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Listings of Da-lite by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
97981LDa-lite New DaLite 97981L TNSD 188D DT
97993Da-lite New DaLite 97993 TNSD 14X14 DT
98036Da-lite New DaLite 98036 11 WALL BRACKET BLK
98037Da-lite New DaLite 98037 23 WALL BRACKET BLK
98042Da-lite New DaLite 98042 C FLOOR 180D 105X140 MW
98046Da-lite New Dalite Video Format 87in x 116in Blk
98222MVDa-lite New Draper 98222MV EQUIP RACK CART 30 SPACES
98807Da-lite New DaLite 98807 TNSD 188D DMHC
99216Da-lite New DaLite 99216 Skt 60 PK BLK 46X65
99287Da-lite New DaLite 99287 TNSD 220D DM HDTV
99287LDa-lite New DaLite 99287L TNSD 220D DM HDTV
99480CHLDa-lite New Draper 99480CHL EQUIP RACK CART 17 SP KB
99480LOLDa-lite New DaLite Equipment Rack w Kbrd Shelf
99661Da-lite New DaLite 99661 LEC DELUXE EURO 110VOLT
99777Da-lite New DaLite 99777 PRO 159D 78X139NPA MW
99794Da-lite New DaLite 99794 HD DLX DMBB F 86X144
99896Da-lite New DaLite 99896 PRO TNSD 180D DV
99909Da-lite New DaLite 99909 PRO TNSD 210D DT
74619Da-lite Da-Lite Da-Snap Fixed Frame Projection Screen - 51 x 67 - Da-M
96383Da-lite Da-Lite Ceiling Trim Kit
5568-04556804Da-lite CM-P4 BLACK
7065Da-lite DRAPERY KIT66inW X 28inH SKIRT
22393Da-lite New DaLite 22393 RS232 RP Based Ctrls Kit
28406Da-lite New Draper 28406 INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARD MOUN
30657Da-lite New DaLite 30657 PIC KING 84X84 VS
33062Da-lite New DaLite 33062 RACK SHELF UNIVERSAL
36453Da-lite New DaLite 36453 B WCSR 94D 50X80NPA MW
36477Da-lite New DaLite 36477 PIC KNG 70X70 HCMW
40961Da-lite New DaLite 40961 UTBWALLIVORY 110
43211Da-lite New DaLite 43211 CASE CARRY STD A 304 BLK
69603Da-lite New DaLite 69603 UPRIGHT ADJ WSKIPLOK712
73553Da-lite New DaLite 73553 Tripod Assembly 60 over PK
74644Da-lite New DaLite 74644 B 72D 43X57NPA MW
76026Da-lite New DaLite 76026 PIC KNG 84D 50X67 MW
77027Da-lite New Da-Lite - Projection screen floating mounting bracket - white
78671Da-lite New DaLite 78671 B 106D 52X92NPA VS
82962Da-lite New DaLite 82962 C 84X84 VS
82964Da-lite New DaLite 82964 C 8X8 VS
84592Da-lite New Da-Lite - Projection screen carrying case - for Presenter
86019Da-lite New DaLite 86019 PIC KNG 92D 45X80 VS
92055Da-lite New DaLite 92055 UTBWALL RPLMNT SS 120V
92735Da-lite New DaLite 92735 B WCSR 96X96 HCMW
99461Da-lite New DaLite 99461 SERIES 300 LG FM
99622Da-lite New DaLite 99622 VPI120V GEN 2 WHITE
20877LSDa-lite New DaLite 20877LS 123D 65X104NPA MW
20894Da-lite New DaLite 20894 COSMO 123D 65X104NPA VS
20907Da-lite New DaLite 20907 C 123 65X104NPA MW
21808LSDa-lite New DaLite 21808LS TNSD 113D HD11
21863LSDa-lite New DaLite 21863LS TNSD 137D HD9
