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Listings of Christie Digital Systems by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
135-004105-0113500410501Christie Digital Systems New FHD552-X/ 55INCH FULL HD
140-011103-0114001110301Christie Digital Systems New CAPTIVA DUW350S 1-DLP PROJECTOR
140-012104-0114001210401Christie Digital Systems New CAPTIVA DHD400S 1-DLP PROJECTOR
003-102385-0200310238502Christie Digital Systems New LAMP 450W M SERIES
121-036100-0112103610001Christie Digital Systems New 3LCD; WUXGA; 6000lm; 24.5 lbs - no lens
140-111104-0114011110401Christie Digital Systems New Christie 20401 Zoom Lens Full ILS
121-015107-0112101510701Christie Digital Systems New White 3LCD WXGA 5500lm single lamp 19.6 lbs with 1.5
121-012104-0112101210401Christie Digital Systems New White 3LCD WXGA P ro 4000lm single lamp 18.7 lb
140-003104-0114000310401Christie Digital Systems New 1-DLP Single Lamp HD 1920x1080 6600lm 33.7 lbs wit
140-004105-0114000410501Christie Digital Systems New 1-DLP Single Lamp WU 1920x1200 6750lm 33.7lbs wit
003-003489-0100300348901Christie Digital Systems DHD675-E box
003-004467-0100300446701Christie Digital Systems DHD800 box
003-100857-0200310085702Christie Digital Systems Christie Original Projector 350W Lamp For Christie M Series 003-
003-003084-0100300308401Christie Digital Systems AUTO FILTER/ LX505 LX605 LW555 LWU505
120-122106-0112012210601Christie Digital Systems Software license for 1- 5 Phoenix nodes
003-120116-0100312011601Christie Digital Systems Christie Lamp 120day HD7Kc HD8Kc DW6Kc DS+8K DW6K
03-900582-01P0390058201PChristie Digital Systems Christie Lamp 120day
108-107001108107001Christie Digital Systems ChristieNET Wave DVD XMTR/RCVR
121-011103-0112101110301Christie Digital Systems White 3LCD XGA 4000lm single lamp 10.6 lbs Std 1.5-
38-804711-013880471101Christie Digital Systems Christie Ceiling Mount L6/LX65 / LW40U
38-807766-013880776601Christie Digital Systems Christie CCM 2- Port Type 3LX20/25/26/33 32/
38-809092-013880909201Christie Digital Systems Christie Lens 4.5- 7.31 for DS+4K/8K DW6K/DW3K
003-120457-0100312045701Christie Digital Systems Projector lamp
003-004450-0100300445001Christie Digital Systems New Christie Lamp 350W PVIP DHD775 DWU775
003-004739-0100300473901Christie Digital Systems New Christie Smoke Filter Kitoptional casi
003-004774-0100300477401Christie Digital Systems New Christie Lamp 370W PVIP DXG1051 DWX951
003-004808-0100300480801Christie Digital Systems New Christie Lamp 465W PVIP 600G Series
003-120507-0100312050701Christie Digital Systems New Replacement Lamp 275W NSHA LX505 330w NSHA
003-120707-0100312070701Christie Digital Systems New Christie Lamp 245W UHP LW401 LWU421 LX50
003-120708-0100312070801Christie Digital Systems New Christie Lamp 330W UHP LWU501i LW551i LX
121-121105-0112112110501Christie Digital Systems New Christie Lens Std Zm X 1725
38-804635-513880463551Christie Digital Systems New DVI-I Input Model- HD Series
140-121105-0114012110501Christie Digital Systems Christie IR Pen x1
140-122106-0114012210601Christie Digital Systems Christie Captiva Touch Laser IR Curtain
121-035109-0112103510901Christie Digital Systems 3LCD; WXGA; 6500lm; 24.5 lbs - no lens
121-033107-0112103310701Christie Digital Systems 3LCD; WXGA; 7500lm; 24.5 lbs - no lens
121-033118-0112103311801Christie Digital Systems 3LCD; WXGA; 7500lm; 24.5 lbs - no lens

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