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Listings of Compaq by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
382024-001382024001Compaq Refurbished 382024001 HEAT SINK W/COOLING FAN
382158-B21382158B21Compaq Refurbished 382158B21 Wide Ultra2/Ultra160 SCSI Single Bus Drive Cage
382510-001382510001Compaq Refurbished 382510001 1GB DDR2 533ECC Module
382727-001382727001Compaq Refurbished 382727001 14.1-inch CTFT XGA DISPLAY PANEL
382736-001382736001Compaq Refurbished 382736001 CD-ROM Drive 24X
382739-001382739001Compaq Refurbished 382739001 LI-ION BATTERY FOR PROSIGNIA
382784-001382784001Compaq Refurbished 382784001 ZIP DRIVE 100MB FOR PROSIGNIA 1
382785-001382785001Compaq Refurbished 382785001 LI-ION BATTERY FOR PROSIGNIA
383036-001383036001Compaq Refurbished 383036001 Hp proliant ML350G4P 3.2/2Mb Processor Kit
383458-001383458001Compaq Refurbished 383458001 NC4200 KEYBOARD
383503-001383503001Compaq Refurbished 383503001 DL140 G2 X3.6Ghz 1GB 36GB
383738B21Compaq New 383738B21 HP NC7170 LP DUAL PORT PCI-X 10/100Base-TX/Base1000-T GIGABIT ADAPTER
384413-B21384413B21Compaq Refurbished 384413B21 ProLiant DL580 G2 800-Watts Hot-Plug Power Supply
385840-001385840001Compaq Refurbished 385840001 SAS HOST INTERNAL CABLE ASSEMBLY FOR PROLIANT
385903-B21385903B21Compaq New Intel Xeon MP X3.66 GHz-1MB Processor Option Kit
386359-001386359001Compaq Refurbished 386359001 9.1GB 10000RPM Hard Drive U2W SCSI WIDE 68-Pin
386535-001386535001Compaq Refurbished 386535001 Genuine 4.3GB 10000RPM Ultra2 Hard Drive Plug 1-inch SCA Tray
386536-001386536001Compaq Refurbished 386536001 9.1GB Hard Drive Hot-Swap 127977-001/30-56070-03
386539-001386539001Compaq Refurbished 386539001 Genuine 9.1GB Ultra2 10000RPM Hard Drive 68-Pin non plug
386540-001386540001Compaq Refurbished 386540001 Genuine 18GB Ultra2 10000RPM 68-Pin Hard Drive non-plug 1.6-Inch
386629-001386629001Compaq Refurbished 386629001 HARD DRIVE;UDMA 6.4GB; SPARE 166973-001
386821-001386821001Compaq Refurbished 386821001 SW5450 Desktop Gigabit Switch
386S/20386S20Compaq Refurbished 386S20 DESKPRO 386S/20 COMPUTER
387089-001387089001Compaq Refurbished 387089001 ULTRA2 HARD DRIVE CAGE WITH BACKPLANE
387090-001387090001Compaq Refurbished 387090001 4-SLOT SCSI DRIVE CAGE SIMPLEX BACKPLANE BOARD
387113001Compaq Refurbished 387113-001 4.3GB 7200RPM Hard Drive W ULTR SC
387527-002387527002Compaq New 387527002 12" CD Audio Cable Deskpro SFF Small Form Factor PC Evo D500 D300
387590-001387590001Compaq New 387590001 Rack Mounting Face Plate Kit Professional Workstation AP5
387590001Compaq Refurbished 387590001 Rack Mounting Face Plate Kit Professional Workstation AP5
387661-001387661001Compaq Refurbished 387661001 18.5-Volt AC ADAPTER ARMADA M300/E500/M70
387937-B25387937B25Compaq Refurbished 387937B25 ARMADA 6 Cell MULTIBAY Battery
388084001Compaq Refurbished 388084-001 6.4GB IDE Hard Drive
388107-001388107001Compaq Refurbished 388107001 System Board ( Motherboard ) PRESARIO 5600 SERIES
388118-B21388118B21Compaq New 388118B21 Genuine 16.8GB IDE Smart II Ultra ATA Hard Drive DP EN EP Prosignia
388140001Compaq Refurbished 388140-001 18.2GB 7200RPM Hard Drive RPM SCA
388144-B21388144B21Compaq Refurbished 388144B21 HP Hard Drive 18.2GB PLUGGABLE WIDE ULTRA2 SCSI
388144-B22388144B22Compaq New 388144B22 Hard Drive 18.2GB PLUGGABLE WIDE ULTRA2 SCSI
388144-B22388144B22Compaq Refurbished 388144B22 Hard Drive 18.2GB PLUGGABLE WIDE ULTRA2 SCSI
388191-002388191002Compaq Refurbished Compaq 64MB PC100 PC100 100MHz 144-Pin SoDimm Memory Module for
388210-001388210001Compaq Refurbished 388210001 388210-001 9.1GB WIDE ULTRA2 7200RPM Hard Drive 68-Pin SCSI HARD DRI_
388211-001388211001Compaq Refurbished 388211001 9.2GB Wide Ultra 80-Pin SCA 7200RPM 3.5-Inch LP Low Profile hard drive
388249-102388249102Compaq Refurbished 388249102 Board Processor W/1394 FPP W/O Processor
388332-B21388332B21Compaq Refurbished 388332B21 Shared Storage RAID CR3500 Controller
388504-B21388504B21Compaq New 388504B21 AIT Tape Drive SCSI S/E 35GB/70GB Internal 5.25-Inch
388504-B21388504B21Compaq Refurbished 388504B21 AIT Tape Drive SCSI S/E 35GB/70GB Internal 5.25-Inch
388617-702388617702Compaq Refurbished 388617702 FLOPPY DRIVE PROLIANTNO BEZEL
388617-706388617706Compaq Refurbished 388617706 Floppy Drive Proliant No Bezel
388747-001388747001Compaq Refurbished 388747001 System Board ( Motherboard ) - Includes 366MHz processor
388770-001388770001Compaq Refurbished 388770001 CD-ROM FOR PROLIANT
388770-612388770612Compaq New 388770612 40X CD-ROM DRIVE TOP GUN BLUE BEZEL REV A01 CDR-8435
388770-612388770612Compaq Refurbished 388770612 40X CD-ROM DRIVE TOP GUN BLUE BEZEL REV A01 CDR-8435
388770-632388770632Compaq Refurbished 388770632 CD/40X IDE CD-ROM Drive CARBON
388836-306388836306Compaq Refurbished 388836306 DVD/DVD-ROM DRIVE-4X MAX SPEED
388870-001388870001Compaq Refurbished 388870001 Battery Pack Li-Ion6 Cell
389321-001389321001Compaq Refurbished 389321001 HP SYSTEM FAN PROLIANT DL140 G2 DL2
389830-001389830001Compaq New 389830B21 HP 525-Watts HOT PLUG POWER SUPPLY
389830-b21389830b21Compaq New 389830B21 525-Watts Power Supply
390151-003390151003Compaq Refurbished 390151003 HP nVidia Quadro FX 540 MXM 128MB Video Card 390151-003
390445-001390445001Compaq Refurbished 390445002 HP 60GB ATA 5400RPM bl30p/bl35p Hard DRIVE
390845-001390845001Compaq Refurbished 390845001 Used BuildupProLiant DL145 G2 2.2GHz/1MB Opteron DC 2GB 36
391187-001391187001Compaq New 391187001 DX2100 1.44MB Floppy Drive NEW 391187-001
391334-004391334004Compaq Refurbished 391334004 160GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive
