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Listings of Compaq by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
402571-001402571001Compaq Refurbished 402571001 CL SERIES KEYBOARD MOUSE VIDEO BOARD 2-Port
402835-664402835664Compaq New 402835664 256MB 600Mhz ECC Memory RDRAM Rambus
403008-001403008001Compaq Refurbished AMD Opteron 280 dual core processor - 2.4GHz 2MB for bl25
403049-001403049001Compaq New 403049001 HP Ultra320 SCSI CONTROLLER 20320R PCI
403211-001403211001Compaq Refurbished HP 72.8GB SCSI 15K ULTRA 320 NON HOT PLUG
403435-B21403435B21Compaq Refurbished 403435B21 BL465c CTO Chassis
403827-001403827001Compaq Refurbished 403827001 Compaq Presario V5000 Notebook Laptop Heatsink 403827-001
404394-001404394001Compaq Refurbished 404394001 LIKE 72.8GB 15000RPM HARD DRIVE Fibre Fiber IN Hot-Swap TRAY
404396-002404396002Compaq Refurbished 404396002 300GB 15000RPM Hard Drive FC Fibre Channel Fiber Channel
404670002Compaq Refurbished 404670014 HP 300GB 15000RPM Hard Drive Ultra320 SCSI 3.5-Inch LP Low Profile 1-inch HPL Universal
404670-004404670004Compaq Refurbished 404670014 HP 300GB 15000RPM Hard Drive Ultra320 SCSI 3.5-Inch LP Low Profile 1-inch HPL Universal
404670-006404670006Compaq Refurbished 404670006 HP 146GB 15000RPM Ultra320 PLUGGABLE HARD DRIVE .
404707B21Compaq Refurbished 404707B21 HP Proliant BL480c CTO Blade
404713001Compaq Refurbished HP Compaq 404713-001 72.8 GB,Internal,15000 RPM,3.5" Hard Drive
404714-001404714001Compaq Refurbished HP 404714001 36.4GB Ultra320 15000Rpm Hot-Plug 1-inch Hard Drive
404747-001404747001Compaq Refurbished 404747001 LIKE 72.8GB 15000RPM HARD DRIVE Fibre Fiber IN Hot-Swap TRAY
405162B21Compaq Refurbished 405162B21 P400 SAS controller w/ 512MB cache
405831-001405831001Compaq Refurbished 405831-001 P400 512MB PCIe x8 SAS Controller Card
405835-001405835001Compaq Refurbished HP SA P400 Controller cache module -512MB 2x72 DDR memory DL38
405872-001405872001Compaq Refurbished 405872001 DC5100/DX6120 300-Watts POWER SUPPLY
4061-001191-0024061001191002Compaq Refurbished 4061001191002 3.5-Inch IDE HARD DRIVE 4.3GB
4061-001193-0004061001193000Compaq Refurbished 4061001193000 9GB SCA 10000RPM Hard Drive ULTRA WIDE
406771B21Compaq Refurbished 406771B21 HP Mezzanine NC326M Gigabit Ethernet 2P BL260 BL460 BL465 BL480 BL685
407576001Compaq Refurbished 407576001 HP C300 C500 V5000 DV8000 407576-001 Wi-Fi CARD
407799-001407799001Compaq New 407799001 Presario V5000 Series 1280x800 WXGA 15.4-Inch TFT Active Matrix Display Screen
408297-001408297001Compaq New 408297001 System Board ( Motherboard ) DL145 dual AMD 252 Processor
408791-001408791001Compaq Refurbished 408791001 fan board DL380 G5
409488-001409488001Compaq Refurbished 409488001 DL360 G4 SATA System Board ( Motherboard )
409544001Compaq New CPQ 60GB Ultra ATA-100 enhanced IDE hard drive - 5,400 RPM, 9.5m
409725-001409725001Compaq Refurbished 409725001 HP BL25p Backplane
409977-001409977001Compaq New 409977001 HP NW9440 NX9420 17-inch 1920 x 1200 WUXGA TFT Active Matrix Display Screen
40M030600Compaq Refurbished System Board ( Motherboard ) pulled from Presario 1020 Notebook Laptop
40M03060400E00Compaq Refurbished System Board ( Motherboard ) pulled from Presario 1020 Notebook Laptop
410300-001410300001Compaq Refurbished 410300001 PCA - OTHER SPS-BD BCKPLN Hard Drive FOR BL460C
410301-001410301001Compaq Refurbished MECHANICAL PARTS : SPS-CAGEDRVW/FRNT BEZEL for bl460
410916B21Compaq Refurbished 410916B21 3020 blade switch module
410977-001410977001Compaq Refurbished 410977001 64 BIT PCI RAID CONTROLLER ULTRA320
411026001Compaq Refurbished 411026001 POWER BUTTON SWITCH BOARD - WITH LED INDICATOR
411041001Compaq New 411041001 MODULAR SMART ARRAY 1000 MSA1000 CONTROLLER - WIDE ULTRA3 RAID
411048001Compaq New 411048001 MSA1000 REDUNDANT CONTROLLER 256MB
411048-001411048001Compaq Refurbished 411048001 MSA1000 REDUNDANT CONTROLLER 256MB
411056-001411056001Compaq New 411056001 HP 4-port Ultra320 SCSI shared storage module - For Modular Smar
411094-001411094001Compaq Refurbished 411094001 DL145 G2 OPTERON 2.6GHZ/1MB 2GB 36GB Ultra320
412140-b21412140b21Compaq New Enterprise BLC7000 Enclosure Single Fan Kit
412206-001412206001Compaq Refurbished 412206001 Smart Array P400i SAS controller
412651-001412651001Compaq Refurbished 412651001 INTEL NC360T PCIE PCI-Express 2-PORT GIGABIT 1000BASE-T SERVER NIC ( Network Interface Card ) ADAPTER
413385-001413385001Compaq Refurbished Memory DIMM : 1.0GB PC2-3200 DDR2 SDRAM DIMM memory module
413486-001413486001Compaq Refurbished 413486-001 HP Smart Array E200 Controller cache module 128-MB with battery
413978-001413978001Compaq Refurbished Fan : Fan assembly - 92mm ml350g5
413996-001413996001Compaq New 413996001 COMPAQ BLC7000 ENCLOSURE SINGLE FAN OPT
414136001Compaq Refurbished 414136001 Hp Dongle For 90-watt Smart Adapter - Converts 3-pin Smart Power
416106-001416106001Compaq Refurbished 416106001 1GB RAM module Memory PC3200
416155-001416155001Compaq Refurbished 416155001 HP SC44Ge Host Bus Adapter
416425001Compaq Refurbished 416425001 System Board ( Motherboard ) for Proliant BL20P G4 Blade Server
416471001Compaq New 416471001 HP 1GB 667Mhz DDR2 PC2-5300 Memory
416473001Compaq Refurbished 416473001 HP 4GB 667MHZ DDR2 PC5300 REGISTERED
DPS-200PB-129DPS200PB129Compaq Refurbished POWER SUPPLY SERIES ESP116 195W 234075-001 228373-001
417182001Compaq Refurbished 417182001 DVD/RW SLIM COMBO DRIVE
406867-001406867001Compaq Refurbished POWER SUPPLY 700W 12V HOTPLUG PROLIANT ML370 G4
417788-001417788001Compaq New 417788001 SCSI module MSA1501
418266-001418266001Compaq Refurbished 418266001 120GB 5400RPM SATA HARD DRIVE W/ FRAME 2.5-Inch
