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Listings of Cortelco by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
2192PGCortelco New 219275-VOE-27-F Patriot II - Pearl Gray
006500-VM2-PAK006500VM2PAKCortelco New 006500VM2PAK Cortelco Black Handset Volume Control
01070000APAKCortelco New Orator Speaker Desktop in Black 03/01
01074400APAKCortelco New Orator Speaker Desktop in ASH (02/07)
075555-102-PAK075555102PAKCortelco New Electric Transmitter
2554-AHCNDL-BK2554AHCNDLBKCortelco New 255400AHCNDL Wall Phone w/Metal Cradle
2554-AHCNDL-RD2554AHCNDLRDCortelco New 255447AHCNDL Wall Phone w/Metal Cradle
2554-AHC-BK2554AHCBKCortelco New 255400AHC20M Wall Phone w/Metal Cradle
2554-AHC-RD2554AHCRDCortelco New 255447AHC20M Wall Phone w/Metal Cradle
2554-ARCNDL-BK2554ARCNDLBKCortelco New 255400ARCNDL Wall Phone w/Armored Cord
2554-ARCNDL-RD2554ARCNDLRDCortelco New 255447ARCNDL Wall Phone w/Armored Cord
2554-ARC-BK2554ARCBKCortelco New 255400ARC20M Wall Phone w/Armored Cord
2554-ARC-RD2554ARCRDCortelco New 255447ARC20M Wall Phone w/Armored Cord
2194PGCortelco New 219475-VOE-27S Patriot II w/ Memory PG
2554-VOE-RD2554VOERDCortelco New 255447-VOE-20MD Wall Value Line VOE Red
219300-VOE-27S219300VOE27SCortelco New 219300VOE27S PATRIOT SPEAKER-BLACK
220300-VBA-27S220300VBA27SCortelco New 220300VBA27S COLLEAGUE 2203 SPEAKER BLACK
2203BKCortelco New 220300-VBA-27S Colleague Speakerphone BK
221000-TP2-27E221000TP227ECortelco New 221000TP227E
240085-VOE-21F240085VOE21FCortelco New 240085VOE21F EZ TOUCH BIG BUTTON SANDSTONE
250000-VBA-20M250000VBA20MCortelco New 250000VBA20M DESK 00 BLACK
250044-VBA-20M250044VBA20MCortelco New 250044VBA20M DESK 44 ASH
250044-VBA-20MD250044VBA20MDCortelco New 250044VBA20MD Standard Desk Telephone-Ash
250044-VBA-27M250044VBA27MCortelco New 250044VBA27M DESK W/MESSAGE 44 ASH
250047-VBA-20M250047VBA20MCortelco New PHONE STD DESK SET W/VOLUME RED
255400-VBA-20M255400VBA20MCortelco New 255400VBA20M WALL 00 BLACK
255400-VBA-20MD255400VBA20MDCortelco New 255400VBA20MD 2554 Basic Wall Black
255400-VBA-27MD255400VBA27MDCortelco New 255400VBA27MD Wall Telephone-Black
255413-VBA-20M255413VBA20MCortelco WALL 13-Inch (BeigeE)
255415-VBA-20M255415VBA20MCortelco New 255415VBA20M WALL 15 WHITE
255444-VBA-20F255444VBA20FCortelco New 255444VBA20F WALL W/FLASH 44 ASH
255444-VBA-20M255444VBA20MCortelco New 255444-VBA-20M - 255444-VBA-20MC MINIWALL SINGLE LINE - ASH CLEI 255444-VBA
255444-VBA-27F255444VBA27FCortelco New 255444VBA27F WALL W/FLASH MESSAGE 44 ASH
255444-VBA-27M255444VBA27MCortelco New 255444VBA27M WALL W/MESSAGE 44 ASH
255444-VBA-27MD255444VBA27MDCortelco New 255444VBA27MD Wall Telephone-Ash message waiting light
255447-VBA-20M255447VBA20MCortelco New CORTELCO S/L WALL PHONE RED
2554NDL-AS2554NDLASCortelco New 2554NDLAS 255444-VBA-NDL Wall No Dial - Ash 03/01
255400-VBA-NDL255400VBANDLCortelco New Standard Wall Telephone with No Dial Black