391336-001391336001Compaq Refurbished 391336001 Hard Drive 80GB
391649-MD0391649MD0Compaq Refurbished 391649-MD0 24x24x24x Cd-Rw/Dvd Ide Drive
392004-001392004001Compaq Refurbished 392004001 80GB SATA-3GB`S 3.5-Inch 7200RPM Hard Drive
392254002Compaq Refurbished 392254003 E 392254-003 HP 146GB 15000RPM Non Hot Plug Hard Drive SAS 3.5-Inch Single Port H
392273001Compaq Refurbished 392273001 Processor P4 HT 3.0G 800 2MB 775-Pin
392557001Compaq Refurbished 392557001 Mini PCI 802.11b/g Titus WLAN card - Designed to work on b
392581-636392581636Compaq Refurbished 392581636 DVD CD-RW DRIVE SLIMLINE Notebook Laptop BLACK BEZEL
392607-001392607001Compaq New 392607001 ML370 G4 SAS HARD DRIVE CAGE Part Number: 392607-001
392607-001392607001Compaq Refurbished 392607001 ML370 G4 SAS HARD DRIVE CAGE Part Number: 392607-001
392609-001392609001Compaq New 392609001 DL380 G4 System Board ( Motherboard ) W/PROCESSOR CAGE SAS
393862-001393862001Compaq Refurbished 393862001 Matrox Millennium G550 PCI Dual DVI Video 393862-001
394349-001394349001Compaq Refurbished 394349001 14.1-inch WXGA TFT display panel - Features the glossy bright vi
395088-001395088001Compaq Refurbished 395088001 AMD OPTERON MODEL 275 DUAL-CORE PROCESSOR - 2.2GHZ 800-MHZ FRON
395296-001395296001Compaq Refurbished 395296001 60gb 9.5mm 4200RPM hard drive
396631001Compaq New 396631001 E W/ RAILS 396631-001 HP 0x2x16 KVM Console Switch
396631-001396631001Compaq Refurbished 396631001 E W/ RAILS 396631-001 HP 0x2x16 KVM Console Switch
396632001Compaq New 396632001 HP KVM CAT5 PS/2 INTERFACE APT
396632-001396632001Compaq Refurbished 396632001 HP KVM CAT5 PS/2 INTERFACE APT
397739001Compaq Refurbished 397739001 HP FC2142SR 1 Channel 4GB PCI FC Fibre Channel Fiber Channel Controller HBA ( Host Bus Adapter ) WINDOWS/LINUX
397816-B21397816B21Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 0854/2.8GHZ PROC FOR BL45P
398149-636398149636Compaq Refurbished 398149636 DVD DRIVE SLIMLINE BLACK BEZEL
398438-001398438001Compaq Refurbished 398438001 Backplane - SATA SATA/SAS
398648-001398648001Compaq New 398648001 Battery charger module - For HP Smart Array P400 P600 and P800 CLEI 648001BNOE 03/08/17 DG
398685-001398685001Compaq Refurbished 398685001 128MB PCIE PCI-Express VIDEO CARD DVI CONNECTOR
398705-051398705051Compaq Refurbished 512 MB FBD Fully Buffered DIMM PC2-5300 1 x 512 MB
398706051Compaq New 398706951 E 398706-951 HP 1GB PC5300F DDR2 Memory MODULE
399050-001399050001Compaq Refurbished 399050001 DL320S Hard Drive Backplane Board
399401-001399401001Compaq New CD-ROM drive Carbon Black color - 24X-max speed 68-pin connect
399403-001399403001Compaq New 399403001 IDE DVD-RW OPTICAL DISK DRIVE CARBONITE BLACK - 8X SPEED
399542B21Compaq Refurbished 399542B21 Proliant DL360 G5 700-Watts Power Supply
399548B21Compaq Refurbished 399548B21 E200I FIO CONTROLLER FOR DL360G5/365
399684-001399684001Compaq Refurbished HP ProLiant dl385g1 O 280 DC 2.4GHz 1MB 1GB SA6I CD nc7782 Rackm
399692-L21399692L21Compaq Refurbished 399692L21 DUAL CORE AMD OPT280/2.4GHZ/1MB PROCESSOR
353905-001353905001Compaq New TRIPP-LITE 12-OUTLET POWER STRIP 15AMP
3R-A0271-AA3RA0271AACompaq Refurbished 3RA0271AA 10GB 3.5-Inch IDE HARD DRIVE
3R-A0283-AA3RA0283AACompaq Refurbished 3RA0283AA 32X IDE CD-ROM READER DRIVE
3R-A0400-AA3RA0400AACompaq Refurbished 3RA0400AA 18.2GB SCA 80-Pin
3R-A0402-AA3RA0402AACompaq Refurbished 3RA0402AA 9GB 10000RPM Hard Drive Drives
3R-A0406-AA3RA0406AACompaq Refurbished 3RA0406AA 18.2GB SCSI 80-Pin HARDRIVE
3R-A0500-AA3RA0500AACompaq Refurbished 3RA0500AA 9.1GB WIDE-ULTRA2-SCSI 10000RPM Hard Drive
3R-A0585-AA3RA0585AACompaq Refurbished 3RA0585AA 18.2GB 10000RPM Hard Drive Ultra160 SCSI WIDE
3R-A0838-AA3RA0838AACompaq Refurbished 3RA0838AA 9Gb 68-Pin disk
3R-A0858-AA3RA0858AACompaq Refurbished 3RA0858AA 18.2GB Wide Ultra3 SCSI 10000RPM Hard Drive 80-Pin W/TRAY
3R-A0859-AA3RA0859AACompaq Refurbished 3RA0859AA 36.4GB 10000RPM Hard Drive WIDE ULTRA SCSI 80-Pin
3R-A0919-AA3RA0919AACompaq Refurbished 3RA0919AA HP 36.4GB ULTRA3 10000RPM Hard Drive 1 HOT PLUGGABLE
3R-A0920-AA3RA0920AACompaq Refurbished 3RA0920AA 9.1GB 7200RPM Hard Drive Wide Ultra SCSI
3R-A0921-AA3RA0921AACompaq Refurbished 3RA0921AA 18.2GB Wide UL2 7200RPM Hard Drive 80-Pin
3R-A0922-AA3RA0922AACompaq Refurbished 3RA0922AA 9.1GB Hard Drive WIDE ULTRA SCSI 7200K 68-Pin
3R-A0925-AA3RA0925AACompaq Refurbished 3RA0925AA Clean PullCompaq 18GB 10000RPM Ultra160 80-Pin SCA-2 SCSI Hard Drive 14267_
3R-A0926-AA3RA0926AACompaq Refurbished 3RA0926AA 36.4GB 10000RPM Hard Drive Ultra3 80-Pin Hot-Swap
3R-A0928-AA3RA0928AACompaq Refurbished 3RA0928AA 18.2GB WIDE Ultra160 SCSI 10000RPM Hard Drive
3RA0930AACompaq Refurbished 180732-001 9.1GB 10000RPM Hard Drive U3
3R-A0931-AA3RA0931AACompaq Refurbished 3RA0931AA Drive Hard Drive 18WU3 180P 10000RPM -SGT BD018635CC
3R-A0932-AA3RA0932AACompaq Refurbished 3RA0932AA 36.4GB U3 80-Pin 10000RPM Hard Drive HOT-PLUG
3RA0951AACompaq New Dec 3R-A0931-AA 18.2GB 10000RPM Hard Drive U2
3R-A0951-AA3RA0951AACompaq Refurbished Dec 3R-A0931-AA 18.2GB 10000RPM Hard Drive U2
3R-A0969-AA3RA0969AACompaq Refurbished 3RA0969AA 9.1-GBYTE 15000RPM U3 Hard Drive
3R-A0973-AA3RA0973AACompaq Refurbished 3RA0973AA 18.2GB PLUG W-ULTRA3 SCSI 15000RPM Hard Drive
3R-A1498AA3RA1498AACompaq New Compaq 72G U3 10K 1.6 W/ CARRIER 1.6
3R-A1543-AA3RA1543AACompaq Refurbished Dec 3R-A1498-AA 72.8gb 10000RPM Hard Drive U3
3R-A1656-AA3RA1656AACompaq Refurbished 3RA1656AA 30GB ATA Hard Drive
3R-A2407-AA3RA2407AACompaq New 3RA2407AA 35GB/70GB AIT Carbon Internal Tape Drive