418269-001418269001Compaq Refurbished INTERFACE BOARD : SPS-BD SYSTEM I/O
418862-001418862001Compaq Refurbished 418862001 80GB 5400RPM sata Hard Drive for NC6400 Notebook Laptop 2.5-Inch
418888-001418888001Compaq Refurbished HP Compaq NC6400 LCD Inverter Board 418888-001
419110-001419110001Compaq Refurbished 419110001 nc4400 Notebook Laptop PC IDS CTO Base Unit
419540-001419540001Compaq Refurbished 419540001 Opteron 8218 DC2.6 DL585
419620001Compaq Refurbished 419620001 DL585G2 Backplane Board POWER SUPPLY
41M030600Compaq Refurbished System Board ( Motherboard ) pulled from Presario 1020 Notebook Laptop
293532-001293532001Compaq Refurbished Compaq SDLT320 LVD w/tray for MSL5000
241567-003241567003Compaq New 110/220GB SUPER DIGITAL LINEAR TAPE SDLT TAPE DRIVE - 110/220
258266-001258266001Compaq New 160/320GB SDLT-2 INTERNAL SCSI LVD/SE TAPE DRIVE
258267-001258267001Compaq Refurbished 258267001 160GB/320GB SDLT Super DLT Tape Drive External CARBON
280279-002280279002Compaq New 40/80GB DLT VS80 Low Voltage Differential/Single-Ended LVD/SE
252029-001252029001Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 100/200GB AIT INTERNAL LVD TAPE DRIVE PN: 252029-001
424615002Compaq New 424615003 AXL600L ACCELERATOR PCI CARD
424615-002424615002Compaq Refurbished 424615002 AXL300 ACCELERATOR PCI CARD
231669-001231669001Compaq New 40/80GB SCSI/SE/LVD DLT8000 INT LOADER WITH TRAY FOR MSL5000 SER
3300Compaq Refurbished 15/30b DLT External Tape backup
241567-003241567003Compaq Refurbished 110/220GB SUPER DIGITAL LINEAR TAPE SDLT TAPE DRIVE - 110/220
280279-001280279001Compaq New HP 40/80GB DLT VS80 Low Voltage Differential/Single-Ended LVD Internal Tape Drive
242689-003242689003Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ T1500VA 120V NEW BATTERIES 1 YR WARRANTY
242690-003242690003Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ T1500VA 120V NEW BATTERIES 1 YR WARRANTY
365062-001365062001Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ ML350 G4 System Board ( Motherboard ) W/CAGE
258266-001258266001Compaq Refurbished 160/320GB SDLT-2 INTERNAL SCSI LVD/SE TAPE DRIVE
280279-001280279001Compaq Refurbished HP 40/80GB DLT VS80 Low Voltage Differential/Single-Ended LVD Internal Tape Drive
430169001Compaq Refurbished 430169002 HP 72GB 15000RPM Hard Drive SAS 2.5-Inch SFF Small Form Factor PLUGGABLE/
430447-001430447001Compaq Refurbished 430447001 DL385 G2 System Board ( Motherboard )
430548-001430548001Compaq Refurbished 430548001 CARD NC326M PCIE PCI-Express DUAL PORT MULTIFUNCTION 1GB MEZZANINE
430818-B21430818B21Compaq Refurbished 430818B21 X7120M Dual Core 3Ghz
430956-001430956001Compaq Refurbished 430956001 NVIDIA QUADRO 128MB PCI ESPRESS NVS 285 VIDEO CARD DVI
431407001Compaq Refurbished 431407001 120GB 9.5MM 5400RPM SATA Notebook Laptop HARD DRIVE
280279-002280279002Compaq Refurbished 40/80GB DLT VS80 Low Voltage Differential/Single-Ended LVD/SE
122873-005122873005Compaq Refurbished Compaq 12/24GB Sony SDT9000 DDS-3 4mm
262587-B21262587B21Compaq New Compaq PS/2 IP Console Interface Adapter 8pk Adapter
434462-001434462001Compaq Refurbished 434462001 Cable SATA BLUE SHORT
435247-001435247001Compaq Refurbished 435247001 435247-001- LTO-3 Half Height w/sled for 1/8 autoloader
435457-b21435457b21Compaq Refurbished 435457b21 BL460c E5320 1.86GHz /2gb
436151-001436151001Compaq Refurbished 436151001 E5320 Quad core Processor
262587-B21262587B21Compaq Refurbished Compaq PS/2 IP Console Interface Adapter 8pk Adapter
436526-001436526001Compaq Refurbished 436526001 System Board ( Motherboard ) DL380 G5 QD CR
199513-001199513001Compaq Refurbished 535MB 50PIN SCSI HARD DRIVE
360332-003360332003Compaq New DL360G4/dl360G5/dl365/dl140g3 Rack Mount kit
242689-001242689001Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ T1000VA 120V NEW BATTERIES 1 YR WARRANTY
438872001Compaq Refurbished 438872001 AMD Opteron 8220 Dual-Core Processor
439749-001439749001Compaq Refurbished 439749001 2.8Ghz DC AMD OPTERON MODEL 2220
213843002Compaq Refurbished HEATSINK W/ FAN DESKPRO
360332-003360332003Compaq Refurbished DL360G4/dl360G5/dl365/dl140g3 Rack Mount kit
366024-001366024001Compaq Refurbished RSTRD 366024-001N SPS-DRV HD 146GB 15K 1 FC
366023-001366023001Compaq Refurbished 366023-001 300GB 10K FCL 2GBIT DUAL PORT HOT-PLUGGABLE HARD DRIVE
366023-002366023002Compaq Refurbished 366023-002 300GB FC 10K DUAL PORT HARD DRIVE
361038-B21361038B21Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 2GB PC2700 DDR MEM KIT 2X1
293556-B22293556B22Compaq Refurbished DD/HV/COMPAQ/146GB FC 10K HOT PLUG HARD DISK MODULE
441823-001441823001Compaq Refurbished 441823001 SMART ARRAY P400 CONTROLLER BOARD DL5XX
241427-001241427001Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ EVO LAPTOP KEYBOARD 229660-001 241427-001
343057-B21343057B21Compaq Refurbished 343057-B21 4GB 2X2GB PC2-3200 MEMORY KIT
351126-001351126001Compaq Refurbished 300GB 10K RPM U320 80-PIN SCSI HOTSWAP Hard Drive si
404701-001404701001Compaq Refurbished Hp 404701-001 300gb Scsi U320 10k Rpm Hard Drive
444813-001444813001Compaq Refurbished 444813001 Power Supply BATTERY SPS-P/SGEN250WPFCDX2300
446404-001446404001Compaq Refurbished 446404001 6910p 64MB VRAM System Motherboard
447029-001447029001Compaq Refurbished HP SCSI SAS/Serial ATA SATA Smart Array P400 controller - 25
447430-001447430001Compaq Refurbished 447430001 SC40GE HOST BUS ADAPTER
447431-001447431001Compaq Refurbished Compaq / HP 447431-001 Controllers Sas-sata 4 Channel
347779-001347779001Compaq Refurbished 146.8GB universal hot-plug Ultra320 SCSI hard drive - 15000 RPM
404712-001404712001Compaq Refurbished 146.8GB universal hot-plug Ultra320 SCSI hard drive - 15000 RPM