270000-TP2-27S270000TP227SCortelco New 270000TP227S Single Line CID telephone 7 series
2720Cortelco New 272000-TP2-27S Feature 2-Line - Black 03/01
2750Cortelco New 7 Series 4-line Phone 03/01
122000-TP2-27S122000TP227SCortelco New Two-Line Caller ID Business Telephone Black
250009-VBA-20M250009VBA20MCortelco New DESK 09 (IVORY)
2554-VOE-27MD-ASH2554VOE27MDASHCortelco New 255444V0E27MD Wall Phone w/MSG Light
2554-VOE-27MD-BK2554VOE27MDBKCortelco New 255400V0E27MD Wall Phone w/MSG Light
2554-VOE-27MD-RD2554VOE27MDRDCortelco New 255400V0E27MD Wall Phone w/MSG Light
250044-VOE-20MD250044VOE20MDCortelco New 2500 SET- BASIC-ELECTRONIC RINGER-ASH
2500-V-SL2500VSLCortelco New 250082VBA20M Desk w/ Volume SLATE
2554-V-SL2554VSLCortelco New 255482VBA20M Wall w/ Volume SLATE
250044-VOE-57MD250044VOE57MDCortelco New 2500 Message Waiting Globally Sourced Ash
120300-V0E-27S120300V0E27SCortelco New Basic Single-Line Business Telephone with Speaker Black
000123ELTPAKCortelco New Loud External Ringer
HAND-MD-ASHHANDMDASHCortelco New 006544VMDPAK Replacement HS for MD
HAND-MD-BKHANDMDBKCortelco New 006500VMDPAK Replacement HS for MD
HAND-MD-RDHANDMDRDCortelco New 006547VMDPAK Replacement HS for MD
8015Cortelco New ( Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology ) DECT Cordless w/Headset Jack/Belt Clip (01/04)
9120Cortelco New Cortelco Multi-feature Telephone 03/01
2194BKCortelco New 219400-VOE-27S Patriot II w/ Memory BK
219400-VOE-21S219400VOE21SCortelco New PATRIOT II MEM.-BLACK
C66Cortelco New Executive IP Phone with 6 SIP lines
2500VOE-MD-RD2500VOEMDRDCortelco New 250047-VOE-20MD Desk w/ Electric ringer
220121-VBA-27F220121VBA27FCortelco New Single-Line Telephone Colleague Basic - Frost
5150Cortelco New 515015V0E20M Corded Flat Surface Phone
220521-VBA-27S220521VBA27SCortelco New Colleague Two-Line Speakerphone Frost
219200-VOE-27F219200VOE27FCortelco New Dell 8V95M Duo Tablet Rubber Case Red Venue 8 Pro 3845 5830
5150-BEDMNT5150BEDMNTCortelco New 515015BedMNT Rail/Wall Mount with Strap
815044-VOE-21F815044VOE21FCortelco New 8150 Trendline Ash
222000-TP2-27E222000TP227ECortelco New Colleague Enhanced Two-Line Black
2109Cortelco New Large Backlit Corded with Speakerphone
255400-VOE-20MD255400VOE20MDCortelco New Value Line Wall Telephone (black)
255409-VBA-20M255409VBA20MCortelco New WALL 09 (IVORY)
VT9000DECTCortelco New Wireless Headset with Noise Cancelling
VTAMP1Cortelco New Headset Amplifier and Interface Module
VT5000UNC-DVT5000UNCDCortelco New Binaural Headset with Noise Cancelling
VT2000NCCortelco New Monaural Headset with Noise Cancelling
QD-2.5MMQD25MMCortelco New Quick Disconnect to 2.5MM Connector
QD-RJ09QDRJ09Cortelco New Quick Disconnect and RJ9 Connector
1201Cortelco 120100V0E27F Basic S-L Business Tel
1203Cortelco 120300V0E27S Basic S-L Business Tel. w/s
1210Cortelco 121000TP227S S-L CID Business Tel.
