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Listings of Autodesk by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
05700-000000-G88005700000000G880Autodesk Academic LT COM SUB W/ Advanced Support 1 Year Renewal
834F1-009704-T385834F1009704T385Autodesk New ACAD RVT LT STE YR RNTL PLN RNWL W/ADV
596F1-009704-T385596F1009704T385Autodesk New ACAD INV LT STE SLM YR RNTL PLN RNWL
529H1-005320-T874529H1005320T874Autodesk New INV LT A/D/T SUB RNWL W/ A-SUP
923F1-009538-T494923F1009538T494Autodesk New MAYA LT SLM YR RNTL PLN RNWL W/ADV
596B1-000110-S003596B1000110S003Autodesk New EU Req AUTOCAD INVT LT SUITE 10 SUB 1 Y RENWAL
834F1-006414-T772834F1006414T772Autodesk New ACAD REVIT LT STE 2014 QTRLY COM RNTL
596F1-006414-T772596F1006414T772Autodesk New ACAD INV LT STE 2014 QTRLY COM RNTL
529B1-000110-S003529B1000110S003Autodesk New EU Req INVTR LT COMM SUB 1 YR RNWL
529H1-005894-T544529H1005894T544Autodesk New INV LT Q/D/T SUB RNWL W/ A-SUP
057I1-007670-T662057I1007670T662Autodesk New Autodesk
057I1-009004-T711057I1009004T711Autodesk New Autodesk
827H1-003443-T808827H1003443T808Autodesk New Autodesk
827H1-007951-T464827H1007951T464Autodesk New Autodesk
828I1-001925-T338828I1001925T338Autodesk Refurbished Dell 0WD739 PowerEdge 1855 Heatsink Blade Processor - Brand New
057I1-009704-T385057I1009704T385Autodesk New Autodesk
828I1-004917-T773828I1004917T773Autodesk New Autodesk
057I1-006414-T772057I1006414T772Autodesk New 057I1-006414-T772 AutoCAD LT - Subscription Renewal ( quarterly ) + Advanced Support - 1 seat - commercial - Single-user
923I1-00N187-T445923I100N187T445Autodesk New Autodesk
923I1-00N294-T220923I100N294T220Autodesk New Autodesk
923I1-00N830-T347923I100N830T347Autodesk New Autodesk
834H1-007670-T662834H1007670T662Autodesk New Autodesk
828I1-005421-T947828I1005421T947Autodesk New Autodesk
827H1-008579-T922827H1008579T922Autodesk New Autodesk
834H1-009004-T711834H1009004T711Autodesk New Autodesk
828I1-005123-T159828I1005123T159Autodesk New Autodesk
827H1-008347-T729827H1008347T729Autodesk New Autodesk
828I1-005320-T874828I1005320T874Autodesk New Autodesk
827H1-006395-T934827H1006395T934Autodesk New Autodesk
828I1-005894-T544828I1005894T544Autodesk New Autodesk
827H1-006753-T111827H1006753T111Autodesk New Autodesk
82700-000110-S00382700000110S003Autodesk Academic LT MAC COM SUB 1 Year Renewal
82700-000110-S00782700000110S007Autodesk Academic LT FOR MAC COM SUB W/ Advanced Support 1 Year R
498A0-000110-S003498A0000110S003Autodesk EU Req MUDBOX 2009 SUB 1YR RNWL
49800-00011G-S0074980000011GS007Autodesk New EU Req MDBX COM SUB W/ ADV SUP 1YR RNWL
529H1-005123-T159529H1005123T159Autodesk INV LT 2YR D/T SUB RNWL W/ A-SUP
529H1-005421-T947529H1005421T947Autodesk INV LT 3YR D/T SUB RNWL W/ A-SUP
59600-00011G-S0075960000011GS007Autodesk EU Req ACAD INV LT STE COM SUB W/ ADV SUP 1YR R
596H1-007670-T662596H1007670T662Autodesk INV LT STE 3YR DT SUB RNWL W/ A SUP
596H1-009004-T711596H1009004T711Autodesk INV LT STE 2YR DT SUB RNWL W/ A SUP
828E1-000110-S003828E1000110S003Autodesk RVT LT COM SUB 1YR RNWL
828E1-000110-S007828E1000110S007Autodesk RVT LT SUB W/ADV SUP 1YR RENEWAL
834E1-000110-S003834E1000110S003Autodesk ACAD RVT LT STE SUBSC 1YR RNWL
834E1-000110-S007834E1000110S007Autodesk ACAD RVT LT STE SUBSC W/ADV SUP 1YR
92300-00011S-S0039230000011SS003Autodesk MAYA LT COM SUB 1YR RNWL
923H1-001552-T346923H1001552T346Autodesk MAYA LT 2YR DT SUB RNWL W/ A SUP
923H1-004527-T228923H1004527T228Autodesk MAYA LT 3YR DT SUB RNWL W/ A SUP

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