403781-001403781001Compaq Refurbished 403781-001 Power Supply 1000-Watts Hot Plug Proliant DL350/380/ML370 G5
293556-B21293556B21Compaq Refurbished 146GB hot-swap dual-port Fiber Channel FC hard drive - 10 000
309521-001309521001Compaq Refurbished 128MB battery backed write cache BBWC memory board - 72-bit DD
202170-B21202170B21Compaq New 1024MB PC1600 Registered ECC SDRAM Memory Kit 4 x 256 MB
286716-B22286716B22Compaq Refurbished 286716-B22 146.8GB universal hot-plug Ultra320 SCSI hard drive
305414-001305414001Compaq New Spares 305414-001 Smart Array 641 Ultra320 Controller Card
410299-001410299001Compaq New HP BL460C G1 DC SYSTEM BOARD
283384-001283384001Compaq New StorageWorks FCA2214 2Gbps 133MHz PCI-X to fiber channel host bu
286778-B22286778B22Compaq Refurbished 286778-B22 72.8GB 15K SCSI U320 Hard Drive
404708-001404708001Compaq Refurbished 404708-001 146.8 GB Ultra 320 SCSI 10K RPM Hot Plug U320 Hard Drive
400285-001400285001Compaq Refurbished DS-HSG80-XX HSG80 GIG card with Flash BG-RKEGB-BA
202170-B21202170B21Compaq Refurbished 1024MB PC1600 Registered ECC SDRAM Memory Kit 4 x 256 MB
307132-001307132001Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 307132-001 3.6V NIMH 500MAH CACHE BATTERY FOR 641 / 642 C
404709-001404709001Compaq Refurbished HP 72.8 GB ULTRA320 SCSI 15K RPM Hot Plug U320 SAL#: 286714-B22
452459-001452459001Compaq Refurbished HP Proliant DL580 G5 452459-001 Xeon 2.4Ghz Quad Core SLA77 CPU Kit 453834-001
452460-001452460001Compaq Refurbished 452460001 HP Intel Xeon MP Quad-core E7320 2.13GHz - Spare Processor
452973-001452973001Compaq Refurbished 452973001 HP LTO-4 Ultrium Tape Drive Internal
358347-B21358347B21Compaq Refurbished 512MB 1 X 512MB 333MHZ PC2700 ECC DDR
290558-001290558001Compaq Refurbished 290558-001 INTEL XEON PROCESSOR - 2.40GHZ PRESTONIA 400MHZ FRONT SIDE BUS
406442-001406442001Compaq Refurbished 406442001 400W Power Supply Hot Plug (with power factor correction (PFC)) 100-120V/220-240V for MSA20 1500cs 1510i 6000 6105 6109 6510 6518 6870 Virtual Library EVA8000 8100 Array systems
300678-B21300678B21Compaq New Compaq 512MB2 X 256MB PC2100 DL380 G3 ML370 G3 Only Kit
454512-001454512001Compaq Refurbished 454512001
BD30088279Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 300GB U320 SCSI 10000RPM HARD DRIVE
287495-B21287495B21Compaq New COMPAQ 256MB of Advanced ECC PC2100 DDR SDRAM DIMM Memory Kit 1
305414-001305414001Compaq Refurbished 305414-001 Smart Array 641 Ultra320 Controller Card
236852-B21236852B21Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 256MB SDRAM 133MHz MEMORY
242560-001242560001Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ NETELLIGENT 10/100 PCI UTP DUAL PORT NETWORK
300678-B21300678B21Compaq Refurbished Compaq 512MB2 X 256MB PC2100 DL380 G3 ML370 G3 Only Kit
283384-001283384001Compaq Refurbished StorageWorks FCA2214 2Gbps 133MHz PCI-X to fiber channel host bu
287495-B21287495B21Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 256MB of Advanced ECC PC2100 DDR SDRAM DIMM Memory Kit 1
359241-001359241001Compaq Refurbished 512MB 400MHz PC2-3200 registered DDR2-SDRAM DIMM memory modul
359242-001359242001Compaq Refurbished 1GB 400MHz PC2-3200R DDR2 SDRAM 1.50V registered dual in-line me
397409-B21397409B21Compaq Refurbished 1GB 2X512MB PC2-5300 DDR2 MEMORY
397411-B21397411B21Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 2 GB FBD PC2-5300 2 x 1 GB Kit
366300-001366300001Compaq Refurbished PC Board : Power button switch board - With LED indicator
314933-677314933677Compaq Refurbished Compaq CRN-8245B Slim CD-Rom With Beige Bezel 314933-677
010284-001010284001Compaq Refurbished 010284001 INTEGRATED SMART ARRAY RAID CONTROLLER WITH 16MB CACHE FOR Proliant
462427-001462427001Compaq New 462427001 Presario F700 Series 15.4-Inch 1280x800 WXGA TFT lapty
011003-003011003003Compaq Refurbished 011003003 DL380 G2/G4 Smart Array 5i Controller
011773-001011773001Compaq Refurbished Array 6402 128MB DDR memory with battery backed write cache
468406-B21468406B21Compaq Refurbished HP 468406-B21 24 Bay PCIe SAS Expander Card
166896-001166896001Compaq Refurbished CPQ DP 2/4/6000 24X IDE CD ROM
470034-608470034608Compaq Refurbished 470034608 20GB IDE DRIVE VQ20A492-01-N
470063-207470063207Compaq Refurbished 470063207 ML100G2 3.0GHZ CPU
4715KL-04W-B464715KL04WB46Compaq Refurbished 4715KL04WB46 Proliant Fan Assembly 283619-001FCMPNMB 4715KL-04W-B46 12VDC 0.90A
4715KL04WB59Compaq Refurbished 4715KL04WB59 Cooling Fan 120mm
480075-001480075001Compaq Refurbished 480075001 Motherboard system board with flat panel support - Does not i
480082-001480082001Compaq Refurbished 480082001 This 480082-001 is a 375-Watts PFC ( Power Factor Correction ) power supply with an input of
480083-001480083001Compaq New 480083001 ML370 HOT PLUG RPS Redundant Power Supply
480093-001480093001Compaq New 480093001 256MB HP/ SDRAM Memory 100MHZ DIMM 480093-001
48025Compaq Refurbished 24X CD-ROM DRIVE
118104-001118104001Compaq Refurbished KBD/COMPAQ ENHANCED SPACESAVER KEYBOARD
4D080H4Compaq Refurbished Hard Drive 80GB MAXTOR 4D080H4 24A 12A 33C DAH017K0 244184-002 NGB
123479-001123479001Compaq Refurbished Single-port Ultra2 SCSI controller module standard version
500203-061500203061Compaq Refurbished 5002030614GB PC3-10600R 256 MB x 4 Dual in-line Memory Module (DIMM)
501534-001501534001Compaq Refurbished 501534-001 4GB DDR3 PC3-10600R 1333MHZ Memory
142766-001142766001Compaq Refurbished POWER CORD BLACK - 18 AWG 1.8M 6.2FT LONG - HAS STRAIGHTF
144578-001144578001Compaq Refurbished Dual channel Ultra160 SCSI controller card - Has two external ve
152189-001152189001Compaq Refurbished 9.1GB Wide Ultra3 SCSI hard drive - 10000 RPM 1.0-inch 68 PIN.
