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Listings of Boxlight by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
020-1485-00020148500Boxlight Refurbished 020148500 LABEL BOTTOM LABEL BOXLIGHT XD2M
020-1621-00020162100Boxlight Refurbished 020162100 LABEL I/O PANEL LABEL CD850M
02337-61602337616Boxlight Refurbished 02337616 FAN KDE1203PHB1-8 SP48Z XP58Z
02337-63502337635Boxlight Refurbished 02337635 FAN BM5125-04W-B49 SP48Z XP58Z
02337-63602337636Boxlight Refurbished 02337636 FAN SP48Z XP58Z
02349-0005-1002349000510Boxlight Refurbished 02349000510 POWER SUPPLY PJ-S701 PFC 180W SP48Z XP58Z
23.10094.0012310094001Boxlight Refurbished 2310094001 FAN 12V FAN 35x35 XD16N
23.J0084.00123J0084001Boxlight Refurbished 23J0084001 FAN 12V FAN XD15C
232-0138-00232013800Boxlight Refurbished 232013800 FAN ENGINE FAN MP355M
330-0602-03330060203Boxlight Refurbished 330060203 CHASSIS CD455M CD555M
330-0702-03330070203Boxlight Refurbished 330070203 CHASSIS CD600M CD750M
340-0555-20340055520Boxlight Refurbished 340055520 BEZEL FRONT BEZEL XD5M
35.71J13.0313571J13031Boxlight Refurbished 3571J13031 LIGHT PIPE 6.2X3.8X20 XD15C
410373Boxlight Refurbished LAMP HOUSING SP50M XP60M
410465Boxlight Refurbished IR RECEIVER UPGRADE KIT SP50M XP60M
410478Boxlight Refurbished OPTICAL ENGINE WITH MAIN BOARD SP45M
410486Boxlight Refurbished OPTICAL ENGINE WWITH MAIN SP55M
410506Boxlight Refurbished MAIN CONTROLLER LP640
43015000081Boxlight Refurbished Flow Cover MP60E MP63E
4820141047Boxlight Refurbished PCB BOARD SP46D
4820141061Boxlight Refurbished PCB BOARD XP56D
4820241046Boxlight Refurbished BALLAST SP46D XP56D
4820251011Boxlight Refurbished OPTICAL ENGINE SP46
4820322138Boxlight Refurbished FAN V2 SP46D XP56D
4820322146Boxlight Refurbished FAN V3 SP46D XP56D
4820322181Boxlight Refurbished TOP CASE SP46D XP56D
4826450012Boxlight Refurbished OPTICAL ENGINE XP56D
49.83605.0024983605002Boxlight Refurbished 4983605002 FAN OPTICAL ENGINE BLOWER FAN SE17SF
505-0450-00505045000Boxlight Refurbished 505045000 FOCUS RING XD5M XD9M
505-0616-00505061600Boxlight Refurbished 505061600 CASE BOTTOM CASE XD9M
505-0721-00505072100Boxlight Refurbished 505072100 CASE TOP CASE CD455M CD555M
505-0722-01505072201Boxlight Refurbished 505072201 CASE BOTTOM CASE CD455M CD555M
505-1173-00505117300Boxlight Refurbished 505117300 OPTICAL ENGINE SE12SFOLD
505-1236-03505123603Boxlight Refurbished 505123603 CHASSIS CD850M
505-1408-00505140800Boxlight Refurbished 505140800 BEZEL REAR BEZEL CD850M
510-1294-00510129400Boxlight Refurbished 510129400 IR SENSONR REAR IR SENSOR XD25M
510-1573-05510157305Boxlight Refurbished 510157305 MAIN CONTROLLER CD455M
510-1652-45510165245Boxlight Refurbished 510165245 POWER SUPPLY XD25M
510-1677-23510167723Boxlight Refurbished 510167723 MAIN CONTROLLER CD600M
510-1758-25510175825Boxlight Refurbished 510175825 MAIN CONTROLLER CD850M
