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Listings of CHIPCON SYSTEMS by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
14-002421400242Chipcon Systems Refurbished 1400242 5000M-CTL
4112H-MTP4112HMTPChipcon Systems Refurbished 4112HMTP 12-Port 10BASE-T ONSEMBLE STACKABLE HUB
5000M-CTL5000MCTLChipcon Systems Refurbished 5000M-CTL ONLINE CONTROLLER MODULE
5000M-RCTL5000MRCTLChipcon Systems Refurbished 5000MRCTL 5000M-RCTL 12-00093.0 REV A Assembly 60-00217 REV E CLEI HECICODE
5017C-3255017C325Chipcon Systems Refurbished 5017C325 ONLINE SYSTEM CONCENTRATOR TRICHANNEL ARCHITECTURE
5101M-MGT5101MMGTChipcon Systems Refurbished 5101MMGT Serial connection 5101M-MGTA-3.20 12-00076.0 Rev A
5101T-BF-ST5101TBFSTChipcon Systems Refurbished 5101TBFST II
5101T-FB5101TFBChipcon Systems New 5101TFB AUI TO Fiber Fibre TRANSCEIVER
5101T-FB-ST5101TFBSTChipcon Systems New 5101TFBST AUI TO Fiber Fibre TRANSCEIVER
5101T-FL5101TFLChipcon Systems Refurbished 5101TFL FOIRL Tranceiver GP23B#3-B5-1C
5101T-TP5101TTPChipcon Systems Refurbished 5101TTP 10Base T Tranceiver GP23B#3-B5-2C
5101T-TPLA5101TTPLAChipcon Systems Refurbished 5101TTPLA 10 Base-T Link Alert micro transceiver
5102R-EE5102REEChipcon Systems Refurbished 5102REE CHIPCOM SERIAL BRIDGE MODULE
5104M-FBP5104MFBPChipcon Systems Refurbished 5104MFBP 5104M-FBP-ST4-Port 12-00085.0 FAB RevA 60-00208A-8A RevC
5104M-FIB5104MFIBChipcon Systems Refurbished 5104MFIB 4-Port redun.4tx.4rx 12-00038 FAB rev A
5104M-FP5104MFPChipcon Systems Refurbished 5104MFP 5104M-FP-ST 12-00085.0 RevAredun.4tx.4rx 60-208-4ST revD
5108M-TP5108MTPChipcon Systems Refurbished 5108MTP 5108M-TP-210BASE-T 8-Port12-00050.1 RevD60-00173-1A RevB
5112M-TPL5112MTPLChipcon Systems Refurbished 5112MTPL 10BASE-T CARD
5112M-TPPL5112MTPPLChipcon Systems Refurbished 5112MTPPL 5112M-TPPL-2 12-00084.0 RevC 10BASE-T 1X-12X
5124M-TPCL5124MTPCLChipcon Systems Refurbished 5124MTPCL 5124M-TPCL10base.24con12-00122.0 REV A 60-0334-1A REV C
5202M-FR5202MFRChipcon Systems Refurbished 5202MFR FABREVA
60-00126-160001261Chipcon Systems Refurbished 60001261 5000M-CTL
60-00128-160001281Chipcon Systems Refurbished 60001281 BACK PLANE
60-002386000238Chipcon Systems Refurbished 6000238 RS232 SERIAL PORT CARD
6000M-CMGT6000MCMGTChipcon Systems Refurbished 6000MCMGT ADVANCED DIST Management MOD CLEI 6000MCMGT
6000PS-HO6000PSHOChipcon Systems Refurbished 6000PSHO 415WATT LOAD SHARING POWER SUPPLY
60-0330-1B6003301BChipcon Systems Refurbished 6003301B Chipcom 12-00227.0 18-Port Network Board 60-0330-1B
60-0331-1A6003311AChipcon Systems Refurbished 6003311A 10BASE-T CARD - HAVE COMPATIBLE
6508M-TR6508MTRChipcon Systems Refurbished 6508MTR 8-Port TOKEN RING CARD
8023MS-L8023MSLChipcon Systems Refurbished 8023MSL Chipcom Ethermodem units
830008Chipcon Systems Refurbished
90-0007-2A9000072AChipcon Systems New 9000072A AUI TO Fiber Fibre TRANSCEIVER
90-0007-2C9000072CChipcon Systems New 9000072C AUI TO Fiber Fibre TRANSCEIVER
90-0142-1A9001421AChipcon Systems Refurbished 9001421A 10BASE-T CARD
90-1414-1A9014141AChipcon Systems Refurbished 9014141A 10BASE-T 1X-12X
9300BUChipcon Systems Refurbished II
9301T-ST9301TSTChipcon Systems Refurbished 9301TST ORNET Fiber Fibre OPTIC TRANSCEIVE
9301T-ST/09301TST0Chipcon Systems Refurbished 9301TST0 9301T-ST/0 - Fiber Fibre OPTIC TRANSCEIVER CLEI 9301T-ST/0
9308S-FB-ST9308SFBSTChipcon Systems Refurbished 9308SFBST II
60-002296000229Chipcon Systems Chipcom Serial Concentrator LED Switch Board 60-00229

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