153554-001153554001Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ PROLIANT 1850R PIII/600/128MB
153618-002153618002Compaq Refurbished 20/40GB DDS-4 TGB Blue SCSI/LVD SE Internal
507690-001507690001Compaq Refurbished 507690001 PRL DL380G6 SFF SAS BACKPLANE
161291-001161291001Compaq Refurbished 161291001 The 161291 provides two channels of Ultra SCSI connectivity for
164999-001164999001Compaq Refurbished USB scrolling mouse Carbon Black - Two button mouse with a scr
165139-001165139001Compaq Refurbished Hard Drive 10G WD INVDXL 7200 DPS
166298-026166298026Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ SCSI CABLE PORT 2
166526-001166526001Compaq Refurbished 4.3GB ULTRA SCSI HARD DRIVE - 3.5-INCH FORM FACTOR 1.0-INCH HIGH
167926-001167926001Compaq Refurbished 36.4GB Wide Ultra3 SCSI hard drive 10000 RPM 68 PIN- 3.5-inch f
169093-001169093001Compaq Refurbished PARTS/BD/SPS-BD PROCESSOR BOARD W/P54C90
173837-001173837001Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 173837-001 PROLIANT DL360 PENTIUM DUAL MOTHERBOARD
177984-001177984001Compaq Refurbished 72.8GB hot-plug Wide Ultra3 SCSI hard drive - 10 000 RPM - Inclu
179322-001179322001Compaq Refurbished 3.0V lithium battery - 540mAh 24.5mm 0.96in diameter 5.0mm 0.
180478-001180478001Compaq Refurbished 10.2GB 7.2K RPM 3.5 IDE HARD DRIVE
180726-004180726004Compaq Refurbished 9.1GB Wide Ultra3 SCSI hard drive - 10000 RPM 1.0-inch 68 PIN
190597-001190597001Compaq New MEM 8MB Upg-Aero ALL
517837-001517837001Compaq New 517837001 CQ61-100GB/200GB INTEL CPU MOTHERBOARD
199606-019199606019Compaq Refurbished 68-PIN SHORT SCSI CABLE; DL380 G3
199704-001199704001Compaq New COMPAQ CLEANING CARTRIDGE For 10/20GB -35/70GB-40/80GB
199742-001199742001Compaq Refurbished DLT2000 10/20GB DLT INTERNAL
522245-001522245001Compaq Refurbished 522245001 8.8GB SCSI Hard Drive Ultra Wide SCA 10000RPM
207724-001207724001Compaq Refurbished SCSI MODULE BOARD FOR DL320
216881-004216881004Compaq Refurbished 35/70GB AIT-1 Low Voltage Differential LVD internal tape drive
217336-001217336001Compaq Refurbished Compaq Voltage Regulator Module 12V DC Input for ProLiant DL38 CLEI 228506-001
5312Compaq Refurbished SMART ARRAY 5312 64 BIT PCI CONTROLLER
219048-001219048001Compaq Refurbished CABLE/COMPAQ/14P SIGNAL POWER/LED CABLE
222627-B21222627B21Compaq New COMPAQ XEON PIII/900MHz/2MB PROCESSOR PROLIANT ML570/DL580
224978-001224978001Compaq Refurbished HP 92mm Redundant Hot-Plug Fan Proliant ML370 G2
229208-001229208001Compaq Refurbished Compaq Blank Filler Panel Assembly Black for Modular Smart Arr
231823-B21231823B21Compaq Refurbished MSL5000 FIELD UPG.SDLT 220 LVD 110/220 GB TAPE DRIVE
234457-B22234457B22Compaq Refurbished 234457B22 Cable Kit Fibre Fiber Channel SC-SC MM 5m retail sealed
238633-B21238633B21Compaq Refurbished Smart Array 5312 Controller with 128MB cache - High-performance
242326-101242326101Compaq Refurbished PARTS/BD/COMPAQ/PRESARIO SYSTEM BOARD
250022-B21250022B21Compaq Refurbished 36GB Ultra160 Wide LVD SCSI hard drive - 15000 RPM 3.5-inch fo
245246-001245246001Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 245246-001 ML330 SERVER FEATURE I/O BOARD W/ ETHERNET A
246959-001246959001Compaq Refurbished Compaq 6ft AC Power Cord 3-wire Armada 41XX 42XX 1500 3500 7400
247239-001247239001Compaq Refurbished 247239001 hard drive mounting bracket kit
163357-001163357001Compaq Refurbished Motherboard system board - Does not include processor
54-23883-01542388301Compaq Refurbished 542388301 SWXRC-05 DEC Raid SCSI Controller 54-23883-01
54-25582-02542558202Compaq Refurbished 542558202 ES40 54-25582-01 ALPHA SERVER Memory Riser Card 4 Slots
54-30074-12-C4543007412C4Compaq Refurbished 543007412C4
54-30074-12-C5543007412C5Compaq Refurbished 543007412C5
54-30074-12-C8543007412C8Compaq Refurbished 543007412C8
54-30074-12-E1543007412E1Compaq Refurbished 543007412E1
54-30292-02543029202Compaq Refurbished 543029202 System Board ( Motherboard ) ES45M2
252633-001252633001Compaq Refurbished DRIVE CD-ROM 48X EVO D INT
252635-001252635001Compaq Refurbished 24A high voltage power distribution unit PDU core assembly
255049-001255049001Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ ARMADA 1500 LED BOARD
264030-B21264030B21Compaq Refurbished 264030B21 Smart Array 5i Plus controller - For ProLiant DL380 G2 - Include_
5697-571156975711Compaq Refurbished 56975711 300GB 15000RPM Hard Drive FC Fibre Channel Fiber Channel
118002-008118002008Compaq Refurbished [KBD/ ENHANCED SPACE SVR KYBRD BLK / FN-A]
270149-001270149001Compaq Refurbished 40/80GB DLT 1 drive with carrier assembly - For StorageWorks Sup
270657-001270657001Compaq Refurbished Switching power supply - 110-240VAC input 45-66Hz - 5 DC outputs
007213-0100721301Compaq New S3V3 2MB SGRAM VIDEO UPGRADE A
272514-001272514001Compaq Refurbished 272514001 Fast-Wide SCSI-2/P Ultra Controller - Fast Wide SCSI-3 32-bit P
061998-007061998007Compaq New S3V3 2MB SGRAM VIDEO UPGRADE A
273911-B21273911B21Compaq Refurbished 273911b21 2 Channel to 4 Channel Expansion Card
278645-001278645001Compaq Refurbished Power supply - ATX enhanced 200 watts steady-state