5173300021Boxlight Refurbished MAIN CONTROLLER CD726C
5173800021Boxlight Refurbished KEY PADV CD726C
5175200001Boxlight Refurbished 5175200001 I/O BOARD CD726C
520-0071-01520007101Boxlight Refurbished 520007101 BALLAST XD5M
520-0087-00520008700Boxlight Refurbished 520008700 BALLAST XD9M
520-0102-04520010204Boxlight Refurbished 520010204 BALLAST CD850M
525-0050-00525005000Boxlight Refurbished 525005000 BALLAST XP55M
526-0028-00526002800Boxlight Refurbished 526002800 SPEAKER ASSEMBLY XD5M XD9M
526-0031-00526003100Boxlight Refurbished 526003100 KEYPAD XD5M XD9M
526-0035-00526003500Boxlight Refurbished 526003500 FAN FAN ASSEMBLY 40 X 10 XD5M XD9M
526-0036-00526003600Boxlight Refurbished 526003600 FAN BLOWER FAN XD5M XD9M
526-0065-00526006500Boxlight Refurbished 526006500 FAN FRONT FAN XD10M
526-0069-02526006902Boxlight Refurbished 526006902 KEYPAD INFOCUS STYLE
526-0075-00526007500Boxlight Refurbished 526007500 KEYPAD CD455M CD455M
526-0078-00526007800Boxlight Refurbished 526007800 FAN BLOWER FAN CD600M CD750M
526-0079-00526007900Boxlight Refurbished 526007900 FAN FRONT FAN CD600M CD750M SE12SF
526-0124-00526012400Boxlight Refurbished 526012400 KEYPAD CD850M
530-0088-02530008802Boxlight Refurbished 530008802 OPTICAL ENGINE
530-0097-89530009789Boxlight Refurbished 530009789 OPTICAL ENGINE CD540M
530-0100-08530010008Boxlight Refurbished 530010008 OPTICAL ENGINE CD550M
530-0102-01530010201Boxlight Refurbished 530010201 OPTICAL ENGINE XD5M
530-0109-89530010989Boxlight Refurbished 530010989 OPTICAL ENGINE XD9M
530-0155-22530015522Boxlight Refurbished 530015522 OPTICAL ENGINE CD750M
535-0011-00535001100Boxlight Refurbished 535001100 OPTICAL ENGINE CD555M
54.J4912.00154J4912001Boxlight Refurbished 54J4912001 BALLAST XD16N
55.J1317.00155J1317001Boxlight Refurbished 55J1317001 DMD BOARD FPC XD15C
55.J2401.09255J2401092Boxlight Refurbished 55J2401092 MAIN PCBA XD15C
55.J2402.00155J2402001Boxlight Refurbished 55J2402001 DMD BOARD XD15C
55.J3405.00155J3405001Boxlight Refurbished 55J3405001 BOARDFAN CONTROL BOARD CD725C
55.J4905.00155J4905001Boxlight Refurbished 55J4905001 DC-DC PCBA XD16N
60.J1316.00760J1316007Boxlight Refurbished 60J1316007 BLOWER KIT ASSEMBLY XD15C
60.J1326.04160J1326041Boxlight Refurbished 60J1326041 DMD HOUSING ASSEMBLY MG-AL CD725C
60.J1342.04160J1342041Boxlight Refurbished 60J1342041 BEEZEL REAR VENT BEZEL XD15C
60.J1345.00160J1345001Boxlight Refurbished 60J1345001 BALLAST CD725C
60.J1360.13160J1360131Boxlight Refurbished 60J1360131 CASE TOP CASE CD725C
60.J2405.06160J2405061Boxlight Refurbished 60J2405061 CASE BOTTOM CASE ASSEEMBLYXD15C
60.J2406.14160J2406141Boxlight Refurbished 60J2406141 CASE FRONT CASE XD15C
60.J3403.01160J3403011Boxlight Refurbished 60J3403011 CASE BOTTOME CASE ASSEMBLYCD725C
60.J3405.00260J3405002Boxlight Refurbished 60J3405002 FAN REAR FAN ASSEMBLY CD725C