1211Cortelco 121100TP227S S-L Line Power. CID Tel.
1220Cortelco 122000TP227S 2-Line CID Business Tel.
121100-TP2-27S121100TP227SCortelco New S-L Ln Pwr. CID Tel
188416-101-PAK188416101PAKCortelco New 188416101PAK Faceplate Clear Plastic; priced individually
200575V0ECortelco New 200575-VOE-21F Voyage PEARL GRAY
2200BKCortelco New 220000-TP2-27E Colleague w/ CID BLACK
2191PGCortelco New 219175-VOE-27S Patriot - Pearl Gray 03/01
2192BKCortelco New 219200-VOE-27-F Patriot II - Black 03/01
2193BKCortelco New 219300-VOE-27S Patriot BLACK 03/01
2193PGCortelco New 219375-VOE-27S Patriot - Pearl Gray 03/01
2195ASCortelco New 219544-VOE-27S Patriot 2-Line ASH 03/01
2200FROSTCortelco New 220021-TP2-27E Colleague w/ CID - Frost 03/01
2201-BK2201BKCortelco New 2201BK 220100-VBA-27F Colleague Basic BLACK 03/01
2203FROSTCortelco New 220321-VBA-27S Colleague Speakerphone FT 03/01
2204FROSTCortelco New 220421-VBA-27E Colleague w/ SP EN FT 03/01
2205-FROST2205FROSTCortelco New 2205FROST 220521-VBA-27S Colleague 2 Line FROST 03/01
2210-BK2210BKCortelco New 2210BK 221000-TP2-27E Colleague w/ CID - Black 03/01
2210-FROST2210FROSTCortelco New 2210FROST 221021-TP2-27E Colleague w/ CID - Frost 03/01
2220BKCortelco New 222000-TP2-27E Colleague 2-Line EN BK 03/01
2220FROSTCortelco New 222021-TP2-27E Colleague 2-Line EN FT 03/01
220500-VBA-27S220500VBA27SCortelco New Colleague Two-Line Speakerphone Black
2400Cortelco New 240085-VOE-21F Big Button SAND 03/01
2205-BK2205BKCortelco New 220500-VBA-27S Colleague 2-Line - Black
250000-VBA-20MD250000VBA20MDCortelco New 250000VBA20MD Standard Desk Telephone-Black
250000-VBA-57MD250000VBA57MDCortelco New 250000VBA57MD Desk Telephone w/ Message; Black
2500-27F250027FCortelco New 250027F 250044-VBA-27F Desk w/ Flash/Message Ash 03/01
250044-VBA-20F250044VBA20FCortelco New 250044VBA20F DESK W/FLASH 44 ASH
250044-VBA-27F250044VBA27FCortelco New 250044VBA27F DESK W/FLASHMESSAGE 44 ASH
250047-VBA-20MD250047VBA20MDCortelco New 250047VBA20MD 250047-VBA-20MD
250047-VBA-NDL250047VBANDLCortelco New 250047VBANDL Standard Desk Telephone with No Dial Cherry Red
2500-57MD-ASH250057MDASHCortelco New 250057MDASH 250044-VBA-57MD Desk w/ Message Waiting 03/01
2500-57MD-BK250057MDBKCortelco New 250057MDBK 250000VBA-57MD Desk Message Waiting 03/01
2500-MD-ASH2500MDASHCortelco New 2500MDASH 250044-VBA-20MD Desk ValueLine ASH 03/01
2500-MD-BK2500MDBKCortelco New 2500MDBK 250000-VBA-20MD Desk ValueLine Black 03/01
2500-MD-RD2500MDRDCortelco New 250047-VBA-20MD Desk ValueLine RED (02/07)
2500NDL-AS2500NDLASCortelco New 250044-VBA-NDL Ash desk no dial
2500NDL-BK2500NDLBKCortelco New 250000-VBA-NDL Black desk no dial
2500NDL-RD2500NDLRDCortelco New 2500NDLRD 250047-VBA-NDL Red desk no dial 03/01