286775-B22286775B22Compaq Refurbished 18.2GB universal hot-plug Ultra320 SCSI hard drive - 15 000 RPM
287685-001287685001Compaq Refurbished 80.0GB non hot-pluggable UATA hard drive - 7 200RPM 3.5-inch for
288655-001288655001Compaq Refurbished 40/80GB DLT VS80 Low Voltage Differential/Single-Ended LVD/SE
247287-002247287002Compaq New DIMM UNBUF 2Mx72 ECC EDO 60ns
292944-B21292944B21Compaq Refurbished PARTS/BD/PC/4-PORT ULTRA 3 SCSI SHARED STORAGE MODULE
293367-001293367001Compaq Refurbished 293367001 Proliant DL320/G2 Power Supply 180-Watts
293717-001293717001Compaq Refurbished 293717-001 SPS-PROCESSOR 686 166MMX W/ HEATSINK
295171-001295171001Compaq Refurbished 5 Slot Tape Caddy for DLT Library
295174-001295174001Compaq Refurbished SPS-FAN
373047-001373047001Compaq Refurbished CPQ/HP Mini PCI Broadcomm MOW 802.11B/G wireless LAN card
296011-001296011001Compaq Refurbished DD/IDE/2.4GB HARD DRIVE
300701-001300701001Compaq Refurbished 1.0GB 266MHz PC2100 registered ECC DDR SDRAM DIMM memory module
300702-001300702001Compaq Refurbished 2.0GB 266MHz PC2100 registered ECC DDR SDRAM DIMM memory module
300955-003300955003Compaq Refurbished 3R-A4016-AA 9GB U3 10K PLUGGABLE SCSI
300955-008300955008Compaq Refurbished CLEAN DRIVES 36.4GB Ultra320 SCSI HD- 10K RPM 68 PIN 3.5-inch f
30-47661-04304766104Compaq Refurbished PRIORIS6000/DEC3000R/B3AAA POWER SUPPLY
304858-B21304858B21Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 4.3GB ULTRA SCSI HARD DRIVE
30-56638-01305663801Compaq Refurbished CABLES TO GO 4-PORT USB 2 HI-SPEED FRONT-BAY BLACK HUB
307276-B21307276B21Compaq Refurbished 307276B21 Xeon 2.0GHZ/2MB/400MHz Processor ML570/580 G2
309617-001309617001Compaq Refurbished 309617001 XEON-1.5GHZ PROCESSOR OPTION CHIP KIT FOR ML570 DL580 G2
311060-001311060001Compaq Refurbished MSE/PS/2 2-BUTTON CARBON MOUSE
59H6606Compaq Refurbished 9.1GB WU SCSI-3 PLUGGABLE313706-B21313708-001ECE31708PN59H66
59H6906Compaq Refurbished Hard Drive 91GBUW SCSI-37200RPMHOTPLUG 59H6906006225-001 REV 0B
59H7007Compaq Refurbished IBM 9GB hard drive SCSI
313615-B21313615B21Compaq New COMPAQ 128MB BUFFERED 100MHz SDRAM MEMORY FOR PROLIANT 3000
314763-B21314763B21Compaq Refurbished 2.8 xeon processor kit 533 mhz 512k cache
317823-B21317823B21Compaq Refurbished INTEL X2.8GHZ-512KB ML330 G3 PROCESSOR
320141-004320141004Compaq Refurbished DD/HV/80GB UATA HARD DRIVE
321633-001321633001Compaq Refurbished PARTS/PS/SPS-POWER CONVERTER MODULE
322560-001322560001Compaq Refurbished 2.8 xeon processor kit 533 mhz 512k cache
323617-001323617001Compaq Refurbished REPLACED: 323617-001HP USB TWO-BUTTON SCROLL WHEEL OPTICAL MOUS
325112-001325112001Compaq Refurbished CPQ/HP AC ADAPTER 18.5v/4.9a 90W OUTPUT - Input voltage 100-240V
60000073402Compaq New 60000073402 REDUNDANT POWER SUPPLY FOR 8-Port 16-Port SWITCH
60-0000734-0260000073402Compaq Refurbished 60000073402 REDUNDANT POWER SUPPLY FOR 8-Port 16-Port SWITCH
328215-004328215004Compaq New COMPAQ SCSI DIFF CABLE 20M
328976-B21328976B21Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ XEON PII/450/512KB PROCESSOR PL 5500
332616-003332616003Compaq Refurbished 332616003 3 FT OFFSET VHDCI-M TO VHDCI-M LVD EXTERNAL CABLE_
338285-002338285002Compaq Refurbished Compaq/Bizlink DVI Split Video Cable 10
6043A0002301Compaq Refurbished CPQ DL320 G2 HEATSINK
340834-001340834001Compaq Refurbished DLT/HV/35/70GB DLT 7000 HIGH VOLTAGE DIFFERENTIAL TAPE DRIVE
341175-B21341175B21Compaq Refurbished Compaq 12FT SCSI Cable SCSI 68-pin VHDCI/SCSI 68-pin VHDCI
606470-002606470002Compaq New 606470002 4-Channel Controller Board TL891 DLX
606605-001606605001Compaq Refurbished 606605001 TL891 34-Inch SCSI 68-Pin 2-Connector Cable 606605-001
344401-001344401001Compaq Refurbished 344401-001 Motherboard System Board
345113-851345113851Compaq Refurbished 1GB PC2-3200 DDR2 ECC SDRAM DIMM SAL#: 345113-051
345114-061345114061Compaq Refurbished MEM/HV/COMPAQ/2GB DDR2 SDRAM 1X 2GB 1/2 OF A 343057-B21
348110-B21348110B21Compaq Refurbished PROC/PROLIANT/3.0GHZ XEON PROCESSOR W/8MB FOR DL580/570
348271-001348271001Compaq Refurbished 348271001 System Board ( Motherboard ) FOR BL20G2 HP
348628-001348628001Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ Processor Fan with Heatsink FOR ML110
349460-005349460005Compaq Refurbished Compaq Proliant Blank Bezel Hard Drive Black
349526-B21349526B21Compaq Refurbished 9.1GB Wide Ultra2 SCSI hard drive 7200 RPM- 3.5-inch form facto
350239-001350239001Compaq Refurbished HP Mini modem daughter card MDC
350379-001350379001Compaq New HEATSINK FAN Assembly LV X201T
351052-B21351052B21Compaq Refurbished 351052B21 HP 2.2/2Mb DL760G2 CPU Kit
353454-001353454001Compaq Refurbished 1 GB SDRAM DIMM memory module - PC2100 DDR-266MHz ECC 1.2-inch r
356782-001356782001Compaq Refurbished System I/O board - Does NOT include processor or memory
361011-001361011001Compaq Refurbished PROLIANT DL380 G4 XEON-DP 3.6G
3615KL-04W-B593615KL04WB59Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 92MM CPU FAN - 74CFM
361682-001361682001Compaq Refurbished SYSTEM BOARD WITHOUT CPU
372213-001372213001Compaq Refurbished Optional redundant system fan assembly - Mounts on the front of
