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Listings of Chaintech Computer by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
256-SE73GS-G2256SE73GSG2Chaintech Computer New 256SE73GSG2
5SSVChaintech Computer Refurbished MB Chaintech 5SSV0-E150A UA9545-4 V3.0 Socket 7
6AIV2T-D104A6AIV2TD104AChaintech Computer Refurbished 6AIV2TD104A MB SKT 370 REV 2.0 1X ISA 3X PCI V/A/USB
6WIV0-F100A6WIV0F100AChaintech Computer New 6WIV0F100A MOTHERBOARD6WIV0-F100A CTF8A2B V9.0
7AIV2Chaintech Computer Refurbished MB 7AIV2-D180C UA9155-2 V.4.0
7AIV5Chaintech Computer Refurbished Chaintech Socket A CT-7AIV5 - motherboard - micro ATX
7AJA0Chaintech Computer Refurbished MB Audio 7aja0 62-m11
7AJA0-100-H100A7AJA0100H100AChaintech Computer Refurbished 7AJA0100H100A MB 7AJA0/100-H100A FR0123-1 V5.0
7AJA0-100-J100A7AJA0100J100AChaintech Computer Refurbished 7AJA0100J100A MB 7AJA0/100-J100A CTG9A24-1 V8.0
7AJA0-E10AA7AJA0E10AAChaintech Computer Refurbished 7AJA0E10AA MB 7AJA0-E10AA CTF9A25-2 V8.0
7AJA0-F10AA7AJA0F10AAChaintech Computer Refurbished 7AJA0F10AA MB 7AJA0-F10AA CTF9A25-2 V8.0
7AJA2EChaintech Computer Refurbished MOTHERBOARD 7AJA2E-F100A FR0749-4 V6.0
7ATA0-C100A7ATA0C100AChaintech Computer Refurbished 7ATA0C100A MB 7ATA0-C100A CTF9356-2 V1.0
7VJL0-000CC7VJL0000CCChaintech Computer Refurbished 7VJL0000CC MB FR2413-2 V5.0 09/23/2003 47D2 SCKT 462
7VJL1-00SAC7VJL100SACChaintech Computer Refurbished 7VJL100SAC MB FR1B34-1 V4.0 01/16/2004 A040
AA5700UChaintech Computer New
AA5700UA1Chaintech Computer New
AA6800B1Chaintech Computer New
AA6800GA1Chaintech Computer New
AE6800-256MBAE6800256MBChaintech Computer New AE6800256MB
AE6800U-256AE6800U256Chaintech Computer New AE6800U256 Chaintech ae6800u-256 geforce 6800ultra 256mb 256-bit gddr3 pci expresc
A-FM2P/NAFM2PNChaintech Computer New AFM2PN
A-FU98AFU98Chaintech Computer New AFU98
A-FX20AFX20Chaintech Computer New AFX20
A-G442AG442Chaintech Computer New AG442
A-GT40-G4AGT40G4Chaintech Computer New AGT40G4
A-GX82AGX82Chaintech Computer New AGX82
DA-CTEK04DACTEK04Chaintech Computer Refurbished DACTEK04 32MB AGP 4X VIDEO CARD MX200
FM6NChaintech Computer New
FM6P/NFM6PNChaintech Computer New FM6PN
GAE76GS-A2GAE76GSA2Chaintech Computer New GAE76GSA2
GAE79GSChaintech Computer New GAE79GSA1
GAE96GTCChaintech Computer New
GSA73GTChaintech Computer New
GSA76GSChaintech Computer New
GSE76GSChaintech Computer New
GSE76GTChaintech Computer New
GSE85GTCChaintech Computer New
GSE85GT-G1GSE85GTG1Chaintech Computer New GSE85GTG1
GSE86GTChaintech Computer New GSE86GTA1
GSE88GTChaintech Computer New
GSE88GTCChaintech Computer New
GSE95GTChaintech Computer New
GSE96GTChaintech Computer New
GSE96GT-A2GSE96GTA2Chaintech Computer New GSE96GTA2
GSE96GTCChaintech Computer New
GSP5200T2Chaintech Computer New
GSV71GS-G2GSV71GSG2Chaintech Computer New GSV71GSG2
GSV71GS-T2GSV71GST2Chaintech Computer New GSV71GST2
GSV72GSChaintech Computer New
GSV73GS-G2GSV73GSG2Chaintech Computer New GSV73GSG2
GSV73LEChaintech Computer New
GSV84GS-G1GSV84GSG1Chaintech Computer New GSV84GSG1
LA-FX20LAFX20Chaintech Computer New LAFX20
LA-FX20-HLAFX20HChaintech Computer New LAFX20H
LA-G482LAG482Chaintech Computer New LAG482
P-FX20PFX20Chaintech Computer New PFX20
P-G486PG486Chaintech Computer New PG486
SA5200-256SA5200256Chaintech Computer New SA5200256
