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Listings of Barska by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
BA11630Barska New 1200 Lumen FLX Flashlight (BA11630)
AB10168Barska New 10 30x50GladiatorZm Binoculars (AB10168)
AC11084Barska New 4 16X50 AO Varmint Rifle Scope (AC11084)
AX12038Barska New Biometric Wall Safe (AX12038)
BE11922Barska New Sharp Edition Metal Detector (BE11922)
BA12198Barska New 2000 Lumen LED Flashlight (BA12198)
AU11408Barska New Green GLX Laser (AU11408)
BA12196Barska New 800 Lumen LED Flashlight (BA12196)
CO11502Barska New 20 60x60 Waterprf Spotin Scope (CO11502)
AB11842Barska New 10X42 Blackhawk WP Binoculars (AB11842)
AB10110Barska New 10x25 Lucid View Binoculars (AB10110)
AE10748Barska Starwatcher Prefractor 60050 525
AC10380Barska 3-9x32 Plinker-22 Black Matte
AC11544Barska 4X30 IR Electro Sight
AB10172Barska Gladiator 12-60x70 Zoom Blue Lens
AC11422Barska Contour 3-9X42 IR Black Matte 1
AX11224Barska Mid-Sized BioMetric Safe With Keypad
AC10550Barska SWAT Tactical 10-40x50 IR Black Matt
AC10984Barska Electro Sight 1x30 IR M-16 Sight
BA11497Barska FLX 210 Lumen LED
AE10100Barska Starwatcher 40070 Compact Refractor
BE11642Barska Elite Edition Metal Detector
AB12528Barska 10x42 Wtrprf Air View Grn Bino
AX12622Barska .21CF Top Opening Keypad Safe
BI12030Barska Rx200 45.5 Loaded GD Rifle Cs

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