373028-851373028851Compaq Refurbished 512 MB DDR SDRAM 400 MHZ DDR400/PC3200 - ECC - REGISTERED
373029-851373029851Compaq Refurbished MEM/HV/COMPAQ/1GB PC-3200 SDRAM 1X1GB
373030-051373030051Compaq Refurbished 2GB PC3200 DDR 400 MHZ CL3 ECC 184-PIN SDRAM
373311-001373311001Compaq Refurbished Drive : 80GB non-hot-plug Serial ATA SATA hard drive - 7200 RP
376138-001376138001Compaq Refurbished DL385 2.6GHZ 1GB RACKMOUNT
376242-B21376242B21Compaq Refurbished 376242b21 HP Xeon 3.6/2MB for DL360 G4 P
376595-001376595001Compaq Refurbished HARD DRIVE 146GB SAS 15K RPM 3.5 LFF HOTPLUG
378705-001378705001Compaq Refurbished DL360 G4P 3.6 2MB 2GB RPS W/ RAILS
378749-B21378749B21Compaq Refurbished 378749B21 Intel Xeon 3.2GHz 800MHz 2MB G4 processor - For ML370 ML380
378751-B21378751B21Compaq Refurbished HP COMPAQ XEON 3.6GHZ / 800 2M DL370 / DL380 G4
378911-001378911001Compaq Refurbished System board - Includes processor cages and RTC battery
379349-001379349001Compaq Refurbished WORKSTATION POWERSUPPLY
379817-B21379817B21Compaq Refurbished Intel Xeon 3.2GHz processor Irwindale 800MHz 2Mb level 2 cache
6298-0016298001Compaq Refurbished 6298001 68-Pin SCSI RAID CONTROLLER
380588-B21380588B21Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 9.1GB ULTRA WIDE SCSI-3 10K Hard Drive HARD DISK DRIVE
380725-001380725001Compaq Refurbished HP 380725-001 motherboard w/ sl8q6 or sl7z9 cpu for HP dc5100 sff
384376-051384376051Compaq Refurbished SPS-DIMM 1GB PC2-4200 ECC
391333-002391333002Compaq Refurbished DD/HV/80GB NON-HOT PLUG SERIAL ATASATA HARD DRIVE
392221-B21392221B21Compaq New AMD Opteron 875 2.2/1GHz 1MB DC BL45p Rmkt Processor
392221-B21392221B21Compaq Refurbished AMD Opteron 875 2.2/1GHz 1MB DC BL45p Rmkt Processor
397377-002397377002Compaq Refurbished DD/HV/80GB NON-HOT PLUG SERIAL ATASATA HARD DRIVE
397413-B21397413B21Compaq Refurbished 397413-B21 HP 4GB DDR2 SDRAM Memory Module
399524-B21399524B21Compaq Refurbished 399524-B21 PROLIANT/DL360 G5 CTO CHASSIS
399605-B21399605B21Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ BL45P 0880 2.4GHZ DC
399853-001399853001Compaq Refurbished 399853001 PC BOARD : EMULEX-BASED FC Fibre Channel Fiber Channel Mezzanine HBA ( Host Bus Adapter )
176493-007176493007Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 36GB U3 10K HARD DRIVE 176493-007
3R-A3210-AA3RA3210AACompaq Refurbished 3RA3210AA 36GB FIBRE CHANNEL FC Fibre Channel Fiber Channel HARD Internal Hard Drive 15000RPM 1-inch
3R-A3848-AA3RA3848AACompaq Refurbished 18.2 GB 15K FRONT ACCESS DRIVE
404587-002404587002Compaq Refurbished DD/HV/80GB SATA SERIAL 7200RPM 3.5 HARD DRIVE
404670-008404670008Compaq Refurbished DRV G-SPS 36G U320 80P 15K RoHS
407620-001407620001Compaq Refurbished 407620001 HP 4GB PCI FC Fibre Channel Fiber Channel HBA ( Host Bus Adapter ) SINGLE PORT OPTIC
103725-001103725001Compaq Refurbished HARD DRIVE - IDE 6.4 GB ULTRA ATA
654321Compaq Refurbished ISA SERIAL PARALLEL CARD
411261-001411261001Compaq Refurbished 411261-001 300GB 15K U320 SCSI Hot Swap Hard Drive
411755-001411755001Compaq Refurbished CPQ DL360G5 INTERNAL POWER CABLE
180726-006180726006Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 36GB U3 10K HARD DRIVE 180726-006
303806-001303806001Compaq Refurbished 4.5GB F3 THT SCA 80PIN
191188-B21191188B21Compaq Refurbished 191188B21 18.2GB SCSI-68 LVD SE 3.5-Inch 3H 15000RPM Hard Drive Wide Ultra3
388036-714388036714Compaq Refurbished CD/IDE CD-ROM DRIVE -40X CD-ROM READ
667280-003667280003Compaq Refurbished 667280003 INTEL 10/100Base-T NIC ( Network Interface Card ) CARD
187891-002187891002Compaq Refurbished Cable/17-05031-01 /263894-002 2 meters or 6.5 ft
374713-001374713001Compaq Refurbished Mini PCI Broadcomm MOW 802.11B/G wireless LAN card
411730300110Compaq Refurbished 64 BIT PCI RAID CONTROLLER AIC-7901X
70-31460-02703146002Compaq Refurbished 703146002 CONTROLLER POWER RAID 8000 REV
70-31468-27703146827Compaq Refurbished 703146827 9GB Hard Drive
70-31468-42703146842Compaq Refurbished 703146842 4GB Hard Drive
70-31468-51703146851Compaq Refurbished 703146851 4.3GB 10000RPM Hard Drive Ultra SCSI W SBB
70-33259-S17033259S1Compaq Refurbished 7033259S1 RA HSG80 Fibre Fiber CHANNEL CONTROLLER
703555-006703555006Compaq Refurbished 703555006 NC3122 10/100Base-TX DUAL PORT
70-40064-S37040064S3Compaq Refurbished 7040064S3 ENVIRONMENTAL MONITOR UNIT
70-40375-01704037501Compaq New 704037501 NEW SEALED 50/100GB AIT Low Voltage Differental LVD hot-plug t
70-40375-01704037501Compaq Refurbished 704037501 SEALED 50/100GB AIT Low Voltage Differental LVD hot-plug t
70-40375-02704037502Compaq Refurbished 704037502 Hot Pluggable 20GB/40GB DDS-4 4MM DAT tape drive
70-40375-S17040375S1Compaq New 7040375S1 NEW SEALED 50/100GB AIT Low Voltage Differental LVD hot-plug t
70-40452-01704045201Compaq Refurbished 704045201 4 Channel Wide Ultra3 FC Fibre Channel Fiber Channel Raid Controller w/o 64MB Cache Memory
70-40452-12704045212Compaq New 704045212 Smart Array Controller for Cluster w/ 256MB Cache
70-60158-04706015804Compaq Refurbished 706015804 DLT 15GB/30GB TAPE BACKUP INTERN
706042002Compaq Refurbished 706042002 40GB/80GB DLT LIBRARY ready me-th8xg-zze01
