo 5.25 INCH HH FLOPPY DRIVE
FM336Apollo V.34bis 33.6K PC Card Fax/Modem. Comes with all accessories. For

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