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Listings of Clover Electronics by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
R5190Clover Electronics New Black - Dot Matrix - 1 Each
SC772-M24BSC772M24BClover Electronics New SC772M24B Clover Telxon Power Supply Rackmount SC772-M24B
DPC641WNClover Electronics Dataproducts HP Remanufactured #60XL CC641WN Black Ink Cartrid
HPP4015-FBRDN-REFHPP4015FBRDNREFClover Electronics
DPCAP3800CClover Electronics TONERRICOH AP3800HYCN
DPCAP3800MClover Electronics TONERRICOH AP3800HYMG
DPCAP3800YClover Electronics TONERRICOH AP3800HYYL
DPCCL2000MClover Electronics TONERRICOH CL2000MG
DPCTN430Clover Electronics Brother DCP-1200 DCP-1400 HL-1240 HL-1250 HL-1270N HL-1435
DPCTN620Clover Electronics Brother MFC-8480DN MFC-8680DN MFC-8880DN MFC-8890DW; DCP-8080
P3200Clover Electronics Dataproducts P3200 Ribbon - Black - Line Matrix - 6 / Pack
P5020Clover Electronics Dataproducts Black Ribbon - Dot Matrix - Black
P6810Clover Electronics Dataproducts Black Ribbon - Dot Matrix - Black
R1180Clover Electronics New DPC IR-40 BLACK INK ROLLER
W5002Clover Electronics Dataproducts Black Ribbon - Black - Line Matrix
57800Clover Electronics Remanufactured C4127X 27X Toner 10000 Page-Yield Black
57840Clover Electronics Remanufactured C4129X 29X Toner 10000 Page-Yield Black
59790Clover Electronics Remanufactured 815-7 9900 Toner 10000 Page-Yield Black
DPC0263Clover Electronics Remanufactured 0263B001AA 104 Toner 2000 Page-Yield Black
DPC0264Clover Electronics Remanufactured 0264B001AA 106 Toner 5000 Page-Yield Black
DPC1215MClover Electronics Remanufactured CB543A 125A Toner 1400 Page-Yield Magenta
DPC12APClover Electronics Refurbished HP LaserJet 1010 1012 1015 1018 1020 1022 1022N 1022NW 3
DPC13XNClover Electronics Remanufactured Q2613X 13X High-Yield Toner 4000 Page-Yield B
DPC2025BClover Electronics Refurbished HP Color LaserJet CP2025 CP2025DN CP2025N CP2025X CM2320 MFP
DPC2025CClover Electronics Remanufactured CC531A 304A Toner 2800 Page-Yield Cyan
DPC2025MClover Electronics Remanufactured CC533A 304A Toner 2800 Page-Yield Magenta
DPC2025YClover Electronics Remanufactured CC532A 304A Toner 2800 Page-Yield Yellow
DPC2500CClover Electronics Remanufactured C9701A/Q3961A/Q3971A 121A/122A/123A Toner 4000
DPC2600BClover Electronics Refurbished HP Color LaserJet 1600 2600 2600N 2600DN 2600DTN 2605DN 26
DPC3400MClover Electronics DPC3400M Compatible High-Yield Toner 2000 Page-Yield Magenta
DPC3525BClover Electronics Refurbished HP Color LaserJet CM3530 MFP CM3530FS MFP CP3525DN CP3525N C
DPC353700BClover Electronics Remanufactured Q2670A 308A Toner 6000 Page-Yield Black
DPC3600CClover Electronics Remanufactured Q6471A 502A Toner 4000 Page-Yield Cyan
DPC363800BClover Electronics Remanufactured Q6470A 501A Toner 6000 Page-Yield Black
DPC36APClover Electronics Remanufactured CB436A 36A Toner 2000 Page Yield Black
DPC3700CClover Electronics Refurbished HP Color LaserJet 3700 3700N 3700DN 3700DTN - Toner Cartridge
DPC3700MClover Electronics Refurbished HP Color LaserJet 3700 3700N 3700DN 3700DTN - Toner Cartridge
DPC3700YClover Electronics Refurbished HP Color LaserJet 3700 3700N 3700DN 3700DTN - Toner Cartridge
