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Listings of Cables Unlimited by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
PCM-2320-06PCM232006Cables Unlimited New PCM232006 HDB15 Male to 5 BNC VGA Cable Black 6ft
USB-1520USB1520Cables Unlimited Refurbished USB1520 Cables Unlimited USB-1520 USB to Class 2 Bluetooth Adapter
8120-696381206963Cables Unlimited hp printer 6 parallel extension cable - DB-25 M connector ty
ACC-1160AACC1160ACables Unlimited New ACC1160A BUS MOUSE CARD ONLY
ADP-3150ADP3150Cables Unlimited DB9 Female to DB25 Female Serial Adapter
ASM-1600-06ASM160006Cables Unlimited 6 25C ASSEMBLED SERIAL DB25 MALE TO FEMALE
ASM-1700-25ASM170025Cables Unlimited 25 25C ASSEMBLED SERIAL DB25 MALE TO MALE
2500RDCables Unlimited New GCHA444025-FCR / 25 RED Handset Cord
1200WHCables Unlimited New GCHA444012-FWH / 12 WHITE Handset Cord
FLT-2400-46FLT240046Cables Unlimited FLT-2400-46 46 5-DEVICE 50PIN SCSI CABLE
FLT-2407-68FLT240768Cables Unlimited FLT-2407-68 68 7-DEVICE 50PIN SCSI CABLE
PCM-1000-06PCM100006Cables Unlimited 6 PRINTER CABLE 36PIN CENTRONICS
PCM-1400-25PCM140025Cables Unlimited New PCM140025 25 Foot DB9F to DB25M Serial Modem Cable PCM-1400-25
PCM-1600-25PCM160025Cables Unlimited 25ft Beige DB25 RS232 Straight Through Extension Cable
PCM-1900-10PCM190010Cables Unlimited New PCM190010 10 Foot DB25 Male Female Null Modem Cable PCM-1900-10
PCM-1970-10PCM197010Cables Unlimited New PCM197010 10 Foot DB9 Female to DB25 Male Null Modem PCM-1970-10
PCM-2120-10PCM212010Cables Unlimited DB9 Serial Cable Male to Male 10 feet : Electronics
PCM-2650-08PCM265008Cables Unlimited New PCM265008 8 Foot DB25 Male to DB25 Male LapLink Cable PCM-2650-08
PCM-2700-08PCM270008Cables Unlimited New PCM270008 8 Foot Serial File Transfer 2 DB9F and 2 DB25F Cable
PPC301-25PPC30125Cables Unlimited 25 25C PRINTER CABLE MALE DB25-MALE C 36
SCS-1000-03SCS100003Cables Unlimited 3 FOOT SCSI 1 50C CENTRONICS MALE to SCSI 1 50C CENTRONICS M
UTP-1500-03UTP150003Cables Unlimited PATCH CABLE CAT 5 24/4P 3 FT/PC
1609057Cables Unlimited BNC ABX 2 PORT AB SWITCH
SWB-1100SWB1100Cables Unlimited 4 Port DB25 Switchbox Questions - SWB-1100
SWB-1300SWB1300Cables Unlimited Switchbox DB25 Crossover AaBb Rotary
SWB-1500SWB1500Cables Unlimited Cables Unlimited box SWB-1500 2-Ports External Switch
SWB-3200SWB3200Cables Unlimited 4 Port VGA Switchbox
SWB-400SWB400Cables Unlimited 2 PORT RJ12 KVM SWITCHBOX
ICC-ICLC407-BICCICLC407BCables Unlimited GCLC466007-B / 7 Line Cord BLACK
ICC-ICLC425-BICCICLC425BCables Unlimited GCLC466025-B 25 Line Cord Black
PCM-1400-15PCM140015Cables Unlimited 15 Foot Serial Modem Cable DB9 to DB25 PCM-1400-15
PCM-1920-10PCM192010Cables Unlimited 10 Foot DB25 Male to Male Null Modem Cable PCM-1920-10