2500-V-20F2500V20FCortelco New 2500V20F 250044-VBA-20F Desk w/ Flash - Ash 03/01
2554-20F-AS255420FASCortelco New 255420FAS 255444-VBA-20F Wall w/ Flash - Ash 03/01
2554-27F255427FCortelco New 255427F 255444-VBA27F Wall w/ Flash/Message- Ash 03/01
2554-27MD-ASH255427MDASHCortelco New 255427MDASH 255444-VBA-27MD Wall message waiting li 03/01
2554-27MD-BK255427MDBKCortelco New 255427MDBK 255400-VBA-27MD Wall Message Waiting 03/01
255444-V0E-20MD255444V0E20MDCortelco New 255444V0E20MD Wall Ash w/electronic ringer
255444-VBA-20MD255444VBA20MDCortelco New 255444VBA20MD Standard Wall Telephone-Ash Basic
255444-VBA-NDL255444VBANDLCortelco New 255444VBANDL Standard Wall Telephone with No Dial Light Ash
255447-VBA-NDL255447VBANDLCortelco New 255447VBANDL Standard Wall Telephone with No Dial Cherry Red
2554-MD-AS2554MDASCortelco New 2554MDAS 255444-VBA-20MD Wall ValueLine ASH 03/01
2554-MD-BK2554MDBKCortelco New 2554MDBK 255400-VBA-20MD Wall ValueLine BLACK 03/01
2554-MD-RD2554MDRDCortelco New 255447-VBA-20MD Wall ValueLine RED (02/07)
2554NDL-BK2554NDLBKCortelco New 255400-VBA-NDL Black wall no dial (02/07)
2554NDL-RD2554NDLRDCortelco New 2554NDLRD 255447-VBA-NDL Wall No Dial RED 03/01
2554VOE-ASH2554VOEASHCortelco New 255444-VOE-20MD Wall Value Line VOE (02/07)
121000-TP2-27S121000TP227SCortelco New Single-Line Caller ID Business Telephone Black
2700BKCortelco New 270000-TP2-27S Feature w/ CID BLACK 03/01
272000TP227SCortelco New Cortelco 272000-TP2-27S 1-Handset 2-Line Landline Telephone
273000-TP2-27E273000TP227ECortelco New 273000TP227E
2730ECortelco New 273000-TP2-27E Feature Line Power 03/01
2740Cortelco New 274000-TP2-27S Feature 4-Line BLACK 03/01
274000-TP2-27S274000TP227SCortelco New 274000TP227S 7 Series 4-Line Telephone
3220CHCortelco New 322041-TP2-27E Medallion 2-Line CHARCOAL 03/01
220321-VBA-27S220321VBA27SCortelco New Colleague Speakerphone Frost
3691ASCortelco New 369144-VOE-27F Centurion Ash 03/01
3691BKCortelco New 369100-VOE-27F Centurion - Black 03/01
293300-TP2-27S293300TP227SCortelco New Desk/Wall Telephone Black
2500-VOE-MD-BK2500VOEMDBKCortelco New 250000-VOE-20MD Desk w/ Electric ringer
2554-VOE-BK2554VOEBKCortelco New 255400-VOE-20MD Wall ValueLine VOE Black
250000-VBA-27M250000VBA27MCortelco New 2500 Message Waiting Assembled in USA Black
2201-FROST2201FROSTCortelco New 220121-VBA-27F Colleague Basic - Frost
5300-PTT5300PTTCortelco New 530052-PTT-000 PUSH TO TALK HANDSET (02/07)
615000-VOE-21M615000VOE21MCortelco New 615000VOE21M Trendline w/ Memory - Black
615021-VOE-21M615021VOE21MCortelco New 615021VOE21M TRENDLINE FROST
6350BKCortelco New 635000TP227F Trendline w/Caller ID (01/06)
6350WHCortelco New 635015TP227F Trendline w/Caller ID (01/05)
