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Listings of Channel Well Technology by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
ATXChannel Well Technology Refurbished 250W ATX POWER SUPPLY
ATX-425-12VATX42512VChannel Well Technology Refurbished 425W ATX POWER SUPPLY WITH P4 POWER
CWT-250ATXCWT250ATXChannel Well Technology Refurbished CWT250ATX 250-Watts ATX POWER SUPPLY
CWT-235ATXCWT235ATXChannel Well Technology Refurbished CWT235ATX ATX STYLE POWER SUPPLY 235-Watts
ATX-300ATX300Channel Well Technology Refurbished 300 WATT 20PIN ATX POWER SUPPLY
CWT-200ATXCWT200ATXChannel Well Technology Refurbished 200W ATX POWER SUPPLY
CWT-300BSCWT300BSChannel Well Technology Refurbished 300W ATX POWER SUPPLY
PSB400M-J4PSB400MJ4Channel Well Technology Refurbished PSB400MJ4 400-Watt SWAP PSU Power Supply Unit
PSG300C-80PSG300C80Channel Well Technology Refurbished PSG300C-80 300-Watt 20P 5-Molex 1-Floppy 1-4pin Power Supply
PSG300C-80-GA02-W621PSG300C80GA02W621Channel Well Technology Refurbished PSG300C80GA02W621 300-Watt 2-20P 1-MOLEX 1-4PIN Power Supply Unit
PSG300C-80-GB02-R501PSG300C80GB02R501Channel Well Technology Refurbished PSG300C80GB02R501 300-Watt 24P 4-MOLEX 1-8PN 1-4PN 2-FLOPPY Power Supply Unit
PSG350G-80PSG350G80Channel Well Technology Refurbished PSG350G80 350-Watts SERVER POWER SUPPLY
PAA030BChannel Well Technology Refurbished AC/DC Desktop Switching Adaptor, 30W 5V 6.00A
PAA060BChannel Well Technology Refurbished AC/DC Desktop Switching Adaptor, 60W 12V 5.00A
PWR-0047-01PWR004701Channel Well Technology Refurbished PWR004701 300-Watt 2-20P 1-MOLEX 1-4PIN Power Supply Unit
PSG300C-80-GA02-O603PSG300C80GA02O603Channel Well Technology 300W 20P 1-MOLEX 1-4PIN PSU Power Supply
300-1033-00300103300Channel Well Technology 300W 20P 1-MOLEX 1-4PIN PSU Power Supply
PSB350M-J1PSB350MJ1Channel Well Technology Refurbished PSB350M-J1 350 Watts SWAP PSU Power Supply
PAA060FChannel Well Technology CHANNEL WELL TECHNOLOGY PAA060F AC/DC Adapter 12VDC 5A 4-PIN
PSG300C-80-GA02-W622PSG300C80GA02W622Channel Well Technology 300W 2-20P 1-MOLEX 1-4PIN PSU Power Supply Unit
PSF220-20PSF22020Channel Well Technology ATX STYLE POWER SUPPLY 235 WATT MOD# PSF220-20
PSB350M-J1-GA03-0000PSB350MJ1GA030000Channel Well Technology 350W SWAP PSU
PSG250B-T0PSG250BT0Channel Well Technology CWT Channel Well Technology 250W Power Supply T

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