60.J3414.02160J3414021Boxlight Refurbished 60J3414021 OPTICAL ENGINE CD725C
60.J4901.01160J4901011Boxlight Refurbished 60J4901011 LENS PROJECTION LENS XD16N
60.J4906.00160J4906001Boxlight Refurbished 60J4906001 COVER REAR COVER ASSEMBLY XD16N
60.J4907.01160J4907011Boxlight Refurbished 60J4907011 CASE BOTTOM CASE XD16N
60.J7901.03160J7901031Boxlight Refurbished 60J7901031 CASE TOP CASE XD16N
610-273-46146102734614Boxlight Refurbished 6102734614 A/V PANEL CP14T
610-277-93876102779387Boxlight Refurbished 6102779387 LCD HOLDER
610-278-20356102782035Boxlight Refurbished 6102782035 VIDEO PWB CP7T CP10T
610-280-36486102803648Boxlight Refurbished 6102803648 LENS COVER MP39T MP42T
610-281-53996102815399Boxlight Refurbished 6102815399 MAIN
610-284-64166102846416Boxlight Refurbished 6102846416 A/V BOARD MP40T
610-284-64236102846423Boxlight Refurbished 6102846423 VIDEO PWB MP40T
610-285-15716102851571Boxlight Refurbished 6102851571 CASE BOTTOM CASE MP38T
610-285-21586102852158Boxlight Refurbished 6102852158 OPTICAL BASE TOP MP40T
610-285-36056102853605Boxlight Refurbished 6102853605 LENS SHIFT ASSEMBLY SE13HD
610-287-64446102876444Boxlight Refurbished 6102876444 LEG ASSEMBLYY
610-287-90566102879056Boxlight Refurbished 6102879056 MAIN A/D 01/02
610-287-93086102879308Boxlight Refurbished 6102879308 A/V board XP5T
610-288-16156102881615Boxlight Refurbished 6102881615 MAIN C 03
610-288-16226102881622Boxlight Refurbished 6102881622 MAIN D 03
610-288-19366102881936Boxlight Refurbished 6102881936 POWER SUPPLY
610-288-19436102881943Boxlight Refurbished 6102881943 SUBPOWER
610-288-43336102884333Boxlight Refurbished 6102884333 CASE FRONT CASE MP20T MP30T MP25T MP35T
610-290-15806102901580Boxlight Refurbished 6102901580 CASE FRONT CASE SE13HD
610-290-16036102901603Boxlight Refurbished 6102901603 CASE FRONT/LENS CASE SE13HD
610-290-17196102901719Boxlight Refurbished 6102901719 LAMP DOOR SE13HD
610-290-19486102901948Boxlight Refurbished 6102901948 LEG STAND SE13HD
610-291-30266102913026Boxlight Refurbished 6102913026 MAIN B 05 CP33T
610-291-40306102914030Boxlight Refurbished 6102914030 COMPONENT BOARD SP6T
610-292-10836102921083Boxlight Refurbished 6102921083 SUBPOWER SE13HD
610-292-39266102923926Boxlight Refurbished 6102923926 A/V BOARD MP41T MP385T
610-292-41766102924176Boxlight Refurbished 6102924176 POWER SUPPLY01 MP38T
610-292-49856102924985Boxlight Refurbished 6102924985 COMPONENT ASSEMBLY XP5T
610-292-56096102925609Boxlight Refurbished 6102925609 KEYBOARD ASSEMBLY CP16T CP305T
610-292-65906102926590Boxlight Refurbished 6102926590 OPTICAL BASEBOTTOM CP12T CP300T
610-292-70616102927061Boxlight Refurbished 6102927061 CASE TOP CASE CP16T CP305T
610-292-71916102927191Boxlight Refurbished 6102927191 BEZEL REAR BEZEL CP12T
610-293-17856102931785Boxlight Refurbished 6102931785 DRIVE BOARD MP41T MP385T