DPC3800YClover Electronics Refurbished HP Color LaserJet 3800 3800N 3800DN 3800DTN CP3505 CP3505N
DPC42APClover Electronics Refurbished HP LaserJet 4240 4240N 4250 4250N 4250TN 4250DN 4250DTN 4
DPC42XPClover Electronics Remanufactured Q5942X 42X High-Yield Toner 20000 Page-Yield
DPC430477Clover Electronics Remanufactured 430477 Toner 3500 Page-Yield Black
DPC4700MClover Electronics Remanufactured Q5953A 643A Toner 10000 Page-Yield Magenta
DPC4700YClover Electronics Remanufactured Q5952A 643A Toner 10000 Page-Yield Yellow
DPC4730YClover Electronics Remanufactured Q6462A 644A Toner 12000 Page-Yield Yellow
DPC49APClover Electronics Refurbished HP LaserJet 1160 1160LE 1320 1320N 1320T 1320NW 1320TN 33
DPC49XPClover Electronics Remanufactured Q5949X 49X High-Yield Toner 6000 Page-Yield B
DPC51ANClover Electronics Remanufactured C9351AN 21 Ink 450 Page Yield Black
DPC51APClover Electronics Remanufactured Q7551A 51A Toner 6500 Page-Yield Black
DPC52ANClover Electronics Remanufactured C9352AN 22 Ink 140 Page Yield Tri-Color
DPC53APClover Electronics Refurbished HP LaserJet M2727 MFP M2727NF MFP P2010 P2014 P2015 P2015D
DPC53XPClover Electronics Remanufactured Q7553X 53X High-Yield Toner 7000 Page-Yield B
DPC56AClover Electronics Remanufactured C6656AN 56 Ink 390 Page-Yield Black
DPC61XPClover Electronics Refurbished HP LaserJet 4100 4100N 4100DTN 4100T 4100TN 4100MFP 4101MF
DPC62WNClover Electronics Remanufactured C9362AN 92 Ink 210 Page Yield Black
DPC63WNClover Electronics Remanufactured C9363WN 97 Ink 560 Page-Yield Color
DPC643WNClover Electronics Remanufactured CC643WN 60 Ink 165 Page-Yield Tri-Color
DPC64APClover Electronics Refurbished HP LaserJet P4014 P4014DN P4014N P4015 P4015DN P4015N P401
DPC64XPClover Electronics Remanufactured CC364X 64X High-Yield Toner 24000 Page-Yield
DPC67WNClover Electronics Remanufactured C8767WN 96 Ink 870 Page-Yield Black
DPC70APClover Electronics Remanufactured Q7570A 70A Toner 15000 Page-Yield Black
DPC72WNClover Electronics Remanufactured C8772WN 02 Ink 370 Page Yield Magenta
DPC74XLClover Electronics Refurbished HP D4360; OfficeJet J6480 AIO; PhotoSmart C4280 AIO C4340 AIO
DPC75CLRClover Electronics Remanufactured CB337WN 75 High-Yield Ink 170 Page-Yield Tri-
DPC75XLClover Electronics Refurbished HP DeskJet D4360; OfficeJet J6480 AIO; PhotoSmart C4280 AIO C43
DPC78APClover Electronics Remanufactured CE278A 78A Toner 2100 Page-Yield Black
DPC85APClover Electronics Refurbished HP LaserJet Pro M1130 M1132MFP M1134MFP M1136MFP M1137 M113
DPCAP3800BClover Electronics Compatible with 885372 High-Yield Toner 20000 Page-Yield Black
DPCC6100MClover Electronics DPCC6100M Compatible High-Yield Toner 5000 Page-Yield Magenta
DPCC654ANClover Electronics Remanufactured CC654AN 901XL High-Yield Ink 700 Page-Yield B
DPCC656ANClover Electronics Remanufactured CC656AN 901 Ink 360 Page-Yield Tri-Color
DPCCL2000CClover Electronics Compatible with 400969 Toner 5000 Page-Yield Cyan
DPCD1720Clover Electronics Remanufactured 310-8707 1720 High-Yield Toner 6000 Page-Yield
DPCD1815Clover Electronics Remanufactured 310-7945 1815DN High-Yield Toner 5000 Page-Yie
DPCD2335Clover Electronics Remanufactured 330-2209 D2335 High-Yield Toner 6000 Page-Yie
DPCD3010MClover Electronics Compatible with 341-3570 3010 High-Yield Toner 4000 Page-Yiel