3RA2408AACompaq New 35/70GB AIT-1 Ultra2 SCSI hot-plug tape drive Carbon Black colo
3R-A2493-AA3RA2493AACompaq New 3RA2493AA AIT 35GB/70GB SCSI SE LVD CARBON TAPE DRIVE Internal
3RA2503AACompaq Refurbished DEC 18.2GB 10000RPM Hard Drive U3 80-Pin
3R-A2988-AA3RA2988AACompaq Refurbished 3RA2988AA HP 36.4GB 10000RPM FC-AL 40-pin 2Gb Hard Drive
3R-A2989-AA3RA2989AACompaq Refurbished 3RA2989AA 72GB 10000RPM FC Fibre Channel Fiber Channel 40-P 2GBIT Hard Drive
3RA3027AACompaq New Dec 3R-A2989-AA 72GB 10000RPM Hard Drive Fibre Fiber Channel
3R-A3056-AA3RA3056AACompaq Refurbished 3RA3056AA 36.4GB 10000RPM Hard Drive WIDE ULTRA SCSI 80-Pin
3R-A3057-AA3RA3057AACompaq Refurbished 3RA3057AA 72GB 72.8GB 10000RPM Ultra160 SCSI Hard Drive
3R-A3058-AA3RA3058AACompaq Refurbished 3RA3058AA 18GB 10000RPM Ultra160 80-Pin SCA-2 SCSI Hard Drive 14267_
3R-A3059-AA3RA3059AACompaq Refurbished 3RA3059AA 36GB Ultra 3 10000RPM Hot plug Hard Drive 1/w tray
3R-A3066-AA3RA3066AACompaq Refurbished 3RA3066AA 18.2GB 10000RPM Hard Drive Ultra160 SCSI WIDE
3R-A3067-AA3RA3067AACompaq Refurbished 3RA3067AA 36.4GB hard drive FC Fibre Channel Fiber Channel w/tray
3R-A3135-AA3RA3135AACompaq Refurbished 3RA3135AA 18.2GB WIDE Ultra160 SCSI Hard Drive 10000RPM 1 HOT PLUG W/TRAY80-Pin
3R-A3136-AA3RA3136AACompaq Refurbished 3RA3136AA 36.4GB 10000RPM Hard Drive Hot-Swap 80-Pin 3.5-Inch LP Low Profile
3R-A3137-AA3RA3137AACompaq Refurbished 3RA3137AA 72GB 72.8GB 10000RPM Ultra160 SCSI Hard Drive
3R-A3200-AA3RA3200AACompaq Refurbished 3RA3200AA 18.2GB U3 15000RPM HOT-PLUG 80-Pin HARD DRIVE
3R-A3201-AA3RA3201AACompaq Refurbished 3RA3201AA 36.4GB ULTRA SCSI Hot Plug Hard Drive 15000RPM
3R-A3239-AA3RA3239AACompaq Refurbished 3RA3239AA 36GB hot-swap dual-port Fibre Fiber Channel FC Fibre Fiber Channel Fibre Fiber Channel hard drive - 10000 R
3R-A3260-AA3RA3260AACompaq Refurbished 3RA3260AA 72GB 10000RPM FC Fibre Channel Fiber Channel 40-P 2GBIT Hard Drive
3R-A3414-AA3RA3414AACompaq Refurbished 3RA3414AA 36.4GB 15000RPM Ultra SCSI-3 Hard Drive
3R-A3522-AA3RA3522AACompaq Refurbished 3RA3522AA 72GB 10000RPM Hard Drive WIDE ULTRA3
3R-A3626-AA3RA3626AACompaq New 3RA3626AA Conpaq/Sony AIT 100 AIT-3 HotPlug Drive 254543-001 3R-A3437-aa
3R-A3732-AA3RA3732AACompaq Refurbished 3RA3732AA E 3R-A3732-AA 20/40 DAT HOT PLUG TAPE DRIVE
3R-A3833-AA3RA3833AACompaq Refurbished 3RA3833AA 36.4GB 10000RPM WIDE ULTRA320 SCSI HARD DRIVE
3R-A3834-AA3RA3834AACompaq Refurbished 3RA3834AA 72.8GB Ultra320 10000RPM Hard Drive 80-Pin LP Low Profile Hot-Swap
3R-A3835-AA3RA3835AACompaq Refurbished 3RA3835AA 146.8GB U320 Hard Drive 10000RPM 1 UNIVERSAL
3R-A3843-AA3RA3843AACompaq Refurbished 3RA3843AA 36GB 15000RPM SCSI-U3 80-Pin Hard Drive
3R-A3845-AA3RA3845AACompaq Refurbished 3RA3845AA 18.2GB 80-Pin 15000RPM Ultra320 SCSI Hard Drive
3RA3846AACompaq Refurbished HP 36.4GB 10000RPM Ultra320 Universal Hot-Swap Hard Drive
3RA3847AACompaq Refurbished Dec 3R-A3846-AA 36GB 15000RPM Hard Drive Ultra320
3R-A3969-AA3RA3969AACompaq Refurbished Dec 3R-A3846-AA Fiber Channel Drive 36gb Hard Drive 15000RPM (Fibre Channel )
3R-A3973-AA3RA3973AACompaq Refurbished 3RA3973AA HP 72GB 10000RPM Hard Drive Fibre Fiber CHANNEL Hot-Swap DRIVE
3RA3974-AA3RA3974AACompaq Refurbished 3RA3974AA 146GB FC Fibre Channel Fiber Channel 10000RPM Hard Drive Hot-Plug drive
3R-A4027-AA3RA4027AACompaq Refurbished 3RA4027AA 36.4GB HARD DRIVE Ultra320 SCSI 10000RPM
3R-A4028-AA3RA4028AACompaq Refurbished 3RA4028AA 72.8GB universal hot-plug Ultra320 SCSI hard drive - 10000RPM 80
3R-A4029-AA3RA4029AACompaq Refurbished 3RA4029AA 146GB Hard Drive Ultra320 Hot-Plug SCSI in tray
3R-A4140-AA3RA4140AACompaq Refurbished 3RA4140AA 36.4GB Ultra320 15000RPM Hard Drive 80-Pin BARE DRIVE
3R-A4141-AA3RA4141AACompaq Refurbished 3RA4141AA 72GB 15000RPM Ultra320 Hot-Swap Hard Drive
3R-A4145-AA3RA4145AACompaq Refurbished 3RA4145AA 73GB 15000RPM Hard Drive Ultra320 Hot-Swap
3R-A4146-AA3RA4146AACompaq Refurbished 3RA4146AA 36.4GB 10000RPM WIDE Ultra160 SCSI HARD DRIVE
3R-A4147-AA3RA4147AACompaq Refurbished 3RA4147AA 72.8GB 10000RPM ULTRA320 SCSI Hard Drive
3R-A4409-AA3RA4409AACompaq Refurbished Hewlett Packard Hard Drive Internal
3R-A4503-AA3RA4503AACompaq Refurbished 3RA4503AA HP 72GB 10000RPM Hard Drive Fibre Fiber CHANNEL Hot-Swap DRIVE
3R-A4791-AA3RA4791AACompaq Refurbished 3RA4791AA 72GB 15000RPM FC Fibre Channel Fiber Channel 40-PN 2GBIT Hard Drive
3R-A5093-AA3RA5093AACompaq Refurbished 3RA5093AA 146GB Ultra320 10000RPM SCSI Hot Plug Hard Drive W/TR
3R-A5156-AA3RA5156AACompaq Refurbished 3RA5156AA 72.8GB 10000RPM ULTRA320 SCSI Hard Drive
3RA5158AACompaq New 3RA5158AA 300GB SCSI-HOTPLUG 3.5-Inch 3H 10000RPM Hard Drive Ultra320
3R-A5232-AA3RA5232AACompaq Refurbished 3RA5232AA 72.8GB 10000RPM ULTRA320 SCSI Hard Drive
3R-A6179-AA3RA6179AACompaq Refurbished 3RA6179AA 72.8GB Ultra320 10000RPM Hard Drive 80-Pin LP Low Profile Hot-Swap
3R-A6181-AA3RA6181AACompaq New 3RA6181AA 300GB 80-Pin hard drive
3RA6187AACompaq New 3RA6187AA /HP 146GB 15000RPM Ultra320 PLUGGABLE HARD DRIVE
3R-A6187-AA3RA6187AACompaq Refurbished 3RA6187AA /HP 146GB 15000RPM Ultra320 PLUGGABLE HARD DRIVE
3R-A6403-AA3RA6403AACompaq Refurbished 3RA6403AA 73GB Hard Drive 10000RPM U320
3RA6405AACompaq New DEC 72.8gb 10000RPM Hard Drive Ultra320 80-Pin
353905-001353905001Compaq Refurbished TRIPP-LITE 12-OUTLET POWER STRIP 15AMP
3R-A6410-AA3RA6410AACompaq Refurbished 3RA6410AA 73GB 15000RPM Ultra320 Hot-Swap Hard Drive
3R-A6411-AA3RA6411AACompaq New 3RA6411AA HP 146GB 15000RPM Ultra320 PLUGGABLE HARD DRIVE .