721383-008721383008Compaq Refurbished 721383008 INTEL NETWORK PRO 100+ PCI
721383-009721383009Compaq Refurbished 721383009 100 TX Pro NIC ( Network Interface Card )
721503005Compaq Refurbished 721503005 10/100Base-T PCI ETHERNET LAN NETWORK INTERFACE ADAPTER
723872-002723872002Compaq New 723872002 Hot-Swap Hard Drive Tray 723872-002
726837-012726837012Compaq Refurbished 726837012 10/100Base-T NIC ( Network Interface Card ) CARD
727095004Compaq Refurbished 727095007 10/100Base-T PCI Network Card
733470-006733470006Compaq Refurbished 733470006 10/100Base-T NIC ( Network Interface Card ) CARD
734938-003734938003Compaq Refurbished 734938003 10/100Base-T PCI INTEL ADAPTER
736294-006736294006Compaq Refurbished 736294006 10/100Base-T ETHERJET PCI W/ALERT ON LAN
408854-B21408854B21Compaq Refurbished 8 GB PC2-5300 DDR2 2 x 4 GB Kit memory
3R-A0519-AA3RA0519AACompaq Refurbished COMPAQ 12/24GB DDS3 INT TAPE DRIVE BLUE
349931-104349931104Compaq Refurbished Compaq 3.0GHz 800MHz FSB 1MB L2 Cache Socket PGA604 Intel Xeon P
80523PX333512Compaq Refurbished 333MHZ INTEL PROCESSOR
82580A5Compaq Refurbished 2.5GB IDE HARD DRIVE
83-120026-108312002610Compaq Refurbished 8312002610 LCD INVERTER BOARD FOR PRESARIO 1800 SERIES
83-120062-3000831200623000Compaq Refurbished 831200623000 MODELS: Presario 900 series
83-120063-3000831200633000Compaq Refurbished 831200633000 Inverter Lcd
84103623Compaq Refurbished System Board ( Motherboard ) pulled from Deskpro 286
354126-001354126001Compaq Refurbished Compaq Armada E700 Laptop Battery 354126-001
908-0790807Compaq Refurbished 90807 PCI QUAD HEAD VIDEO CARD 32MB G200
91-567119156711Compaq Refurbished 9156711 12V DC 5A AC ADAPTER WITH 4 PIN CONNECTOR
91-586169158616Compaq Refurbished 9158616 91-58616 / 19V AC ADAPTER
930586Compaq Refurbished FansHOT PLUG FAN PROLIANT ML530 ML570 8500
304126-001304126001Compaq Refurbished 304126001 SCSI BUS MONITOR I/O BOARD/ ULTRA SCSI-3
412199-001412199001Compaq Refurbished 412199001 System Board ( Motherboard ) I/0 DL360G5 SAS - ONLY WORKS WITH DUAL-CORE CPU
511778-001511778001Compaq Refurbished 511778-001 HP Proliant DL360 DL380 G6 G7 ML350 G6 High Efficiency 750W Power Supply
972364-104972364104Compaq Refurbished 972364104 12" 68-Pin High Density SCSI Jumper Cable External/Bl_
991506-1799150617Compaq New 99150617 PCI DIFFERENTIAL SCSI CONTROLLER 68-Pin WIDE
991506-1799150617Compaq Refurbished 99150617 PCI DIFFERENTIAL SCSI CONTROLLER 68-Pin WIDE
9B0003-0219B0003021Compaq Refurbished 9B0003021 2.1GB 3.5-Inch SCSI HARD DRIVE
9E2005-0219E2005021Compaq Refurbished 9E2005021 COMPAQ 4.3GB WIDE ULTRA SCSI 10000RPM Hard Drive
9J8006-0229J8006022Compaq Refurbished 9J8006022 HD0093172C 10000RPM 9.1GB 80-Pin SCSI Hard Drive 336366-001
9J8006-0709J8006070Compaq Refurbished 9J8006070 9.1GB 10000RPM Hard Drive Wide Ultra SCSI
9J9006-0249J9006024Compaq Refurbished 9J9006024 18.2GB Wide Ultra SCSI Hard Drive
9L2004-0329L2004032Compaq Refurbished 9L2004032 18GB 7200RPM Hard Drive 80-Pin SCSI
9L2004-0349L2004034Compaq Refurbished 9L2004034 18GB Hard Drive
9L3001037Compaq Refurbished 9L3001505 36GB SE 10000RPM SCSI Hard Drive MODULE
9L6001-0319L6001031Compaq Refurbished 9L6001031 9.1GB 7200RPM Hard Drive Ultra2 SCSI Hot Swap Drive
9L6001-0369L6001036Compaq Refurbished 9L6001036 9.1GB UW SCSI Hard Drive
9L6002-0319L6002031Compaq Refurbished 9L6002031 9.1GB Wide Ultra2 SCSI hard drive 7200RPM- 3.5-Inch form facto_
9L8006041Compaq Refurbished 9L800651 18GB 10000RPM Hard Drive
9L9006-0409L9006040Compaq Refurbished 9L9006040 9.1GB Ultra2 SCSI Internal SCA Hard DRIVE
9N2011-0339N2011033Compaq Refurbished 9N2011033 18GB PLUGGABLE 7200RPM Hard Drive WIDE Ultra2
9N7006-0229N7006022Compaq Refurbished 9N7006022 36.4GB 10000RPM Ultra160 SCSI 80-Pin HARD DRIVE
9N9001-0439N9001043Compaq Refurbished 9N9001043 18.2GB SCSI hard drive
9P2006-0229P2006022Compaq Refurbished 9P2006022 18.2GB 15000RPM Hard Drive WIDE Ultra160 SCSI REV A01
9P9006-0219P9006021Compaq Refurbished 9P9006021 HP 9.1GB Ultra160 SCSI 15000RPM Hard Drive 1 PLUGGABLE
9R6006-0489R6006048Compaq Refurbished 9R6006048 72.8GB 10000RPM Ultra160 Ultra160 80-Pin SCSI HARD DRIVE
9T3004-0249T3004024Compaq Refurbished 9T3004024 36GB 15000RPM Hard Drive 2GB FC HDD-HOT SWAP
9T3006029Compaq Refurbished 9T3006029 HP 36.4GB Ultra160 SCSI HPLUG 15000RPM Hard Drive
9T4006-0239T4006023Compaq Refurbished 9T4006023 18.2GB 15000RPM Hard Drive 3.5-Inch SCSI-U3 80-Pin SCA
9T9001-0309T9001030Compaq Refurbished 9T9001030 36.4GB 10000RPM 3.5-Inch SCSI Hard Drive
9U3001-0309U3001030Compaq Refurbished 9U3001030 18.2GB SCA 80-Pin W/TRAY
9U8006038Compaq Refurbished 9U800651 73GB 15000RPM Hard Drive Ultra320 80-Pin Firmware DX09 ST373453LC
9U9004-0279U9004027Compaq Refurbished 9U9004038 NetApp 36GB 15000RPM FC-AL Hard Drive for DS14/DS14Mk2
9v2004-0279v2004027Compaq Refurbished 9v2004027 146GB FC Fibre Channel Fiber Channel 10000RPM Hard Drive Hot-Plug drive
9v3004-0279v3004027Compaq Refurbished 9V3004027 HP 72GB 10000RPM Hard Drive Fibre Fiber CHANNEL Hot-Swap DRIVE
9V3006-0259V3006025Compaq Refurbished 9V3006025 72.8GB 3.5-inch 10000RPM Hard Drive WIDE ULTRA3 SCSI LVD/SE FIRMWARE:3B00 REV:
