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Listings of Conexant Systems by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
079EKDConexant Systems Refurbished DELL CONEXANT DATA/FAX MODEM 079EKD REVA00
MW560CIConexant Systems Refurbished Conexant 56K PCI Internal Modem MW560CI A99-0182JP
RD01-D270RD01D270Conexant Systems Refurbished RD01D270 56k Internal PCI Modem
00-00025000000250Conexant Systems Refurbished 00000250 PCI PHONE LINE NETWORK CARD
0325-02-13820325021382Conexant Systems Refurbished 0325021382 Conexant 56k v.92 PCI Fax Modem
04M460Conexant Systems Refurbished PCI NETWORK CARD
0969NUConexant Systems Refurbished PCI NETWORK CARD
125366-001125366001Conexant Systems Refurbished 125366001 PCI NETWORK CARD
128384-001128384001Conexant Systems Refurbished 128384001 PCI NETWORK CARD
1700201024110Conexant Systems Refurbished 56K PCI Internal Modem
22P7943Conexant Systems Refurbished Conexant 56k v.92 PCI Fax Modem
22P7944Conexant Systems Refurbished Conexant 56k v.92 PCI Fax Modem
3900-0160003900016000Conexant Systems Refurbished 3900016000 PCI PHONE LINE NETWORK CARD
5184-992451849924Conexant Systems Refurbished 51849924 AUDIO/FAX/MODEM/JOYSTICK CONTROLLER CARD
5RJMM01BAMI-515A5RJMM01BAMI515AConexant Systems Refurbished 5RJMM01BAMI515A HFSi CX11252-11 56K V.90 PCI MODEM 5RJMM01BAMI-515A J-3 D1-V0
A99-0182JPA990182JPConexant Systems Refurbished A990182JP Conexant 56K PCI Internal Modem MW560CI A99-0182JP
CXSM507BR01-D270CXSM507BR01D270Conexant Systems Refurbished CXSM507BR01D270 56k v.92 PCI NETWORK CARD
CXSM507BRD01-D270CXSM507BRD01D270Conexant Systems Refurbished CXSM507BRD01D270 56K V.92 PCI FAX MODEM CARD
ENF656Conexant Systems Refurbished 56K PCI Internal Modem
ENF656-GSW-COPRENF656GSWCOPRConexant Systems Refurbished ENF656GSWCOPR 56K PCI Internal Modem
F-1156I/R2FF1156IR2FConexant Systems Refurbished F1156IR2F PCI MODEM CONEXANT RS56-PCI
F-1156IV/R9FF1156IVR9FConexant Systems Refurbished F1156IVR9F PCI NETWORK CARD
FELTAI-33947-M5-EFELTAI33947M5EConexant Systems Refurbished FELTAI33947M5E ISA Modem Card MR56PVS
KB3522Conexant Systems Refurbished PCI NETWORK CARD
MA560CIConexant Systems Refurbished ISA Modem Card
MC-089MC089Conexant Systems Refurbished MC089 56k v.92 PCI NETWORK CARD
91Conexant Systems Refurbished ISA MODEM CARD MR56PVS
2983Conexant Systems Refurbished 56K INTERNAL MODEM PCI
HMConexant Systems Refurbished 56K PCI MODEM
RD01-D855-005RD01D855005Conexant Systems Refurbished RD01D855005 PCI 56K INTERNAL MODEM CARD
RD01-D860RD01D860Conexant Systems Refurbished RD01D860 Conexant V.92 56K PCI Fax Modem
RD02-D490RD02D490Conexant Systems Refurbished RD02D490 56K PCI DATA-FAX LP MODEM CARD
SF-11561V/R9ESF11561VR9EConexant Systems Refurbished SF11561VR9E CONEXANT GVC MODEN 56K PCI
SF-1156I/R2FSF1156IR2FConexant Systems Refurbished SF1156IR2F Dell GVC 56K V.92 Internal PCI Modem
SF-1156IV/R9ESF1156IVR9EConexant Systems Refurbished SF1156IVR9E PCI NETWORK CARD
3000-0162203000016220Conexant Systems PCI PHONE LINE NETWORK CARD
RD01-D850RD01D850Conexant Systems HP 56kbps PCI Modem board T-Rex 5189-2128 RD01-D850
515A0105.0607515A01050607Conexant Systems PCI MODEM
164671Z3BConexant Systems 56K PCI MODEM
515ASA.0412515ASA0412Conexant Systems 56K PCI MODEM
BT812KPFConexant Systems Conexant systems BT812KPF 9810

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