1200ASCables Unlimited GCHA444012-FAR / 12 Dark ASH Handset
1200BKCables Unlimited GCHA444012-FBK / 12 BLACK Handset Cord
1200CHCables Unlimited GCHA444012-FMG / 12 CHARCOAL HC
1200DGCables Unlimited dGCHA444012-FDG / 12 MEDIUM GRAY HC
1200FBCables Unlimited GCHA444012-FFB HANDSET CORD 12 FLAT BLA
1200GRCables Unlimited GCHA444012-FGY / 12 DOLPHIN GRAY HC
1200IVCables Unlimited GCHA444012-FIV / 12 IVORY Handset Cord
1200LACables Unlimited GCHA444012-FLA / 12 LT ASH Handset Cord
1200LGCables Unlimited GCHA444012-FLG / 12 LT GRAY HC
1200-P-FBK41200PFBK4Cables Unlimited GCHA444012-FBK4 12 BLACK 4 LEAD
1200-P-FPG41200PFPG4Cables Unlimited GCHA444012-FPG4 12 PEARL GRAY 4 LEAD
1200RDCables Unlimited GCHA444012-FCR / 12 RED Handset Cord
2500ASCables Unlimited GCHA444025-FAR / 25 ASH Handset Cord
2500BKCables Unlimited GCHA444025-FBK / 25 BLACK Handset Cord
2500CHCables Unlimited GCHA444025-FMG / 25 CHARCOAL HC
2500DGCables Unlimited GCHA444025-FDG / 25 MEDIUM GRAY HC
2500GRCables Unlimited GCHA444025-FGY / 25 DOLPHIN GRAY HC
2500IVCables Unlimited GCHA444025-FIV / 25 IVORY Handset Cord
2500LGCables Unlimited GCHA444025-FLG / 25 LT GRAY HC
2500WCables Unlimited GCHA444025-FWH / 25 WHITE Handset Cord
1200-P-FMG41200PFMG4Cables Unlimited GCHA444012-FMG4 12 DARK GRAY 4 LEAD
ICC-ICHC406FANICCICHC406FANCables Unlimited GCHA444006-FAN 6 ASH Handset Cord
ICC-ICHC406FBKICCICHC406FBKCables Unlimited GCHA444006-FBK / 6 BLACK Handset Cord
ICC-ICHC406FDGICCICHC406FDGCables Unlimited GCHA444006-FDG/ 6 Med Gray Handset Cord
ICC-ICHC406FFBICCICHC406FFBCables Unlimited GCHA444006-FFB / 6 FLAT BK Handset Cord
ICC-ICHC406FIVICCICHC406FIVCables Unlimited GCHA444006-FIV / 6 IVORY Handset Cord
ICC-ICHC406FWHICCICHC406FWHCables Unlimited GCHA444006-FWH / 6 Handset Cord - White
ICC-ICHC412FMCICCICHC412FMCCables Unlimited ICHC412FMC /12 Misty Cream Handset Cord
ICC-ICLC425FSVICCICLC425FSVCables Unlimited GCLB466025 25 Flat Line Cord 6P4C SV
ICC-ICLC414FSVICCICLC414FSVCables Unlimited GCLB466014 / 14 Flat Line Cord 6P4C SV
GCFAZLLM02-MGCFAZLLM02MCables Unlimited Patch Cord Fibre Optic LC to LC 62.5/125 Duplex 6
GCFAZLLM03-MGCFAZLLM03MCables Unlimited Patch Cord Fibre Optic LC to LC 62.5/125 Duplex 9
GCPC888603-RDXGCPC888603RDXCables Unlimited Patch Cord RJ-45 Cat6 3 Cross Over; Red
GCPC888605-RDXGCPC888605RDXCables Unlimited Patch Cord RJ45 Cat6 5 Cross Over; Red
GCPO888605-BKGCPO888605BKCables Unlimited Patch Cord RJ-45 Cat6 5 Black
GCPO888607-RDGCPO888607RDCables Unlimited Patch Cord RJ-45 Cat6 7 Red
GCPO888907-GYGCPO888907GYCables Unlimited Patch Cord RJ-45 Cat5e 7 Gray
GCPO888914-GYGCPO888914GYCables Unlimited Patch Cord RJ-45 Cat5e 14 Gray
GCPO8SS607-ORGCPO8SS607ORCables Unlimited Patch Cord RJ-45 Cat6 7 Orange

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