610-293-18156102931815Boxlight Refurbished 6102931815 CONTROL BOARD MP39T MP385T MP40T MP45T
610-293-44966102934496Boxlight Refurbished 6102934496 POWER SUPPLY02 CP11T
610-293-45026102934502Boxlight Refurbished 6102934502 POWER SUPPLY05 CP33T
610-293-48476102934847Boxlight Refurbished 6102934847 OPTICAL BASE TOP
610-293-84876102938487Boxlight Refurbished 6102938487 A/V BOARD CP12T CD310T
610-293-84946102938494Boxlight Refurbished 6102938494 DVI PWB CP12T CP310T
610-293-86616102938661Boxlight Refurbished 6102938661 LEG STAND XP8T SP9T
610-293-99586102939958Boxlight Refurbished 6102939958 A/V PANEL MP39T MP385T MP40T MP45T
610-294-16856102941685Boxlight Refurbished 6102941685 POWER SUPPLY CP310T CP12T
610-294-16926102941692Boxlight Refurbished 6102941692 PFC CP12T CD310T
610-294-17086102941708Boxlight Refurbished 6102941708 LINE FILTER CP12T CP310T
610-294-79466102947946Boxlight Refurbished 6102947946 SUBPOWER XP8T
610-294-79776102947977Boxlight Refurbished 6102947977 MAIN CONTROLLER XP8T
610-294-97596102949759Boxlight Refurbished 6102949759 MAIN CONTROLLER SP9T
610-295-39546102953954Boxlight Refurbished 6102953954 MAIN CONTROLLER CP310T
610-295-83006102958300Boxlight Refurbished 6102958300 CASE BOTTOM CASE CP300T CP310T CP12TA
610-295-83246102958324Boxlight Refurbished 6102958324 CASE BOTTOM CASE CP12T
610-296-08086102960808Boxlight Refurbished 6102960808 MAIN CONTROLLER SE13HD
610-296-12496102961249Boxlight Refurbished 6102961249 CASE FRONT CASE MP39T MP42T
610-296-57116102965711Boxlight Refurbished 6102965711 LCD/PRISM ASSEMBLY
610-296-57286102965728Boxlight Refurbished 6102965728 LCD/PRISM ASSEMBLY MP385T
610-297-17436102971743Boxlight Refurbished 6102971743 MAIN CONTROLLER
610-297-18046102971804Boxlight Refurbished 6102971804 SUB A/V CP16T CP305T
610-298-53516102985351Boxlight Refurbished 6102985351 SUBPOWER SE20HD
610-298-53686102985368Boxlight Refurbished 6102985368 DRIVE BOARD SE20HD
610-299-27006102992700Boxlight Refurbished 6102992700 LCD/PRISM ASSEMBLY MP39T MP42T
610-299-27246102992724Boxlight Refurbished 6102992724 LCD/PRISM ASSEMBLY SE20HD 00 CHASSIS
610-299-41556102994155Boxlight Refurbished 6102994155 POWER SUPPLY CP16T CP305T
610-299-41626102994162Boxlight Refurbished 6102994162 PFC CP16T CP305T
610-299-73306102997330Boxlight Refurbished 6102997330 A/V BOARD CP18T CP306T
610-299-73476102997347Boxlight Refurbished 6102997347 DVI PWB CP18T CP306T
610-300-01836103000183Boxlight Refurbished 6103000183 LENS SHIFT ASSEMBLY MP41T MP385T
610-300-22626103002262Boxlight Refurbished 6103002262 LCD/PRISM ASSEMBLY CP18T CP306T
610-300-25146103002514Boxlight Refurbished 6103002514 SUBPOWER SP9TA
610-300-25696103002569Boxlight Refurbished 6103002569 MAIN CONTROLLER SP9TA
610-300-29656103002965Boxlight Refurbished 6103002965 LCD/PRISM ASSEMBLY XP8TA
610-300-64206103006420Boxlight Refurbished 6103006420 MAIN CONTROLLER MP39T MP42T
