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Listings of Avantek by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
UT9-1705MUT91705MAvantek Refurbished UT91705M Amplifier 10-500MHz
UTA-9665UTA9665Avantek Refurbished UTA9665 Amplifier 10-500MHz
12436/PS4612436PS46Avantek Amplifier with Power Supply
310-037769-001C310037769001CAvantek 120V Power Supply ~V
AMM-502MAMM502MAvantek Solid State Amplifier
ASAT-1214-002ASAT1214002Avantek RF Amplifier 2 Watts ~V
ASAT-1214-1004ASAT12141004Avantek RF Amplifier 4 Watt WR75 Port ~V
PS-110-002PS110002Avantek 115 A.C. Power Supply ~V
SA81-1109SA811109Avantek Amplifier KU Band

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