DPCD3010YClover Electronics Compatible with 341-3569 3010 High-Yield Toner 4000 Page-Yiel
DPCD3100YClover Electronics Compatible with 310-5729 3100 High-Yield Toner 4000 Page-Yiel
DPCD3115BClover Electronics Remanufactured 310-8395 3115B High-Yield Toner 8000 Page-Yie
DPCD3115CClover Electronics Remanufactured 310-8397 3115C High-Yield Toner 8000 Page-Yie
DPCD451Clover Electronics Remanufactured JP451 Series 11 High-Yield Ink 500 Page-Yield
DPCD453Clover Electronics Remanufactured JP453 Series 11 High-Yield Ink 375 Page-Yield
DPCD5310Clover Electronics Remanufactured 341-2939 High-Yield Toner 30000 Page-Yield Blac
DPCD7Y743BClover Electronics Remanufactured 7Y743 Series 2 Ink 600 Page Yield Black
DPCD7Y745CClover Electronics Remanufactured 7Y745 Series 2 Ink 450 Page Yield Tri-Color
DPCDH828Clover Electronics Remanufactured DH828 Series 7 Ink 600 Page-Yield Black
DPCDH829Clover Electronics Remanufactured DH829 Series 7 Ink 475 Page-Yield Tri-Color
DPCDR350Clover Electronics Remanufactured DR350 Drum 12000 Page Yield Black
DPCDR360Clover Electronics Remanufactured DR360 Drum 12000 Page-Yield Black
DPCDR400Clover Electronics Refurbished Dataproducts DPCDR400 Imaging Drum Unit - 20000 Page - 1 Pack
DPCDR510Clover Electronics Refurbished Dataproducts Black Imaging Drum - 20000 Page - Black
DPCDR520Clover Electronics Remanufactured DR520 Drum 25000 Page-Yield Black
DPCFX8PClover Electronics Refurbished Canon L360 L380 L380S L390 L400; FAXPHONE L170; ImageCLASS D
DPCKX93Clover Electronics DPCKX93 OEM# KXFA93 TF93 Compatible Film Cartridge Black
DPCL50PClover Electronics Refurbished Canon imageCLASS D660 D661 D680 D760 D761 D780 D860 D861
DPCM4646Clover Electronics Remanufactured M4646 Series 5 Ink 595 Page-Yield Tri-Color
DPCMK990Clover Electronics Remanufactured MK990 Series 9 Ink 125 Page-Yield Black
DPCMK991Clover Electronics Remanufactured MK991 Series 9 Ink 125 Page-Yield Tri-Color
DPCML1650Clover Electronics DPCML1650 Compatible Remanufactured Toner 8000 Page-Yield Blac
DPCP10Clover Electronics Refurbished Panasonic UF-780 UF-790 UF-6000 DX-800 - Toner Cartridge. OEM
DPCP20Clover Electronics Remanufactured P20 Toner 12000 Page-Yield Black
DPCPB16DCClover Electronics Remanufactured 817-6 Drum Cartridge Black
DPCR367Clover Electronics DPCR367 Compatible Remanufactured Toner 3600 Page-Yield Black
DPCS35Clover Electronics Remanufactured S35 Toner 3500 Page-Yield Black
DPCTN250Clover Electronics Compatible with TN250 Laser Toner 2200 Page-Yield Black
DPCTN540Clover Electronics Remanufactured TN540 Toner 3500 Page-Yield Black
DPCTN550Clover Electronics Remanufactured TN550 Toner 3500 Page-Yield Black
DPCTN570Clover Electronics Refurbished Brother DCP-8040 DCP-8045D; HL-5140 HL-5150D HL-5150DLT HL-5
DPCTN580Clover Electronics Refurbished Brother DCP-8060 DCP-8065DN; HL-5240 HL-5250DN HL-5250DNT HL
DPCTN650Clover Electronics Refurbished Brother MFC-8480DN MFC-8680DN MFC-8880DN MFC-8890DW; DCP-8080
DPCWC564XLCClover Electronics DPCWC564XLC 564XL Compatible Reman High-Yield Ink 750 Page-Yi
DPCWC920XLBClover Electronics Remanufactured CD975AN 20XL High-Yield Ink 1200 Page-Yield B
DPCWC920XLCClover Electronics DPCWC920XLC 20XL Compatible Reman High-Yield Ink 290 Page-Yie