3R-A6411-AA3RA6411AACompaq Refurbished 3RA6411AA HP 146GB 15000RPM Ultra320 PLUGGABLE HARD DRIVE .
3R-A6417-AA3RA6417AACompaq Refurbished 3RA6417AA 146.8GB 15000RPM Ultra320 Universal Hard Drive 80 Pins W/ Tray
3RA6419AACompaq Refurbished DEC 72.8gb 10000RPM Hard Drive Ultra320 80-Pin
3X-DE600-AA3XDE600AACompaq Refurbished 3XDE600AA 10/100Base-T PCI ETHERNET CARD
3XKN72CABCompaq Refurbished QUADRICS QS32A 32-Port SWITCH
3X-KN8AA-AA3XKN8AAAACompaq Refurbished 3XKN8AAAA 731MHZ GS80/160/320 CPU
3XMS310DACompaq Refurbished QUADRICS QS32A 32-Port SWITCH
231450-001231450001Compaq Refurbished MULTIBAY EXPANSION UNIT PN: 231450-001
400046-B21400046B21Compaq New 400046B21 PLA/PS72 Scsi Cable/e/I all
400046-B21400046B21Compaq Refurbished 400046B21 68-Pin SCSI Internal to External Cable Black Proliant ML
400287-001400287001Compaq Refurbished 400287001 / DEC AC Power Distribution 2ns optional PS unit for 1200
400293001Compaq Refurbished 400293001 HP Cooling Rear Fan Blue Storageworks Raid Array 8000 /
400295-001400295001Compaq Refurbished 400295001 HSX80 Cache Board for Fibre Fiber Channel RAID Array 8000
400299-001400299001Compaq Refurbished 400299001 PVA Module Fibre Fiber Channel Raid Arrray 8000 / ESA 12000
400336-001400336001Compaq New Server Console Switch 1 x 4-port 100 to 230 VAC
400336-001400336001Compaq Refurbished 400336001 Server Console Switch 1 x 4-Port 100-230 VAC
400337-001400337001Compaq New 400337001 HP 8-Port 1U KB/Monitor SWITCH WITH RAILS
400337-001400337001Compaq Refurbished 400337001 1x8 -Port Server Console Switch 100-230 VAC KVM comple
400337-B31400337B31Compaq New 400337B31 8-Port KVM Switch clean used w/ 1U rails
400337-B31400337B31Compaq Refurbished 400337B31 8-Port KVM Switch clean used w/ 1U rails
400338-001400338001Compaq New 400338001 2X8 KVM SERVER CONSOLE SWITCH BOX Part Number: 400338-001
400338-001400338001Compaq Refurbished 400338001 2X8 KVM SERVER CONSOLE SWITCH BOX Part Number: 400338-001
400514-002400514002Compaq New 400514002 Carepaq Portables 9HR x 5 3 Year
400542-B21400542B21Compaq Refurbished 400542B21 2x 8-Port KVM - RETAIL!!!
400739-B21400739B21Compaq New 400739B21 18.2GB ULTRA WIDE SCSI
400739-B21400739B21Compaq Refurbished 400739B21 18.2GB ULTRA WIDE SCSI
400740-B21400740B21Compaq New 400740B21 36.4GB Hard Drive SCSI U3 1.6-Inch 7K
400740-B21400740B21Compaq Refurbished 400740B21 36.4GB Hard Drive SCSI U3 1.6-Inch 7K
400805-001400805001Compaq Refurbished 400805001 DP EN P2 System Board ( Motherboard ) W/O TRAY
400807-001400807001Compaq Refurbished 400807001 40x IDE CD-R ALL beige bezel sealed box
400808-B24400808B24Compaq New 400808B24 Compaq MP1600 Projector Microportable sps without Lamp Module P
400838-001400838001Compaq New 400838001 Rail Kit 6400R DL580 ML570 ML350 G2 HARDWARE KIT OP
400865-001400865001Compaq Refurbished 400865001 9.1GB HOT-PLUG 7200RPM WIDE ULTRA SCSI-3 Hard Drive
400867-001400867001Compaq Refurbished 400867001 Hard Drive SCSI 18.2GB 3.5-Inch 80-Pin LP Low Profile
400983-005400983005Compaq New 400983005 CABLE ASSEMBLY ULTRA 68VHD 5M/
401026-001401026001Compaq New 401026001 BATTERY NiMH Nickel Metal Hydride 4.8-Volt mounted on Board for dl585 server
401026-001401026001Compaq Refurbished 401026001 BATTERY NiMH Nickel Metal Hydride 4.8-Volt mounted on Board for dl585 server
401027-001401027001Compaq New 401027001 4.8-Volt Battery Backed Write Cache Enabler
401095-001401095001Compaq Refurbished 401095001 AC Adapter
401097-001401097001Compaq New 401097001 DVD Drive Internal for Armada 1500c series Notebooks
401231-001401231001Compaq Refurbished 401231001 1150/500-Watts Hot Plug N + 1 RPS Redundant Power Supply for ProLiant 8000 8500
401268-B21401268B21Compaq Refurbished 401268B21 P3 500MHZ/512K PROCESSOR KIT P3 500Mhz SLOT 1 512K
401529-001401529001Compaq Refurbished 401529001 BACKPLANE 2 BAY SCSI W/ CAGE
401663-001401663001Compaq Refurbished 401663001 AIT Tape Drive SCSI S/E 35GB/70GB Internal 5.25-Inch
401664-001401664001Compaq Refurbished 401664001 AIT 35GB/70GB SCSI SE LVD OPAL TAPE DRIVE External
401858-001401858001Compaq Refurbished 401858001 HP 3 CHANNEL ULTRA2 ARRAY 4250
401859Compaq Refurbished 401859-001
401859-001401859001Compaq Refurbished 401859001 Smart Array 4200 RAID Controller 4 Channel 401859-001
401885-B21401885B21Compaq New 401885B21 Compaq Genuine DVD Drive for Armada 1500c Series
401893-001401893001Compaq Refurbished 401893001 HARD DRIVE CAGE LVD 6 DRIVE
401918-001401918001Compaq Refurbished 401918001 Host Bus Adapter Board Optical for Fibre Fiber Channel Raid Arr_
401963-001401963001Compaq Refurbished HP DP EPSB Intel 810 System Board ( Motherboard )
402143-001402143001Compaq Refurbished 402143001 AC ADAPTER FOR: IPAQ / AERO 1500 PALM PC AERO 2100 PALM
402229-001402229001Compaq Refurbished 402229001 18.2GB ULTRA WIDE SCSI STORAGEWORKS 10000RPM HARD DRIVE
402230001Compaq Refurbished 402230001 DLT-7000 Library Ready Tape Drive by . the 402230-001 has
402355-001402355001Compaq Refurbished 402355001 10/100Base-T LAN PCI ENETcard - With wake on LAN
402374-B21402374B21Compaq New 402374B21 Cleaning Cartridge
402570-001402570001Compaq New 402570001 3-CHANNEL RAID CR3500 Controller Board.
