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Listings of Aspect Telecom by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
061-01212-0001061012120001Aspect Telecom Refurbished 061012120001 AQUARIUUS AT ASPECT SINGLE BOARD COMPUTER WITH 256MB RAM
063-00247-0004063002470004Aspect Telecom Refurbished 063002470004 AQUARIUUS AT ASPECT SINGLE BOARD COMPUTER WITH 256MB RAM
30705-00530705005Aspect Telecom Refurbished 30705005 AQUARIUUS AT ASPECT SINGLE BOARD COMPUTER WITH 256MB RAM
6040-012960400129Aspect Telecom Refurbished 60400129 AQUARIUUS AT ASPECT SINGLE BOARD COMPUTER WITH 256MB RAM
2400-003724000037Aspect Telecom New 24000037 DC-DC CONVERTER
6000-001560000015Aspect Telecom Refurbished ASPECT 6000-0015 REV 07 VOICE SYSTEM INTERFACE ASPECT 6000-0015
6000-003360000033Aspect Telecom Refurbished 60000033 Aspect telecom shelf controller switch
6000-003860000038Aspect Telecom Refurbished 60000038 T1 INTERFACE 6000-00 6000-0038 CLEI 6000-0038
6000-004060000040Aspect Telecom Refurbished 60000040 Aspect telecom teleset 16-Port interface
6000-008160000081Aspect Telecom Refurbished 60000081 Aspect telecom music on hold
6000-011260000112Aspect Telecom Refurbished 60000112 Aspect telecom Digital T1 trunk interface
6000-012460000124Aspect Telecom Refurbished 60000124 TIMESLOT BRIDGE 6000-01 6000-0124 CLEI 6000-0124
6000-013360000133Aspect Telecom Refurbished 60000133 Aspect Telecom SCM2 card
6000-016360000163Aspect Telecom Refurbished 60000163 Aspect Remote Staffcenter TIC II D3
6000-001860000018Aspect Telecom Refurbished ASPECT 6000-0018- REV B5 LOOP/GROUND START TRUNK INTERFACE ASPEC
9500-034895000348Aspect Telecom Refurbished 95000348 Aspect 3192 Teleset 9500-0348
DB4S371Aspect Telecom New
6000-011460000114Aspect Telecom Refurbished ASPECT 6000-0114 REV D REMOTE INTERFACE CARD ASPECT 6000-0114
6000-003560000035Aspect Telecom Aspect 6000-0035 Voice Buffer Aspect 6000-0035
6000-003660000036Aspect Telecom Aspect 6000-0036 Voice Controll Module AVME Aspect 6000-0036
6000-000360000003Aspect Telecom ASPECT 6000-0003 REV BE TELEPORT 16 PORT INTERFACE ASPECT 6000-0
6040-000260400002Aspect Telecom Aspect 6040-0002 Terminal Controller Module Aspect 6040-0002
7000-046070000460Aspect Telecom ASPECT 7000-0460- REMOTE SITE T1 CHASSIS 7000-0460-
6020-000560200005Aspect Telecom ASPECT 6020-0005 REV C1 T1 TRUNK INTERFACE MODULE ASPECT 6020-00
9500-021095000210Aspect Telecom Aspect 9500-0210 3190 TeleSet Turret phone 9500-0210
45170-014517001Aspect Telecom ASPECT 45170-01 M12 Amplifier 45170 H91 Headset ASPECT 45170-01

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