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Listings of Cerwin Vega by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
H465CCerwin Vega New 6.5IN 360W 2WAY COMP Speaker
XED650CCerwin Vega New 6.5IN 350W COMP Speaker
XED62Cerwin Vega New 6.5IN 300W 2WAY COAX Speaker
XED1TCerwin Vega New 1" 500W PIEZO TWEET KIT
B52Cerwin Vega 1000W 2CH CLASS D AMP
B54Cerwin Vega 1200W 4CH CLASS D AMP
B55Cerwin Vega 1900W 5CH CLASS D AMP
XED12Cerwin Vega 12IN 1000W 4OHM SVC SUB
XED42Cerwin Vega 4IN 2WAY COAX Speakers
XED52Cerwin Vega 5.25IN 2WAY COAX Speakers
XED525CCerwin Vega 5.25IN 2WAY COMP Speakers
XED693Cerwin Vega 6X9IN 350W 3WAY COAX Speaker
EQ770Cerwin Vega 7BAND EQ W/ AUX INPUT
XED10Cerwin Vega 10IN 4OHM SVC SUB
HS102DCerwin Vega 10IN 2OHM DVC SUB
HS104DCerwin Vega 10IN 4OHM DVC SUB
HS122DCerwin Vega 12IN 2OHM DVC SUB
HS124DCerwin Vega 12IN 4OHM DVC SUB
V1000.1DV10001DCerwin Vega VEGA 1000W 1CHNL MONO AMP
V102DV2Cerwin Vega VEGA 2 OHM 10IN DVC SUB
V104DV2Cerwin Vega VEGA 4 OHM 10IN DVC SUB
V122DV2Cerwin Vega VEGA 2 OHM 12IN DVC SUB
V124DV2Cerwin Vega VEGA 4 OHM 12IN DVC SUB
V400.2V4002Cerwin Vega VEGA 500W 2CHANNEL AMP
V465CCerwin Vega VEGA 6.5IN 2WAY SYSTM
V600.4V6004Cerwin Vega VEGA 600W 4CHANNEL AMP
V82DV2Cerwin Vega VEGA 2 OHM 8IN DVC SUB
V84DV2Cerwin Vega VEGA 4 OHM 8IN DVC SUB

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