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Listings of Cognitronics by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
44347340Cognitronics Refurbished Hard Drive VSQBBN6AA
44316540Cognitronics Refurbished FAN CX500
44333350Cognitronics Refurbished T1 Transmission BOARD 44333350 T1 RJ48
44347100Cognitronics Refurbished DC Power CompatPCI 200W 200-Watts VSPUNSBBA
44347190Cognitronics Refurbished Fan VSPQBBR6AA
44347220Cognitronics Refurbished VSC1AOVAA
44347300Cognitronics Refurbished Model 2564CF Tape Drive VBPQBBP6AA
44348370Cognitronics Refurbished Compac PCI EtherNet CX500
44349900Cognitronics Refurbished BACK VSC1BOWAAA
44351390Cognitronics Refurbished VSI190TLAA
44351420Cognitronics Refurbished CX4000 MSB REAR TRAN BD VSI110JLAA
44351450Cognitronics Refurbished Back VSC43WABAA
CX4000Cognitronics Refurbished CS4000 Chassis 44347230 VSMA2X0FRA
DPCI-204DPCI204Cognitronics Refurbished DPCI204 200W CPCI CX4000 PSU Power Supply Unit VSPUN5BBAA
VSC2GJDBAACognitronics Cognitronics 44333350 VSC2GJDBAA MCIAS RJ48 T1 Transition Board

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