610-301-08926103010892Boxlight Refurbished 6103010892 POWER SUPPLY CP18T CP306T
610-301-09466103010946Boxlight Refurbished 6103010946 PFC CP18T CP306T
610-301-09536103010953Boxlight Refurbished 6103010953 LINE FILTER CP18T CP306T
610-301-09606103010960Boxlight Refurbished 6103010960 R/C PWB CP18T CP19T
610-301-33436103013343Boxlight Refurbished 6103013343 CASE FRONT CASE CP12TA CP320T
610-301-37016103013701Boxlight Refurbished 6103013701 CASE FRONT CABINET CP18T CP306T
610-301-39236103013923Boxlight Refurbished 6103013923 MAIN CONTROLLER CP320T
610-301-39546103013954Boxlight Refurbished 6103013954 A/V BOARD CP12TA CP320T
610-301-39616103013961Boxlight Refurbished 6103013961 DVI PWB CP12TA CP320T
610-301-87206103018720Boxlight Refurbished 6103018720 LCD/PRISM ASSEMBLY CP315T
610-302-16216103021621Boxlight Refurbished CP18T, CP19T LCD/Prism Assembly
610-302-29256103022925Boxlight Refurbished 6103022925 LINE FILTER SE1HD
610-302-43636103024363Boxlight Refurbished 6103024363 LEG STAND L SE1HD
610-302-58966103025896Boxlight Refurbished 6103025896 LCD/PRISM ASSEMBLY
610-302-65726103026572Boxlight Refurbished 6103026572 LEG STAND R SE1HD
610-303-02106103030210Boxlight Refurbished 6103030210 LEG STAND SE1HD
610-303-02346103030234Boxlight Refurbished 6103030234 CASE TOP CASE SE20HD
610-303-02586103030258Boxlight Refurbished 6103030258 CASE BOTTOM CASE SE20HD
610-303-03026103030302Boxlight Refurbished 6103030302 A/V PANEL SE20HD
610-303-12556103031255Boxlight Refurbished 6103031255 CASE FRONT CASE SE20HD
610-303-40276103034027Boxlight Refurbished 6103034027 CASE TOP CASE CP12TA
610-303-87736103038773Boxlight Refurbished 6103038773 FILTER PANEL A SE20HD MP45T
610-304-16366103041636Boxlight Refurbished 6103041636 PFC
610-304-63036103046303Boxlight Refurbished 6103046303 CASE TOP CASE SE1HD
610-304-63106103046310Boxlight Refurbished 6103046310 CASE FRONT CASE SE1HD
610-304-63276103046327Boxlight Refurbished 6103046327 CASE BOTTOM CASE SE1HD
610-304-77756103047775Boxlight Refurbished 6103047775 A/V BOARD SE1HD
610-304-88956103048895Boxlight Refurbished 6103048895 A/V BOARD MP45T
610-305-46986103054698Boxlight Refurbished 6103054698 LCD/PRISM ASSEMBLY CP329T
610-306-72616103067261Boxlight Refurbished 6103067261 A/V BOARD CP320TA
610-306-72786103067278Boxlight Refurbished 6103067278 DVI PWB CP320TA
610-306-90296103069029Boxlight Refurbished 6103069029 A/V SP10T
610-307-89396103078939Boxlight Refurbished 6103078939 A/V SP10T
610-310-22906103102290Boxlight Refurbished 6103102290 CASE FRONT CASE CP320TA
610-311-00736103110073Boxlight Refurbished 6103110073 LCD/PRISM ASSEMBLY SP10T
610-312-38516103123851Boxlight Refurbished 6103123851 MAIN CONTROLLER SP10T
610-312-38756103123875Boxlight Refurbished 6103123875 MAIN CONTROLLER SE2HD
610-312-45206103124520Boxlight Refurbished 6103124520 CASE TOP CASE SP10T