DPCWC920XLYClover Electronics DPCWC920XLY 20XL Compatible Reman High-Yield Ink 700 Page-Yie
DPCX25Clover Electronics Refurbished Canon image CLASS MF3110 MF3111 MF3240 MF5530 MF5550 MF5730
E2006Clover Electronics E2006 Compatible Ribbon Purple
E2110Clover Electronics E2110 Compatible Ribbon Black
E2117Clover Electronics E2117 Compatible Ribbon Black/Red 6 per Box
E2126Clover Electronics E2126 Compatible Ribbon Purple
E2130Clover Electronics E2130 Compatible Ribbon Black
E2276Clover Electronics E2276 Compatible Ribbon Purple
E2366Clover Electronics E2366 Compatible Ribbon Purple
E2856Clover Electronics E2856 Compatible Ribbon Purple
E2860Clover Electronics E2860 Compatible Ribbon Black 6 per Box
MCR05AMClover Electronics Compatible with CE505AM MICR Toner 2300 Page-Yield Black
MCR05XMClover Electronics Compatible with CE505XM High-Yield MICR Toner 6000 Page-Yield
MCR10AMClover Electronics Compatible with Q2610AM MICR Toner 6000 Page-Yield Black
MCR11AMClover Electronics Compatible with Q6511AM MICR Toner 6000 Page-Yield Black
MCR11XMClover Electronics Compatible with Q6511XM High-Yield MICR Toner 12000 Page-Yield
MCR12AMClover Electronics Compatible with Q2612AM MICR Toner 2000 Page-Yield Black
MCR13AMClover Electronics Compatible with Q2613AM MICR Toner 2500 Page-Yield Black
MCR1552MClover Electronics Compatible with 1152 High-Yield MICR Toner 21000 Page-Yield B
MCR15AMClover Electronics Compatible with C7115AM MICR Toner 2500 Page-Yield Black
MCR260MClover Electronics Compatible with E260M MICR Toner 3500 Page-Yield Black
MCR27XMClover Electronics Compatible with C4127XM High-Yield MICR Toner 10000 Page-Yield
MCR330MClover Electronics Compatible with E330M MICR Toner 2500 Page Yield Black
MCR35AMClover Electronics Compatible with CB435AM MICR Toner 30000 Page-Yield Black
MCR360MClover Electronics Compatible with E360M High-Yield MICR Toner 9000 Page-Yield B
MCR36AMClover Electronics Compatible with CB436AM MICR Toner 2000 Page-Yield Black
MCR38AMClover Electronics Compatible with Q1338AM MICR Toner 12000 Page-Yield Black
MCR39AMClover Electronics Compatible with Q1339AM MICR Toner 18000 Page-Yield Black
MCR42AMClover Electronics Compatible with Q5942AM MICR Toner 10000 Page-Yield Black
MCR42XMClover Electronics Compatible with Q5942XM High-Yield MICR Toner 20000 Page-Yield
MCR43XMClover Electronics Compatible with C8543XM High-Yield MICR Toner 30000 Page-Yield
MCR49AMClover Electronics Compatible with Q5949AM MICR Toner 2500 Page-Yield Black
MCR49XMClover Electronics Compatible with Q5949XM High-Yield MICR Toner 6000 Page-Yield
MCR51AMClover Electronics Compatible with C7551AM MICR Toner 6500 Page-Yield Black
MCR51XMClover Electronics Compatible with Q7551XM High-Yield MICR Toner 13000 Page-Yield
MCR522LMClover Electronics Compatible with 522LM Extra High-Yield MICR Toner 30000 Page-Y
MCR53AMClover Electronics Compatible with Q7553AM MICR Toner 3000 Page-Yield Black
MCR53XMClover Electronics Compatible with Q7553XM High-Yield MICR Toner 7000 Page-Yield
MCR55AMClover Electronics Compatible with CE255AM MICR Toner 6000 Page-Yield Black
MCR55XMClover Electronics Compatible with CE255XM MICR High-Yield Toner 12500 Page-Yield
MCR610MClover Electronics Compatible with T610 High-Yield MICR Toner 16000 Page-Yield B
