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Listings of Cyclades by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
ACS48-DACACS48DACCyclades Refurbished NOB Avocent Alterpath ACS48 Dac 48 RS232 RJ45 Ports Dual AC Powe
APK4615Cyclades Refurbished Cyclades KVM Series 4000 PS2 Terminator Adapter Cable
TS1000Cyclades Refurbished TS1000:Cyclades-TS1000 16-port Console Server
SM16Cyclades New Serial Module SM16 II 16-Port RJ45
TES0090Cyclades Refurbished Cyclades TS3000 Terminal Server 48-Port AC power
TS3000Cyclades Refurbished Cyclades TES0090 Terminal Server 48-Port AC power
08962UCyclades Refurbished 8Yo PCI CARD
16YE_/RJ4516YERJ45Cyclades New 16YERJ45 PCI Card YE + SM16 New
TS2000Cyclades Refurbished Cyclades TS2000 Terminal sever 32 port
32YE_/RJ4532YERJ45Cyclades New 32YERJ45 PCI Card YE + 2 SM16 16 Port RJ45 x 2 New
9-PCBS-00229PCBS0022Cyclades New 9PCBS0022 YE Host PCI
9-PCBS-00339PCBS0033Cyclades Refurbished 9PCBS0033 Ze Host Card v1.02 up to 64-Port External Boxes Available
9-PCBS-00619PCBS0061Cyclades Refurbished 9PCBS0061 8Yo PCI v2.00 Card
ACS1Cyclades Refurbished Cyclades AlterPath Single port 10/100Base-T Console server ACS1
ACS16-DACACS16DACCyclades Refurbished ACS16DAC Cyclades AlterPath 16 10/100Base-T Dual AC
ACS4-DACACS4DACCyclades Refurbished ACS4DAC Cyclades/Avocent Alterpath ACS4-DAC 4-Port dual AC power ACS4-DAC
ACS8-DACACS8DACCyclades Refurbished ACS8DAC Cyclades ACS Console Server ACS8 - console server Dual AC ACS8-D
ACS8-SACACS8SACCyclades Refurbished ACS8SAC ACS 8-Port Console Server ACS8 1U - ATP0120-001
APM2010Cyclades Refurbished Cyclades AlterPath Manager APM2010 E2000
ATP8124-001ATP8124001Cyclades Refurbished ATP8124001 CYCLADES ALTERPATH 24PT-ONBOARD 1024 SAC 1 PS
PR4000Cyclades Refurbished Cylcades T1E1 48 Modems
SEY0230Cyclades New Serial Module SM16 II 16-Port RJ45
SEZ0020Cyclades Refurbished 16Ze 16-Port External Box RJ45 Connection
SEZ0070Cyclades Refurbished Ze Host Card v1.02 up to 64-Port External Boxes Available
SEZ0081Cyclades Refurbished 16Ze 16-Port External Box RJ45 Connection
ACS48-SDCACS48SDCCyclades Avocent Cyclades 48 Port Console Server ACS48-SDC ATP0210-001 1U
ATP0015Cyclades Cyclades ACS16-SDC ATP0015-001 16 port console server Single DC
PR3000Cyclades Cylcades PR3000 with Z-BUS 10Base t
ACS8-DDCACS8DDCCyclades Cyclades ACS8-DDC Console Server ACS8 - console server Dual DC A
TS800Cyclades AVOCENT TS800 Cyclades-TS800 8-port console serve AVOCENT TS800
ATP3202Cyclades Cyclades ATP3202 4 users 32-port KVM over IP switch. The Cyclade

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