610-312-45376103124537Boxlight Refurbished 6103124537 CASE FRONT CASE SP10T
610-312-45826103124582Boxlight Refurbished 6103124582 CASE BOTTOM CASE SP10T
610-312-50226103125022Boxlight Refurbished 6103125022 CASE TOP CASE CP320TA
610-313-59156103135915Boxlight Refurbished 6103135915 CASE TOP CASE SE2HD
610-313-59226103135922Boxlight Refurbished 6103135922 CABINET FRONT SE2HD
645-031-03866450310386Boxlight Refurbished 6450310386 FAN 1.7W FAN CP7T CP10T
645-032-93026450329302Boxlight Refurbished 6450329302 BLUE LCD MP37T
645-033-18936450331893Boxlight Refurbished 6450331893 FAN DC MOTOR FAN MP36T
645-035-93236450359323Boxlight Refurbished 6450359323 POLARIZED GLASS B
645-041-42446450414244Boxlight Refurbished 6450414244 GREEN LCD 250 MP40T
645-041-42516450414251Boxlight Refurbished 6450414251 RED LCD 260 MP40T
645-041-42686450414268Boxlight Refurbished 6450414268 BLUE LCD 260 MP40T
645-041-42756450414275Boxlight Refurbished 6450414275 GREEN LCD 260 MP40T
645-041-42826450414282Boxlight Refurbished 6450414282 RED LCD MP40T
645-041-42856450414285Boxlight Refurbished 6450414285 RED LCD 250
645-041-42996450414299Boxlight REFURBISHED BLUE LCD 250 MP40T
645-041-60576450416057Boxlight Refurbished 6450416057 FAN MOTOR FAN 1.86W SP5T SP6T
645-042-58826450425882Boxlight Refurbished 6450425882 RED LCD SE13HD
645-042-58996450425899Boxlight Refurbished 6450425899 GREEN LCD SE13HD
645-042-65066450426506Boxlight Refurbished 6450426506 PRISM ASSEMBLY SE13HD
645-043-71446450437144Boxlight Refurbished 6450437144 LENS ASSEMBLY SE13HD
645-043-84626450438462Boxlight Refurbished 6450438462 GREEN POLARIZED GLASS OUT SE13HD
645-043-84936450438493Boxlight Refurbished 6450438493 POLARIZED GLASS G SE13HD
645-043-99196450439919Boxlight Refurbished 6450439919 Ballast XP5T
645-044-24526450442452Boxlight Refurbished 6450442452 PRISM ASSEMBLY PBS SE1HD SE2HD
645-044-33816450443381Boxlight Refurbished 6450443381 PRISM ASSEMBLY MP40T
645-047-02266450470226Boxlight Refurbished 6450470226 LENS ASSEMBLY CP12T
645-047-17976450471797Boxlight Refurbished 6450471797 MIRROR W-COLD CP12T CP300T
645-047-61986450476198Boxlight Refurbished 6450476198 FAN EXHAUST FAN CP12T CP310T
645-047-62116450476211Boxlight Refurbished 6450476211 FAN 1.5W FAN CP16T CP305T
645-047-75396450477539Boxlight Refurbished 6450477539 GREEN POLARZED GLASS MP41T MP385T
645-047-75466450477546Boxlight Refurbished 6450477546 BLUE POLARIZED GLASS MP41T MP385T
645-048-11476450481147Boxlight Refurbished 6450481147 POLARIZED GLASS G CP12T CP300T
645-048-11546450481154Boxlight Refurbished 6450481154 POLARIZED GLASS B CP12T CP300T
645-048-11616450481161Boxlight Refurbished 6450481161 POLARIZED GLASS OUT R CP12T CP300T
645-048-11856450481185Boxlight Refurbished 6450481185 POLARIZED GLASS OUT B CP12T CP300T
645-048-40016450484001Boxlight Refurbished 6450484001 FAN 2.4W FAN MP39T MP385T MP40T MP45T