SA5500Chaintech Computer New
SA5500T2Chaintech Computer New
SA5500T4Chaintech Computer New
SA5700-256SA5700256Chaintech Computer New SA5700256
SA5700LChaintech Computer New
SA5700UChaintech Computer New
SA5900XChaintech Computer New
SA6200-128MBSA6200128MBChaintech Computer New SA6200128MB
SA6200-256MBSA6200256MBChaintech Computer New SA6200256MB
SA62A-256SA62A256Chaintech Computer New SA62A256
SA62A-512SA62A512Chaintech Computer New SA62A512
SA6600Chaintech Computer New
SA6600-256MBSA6600256MBChaintech Computer New SA6600256MB
SA6600GChaintech Computer New
SA6800-128SA6800128Chaintech Computer New SA6800128
SA6800LChaintech Computer New
SAMX4000Chaintech Computer New
SAV5Chaintech Computer New
SE5300Chaintech Computer New
SE5750-128SE5750128Chaintech Computer New SE5750128
SE5750-256SE5750256Chaintech Computer New SE5750256
SE5900Chaintech Computer New
SE6200/128SE6200128Chaintech Computer New SE6200128
SE6200/256SE6200256Chaintech Computer New SE6200256
SE6600Chaintech Computer New
SE6600/128-64BITSE660012864BITChaintech Computer New SE660012864BIT
SE6600/256SE6600256Chaintech Computer New SE6600256
SE6600GChaintech Computer New
SE6600G-128TSE6600G128TChaintech Computer New SE6600G128T
SE6600-T6256SE6600T6256Chaintech Computer New SE6600T6256
SE66LE-T6SE66LET6Chaintech Computer New SE66LET6
SFMX4000Chaintech Computer New
SH5200-128SH5200128Chaintech Computer New SH5200128
SH5200-128-DVISH5200128DVIChaintech Computer New SH5200128DVI
SHMX4000Chaintech Computer New
SHMX4000-64SHMX400064Chaintech Computer New SHMX400064
SHMX4000TBChaintech Computer New
SL5200-128SL5200128Chaintech Computer New SL5200128
SL5700LT2Chaintech Computer New
SLMX4000Chaintech Computer New
SLMX4000-64SLMX400064Chaintech Computer New SLMX400064
SLMX4000-AGP8X-128MBSLMX4000AGP8X128MBChaintech Computer New SLMX4000AGP8X128MB
SLMX4000-AGP8X-64MBSLMX4000AGP8X64MBChaintech Computer New SLMX4000AGP8X64MB
SLMX4000T2Chaintech Computer Refurbished GeForce MX4000 128MB AGP Video Card - Dell Optipl
SLV3-128SLV3128Chaintech Computer New SLV3128
SV62LE-T2SV62LET2Chaintech Computer New SV62LET2
SV62TC/64MBSV62TC64MBChaintech Computer New SV62TC64MB
SV62TC-16MBSV62TC16MBChaintech Computer New SV62TC16MB
SV62TC-T2SV62TCT2Chaintech Computer New SV62TCT2
SV73GS/128MBSV73GS128MBChaintech Computer New SV73GS128MB
VGA128-SHMX4000DVGA128SHMX4000DChaintech Computer New VGA128SHMX4000D
VGA256C-SE73GTVGA256CSE73GTChaintech Computer New VGA256CSE73GT
VGA256C-SE76GSVGA256CSE76GSChaintech Computer New VGA256CSE76GS
VGA256-SA66LEVGA256SA66LEChaintech Computer New VGA256SA66LE
A-MX20-3200-S400AMX203200S400Chaintech Computer 32MB AGP 4X VIDEO CARD MX200
5AGM2-F1505AGM2F150Chaintech Computer MB AT 5AGM2 SOCKET 7 3XISA3XPCIAGP
340UCChaintech Computer 386 motherboard with AMD AM386 DX-40 CPU. 6 full length and 1 ha
5AGM2Chaintech Computer Super socket 7 Baby AT motherboard. VIA Apollo MVP3 Chipset Sup
6LIA0-C100N6LIA0C100NChaintech Computer Socket 370 motherboard. Intel 82440LX chipset. Supports up to 43
9SIL2Chaintech Computer Socket 478 motherboard for Pentium 4 and Celeron processors. 3PC
ES-676MES676MChaintech Computer Socket 478 motherboard. Via P4M266A+ VT8235 chipset. Supports Pe
6LTM2-E100N6LTM2E100NChaintech Computer ATX MB 6LTM-E100N 2X ISA4XPCI 1X AGP 6LTM2 M101 194CDMANU

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