402570-001402570001Compaq Refurbished 402570001 3-CHANNEL RAID CR3500 Controller Board.
402571-001402571001Compaq Refurbished 402571001 CL SERIES KEYBOARD MOUSE VIDEO BOARD 2-Port
402833-862402833862Compaq Refurbished 402833862 128MB RDRAM Memory Rambus PC800 45ns ECC for Power Supply AP240 250 550 SP750
402835-664402835664Compaq New 402835664 256MB 600Mhz ECC Memory RDRAM Rambus
403008-001403008001Compaq Refurbished AMD Opteron 280 dual core processor - 2.4GHz 2MB for bl25
403049-001403049001Compaq New 403049001 HP Ultra320 SCSI CONTROLLER 20320R PCI
403435-B21403435B21Compaq Refurbished 403435B21 BL465c CTO Chassis
403827-001403827001Compaq Refurbished 403827001 Compaq Presario V5000 Notebook Laptop Heatsink 403827-001
404394-001404394001Compaq Refurbished 404394001 LIKE 72.8GB 15000RPM HARD DRIVE Fibre Fiber IN Hot-Swap TRAY
404396-002404396002Compaq Refurbished 404396002 300GB 15000RPM Hard Drive FC Fibre Channel Fiber Channel
404670002Compaq Refurbished 404670014 HP 300GB 15000RPM Hard Drive Ultra320 SCSI 3.5-Inch LP Low Profile 1-inch HPL Universal
404670003Compaq Refurbished 404670014 HP 300GB 15000RPM Hard Drive Ultra320 SCSI 3.5-Inch LP Low Profile 1-inch HPL Universal
404670-004404670004Compaq Refurbished 404670014 HP 300GB 15000RPM Hard Drive Ultra320 SCSI 3.5-Inch LP Low Profile 1-inch HPL Universal
404670-006404670006Compaq New 404670006 HP 146GB 15000RPM Ultra320 PLUGGABLE HARD DRIVE .
404670-006404670006Compaq Refurbished 404670006 HP 146GB 15000RPM Ultra320 PLUGGABLE HARD DRIVE .
404707B21Compaq Refurbished 404707B21 HP Proliant BL480c CTO Blade
404713001Compaq Refurbished HP Compaq 404713-001 72.8 GB,Internal,15000 RPM,3.5" Hard Drive
404714-001404714001Compaq Refurbished HP 404714001 36.4GB Ultra320 15000Rpm Hot-Plug 1-inch Hard Drive with Tray
404747-001404747001Compaq Refurbished 404747001 LIKE 72.8GB 15000RPM HARD DRIVE Fibre Fiber IN Hot-Swap TRAY
405162B21Compaq Refurbished 405162B21 P400 SAS controller w/ 512MB cache
405831-001405831001Compaq Refurbished 405831-001 P400 512MB PCIe x8 SAS Controller Card
405835-001405835001Compaq Refurbished HP SA P400 Controller cache module -512MB 2x72 DDR memory DL38
405872-001405872001Compaq Refurbished 405872001 DC5100/DX6120 300-Watts POWER SUPPLY
4061-001191-0024061001191002Compaq Refurbished 4061001191002 3.5-Inch IDE HARD DRIVE 4.3GB
4061-001193-0004061001193000Compaq Refurbished 4061001193000 9GB SCA 10000RPM Hard Drive ULTRA WIDE
406771B21Compaq Refurbished 406771B21 HP Mezzanine NC326M Gigabit Ethernet 2P BL260 BL460 BL465 BL480 BL685
407799-001407799001Compaq New 407799001 Presario V5000 Series 1280x800 WXGA 15.4-Inch TFT Active Matrix Display Screen
408297-001408297001Compaq New 408297001 System Board ( Motherboard ) DL145 dual AMD 252 Processor
408791-001408791001Compaq Refurbished 408791001 fan board DL380 G5
409023-B21409023B21Compaq Refurbished 409023B21 DL140 G3 CTO SATA Chassis
409488-001409488001Compaq Refurbished 409488001 DL360 G4 SATA System Board ( Motherboard )
409725-001409725001Compaq Refurbished 409725001 HP BL25p Backplane
409977-001409977001Compaq New 409977001 HP NW9440 NX9420 17-inch 1920 x 1200 WUXGA TFT Active Matrix Display Screen
40M030600Compaq Refurbished System Board ( Motherboard ) pulled from Presario 1020 Notebook Laptop
40M03060400E00Compaq Refurbished System Board ( Motherboard ) pulled from Presario 1020 Notebook Laptop
410300-001410300001Compaq Refurbished 410300001 PCA - OTHER SPS-BD BCKPLN Hard Drive FOR BL460C
410301-001410301001Compaq Refurbished MECHANICAL PARTS : SPS-CAGEDRVW/FRNT BEZEL for bl460
410916B21Compaq Refurbished 410916B21 3020 blade switch module
410977-001410977001Compaq Refurbished 410977001 64 BIT PCI RAID CONTROLLER ULTRA320
411026001Compaq Refurbished 411026001 POWER BUTTON SWITCH BOARD - WITH LED INDICATOR
411041001Compaq New 411041001 MODULAR SMART ARRAY 1000 MSA1000 CONTROLLER - WIDE ULTRA3 RAID
411048-001411048001Compaq Refurbished 411048001 MSA1000 REDUNDANT CONTROLLER 256MB
411056-001411056001Compaq New 411056001 HP 4-port Ultra320 SCSI shared storage module - For Modular Smar
411094-001411094001Compaq Refurbished 411094001 DL145 G2 OPTERON 2.6GHZ/1MB 2GB 36GB Ultra320
412140-b21412140b21Compaq New Enterprise BLC7000 Enclosure Single Fan Kit
412206-001412206001Compaq Refurbished 412206001 Smart Array P400i SAS controller
412651-001412651001Compaq Refurbished 412651001 INTEL NC360T PCIE PCI-Express 2-PORT GIGABIT 1000BASE-T SERVER NIC ( Network Interface Card ) ADAPTER
412774001Compaq Refurbished 60GB 5400RPM Hard Drive SATA 9.5MM 1.8"
413385-001413385001Compaq Refurbished Memory DIMM : 1.0GB PC2-3200 DDR2 SDRAM DIMM memory module
413486-001413486001Compaq Refurbished 413486-001 HP Smart Array E200 Controller cache module 128-MB with battery
413978-001413978001Compaq Refurbished Fan : Fan assembly - 92mm ml350g5
413996-001413996001Compaq New 413996001 COMPAQ BLC7000 ENCLOSURE SINGLE FAN OPT
414109-B21414109B21Compaq Refurbished 414109B21 DL385 G2 CTO chassis
416106-001416106001Compaq Refurbished 416106001 1GB RAM module Memory PC3200
416155-001416155001Compaq Refurbished 416155001 HP SC44Ge Host Bus Adapter
416425001Compaq Refurbished 416425001 System Board ( Motherboard ) for Proliant BL20P G4 Blade Server
416471001Compaq New 416471001 HP 1GB 667Mhz DDR2 PC2-5300 Memory
416473001Compaq Refurbished 416473001 HP 4GB 667MHZ DDR2 PC5300 REGISTERED
DPS-200PB-129DPS200PB129Compaq Refurbished POWER SUPPLY SERIES ESP116 195W 234075-001 228373-001
417182001Compaq Refurbished 417182001 DVD/RW SLIM COMBO DRIVE
417788-001417788001Compaq New 417788001 SCSI module MSA1501
418266-001418266001Compaq Refurbished 418266001 120GB 5400RPM SATA HARD DRIVE W/ FRAME 2.5-Inch
418269-001418269001Compaq Refurbished INTERFACE BOARD : SPS-BD SYSTEM I/O
418862-001418862001Compaq Refurbished 418862001 80GB 5400RPM sata Hard Drive for NC6400 Notebook Laptop 2.5-Inch
418888-001418888001Compaq Refurbished HP Compaq NC6400 LCD Inverter Board 418888-001
418910-001418910001Compaq Refurbished 418910001 NC6400 KEYBOARD Assembly.