645-049-86026450498602Boxlight Refurbished 6450498602 FAN 1.5W FAN SP8T SP9T
645-050-81036450508103Boxlight Refurbished 6450508103 POLARIZED GLASS OUT B MP41T MP385T
645-051-75256450517525Boxlight Refurbished 6450517525 Lens Motor CP16T CP305T
645-051-99706450519970Boxlight Refurbished 6450519970 FAN 1.92W FAN XP8T SP9T
645-052-67946450526794Boxlight Refurbished 6450526794 BLUE POLARIZED GLASS IN SE20HD CHASSIS 00
645-052-68006450526800Boxlight Refurbished 6450526800 POLARIZED GLASS G SE20HD MP39T MP41T MP42T
645-052-91606450529160Boxlight Refurbished 6450529160 FAN 1.8W FAN CP18T CP306T
645-052-91776450529177Boxlight Refurbished 6450529177 FAN 1.8W FAN CP18T CP306T
645-055-36916450553691Boxlight Refurbished 6450553691 BALLAST CP12TA CP320T
645-055-66236450556623Boxlight Refurbished 6450556623 BALLAST SE1HD
645-056-03856450560385Boxlight Refurbished 6450560385 LENS ASSEMBLY SE1HD
645-056-05906450560590Boxlight Refurbished 6450560590 POLARIZED GLASS R SE1HD SE2HD
645-057-12686450571268Boxlight Refurbished 6450571268 INTEGRATOR LENS OUT CP12TA CP320T
645-057-14666450571466Boxlight Refurbished 6450571466 LENS ASSEMBLY CP12TA CP320T
645-057-29756450572975Boxlight Refurbished 6450572975 FAN EXHAUST FAN SE1HD
645-059-49086450594908Boxlight Refurbished 6450594908 OPTICAL FILTER CP12TA CP320T
645-060-38466450603846Boxlight Refurbished 6450603846 POLARIZED GLASS RED MP45T
645-060-40346450604034Boxlight Refurbished 6450604034 BALLAST MP45T
645-061-86596450618659Boxlight Refurbished 6450618659 FAN SP10T
645-061-91516450619151Boxlight Refurbished 6450619151 POWER SUPPLY SE2HD
645-061-91686450619168Boxlight Refurbished 6450619168 BALLAST SE2HD
645-061-92296450619229Boxlight Refurbished 6450619229 PROJECTION LENS SP10T
645-062-30426450623042Boxlight Refurbished 6450623042 FAN 3.84 W CP320TA
645-062-30596450623059Boxlight Refurbished 6450623059 FAN MOTOR FAN 1.86W CP320TA
645-062-31036450623103Boxlight Refurbished 6450623103 FAN 3.6W FAN CP320TA
645-062-51456450625145Boxlight Refurbished 6450625145 FAN 2.28W FAN SE2HD
645-062-53986450625398Boxlight Refurbished 6450625398 FAN 2.65W FAN SE2HD
645-062-55726450625572Boxlight Refurbished 6450625572 FAN 2.65W FAN SE2HD
645-063-94636450639463Boxlight Refurbished 6450639463 FAN EXHAUST FAN SE2HD
645-064-87246450648724Boxlight Refurbished 6450648724 POLARIZED GLASS R CP320TA
645-064-87316450648731Boxlight Refurbished 6450648731 POLARIZED GLASS G CP320TA
645-064-87486450648748Boxlight Refurbished 6450648748 POLARIZED GLASS B CP320TA
645-067-84006450678400Boxlight Refurbished 6450678400 POWER SUPPLY SP10M
65.J1302.12265J1302122Boxlight Refurbished 65J1302122 COLOR WHEEL XD15C
65.J3403.00165J3403001Boxlight Refurbished 65J3403001 BALLASTBOARD ONLY CD725C
65.J4905.02165J4905021Boxlight Refurbished 65J4905021 COLOR DRUM XD16N