9V3006-0419V3006041Compaq Refurbished 9V3006041 72.8GB 80-Pin Ultra320 10000RPM 3.5-Inch Hard Drive Hot-Swap 289042-001
9V4005-0259V4005025Compaq Refurbished 9V4005025 HP 36GB Hard Drive SCSI 10000RPM Ultra320 SCSI NON PLUG
358949-001358949001Compaq Refurbished FLOPPY/1.44MB FLOPPY DRIVE F/ARMADA 6500
687231-005687231005Compaq Refurbished 10/100 INTERNAL PCI NETWORK ADAPTER CARD
9W7005-0299W7005029Compaq Refurbished 9W7005029 COMPAQ HP 18.2GB PLUG W-ULTRA3 SCSI 15000RPM Hard Drive
9W7005-0469W7005046Compaq Refurbished 9W7005046 COMPAQ HP 18.2GB PLUG W-ULTRA3 SCSI 15000RPM Hard Drive
9X3006-0539X3006053Compaq Refurbished 9X3006053 72.8GB 10000RPM ULTRA320 SCSI Hard Drive
9X5004044Compaq Refurbished 9X5004044 72GB Fibre Fiber Channel HARD DRIVE 15000RPM
413386-001413386001Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 2GB 1X2GB PC2-3200 1RX4 ECC DIMM
412211-001412211001Compaq Refurbished 412211-001 Proliant DL360 G5 DL365 G1 700W Power Supply
416472-001416472001Compaq Refurbished MEM/HV/2GB 667MHZ PC2-5300 FULLY BUFFERED DDR2 DIMM MEMORY
416799-001416799001Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 3.0GHZ CPU 4MB 1.33GHZ FSB DC 5160
416356-001416356001Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 1GB 1X1GB PC2-5300R 1RX4 ECC DIMM
407621-001407621001Compaq Refurbished 407621001 HP FC1242SR 4Gb PCIE PCI-Express HBA ( Host Bus Adapter )
AE312ACompaq Refurbished HP FC1242SR 4Gb PCIE PCI-Express HBA ( Host Bus Adapter ) 2P
A34538-90A3453890Compaq Refurbished A3453890 PL8500 HO-FAN PLUG SYSTEM I/O
A5159-60001A515960001Compaq Refurbished A515960001 LVD SCSI CONTROLLER DUAL CHANNEL DIFFERENTIAL PCI
170686-101170686101Compaq Refurbished Motherboard system board for Intel processors - Does not inclu
294934-004294934004Compaq Refurbished HP 80GB ATA/100 7200RPM EIDE HDD .
PCB-2P6963MB-46A-VER1.5PCB2P6963MB46AVER15Compaq Refurbished SYSTEM BOARD PIII
A9648ACompaq New 250GB IDE Ultra ATA-100 7200RPM Hard Drive
A9826ACompaq Refurbished HP Smart Array 5304 Controller with 256MB cache - PCI to four ch_
A9890ACompaq Refurbished 6402 Smart Array controller w/ 128MB Cache
AA03631AC6Compaq Refurbished 36.4GB 7200RPM Hard DriveWIDE ULTRA SCSI 80-Pin 388142-001
AA16020Compaq Refurbished 5-Volt 2.0 AMP AC ADAPTER
AA5351100011S0Compaq Refurbished PRESARIO 1200 BATTERY DOOR
AA617ACompaq Refurbished HP 72.8GB SCSI 15000RPM Ultra320 NON HOT PLUG Hard Drive
AA655ACompaq Refurbished 256MB Memory Upgrade DDR/266 ECC Registered
aa987aCompaq Refurbished MSA 1500 FC Fibre Channel Fiber Channel I/O MODULE
AB00931B92Compaq Refurbished 9.2GB Wide Ultra 80-Pin 7200RPM Hard DriveRPM 3.5-Inch LP Low Profile
AB009335B8Compaq Refurbished 9.1GB Hard Drive WIDE ULTRA SCSI-3 PLUGGABLE
AB018335B9Compaq Refurbished 18.2GB 7200RPM Hard Drive SCSI-3 80-Pin
AB243ACompaq New TFT5600 RKM Rack LCD/Keyboard/Trackball new brown box
204528-001204528001Compaq Refurbished 61.4GB F3 THT 5400RPM
AC03632378Compaq Refurbished HP 36.4GB Ultra160 SCSI 1.6-Inch 10000RPM HARD DRIVE
AD009322B9Compaq Refurbished 9.1GB 10000RPM SCSI-3 80-Pin Hard Drive
AD00932372Compaq Refurbished HP 9.1GB WIDE ULTRA SCSI-3 10000RPM Hard Drive
AD009334A7Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 9.1GB WIDE ULTRA SCSI-3 Hard Drive 10000RPM
AD009335C9Compaq Refurbished 9.1GB 10000RPM SCSI-3 80-Pin Hard Drive
AD00935335Compaq Refurbished 9.1GB 10000RPM SCSI-3 80-Pin Hard Drive
AD018322C8Compaq Refurbished 18.2GB 10000RPM WIDE ULTRA SCSI 80-Pin Hard Drive
AD168ACompaq Refurbished FC2243 4GB NIC ( Network Interface Card )
AD539ACompaq New MSA1510i Controller
AD542cCompaq Refurbished M5314c Drive enclosure for all EVA
ADP50SBCompaq Refurbished ADP50SB Adapter 19V 2.64A ARMDA 100S INSP2000/2100
Ae311aCompaq Refurbished FC1142SR 4Gb PCIE PCI-Express HBA ( Host Bus Adapter )
AEKT1TPU011Compaq Refurbished AEKT1TPU011 Notebook Laptop Keyboard rev 3B for HP pavilion ze5400
AFB0812HCompaq Refurbished FAN Assembly DC12V 0.24A
411949-B21411949B21Compaq Refurbished AMD Opteron processor Model 2216 2.4 GHz 95W Processor BL465C
411951-B21411951B21Compaq Refurbished AMD Opteron processor Model 2214 HE 2.2 GHz 68W FOR BL465c
413996-001413996001Compaq Refurbished 413996001 COMPAQ BLC7000 ENCL SINGLE FAN OPT
AIT50Compaq Refurbished AIT 50 50/130GB AIT-2 Internal SCSI LVD
416565-001416565001Compaq Refurbished CPQ DL360G5 5160 DC XN3.0GHZ 1GB P400i/256MB FOR DUAL-CORE CPU
416737-001416737001Compaq Refurbished 40GB SATA hard drive - 7 200 RPM 3.5-inch form factor 1.0-inch h
418867-001418867001Compaq Refurbished CPQ BATTERY for NX6100 - 6 cells 4400mAh
419497-001419497001Compaq Refurbished CDRW/DVD 48X32X48X/16X SATA COMBO DRIVE
AMHR60NG000Compaq Refurbished R3000 INTERNAL FRAME W/2 FANS CF0550-B10H
270177-001270177001Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ I/O BOARD FOR PROF. WKST. 6000/8000
226949-F30226949F30Compaq Refurbished FLOPPY/1.44MB SLIM LINE FLOPPY DRIVE
APHR607N000Compaq Refurbished Presario R3000 MEMORY COVER APHR607N000
APHR634A000Compaq Refurbished Presario R3000 Notebook Laptop BOTTOM CASE 350786-001

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