419110-001419110001Compaq Refurbished 419110001 nc4400 Notebook Laptop PC IDS CTO Base Unit
419540-001419540001Compaq Refurbished 419540001 Opteron 8218 DC2.6 DL585
419620001Compaq Refurbished 419620001 DL585G2 Backplane Board POWER SUPPLY
41M030600Compaq Refurbished System Board ( Motherboard ) pulled from Presario 1020 Notebook Laptop
293532-001293532001Compaq Refurbished Compaq SDLT320 LVD w/tray for MSL5000
241567-003241567003Compaq New 110/220GB SUPER DIGITAL LINEAR TAPE SDLT TAPE DRIVE - 110/220
258266-001258266001Compaq New 160/320GB SDLT-2 INTERNAL SCSI LVD/SE TAPE DRIVE
258267-001258267001Compaq Refurbished 258267001 160GB/320GB SDLT Super DLT Tape Drive External CARBON
280279-002280279002Compaq New 40/80GB DLT VS80 Low Voltage Differential/Single-Ended LVD/SE
252029-001252029001Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 100/200GB AIT INTERNAL LVD TAPE DRIVE PN: 252029-001
331225-001331225001Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 200/400GB LTO TAPE SCSI-U320-LVD LDR MSL6000
424615-002424615002Compaq Refurbished 424615002 AXL300 ACCELERATOR PCI CARD
231669-001231669001Compaq New 40/80GB SCSI/SE/LVD DLT8000 INT LOADER WITH TRAY FOR MSL5000 SER
3300Compaq Refurbished 15/30b DLT External Tape backup
241567-003241567003Compaq Refurbished 110/220GB SUPER DIGITAL LINEAR TAPE SDLT TAPE DRIVE - 110/220
280279-001280279001Compaq New HP 40/80GB DLT VS80 Low Voltage Differential/Single-Ended LVD Internal Tape Drive
242689-003242689003Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ T1500VA 120V NEW BATTERIES 1 YR WARRANTY
242690-003242690003Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ T1500VA 120V NEW BATTERIES 1 YR WARRANTY
365062-001365062001Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ ML350 G4 System Board ( Motherboard ) W/CAGE
258266-001258266001Compaq Refurbished 160/320GB SDLT-2 INTERNAL SCSI LVD/SE TAPE DRIVE
280279-001280279001Compaq Refurbished HP 40/80GB DLT VS80 Low Voltage Differential/Single-Ended LVD Internal Tape Drive
430169001Compaq Refurbished 430169002 HP 72GB 15000RPM Hard Drive SAS 2.5-Inch SFF Small Form Factor PLUGGABLE/
430447-001430447001Compaq Refurbished 430447001 DL385 G2 System Board ( Motherboard )
430548-001430548001Compaq Refurbished 430548001 CARD NC326M PCIE PCI-Express DUAL PORT MULTIFUNCTION 1GB MEZZANINE
430818-B21430818B21Compaq Refurbished 430818B21 X7120M Dual Core 3Ghz
430956-001430956001Compaq Refurbished 430956001 NVIDIA QUADRO 128MB PCI ESPRESS NVS 285 VIDEO CARD DVI
431407001Compaq Refurbished 431407001 120GB 9.5MM 5400RPM SATA Notebook Laptop HARD DRIVE
122873-005122873005Compaq Refurbished Compaq 12/24GB Sony SDT9000 DDS-3 4mm
262587-B21262587B21Compaq New Compaq PS/2 IP Console Interface Adapter 8pk Adapter
434462-001434462001Compaq Refurbished 434462001 Cable SATA BLUE SHORT
435247-001435247001Compaq Refurbished 435247001 435247-001- LTO-3 Half Height w/sled for 1/8 autoloader
435457-b21435457b21Compaq Refurbished 435457b21 BL460c E5320 1.86GHz /2gb
436151-001436151001Compaq Refurbished 436151001 E5320 Quad core Processor
262587-B21262587B21Compaq Refurbished Compaq PS/2 IP Console Interface Adapter 8pk Adapter
436526-001436526001Compaq Refurbished 436526001 System Board ( Motherboard ) DL380 G5 QD CR
199513-001199513001Compaq Refurbished 535MB 50PIN SCSI HARD DRIVE
360332-003360332003Compaq New DL360G4/dl360G5/dl365/dl140g3 Rack Mount kit
242689-001242689001Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ T1000VA 120V NEW BATTERIES 1 YR WARRANTY
438872001Compaq Refurbished 438872001 AMD Opteron 8220 Dual-Core Processor
439749-001439749001Compaq Refurbished 439749001 2.8Ghz DC AMD OPTERON MODEL 2220
213843002Compaq Refurbished HEATSINK W/ FAN DESKPRO
360332-003360332003Compaq Refurbished DL360G4/dl360G5/dl365/dl140g3 Rack Mount kit
366024-001366024001Compaq Refurbished RSTRD 366024-001N SPS-DRV HD 146GB 15K 1 FC
366023-001366023001Compaq Refurbished 366023-001 300GB 10K FCL 2GBIT DUAL PORT HOT-PLUGGABLE HARD DRIVE
366023-002366023002Compaq Refurbished 366023-002 300GB FC 10K DUAL PORT HARD DRIVE
361038-B21361038B21Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 2GB PC2700 DDR MEM KIT 2X1
293556-B22293556B22Compaq Refurbished DD/HV/COMPAQ/146GB FC 10K HOT PLUG HARD DISK MODULE
441823-001441823001Compaq Refurbished 441823001 SMART ARRAY P400 CONTROLLER BOARD DL5XX
241427-001241427001Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ EVO LAPTOP KEYBOARD 229660-001 241427-001
343057-B21343057B21Compaq Refurbished 343057-B21 4GB 2X2GB PC2-3200 MEMORY KIT
351126-001351126001Compaq Refurbished 300GB 10K RPM U320 80-PIN SCSI HOTSWAP Hard Drive si
404701-001404701001Compaq Refurbished Hp 404701-001 300gb Scsi U320 10k Rpm Hard Drive
444813-001444813001Compaq Refurbished 444813001 Power Supply BATTERY SPS-P/SGEN250WPFCDX2300
446404-001446404001Compaq Refurbished 446404001 6910p 64MB VRAM System Motherboard
447029-001447029001Compaq Refurbished HP SCSI SAS/Serial ATA SATA Smart Array P400 controller - 25
447430-001447430001Compaq Refurbished 447430001 SC40GE HOST BUS ADAPTER
447431-001447431001Compaq Refurbished Compaq / HP 447431-001 Controllers Sas-sata 4 Channel
448625-001448625001Compaq Refurbished 448625001 HEATSINK FAN Assembly
347708-B22347708B22Compaq Refurbished 146.8GB universal hot-plug Ultra320 SCSI hard drive - 15000 RPM
347779-001347779001Compaq Refurbished 146.8GB universal hot-plug Ultra320 SCSI hard drive - 15000 RPM
404712-001404712001Compaq Refurbished 146.8GB universal hot-plug Ultra320 SCSI hard drive - 15000 RPM
403781-001403781001Compaq Refurbished 403781-001 Power Supply 1000-Watts Hot Plug Proliant DL350/380/ML370 G5
293556-B21293556B21Compaq Refurbished 146GB hot-swap dual-port Fiber Channel FC hard drive - 10 000
309521-001309521001Compaq Refurbished 128MB battery backed write cache BBWC memory board - 72-bit DD
202170-B21202170B21Compaq New 1024MB PC1600 Registered ECC SDRAM Memory Kit 4 x 256 MB