6895000004Boxlight Refurbished BALLAST CD726C
6896220011Boxlight Refurbished POWER SUPPLY CD726C
71.01076.0017101076001Boxlight Refurbished 7101076001 DMD CHIP XD15C
71.J07XGA.B0071J07XGAB00Boxlight Refurbished 71J07XGAB00 DMD CHIP XD16N
75.83102.0037583102003Boxlight Refurbished 7583102003 QUASARPOWER ASSEMBLY DC TO DC XD17K
75.83602.0027583602002Boxlight Refurbished 7583602002 POWER SUPPLY SE17SF
7510100001Boxlight Refurbished DMD CHIP CD726C
7537300010Boxlight Refurbished FAN 70x70x20MM FAN CD726C
7537300011Boxlight Refurbished FAN 50x50x20MM FAN CD726C
7540600009Boxlight Refurbished CASE FRONT CASE CD726C
7545100006Boxlight Refurbished RELEASE BUTTON ASSEMBLYY CD726C
80.83201.0018083201001Boxlight Refurbished 8083201001 PCBA FORMATTER BOARD XD17K
HA00981Boxlight Refurbished BALLAST CP635I
HH01011602Boxlight Refurbished FAN 4010 PSC FAN CP670K
J19GV28D00Boxlight Refurbished SYSTEM POWER CP670K CP710K
JP04223Boxlight Refurbished MAIN CONTROLLER CP731I
JP04232Boxlight Refurbished SIGNAL PWB CP731I
JP05102Boxlight Refurbished SIGNAL PWB CP635I
02394-0000-1002394000010Boxlight FAN FBA06A12L SP48Z XP58Z
23.10095.0012310095001Boxlight FAN 12V FAN 45x45 XD16N
23.10096.0012310096001Boxlight FAN 12V FAN 50x50 XD16N
321-0183-01321018301Boxlight SCREW LEVELING FOOT SCREW XD2M
321-0184-00321018400Boxlight FOOT LEVELING FOOT W/STAR LOCK XD2M
321-0192-01321019201Boxlight WIRE LENS CAP WIRE XD2M
330-0703-00330070300Boxlight I/O SHIELD CD600M CD750M
340-0824-00340082400Boxlight LEVELING SHAFT CD600M CD750M
340-0977-02340097702Boxlight FAN BRACKET CD850M
42408337000Boxlight LEG STAND SP46D XP56D
4250709002Boxlight FAN LAMP FAN SP46D XP56D
505-0597-00505059700Boxlight LAMP DOOR XD5M XD9M
505-0640-00505064000Boxlight FOCUS RING BLACK CD455M CD555M
505-0723-00505072300Boxlight CASE FRONT CASE CD455M CD555M
505-0724-01505072401Boxlight CASE REAR CASE CD455M CD455M
505-0777-00505077700Boxlight LEVELING FOOT KIT CD455M CD555M
505-0878-01505087801Boxlight ELEVATOR SHAFT CD600M CD750M SE12SF
505-0919-00505091900Boxlight FOOTLEVELING FOOT
505-0968-00505096800Boxlight BEZEL VENT BEZEL CD600M CD750M
505-0968-01505096801Boxlight BEZEL VENT BEZEL CD600M CD750M
505-1243-01505124301Boxlight ZOOM RING CD850M
505-1247-00505124700Boxlight LENS CAP CD850M
505-1248-00505124800Boxlight INNER HANDLE CD850M
505-1410-00505141000Boxlight VENT FRONT VENT CD850M
505-1411-01505141101Boxlight OUTER HANDLE CD850M
505-1980-00505198000Boxlight SA.CLIP.W-TAPE VIBR DAMP.MIRAGE CD850M
526-0116-00526011600Boxlight SPEAKER ASSEMBLY XD2M
610-264-61606102646160Boxlight LINE FILTER
610-281-00286102810028Boxlight ASSEMBLY PANEL NET - MA6A CP11T CP13T CP33T
7536400015Boxlight A/V BEZEL CD726C
82134-472-998213447299Boxlight CAMERA ASSEMBLYLENS CAB SP48Z XP58Z
XL-5300-BTIXL5300BTIBoxlight BTI XL5300BTI Projector Lamp

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