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Listings of CETIS by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
AEGIS-LB-08ASHAEGISLB08ASHCETIS New 80101 NO DIAL Single line lobby phone
AEGIS-2510-BKAEGIS2510BKCETIS New 25002 N/N Desk Set BLACK
AEGIS-P-08ASHAEGISP08ASHCETIS New 80001 Aegis Single Line Phone
AEGIS-2510-ASHAEGIS2510ASHCETIS New 25001 N/N ASH Desk Set
AEGIS-2554-ASHAEGIS2554ASHCETIS New AEGIS2554ASH - Scitec Aegis 2554 single-line wall Telephone />- Sturdy bell
AEGIS-2554-BAEGIS2554BCETIS New 25402 Wall Phone BLACK
AEGIS-P-08BKAEGISP08BKCETIS New 80002 Aegis Single Line Phone
AEGIS-P99002AEGISP99002CETIS New Aegis-08 Wall Mount Kit in Black
20501CETIS New Scitec 205T Ash
20505CETIS New Scitec 205T White
20515CETIS New 205TVR1/ 205TMW Wh
20521CETIS New Scitec 205TMW Ash
25003CETIS New Scitec 2510E Red (02/07)
25011CETIS New Scitec 2510D MW Ash
25012CETIS New Scitec 2510D MW Black
25101CETIS New Scitec 2510D-E Ash (No MW) (02/07)
25111CETIS New Scitec 2510D-e MW Ash
25403CETIS New Scitec 2554E Red (02/07)
25411CETIS New Scitec 2554-Watts MW Ash
25412CETIS New Scitec 2554-Watts MW Black
26009CETIS New TeleMatrix Retro Desk Ash
260091CETIS TeleMatrix Retro Desk Black
29009CETIS New TeleMatrix Retro Wall Ash
290091CETIS New TeleMatrix Retro Wall Black
AEGIS-LBE-08ASHAEGISLBE08ASHCETIS New Aegis 80103 Emergency Phone
69119CETIS New TeleMatrix 1L Trimline Ash
691191CETIS New TeleMatrix 1L Trimline Black
69159CETIS New TeleMatrix 2L Trimline Ash
691591CETIS New TeleMatrix 2L Trimline Black
AEGIS-LB-08BKAEGISLB08BKCETIS New 80102 No Dial Single Line Lobby Phone
AEGIS-LBE-08BKAEGISLBE08BKCETIS Aegis 80123 Emergency Phone (04/03)
DIA65139CETIS Teledex Diamond +5 Ash
H2000CETIS New Hospital Phone w/ Data Port 20005
H2000VRICETIS New Hospital Phone w/ Visual Ringer
H2001CETIS New 21105 1 Pc Hospital Phone-WHITE
OPL69119CETIS Teledex Opal Trimline 1 MWL Ash (04/24)

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