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Listings of Clear One Communications by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
930-401-860-D930401860DClear One Communications New COLLABORATE PRO 510 WITH 4 WAY MCU & SPONTANIA SOLUTIONS BUNDLE
930-154-100930154100Clear One Communications New INTERACT AT BNDL A SYSTEM MIXER TWO MIC DIALER WALL SPEAKERS
910-158-600-0091015860000Clear One Communications New MaxAttach - Wireless Two Phone Conference System RoHS
910-2100-0019102100001Clear One Communications New 910-2100-001 ClearOne UNITE 100 Video Conferencing Camera - 2.1 Megapixel - 60 fps - Black, Silver, Gray - USB 3.0 - 1920 x 1080 Video - CMOS Sensor - Auto/Manual
592-158-003592158003Clear One Communications New 592158003 Battery Pack 7.2-Volt 2200 MAH
850-158-027850158027Clear One Communications New Charging Unit w/cable retainer for Max Wireless
910-001-013-W910001013WClear One Communications New 910-001-013-W White Ceiling Microphone Array Kit
910-001-014-W910001014WClear One Communications New 910001014W Clear One
910-156-200910156200Clear One Communications New 910156200 1 x Mini Type B USB 1 x Headset - IP Phone
910-156-200-0091015620000Clear One Communications New CHATATTACH 150 SPEAKERPHONE INCLUDES 2CHAT 150 PODS AND CABLES
910-156-220910156220Clear One Communications New 910156220 1 x Mini Type B USB 1 x RJ45 10/100Base-TX - IP Phone
910-156-250910156250Clear One Communications New 910156250 The CHAT 170 was created by ClearOne to fill the need for a hand_
910-156-250-0091015625000Clear One Communications CHATATTACH 170 MS COMM 07 1+1 PERSONAL AND GROUP SPEAKERPHONE
910-156-251910156251Clear One Communications New 910156251 ClearOne CHAT 160 Personal Conferencing
910-156-251-0091015625100Clear One Communications New 150114342 HDU-451 HDSL DBLR-UN CLEI T1R5A5H
910-158-370910158370Clear One Communications New 910158370 ClearOne MAX IP Tabletop Conferencing
910-158-370-0091015837000Clear One Communications New 91015837000 ClearOne MAXAttach IP Tabletop Conferencing
910-158-500910158500Clear One Communications New ClearOne MAX EX Conference Phone 910-158-500
910-158-500-0091015850000Clear One Communications New 91015850000 MaxAttach-Max EX Combo Max EX and One Expansion Kit
910-158-555910158555Clear One Communications New 910134B 24-Port HOST CONTROLLER 24p
910-159-001910159001Clear One Communications New 910159001 1 x Mini Type B 1 x RJ45 10/100Base-TX - IP Phone
910-159-002910159002Clear One Communications New 910134B 24-Port HOST CONTROLLER 24p
910-159-256910159256Clear One Communications New 910159256
910-159-257910159257Clear One Communications CHAT 70U USB SPEAKERPHONE WITH CALL CONTROL COMPATIBLE W/ MS LYNC
910-158-360910158360Clear One Communications New MAXATTACH IP EXPANSION BASE SPLIT INTO TWO PHONE SYSTEMS
930-154-500930154500Clear One Communications New INTERACT AT MIXER TWO INTERACT MIC EX & A INTERACT DIALER WIRED
930-3001-3009303001300Clear One Communications New 1COLLABORATE 300 CODEC WITH P2P SIP/H.323 VIDEO CONFERENCING
830-158-002L830158002LClear One Communications New 830158002L Network cable - RJ-45 M - RJ-45 M - 25 ft
910-156-225910156225Clear One Communications New 910156225
910-158-550910158550Clear One Communications New 910158550 MAXATTACH BASE - Expansion - provides hardware necessary to spli_
910-156-222910156222Clear One Communications New CHAT 150 SPEAKER BOX FOR AVAYA 2400 4600 9600 PHONES
910-103-161910103161Clear One Communications New Tabletop Microphone - Uni-Directional
910-151-002-0191015100201Clear One Communications New ClearOne LS5WT Loudspeakers
910-151-050910151050Clear One Communications New AT&T Digital-to-Analog T elepho ne Converter
910-151-881910151881Clear One Communications New ClearOne Converge Pro 880T
910-151-891910151891Clear One Communications New TABLETOP CONTROLLER FOR CONVERGE PRO OR XAP PLATFORM
910-2001-005-291020010052Clear One Communications New SPONTANIA MEETING ROOM LICS
910-2001-005-391020010053Clear One Communications New SPONTANIA MEETING ROOM LICS
910-2001-006-291020010062Clear One Communications New 1 SPONTANA SIP/H.323 LICS LICS
910-2001-006-391020010063Clear One Communications New 1 SPONTANA SIP/H.323 LICS LICS
910-2002-006-191020020061Clear One Communications New 1YR SPONTANIA CONCURRENT LICS LICS
910-2002-006-291020020062Clear One Communications New 2YR SPONTANIA CONCURRENT LICS LICS
910-2002-006-391020020063Clear One Communications New 3YR SPONTANIA CONCURRENT LICS LICS
910-2003-0069102003006Clear One Communications New 1SPONTANIA ENT CONCURRENT LICS LICS 1 CONCURRENT LICS
910-2003-0089102003008Clear One Communications New SPONTANIA ENT GATEWAY LICS 1 LICS CONCURRENT SIP/H.323 LICS
910-001-003910001003Clear One Communications Clearone Beamforming Professional-grade Microphone Array Kit Whi
910-151-825910151825Clear One Communications Clearone Converge Pro VH20 Professional Conferencing VoIP Gatewa
910-6002-1219106002121Clear One Communications Clearone Gooseneck M915 Wireless 12 Microphone USB 910-6002-121
910-2100-0029102100002Clear One Communications 30M 3.0 USB EXTENDER CABLE FOR CABL THE UNITE PTZ 100 CAMERA
910-6003-0019106003001Clear One Communications WS-HCM-M915WIRELESS HAND-HELD CARDIOID
910-6004-0019106004001Clear One Communications WS-BM-M915WIRELESS BELT-PACK MICROPHONE
910-4500-0019104500001Clear One Communications CONNECT BLUETOOTH USB ADAPT SW ADAP
910-000-20D91000020DClear One Communications CHAT 20D USB Headset - Premium Dual-Earpiece UC Headset w/ In-L
910-001-004910001004Clear One Communications Clearone PoE Power Injector and Cable Kit For Beamforming Microp
910-151-825910151825Clear One Communications Clearone Converge Pro VH20 Professional Conferencing VoIP Gatewa
910-151-880910151880Clear One Communications New ClearOne Converge Pro 880 910-151-880 Audio Conference System
910-6001-0119106001011Clear One Communications ClearOne Wireless Tabletop Microphone - Omni Directional w/ Mute
910-6004-0039106004003Clear One Communications WS-BM-M610: Wireless Belt-pack Microphone with RF Band M610 603
910-6005-0119106005011Clear One Communications Clearone Extension 2x Antennas Kit With 50ft Plenum Cables WS-EA
910-6005-3249106005324Clear One Communications Clearone Plenum Antenna Extension Kit 2-Pack 910-6005-324
910-2100-0039102100003Clear One Communications 12X OPTICAL ZOOM
930-3001-1009303001100Clear One Communications COLLABORATE VERSA 100 INCLUDES: 1 SPONTANIA STANDARD 1 25 PAR

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