MCR6120MClover Electronics Compatible with T620M MICR Toner 30000 Page-Yield Black
MCR61XMClover Electronics Compatible with C8061XM High-Yield MICR Toner 10000 Page-Yield
MCR630MClover Electronics Compatible with T630M MICR Toner 21000 Page-Yield Black
MCR640MClover Electronics Compatible with T640M High-Yield MICR Toner 21000 Page-Yield
MCR64AMClover Electronics Compatible with CC364AM MICR Toner 10000 Page-Yield Black
MCR64XMClover Electronics Compatible with CC364XM High-Yield MICR Toner 24000 Page-Yield
MCR650MLClover Electronics Compatible with T650ML MICR Toner 10000 Page-Yield Black
MCR78AMClover Electronics Compatible with CE278AM MICR Toner 2100 Page-Yield Black
MCR80AMClover Electronics 80AM Compatible MICR Toner Black
MCR80XMClover Electronics 80XM Compatible MICR Toner Black
MCR85AMClover Electronics Compatible with CE285AM MICR Toner 1600 Page-Yield Black
MCR90AMClover Electronics Compatible with CE390AM MICR Toner 10000 Page-Yield Black
MCR90XMClover Electronics Compatible with C390XM High-Yield MICR Toner 24000 Page-Yld B
MCR92AMClover Electronics Compatible with C40902AM MICR Toner 2500 Page-Yield Black
P34126Clover Electronics P34126 Compatible Ribbon Black
P6010Clover Electronics P6010 Compatible Ribbon Black
P6600Clover Electronics P6600 Compatible Ribbon Black
R0040Clover Electronics R0040 Compatible Ribbon Black
R0167Clover Electronics R0167 Compatible Ribbon Black/Red
R0170Clover Electronics R0170 Compatible Ribbon Black
R0500Clover Electronics R0500 Compatible Correctable Ribbon
R0510Clover Electronics R0510 Compatible Correctable Ribbon Black
R0910Clover Electronics R0910 Compatible Ribbon Purple
R1420Clover Electronics R1420 Compatible Ribbon Black
R1421-6R14216Clover Electronics R14216 Compatible Lift-Off Correction Ribbon Clear
R14226Clover Electronics R14226 Compatible Lift-Off Tape Clear
R1430Clover Electronics R1430 Compatible Correctable Ribbon Black
R1467Clover Electronics R1467 Compatible Ribbon Black/Red
R1717Clover Electronics R1717 Compatible Ribbon Black/Red
R1800Clover Electronics R1800 Compatible Ribbon Black
R2016Clover Electronics R2016 Compatible Ribbon Purple
R2087Clover Electronics R2087 Compatible Ribbon Black/Red
R2116Clover Electronics R2116 Compatible Ribbon Purple
R2156Clover Electronics R2156 Compatible Ribbon Purple
R2600Clover Electronics R2600 Compatible Ribbon Black
R2866Clover Electronics R2866 Compatible Ribbon Purple
R3027Clover Electronics R3027 Compatible Ribbon Black/Red
R3197Clover Electronics R3197 Compatible Ribbon Black/Red
R3400Clover Electronics R3400 Compatible Ribbon Black
R3410Clover Electronics R3410 Compatible Ribbon Black
R3460Clover Electronics R3460 Compatible Ribbon Black
R4000Clover Electronics R4000 Compatible Ribbon Black
R4050Clover Electronics R4050 Compatible Ribbon Black
R4640Clover Electronics R4640 Compatible Ribbon Black
R5020Clover Electronics R5020 Compatible Ribbon Black
R5110Clover Electronics R5110 Compatible Correctable Ribbon Black
R5111Clover Electronics R5111 Compatible Lift-Off Tape Clear
R5180Clover Electronics R5180 Compatible Correctable Ribbon
R5181-6R51816Clover Electronics R51816 Compatible Low-Tack Lift-Off Tape Clear
R5470Clover Electronics R5470 Compatible Ribbon Black