7150Cortelco New Cortelco Trendline Phone (02/07)
821200-ATA-PAK821200ATAPAKCortelco New VoIP Analog Terminal Adaptor
250000-VBA-NDL250000VBANDLCortelco New Standard Desk Telephone with No Dial Black
801501-TP2-27F801501TP227FCortelco New 801501TP227F Dect Cordless Telephone w/ Headset Jack/Belt Clip
815000-VOE-21F815000VOE21FCortelco New 815000VOE21F TRENDLINE - BLACK
815047-VOE-21F815047VOE21FCortelco New 815047VOE21F TRENDLINE - RED
8150ASCortelco New 815044-VOE-21F Trendline - Ash 03/01
8150BKCortelco New 815000-VOE-21F Trendline - Black 03/01
8150RDCortelco New 815047-VOE-21F Trendline RED 03/01
821121ATAPAKCortelco VoIP Analog Terminal Adapter
8782Cortelco New Caller ID Feature Telephone (02/07)
912000-TP2-27M912000TP227MCortelco New 912000TP227M Single-Line CID Telephone
9125Cortelco New Cortelco Multi-feature Telephone 03/01
912500-TP2-27S912500TP227SCortelco New 912500TP227S Single-Line CID Speakerphone
915044VOE21JCortelco New 915044VOE21J
9150-ASH9150ASHCortelco New 915044VOE21J Enhanced Hospital Phone (11/10)
9150-BED9150BEDCortelco New 9150BED 915044-BED-MT Bed Rail Mount ASH 03/01
9150-LC9150LCCortelco New 9150LC 915044LNECRD Line Cord for the 9150
9225Cortelco New Cortelco 2 Line Phone 03/01
922500-TP2-27S922500TP227SCortelco New 922500TP227S Two-Line CID Speakerphone
2500-VOE-MD-AS2500VOEMDASCortelco New 250044-VOE-20MD Desk w/ Electric ringer
C10Cortelco 30-Inch DSS Expansion Module for C60 and C62
C56PCortelco Entry Level (2 SIP) 4 DSS with Display
C58PCortelco Entry Level IP Phone (2 SIP) 4 DSS
C60Cortelco Executive IP Phone (2 SIP) 8 DSS
635000-TP2-27F635000TP227FCortelco New Black Trendline with Call ID
HANDSET-ASHHANDSETASHCortelco New HANDSETASH 006544-VM2-PAK Replacement Handset - Ash 03/01
HANDSET-BKHANDSETBKCortelco New HANDSETBK 006500-VM2-PAK Repl. Handset - Black 03/01
HANDSET-IVHANDSETIVCortelco 006509-VM2-Pack Replacement Handset Ivory
HANDSET-RDHANDSETRDCortelco New HANDSETRD 006547-VM2-PAK Replacement Handset - Red 03/01
HANDSET-WHHANDSETWHCortelco New 006515-VM2-PAK Repl Handset White
2933-BK2933BKCortelco New 293300TP227S Single Line Economy Phone
2933-FROST2933FROSTCortelco New 293321TP227S Single Line Economy Phone
221021-TP2-27E221021TP227ECortelco New COLLEAGUE CALLER ID ENHANCED Frost
369100-VOE-27F369100VOE27FCortelco New CENTURION PLUS-BLACK
635015-TP2-27F635015TP227FCortelco New White Trendline with Call ID
250015-VBA-20M250015VBA20MCortelco New DESK 15 (WHITE)
255445-VBA-20M255445VBA20MCortelco New WALL 45 (BROWN)
219275-VOE-27F219275VOE27FCortelco New PATRIOT II - PEARL GRAY
006500-0M2-PAK0065000M2PAKCortelco New Handset (Type 65) Black
ITT-2205-FROSTITT2205FROSTCortelco 220521-VBA-27S Colleague 2 Line FROST