286716-B22286716B22Compaq Refurbished 286716-B22 146.8GB universal hot-plug Ultra320 SCSI hard drive
305414-001305414001Compaq New Smart Array 641 Ultra320 Controller with 64MB cache - 64-bit 133
410299-001410299001Compaq New HP BL460C G1 DC SYSTEM BOARD
242606-001242606001Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 4.3GB WIDE U-SCSI HARD DISK
283384-001283384001Compaq New StorageWorks FCA2214 2Gbps 133MHz PCI-X to fiber channel host bu
286778-B22286778B22Compaq Refurbished 286778-B22 72.8GB 15K SCSI U320 Hard Drive
404708-001404708001Compaq Refurbished 404708-001 146.8 GB Ultra 320 SCSI 10K RPM Hot Plug U320 Hard Drive
400285-001400285001Compaq Refurbished DS-HSG80-XX HSG80 GIG card with Flash BG-RKEGB-BA
202170-B21202170B21Compaq Refurbished 1024MB PC1600 Registered ECC SDRAM Memory Kit 4 x 256 MB
307132-001307132001Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 307132-001 3.6V NIMH 500MAH CACHE BATTERY FOR 641 / 642 C
404709-001404709001Compaq Refurbished HP 72.8 GB ULTRA320 SCSI 15K RPM Hot Plug U320 SAL#: 286714-B22
452459-001452459001Compaq Refurbished HP Proliant DL580 G5 452459-001 Xeon 2.4Ghz Quad Core SLA77 CPU Kit 453834-001
452460-001452460001Compaq Refurbished 452460001 HP Intel Xeon MP Quad-core E7320 2.13GHz - Spare Processor
452973-001452973001Compaq Refurbished 452973001 HP LTO-4 Ultrium Tape Drive Internal
358347-B21358347B21Compaq Refurbished 512MB 1 X 512MB 333MHZ PC2700 ECC DDR
290558-001290558001Compaq Refurbished 290558-001 INTEL XEON PROCESSOR - 2.40GHZ PRESTONIA 400MHZ FRONT SIDE BUS
406442-001406442001Compaq Refurbished 406442001 400W Power Supply Hot Plug (with power factor correction (PFC)) 100-120V/220-240V for MSA20 1500cs 1510i 6000 6105 6109 6510 6518 6870 Virtual Library EVA8000 8100 Array systems
300678-B21300678B21Compaq New Compaq 512MB2 X 256MB PC2100 DL380 G3 ML370 G3 Only Kit
454512-001454512001Compaq Refurbished 454512001
BD30088279Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 300GB U320 SCSI 10000RPM HARD DRIVE
287495-B21287495B21Compaq New COMPAQ 256MB of Advanced ECC PC2100 DDR SDRAM DIMM Memory Kit 1
305414-001305414001Compaq Refurbished Smart Array 641 Ultra320 Controller with 64MB cache - 64-bit 133
236852-B21236852B21Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 256MB SDRAM 133MHz MEMORY
242560-001242560001Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ NETELLIGENT 10/100 PCI UTP DUAL PORT NETWORK
300678-B21300678B21Compaq Refurbished Compaq 512MB2 X 256MB PC2100 DL380 G3 ML370 G3 Only Kit
283384-001283384001Compaq Refurbished StorageWorks FCA2214 2Gbps 133MHz PCI-X to fiber channel host bu
287495-B21287495B21Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 256MB of Advanced ECC PC2100 DDR SDRAM DIMM Memory Kit 1
359241-001359241001Compaq Refurbished 512MB 400MHz PC2-3200 registered DDR2-SDRAM DIMM memory modul
359242-001359242001Compaq Refurbished 1GB 400MHz PC2-3200R DDR2 SDRAM 1.50V registered dual in-line me
397409-B21397409B21Compaq Refurbished 1GB 2X512MB PC2-5300 DDR2 MEMORY
397411-B21397411B21Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 2 GB FBD PC2-5300 2 x 1 GB Kit
366300-001366300001Compaq Refurbished PC Board : Power button switch board - With LED indicator
266509-001266509001Compaq New COMPAQ Combo Pack includes Quick Connect and AC Adapter for Hand
314933-677314933677Compaq Refurbished Compaq CRN-8245B Slim CD-Rom With Beige Bezel 314933-677
010284-001010284001Compaq Refurbished 010284001 INTEGRATED SMART ARRAY RAID CONTROLLER WITH 16MB CACHE FOR Proliant
462427-001462427001Compaq New 462427001 Presario F700 Series 15.4-Inch 1280x800 WXGA TFT lapty
011003-003011003003Compaq Refurbished 011003003 DL380 G2/G4 Smart Array 5i Controller
011773-001011773001Compaq Refurbished Array 6402 128MB DDR memory with battery backed write cache
468406-B21468406B21Compaq Refurbished HP 468406-B21 24 Bay PCIe SAS Expander Card
166896-001166896001Compaq Refurbished CPQ DP 2/4/6000 24X IDE CD ROM
470034-608470034608Compaq Refurbished 470034608 20GB IDE DRIVE VQ20A492-01-N
470063-207470063207Compaq Refurbished 470063207 ML100G2 3.0GHZ CPU
4715KL-04W-B464715KL04WB46Compaq Refurbished 4715KL04WB46 Proliant Fan Assembly 283619-001FCMPNMB 4715KL-04W-B46 12VDC 0.90A
4715KL04WB59Compaq Refurbished 4715KL04WB59 Cooling Fan 120mm
480075-001480075001Compaq Refurbished 480075001 Motherboard system board with flat panel support - Does not i
480082-001480082001Compaq Refurbished 480082001 This 480082-001 is a 375-Watts PFC ( Power Factor Correction ) power supply with an input of
480083-001480083001Compaq New 480083001 ML370 HOT PLUG RPS Redundant Power Supply
480093-001480093001Compaq New 480093001 256MB HP/ SDRAM Memory 100MHZ DIMM 480093-001
480093-001480093001Compaq Refurbished 480093001 256MB HP/ SDRAM Memory 100MHZ DIMM 480093-001
48025Compaq Refurbished 24X CD-ROM DRIVE
48104Compaq Refurbished Power supply pulled from Deskpro 286
108950-047108950047Compaq Refurbished CABLE/COMPAQ IDE ULTRA ATA HARD DRIVE/CD-ROM CABLE
494282-001494282001Compaq Refurbished 494282001 System Board ( Motherboard ) UMA PRESARIO CQ
121964-001121964001Compaq Refurbished KBD/COMPAQ/ENHANCED PS/2 KEYBOARD
4D080H4Compaq Refurbished Hard Drive 80GB MAXTOR 4D080H4 24A 12A 33C DAH017K0 244184-002 NGB
123479-001123479001Compaq Refurbished Single-port Ultra2 SCSI controller module standard version
135083-001135083001Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 32X CD ROM
135555-001135555001Compaq New 135555001 Universal. Battery Charger retail
142672-B21142672B21Compaq Refurbished 9.1GB Wide Ultra3 SCSI hard drive - 10000 RPM 1.0-inch 68 PIN/
142766-001142766001Compaq Refurbished POWER CORD BLACK - 18 AWG 1.8M 6.2FT LONG - HAS STRAIGHTF
144578-001144578001Compaq Refurbished Dual channel Ultra160 SCSI controller card - Has two external ve
152189-001152189001Compaq Refurbished 9.1GB Wide Ultra3 SCSI hard drive - 10000 RPM 1.0-inch 68 PIN.
