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Listings of Bcm Advanced Research by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
BC845EVLBcm Advanced Research New INDUSTRIAL Socket 478 2X ISA 4X PCI 400/533 A/L/2USB RETAIL MANUA
MX945GMBcm Advanced Research Refurbished MINI ITX DUALGB DVI4USBVGA BCM MX945GM
SQ575Bcm Advanced Research Refurbished MB sq575 rev D01 w/233mhz+fan 33-m4
MX67QMDBcm Advanced Research New mini-ITX i7 DC powered i3/i5/i7
10300-00110300001Bcm Advanced Research SINGLE BOARD COMPUTER MB CPU 1GB MEMORY
RX67QBcm Advanced Research RX67Q BCM Advanced Research LGA1155 Intel Q67 ATX Motherboard
RX965QVBcm Advanced Research BCM RX965QV LGA775 Intel Q965 Dual GB NIC w/Accessories J4 R
DR737Bcm Advanced Research Slot 1 motherboard. Intel 440BX chipset with 2 PCI 1 ISA 2 SDR
P55-ITP55ITBcm Advanced Research Socket 7 AT form factor motherboard. Intel 430FX chipset. 4 PCI
QS440VABcm Advanced Research Slot 1 ATX motherboard. Supports PII / PII 233~700. 3 SDRAM sock
SQ574Bcm Advanced Research Socket 7 Baby AT motherboard with support for both DIMMS and SIM
SQ578Bcm Advanced Research Baby AT Socket 7 75 - 233Mhz Cyrix 6x86 6x86L 6x86MX - Support
SQ585Bcm Advanced Research Socket 7 Motherboard SIS 5596 Chipset 3 PCI 4 ISA AT Keyboard
SQ591Bcm Advanced Research Socket 7 baby AT motherboard with Intel Triton VX 430VX chipset
82430VXBcm Advanced Research Socket 7 System Board
RX965QBcm Advanced Research Intel Q965 LGA 775 Socket micro ATX Motherboard w/Accessories
FX815ELTBcm Advanced Research MINI ITX MB BCM SKT 370 815CHIPSETL/2USB/V/S/P/A/FW.REV 1.5
IN5598Bcm Advanced Research Socket 7 Micro ATX Motherboard with on-board audio and video. 2

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