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Listings of CHENBRO by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
84H220910-07984H220910079Chenbro New Chenbro 84H220910-079 4x 3.5 HDD Cage For SR105/SR209 w/ 6Gb/s
84H342310-00184H342310001Chenbro New CHENBRO Accessory Rail Set 20inch FOR RM423 (7 Days RMA)
RM42200Chenbro New CHENBRO RM42200 ATX 4U IPC Rackmount 3/2/(3) No Backplane and Tray 12c
RM41300-FRM41300FChenbro New RM41300F CHENBRO Case RM41300-F 4U IPC Rackmount RM41300-F No PS 0 Backp
RM41300-F1RM41300F1Chenbro CHENBRO Case Rackmount RM41300-F1 4U Open-Bay No PSU ( Power Supply Unit ) No Backplane 2 x
RM41300-FS81RM41300FS81Chenbro New Chenbro RM41300-FS81 No Power Supply 4U Rackmount Server Chassis
RM42300-FRM42300FChenbro CHENBRO Case Rackmount 4U IPC Rackmount RM42300-F No PSU ( Power Supply Unit ) 0* Backplane/
SK32303T2Chenbro New Chenbro SK32303T2 3x 3.5 Hot-swap HDD Module with 6Gb/s SATA Ba
SR10569-C0SR10569C0Chenbro New CHENBRO SV Mid Range Pedestal SR10569-C0 3/0/(4) bays Case Only Black
SR10769-C0SR10769C0Chenbro New SR10769C0 CHENBRO SV High End Pedestal SR10769-C0 3/1/8 bays Case Only B
SR20969-C0SR20969C0Chenbro New CHENBRO SV Entry Level Pedestal SR20969-C0 3/0/(4) bays Case Only Black
SR30169T2-250SR30169T2250Chenbro CHENBRO Case SR30169T2-250 Compact server chassis for SOHO and SMB off
PC78338-250PC78338250Chenbro New CASING/MINI PC/MITX/BLACK/250W/80+BRONZE
SK33502-07CSK3350207CChenbro Refurbished 3.5.SCSI.SATA.TRAY
26H113215-03026H113215030Chenbro New Chenbro 26H113215-030 0.6m Mini-SAS SFF-8087 to Mini-SAS SFF-
70H331200-10570H331200105Chenbro New Chenbro 70H331200-105 Bracket for Power Supply Unit
84H311310-00984H311310009Chenbro New 84H311310009 Chenbro 84H311310-009 I/O Gasket For Tyan RM117/RM124
84H341300-00284H341300002Chenbro CHENBRO Accessory 84H341300-002 26-Inch Rail Kingslide 2U-4U Retail (7
84H342310-00384H342310003Chenbro New 84H342310003 CHENBRO Accessory 84H342310-003 3.5/5.25inch ODD Cage for RM423
84H341410-00384H341410003Chenbro New CHENBRO Accessory 84-341410-003 4U Rackmount Front Bezel 414 (7 Days R
88H321500-00188H321500001Chenbro New FRONT BEZEL PLASTIC 2U
PB-4UM1Z3-BPB4UM1Z3BChenbro New PB4UM1Z3B Chenbro PB-4UM1Z3-B 4U Power Supply bracket for ZIPPY M1Z3-6800P
PB-4UR3G-BPB4UR3GBChenbro New PB4UR3GB Chenbro PB-4UR3G-B 4U Power Supply bracket for ZIPPY P3G Series
RM13108-14ARM1310814AChenbro New RM1310814A Chenbro RM13108-14A SATA 2.5-inch Hard Drive Caddy / Tray w/ screws - CLEI 10814ABNOE
RM24100-L2RM24100L2Chenbro New RM24100L2 Chenbro RM24100-L2 No Power Supply 2U Feature-advanced Industria
SK51201T2Chenbro New 2-IN-11XFDD BAY TO 2 X 2.5 HOTSWAP6G
84H321410-01884H321410018Chenbro New Chenbro 84H321410-018 2U Power Supply Bracket for ZIPPY R2W Seri
84H341310-00484H341310004Chenbro New Chenbro 84H341310-004 Rackmount Front Bezel for RM413/423 Series
84H341810-01184H341810011Chenbro New Chenbro 84H341810-011 4U 2x 2.5 HDD Cage for RM41824E2-R960G/RM
84H342210-00284H342210002Chenbro New FOOT STAND BK FOR RM42200 ROHS
84H533510-03184H533510031Chenbro New HDD TRAY SK33502 MIX 3.5INCH 9 HOLES 3.5INCH 2.5INCH SCREW
PB-3UP2G-BPB3UP2GBChenbro Chenbro PB-3UP2G-B 3U Power Supply Bracket for ZIPPY P2G Series
RM41300Chenbro Chenbro RM41300 No Power Supply 4U Open-bay Rackmount Server Cha
80H10312405D1Chenbro 1x6 SAS
RM13106-15ARM1310615AChenbro Chenbro RM13106-15A SATA 2.5 Hard Drive Caddy / Tray w/ screws - CLEI 10615ANPOE
RM21706TG2-LRM21706TG2LChenbro Chenbro RM21706TG2-L No Power Supply 2U Rackmount Server Chassis
RM42300-F2RM42300F2Chenbro Rack-mountable - Steel - 4U - 10 x Bay - 1 x Fans Installed -
SK41202Chenbro New Chenbro SK41202 1x ODD Bay to 1x Slim ODD Bay + 1x Internal 3.5" Hard Drive/FDD Bay Cage
RM24100-LRM24100LChenbro Chenbro RM24100-L No Power Supply 2U Feature-advanced Industrial
84H311610-08284H311610082Chenbro New CHENBRO Accessory 84H311610-082 Rail Set 26-Inch for RM116/117/131/132/
84H331610-02484H331610024Chenbro New 84H331610024 Chenbro 84H331610-024 Internal Hard Drive Bracket for RM31616M2
SK33502-07SK3350207Chenbro SK33502-07 CHENBRO SATA / SCSI HARD DRIVE TRAYS
RM42300-F1RM42300F1Chenbro New 4U Rackmount 17.5-Inch 120MM FAN 3.5-Inch.25 Rackmount 5X3.5 2XUSB 2.0 1DOOR
6000D1001Chenbro Clean Pull Chenbro 6000D1001 3.5 / LFF SATA Hard Drive Tray / Ca
SK33502-10ASK3350210AChenbro HDD Tray 3.5; Hot Swap; W/2.5 adaptor SK33502-14B; W/O Screws
84H342310-00484H342310004Chenbro Chenbro Accessory 84H342310-004 120mm Fan Module with Bracket Br
84H210710-09084H210710090Chenbro Chenbro 84H210710-090 HDD Cage 4x3.5 Bays w/SATA3 Backplane For

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