153554-001153554001Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ PROLIANT 1850R PIII/600/128MB
507690-001507690001Compaq Refurbished 507690001 PRL DL380G6 SFF SAS BACKPLANE
161291-001161291001Compaq Refurbished 161291001 The 161291 provides two channels of Ultra SCSI connectivity for
165139-001165139001Compaq Refurbished Hard Drive 10G WD INVDXL 7200 DPS
166298-026166298026Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ SCSI CABLE PORT 2
166526-001166526001Compaq Refurbished 4.3GB ULTRA SCSI HARD DRIVE - 3.5-INCH FORM FACTOR 1.0-INCH HIGH
167926-001167926001Compaq Refurbished 36.4GB Wide Ultra3 SCSI hard drive 10000 RPM 68 PIN- 3.5-inch f
169093-001169093001Compaq Refurbished PARTS/BD/SPS-BD PROCESSOR BOARD W/P54C90
173837-001173837001Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 173837-001 PROLIANT DL360 PENTIUM DUAL MOTHERBOARD
174881-B21174881B21Compaq Refurbished 174881B21 X866 PENTIUM III 256K XEON PROCESSOR OPTION KIT
177984-001177984001Compaq Refurbished 72.8GB hot-plug Wide Ultra3 SCSI hard drive - 10 000 RPM - Inclu
180478-001180478001Compaq Refurbished 10.2GB 7.2K RPM 3.5 IDE HARD DRIVE
180726-004180726004Compaq Refurbished 9.1GB Wide Ultra3 SCSI hard drive - 10000 RPM 1.0-inch 68 PIN
350828-001350828001Compaq Refurbished CPQ PCMCIA card socket cage
190597-001190597001Compaq New MEM 8MB Upg-Aero ALL
517837-001517837001Compaq New 517837001 CQ61-100GB/200GB INTEL CPU MOTHERBOARD
199606-019199606019Compaq Refurbished 68-PIN SHORT SCSI CABLE; DL380 G3
199704-001199704001Compaq New COMPAQ CLEANING CARTRIDGE For 10/20GB -35/70GB-40/80GB
199742-001199742001Compaq Refurbished DLT2000 10/20GB DLT INTERNAL
199764-001199764001Compaq Refurbished NETELLIGENT token ring 4/16 IBM UTP/STP controller card - Has on
522245-001522245001Compaq Refurbished 522245001 8.8GB SCSI Hard Drive Ultra Wide SCA 10000RPM
207611-001207611001Compaq Refurbished Motherboard system board with IEEE-1394 FireWire - Does not
207724-001207724001Compaq Refurbished SCSI MODULE BOARD FOR DL320
216881-004216881004Compaq Refurbished 35/70GB AIT-1 Low Voltage Differential LVD internal tape drive
217336-001217336001Compaq Refurbished Compaq Voltage Regulator Module 12V DC Input for ProLiant DL38 CLEI 228506-001
5312Compaq Refurbished SMART ARRAY 5312 64 BIT PCI CONTROLLER
219048-001219048001Compaq Refurbished CABLE/COMPAQ/14P SIGNAL POWER/LED CABLE
222627-B21222627B21Compaq New COMPAQ XEON PIII/900MHz/2MB PROCESSOR PROLIANT ML570/DL580
224978-001224978001Compaq Refurbished HP 92mm Redundant Hot-Plug Fan Proliant ML370 G2
229208-001229208001Compaq Refurbished Compaq Blank Filler Panel Assembly Black for Modular Smart Arr
234457-B22234457B22Compaq Refurbished 234457B22 Cable Kit Fibre Fiber Channel SC-SC MM 5m retail sealed
238633-B21238633B21Compaq Refurbished Smart Array 5312 Controller with 128MB cache - High-performance
250022-B21250022B21Compaq Refurbished 36GB Ultra160 Wide LVD SCSI hard drive - 15000 RPM 3.5-inch fo
245246-001245246001Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 245246-001 ML330 SERVER FEATURE I/O BOARD W/ ETHERNET A
247239-001247239001Compaq Refurbished 247239001 hard drive mounting bracket kit
249923-001249923001Compaq Refurbished Blank Power Supply
163357-001163357001Compaq Refurbished Motherboard system board - Does not include processor
54-23883-01542388301Compaq New 542388301 SWXRC-05 DEC Raid SCSI Controller 54-23883-01
54-25117-02542511702Compaq Refurbished 542511702 GL GS CLOCK SPLITER REV B01 / B8D
54-25582-02542558202Compaq Refurbished 542558202 ES40 54-25582-01 ALPHA SERVER Memory Riser Card 4 Slots
54-30074-12-C4543007412C4Compaq Refurbished 543007412C4
54-30074-12-C5543007412C5Compaq Refurbished 543007412C5
54-30074-12-C8543007412C8Compaq Refurbished 543007412C8
54-30074-12-E1543007412E1Compaq Refurbished 543007412E1
54-30292-02543029202Compaq Refurbished 543029202 System Board ( Motherboard ) ES45M2
252633-001252633001Compaq Refurbished DRIVE CD-ROM 48X EVO D INT
252635-001252635001Compaq Refurbished 24A high voltage power distribution unit PDU core assembly
253454001Compaq Refurbished 40GB EIDE ATA 7200RPM NHP HARD DRIVE
254786-B21254786B21Compaq Refurbished 256MB battery-backed cache memory module board - Includes two at
255130-001255130001Compaq Refurbished COMPAQ 2.1GB NOTEBOOK HARD DRIVE for ARMADA 1500 SERIES
264030-B21264030B21Compaq Refurbished 264030B21 Smart Array 5i Plus controller - For ProLiant DL380 G2 - Include_
5697-571156975711Compaq Refurbished 56975711 300GB 15000RPM Hard Drive FC Fibre Channel Fiber Channel
270657-001270657001Compaq Refurbished Switching power supply - 110-240VAC input 45-66Hz - 5 DC outputs

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