9135351ECortelco New 2N Helios Vario Flush Fixed Box
219475-VOE-21S219475VOE21SCortelco PATRIOT II MEM.-PEARL GRAY
255444-VBA-44M255444VBA44MCortelco WALL A-LEAD 44 ASH
6150Cortelco 615021-VOE-21M Trendline FROST
2742Cortelco Cordless Phone Adapter for 2740/2750
2500-27M-BK250027MBKCortelco 250000-VBA-27M Desk w/ Message - Black
250044-VBA-NDL250044VBANDLCortelco Standard Desk Telephone with No Dial Light Ash
2500-V-AS2500VASCortelco 250044-VBA-20M Desk w/ Volume ASH
2500-V-BG2500VBGCortelco 250013-VBA-20M Desk w/ Volume BEIGE
2500-V-BK2500VBKCortelco 250000-VBA-20M Desk w/ Volume BLACK
2500-V-BR2500VBRCortelco 250045-VBA-20M Desk w/ Volume - Brown
2500-V-IV2500VIVCortelco 250009-VBA-20M Desk w/ Volume IVORY
2500-V-RD2500VRDCortelco 250047-VBA-20M Desk w/ Volume RED
2500-V-WH2500VWHCortelco 250015-VBA-20M Desk w/ Volume WHITE
2554-44M-ASH255444MASHCortelco 255444 VBA 44M
2554-ASH27M2554ASH27MCortelco 255444-VBA-27M Wall - Ash
2554-V-AS2554VASCortelco 255444-VBA-20M Wall w/ Volume ASH
2554-V-BG2554VBGCortelco 255413-VBA-20M Wall w/ Volume BEIGE
2554-V-BK2554VBKCortelco 255400-VBA-20M Wall w/ Volume BLACK
2554-V-BR2554VBRCortelco 255445-VBA-20M Wall w/ Volume - Brown
2554-V-IV2554VIVCortelco 255409-VBA-20M Wall w/ Volume IVORY
2554-V-RD2554VRDCortelco 255447-VBA-20M Wall w/ Volume RED
2554-V-WH2554VWHCortelco 255415-VBA-20M Wall w/ Volume WHITE
2743Cortelco Module for MOH
6150-BK6150BKCortelco 615000-VOE-21M Trendline BLACK
220000-TP2-27E220000TP227ECortelco New Colleague Enhanced Disposition Plus Black
2500-27M-ASH250027MASHCortelco 250044-VBA-27M Desk w/ Message - Ash
220100-VBA-27F220100VBA27FCortelco Colleague Basic Black
1126-ITT-71501126ITT7150Cortelco Cortelco Trendline Phone
219375-VOE-27S219375VOE27SCortelco Cortelco Patriot - Pearl Gray
275000-TP2-27S275000TP227SCortelco 7 Series 4-Line Telephone w Built-In Auto Attendant and Voice Ma
006544-0M2-PAK0065440M2PAKCortelco Handset Type 65 Ash
250013-VBA-20M250013VBA20MCortelco 2500 Basic Assembled in USA Beige
086143-101-PAK086143101PAKCortelco Clip
182856-101-PAK182856101PAKCortelco Modular Jack Assembly
182863-044-PAK182863044PAKCortelco Handle used on #006544-0M2-PAK Handset
182946-102-PAK182946102PAKCortelco Jack for 2500 Phone
200575-VOE-21F200575VOE21FCortelco Voyage Telephone Pearl Gray
222021-TP2-27E222021TP227ECortelco Colleague Enhanced Two-Line Frost
250000-VOE-20MD250000VOE20MDCortelco 2500 Basic Electronic Ringer Desk Set Black
250045-VBA-20M250045VBA20MCortelco 2500 Basic Assembled in USA Brown
255400AHC20MCortelco Wall Phone Armored Cord Metal Cradle Black
530052-000-000530052000000Cortelco Replacement Handset for Patriot Black

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