R5510Clover Electronics R5510 Compatible Ribbon Black
R6010Clover Electronics R6010 Compatible Ribbon Black
R6041Clover Electronics R6041 Compatible Ribbon Black
R6070Clover Electronics R6070 Compatible Ribbon Black
R6405Clover Electronics R6405 Compatible Ribbon Black
R6420Clover Electronics R6420 Compatible Ribbon Black
R6430Clover Electronics R6430 Compatible Ribbon with Re-Inker Black
R6450Clover Electronics R6450 Compatible Ribbon Black
R6800Clover Electronics R6800 Compatible Ribbon Black
R6810Clover Electronics R6810 Compatible Ribbon Black
R7300Clover Electronics NEW R7300 Compatible Ribbon Black
R7310Clover Electronics R7310 Compatible Ribbon Black
R7320Clover Electronics R7320 Compatible Ribbon Black
R73402Clover Electronics R73402 Compatible Ribbon Black
R7360Clover Electronics R7360 Compatible Correctable Ribbon Black
R7390Clover Electronics R7390 Compatible Ribbon Black
R8400Clover Electronics R8400 Compatible Ribbon Black
R8600Clover Electronics R8600 Compatible Ribbon Black
DPC3800CClover Electronics Remanufactured Q7581A 503A Toner 6000 Page-Yield Cyan
EPC27120Clover Electronics Compatible Epson Stylus NX530 NX625; Workforce 60 545 630 633 63
R1427Clover Electronics DPC IR-40T RED/BLACK INK ROLLER
R14772Clover Electronics DPC EA781R RED/BLACK INK ROLLER
CTG90XPClover Electronics Compatible HP LJ Enterprise 600 M602 M603; LJ Enterprise M4555 M
EPC26120Clover Electronics Compatible Epson Stylus NX330 NX430; Workforce 60 435 520 545 63
EPC60120Clover Electronics Epson Stylus C68 C88 C88+ CX3800 CX3810 CX4200 CX4800 CX5800F CX
EPC60220Clover Electronics Epson Stylus C68 C88 C88+ CX3800 CX3810 CX4200 CX4800 CX5800F CX
EPC60320Clover Electronics Epson Stylus C68 C88 C88+ CX3800 CX3810 CX4200 CX4800 CX5800F CX
EPC26220Clover Electronics Compatible Epson Stylus NX330 NX430; Workforce 60 435 520 545 63
EPC26320Clover Electronics Compatible Epson Stylus NX330 NX430; Workforce 60 435 520 545 63
EPC26420Clover Electronics Compatible Epson Stylus NX330 NX430; Workforce 60 435 520 545 63
DPCTN350Clover Electronics New Remanufactured TN350 Toner 2500 Page-Yield Black
MCR25XMClover Electronics Compatible CF325XM 25X High-Yield MICR Toner
MCR81AMClover Electronics Compatible CF281AM 81A MICR Toner
MCR81XMClover Electronics Compatible CF281XM 81X High-Yield MICR Toner
MCR83XMClover Electronics Compatible CF283XM 83X High-Yield MICR Toner
MCR83AMClover Electronics Compatible CF283AM 83A MICR Toner
200473Clover Electronics Compatible Toner. CIG Non-OEM New Build High Yield Black Toner C
200474Clover Electronics Compatible Toner. CIG Non-OEM New Build High Yield Cyan Toner Ca
200475Clover Electronics Compatible Toner. CIG Non-OEM New Build High Yield Magenta Toner
200476Clover Electronics Compatible Toner. CIG Non-OEM New Build High Yield Yellow Toner
200568Clover Electronics Compatible Toner. CIG Non-OEM New Build Toner Cartridge for B440
200719Clover Electronics Compatible Toner. CIG Non-OEM New Build Toner Cartridge for B410
200720Clover Electronics Compatible Toner. CIG Non-OEM New Build Toner Cartridge for B411
200850Clover Electronics Compatible Toner. CIG Non-OEM New Build Toner Cartridge for Afic

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