21866LDa-lite New DaLite 21866L TNSD 164D HD11
21868LDa-lite New DaLite 21868L TNSD 189D HD11
23695Da-lite New DaLite 23695 UTB BLK DM 133D HDTV
24715LSDa-lite New DaLite 24715LS TNSD 130D HD13
25939Da-lite New Draper 25939 IDEA SCREEN 50in X80in VA
25939TDa-lite New DaLite 25939T IDEA SCREEN 50in X80in
25941TDa-lite New DaLite 25941T IDEA SCREEN 595inX9525i
25942Da-lite New DaLite 25942 IDEA SCREEN 50in X89in VA
25944Da-lite New DaLite 25944 IDEA SCREEN 595in X106in
25944TDa-lite New DaLite 25944T IDEA SCREEN 595in X106in
27967Da-lite New Draper 27967 IDEA PANORAMIC 595in X192i
27976Da-lite New DaLite 27976 IDEA 46in X192in VA 1610
28271TDa-lite New Draper 28271T IDEA SCREEN 46in X8175in
34224Da-lite New Draper 34224 FF DLX REPL SURF DMBBF 69X
34465Da-lite New DaLite 34465 COSMO 130D 69X110NPA HCMW
34469Da-lite New DaLite 34469 COSMO 164D 87X139NPA HCMW
34502LDa-lite New DaLite 34502L TNSD 164D DM
34548LSDa-lite New DaLite 34548LS TNSD 130D DM
34738Da-lite New DaLite 34738 C WCSR 164D 87X139 MW
34883Da-lite New DaLite 34883 FABRLR Assy DM 60x96 113
35937HDDa-lite New DaLite 35937HD DLX COMP SCRN 3DVB 56X96
37567LSDa-lite New DaLite 37567LS 94D 50X80NPA HCMW
37578LDa-lite New DaLite 37578L 164D 87X139NPA MW
37592LSDa-lite New DaLite 37592LS TNSD 113D DM
37704VDa-lite New DaLite 37704V CINEMA HD9 92D 45X80
37714VDa-lite New DaLite 37714V CINEMA HD9 133D 65X116
38309Da-lite New DaLite 38309 DLX COMP SCRN DT 69X108
38312Da-lite New DaLite 38312 DLX COMP SCRN DV 62X96
38313Da-lite New DaLite 38313 DLX COMP SCRN DV 69X108
38314Da-lite New DaLite 38314 DLX COMP SCRN DV 77X120
38700Da-lite New DaLite 38700 PRO 298D 146X260 MW
38834Da-lite New DaLite 38834 EASY INSTALL MANUAL 88D MW
39089VDa-lite New DaLite 39089V CINEMA HD11 133D 65X116
39310Da-lite New DaLite 39310 DLX COMP SCRN DMBBF 8X14
39706VDa-lite New DaLite 39706V HD9 108X192NPA 220D
39908PDa-lite New DaLite 39908P DUK DLX 92X144 UV
40151Da-lite New DaLite 40151 PIC KNG 96X96 MW
40273Da-lite New DaLite 40273 C 10X10 MW
40284Da-lite New DaLite 40284 C 12X12 MW
40720Da-lite New DaLite 40720 BRDRM 60X60 MW
40782LDa-lite New DaLite 40782L 100D 60X80NPA MW
40801LDa-lite New DaLite 40801L 8X8 MW
70068Da-lite New DaLite 70068 DLX TNSD 109D DM
70070Da-lite New DaLite 70070 DLX TNSD 109D PL
70133LSDa-lite New DaLite 70133LS 109D 575X92 HCMW
70188LSDa-lite New DaLite 70188LS 109D 575X92 MW
70192LSDa-lite New DaLite 70192LS 137D 725X116 MW
70272LDa-lite New DaLite 70272L TNSD 226D DM
70279LDa-lite New DaLite 70279L 189D 100X160NPA MW
70297Da-lite New DaLite 70297 C WCSR 137D725X116HCMW
72606EDa-lite New Draper 72606E SLIMLINE 100D 60X80NPA MW
76740Da-lite New DaLite 76740 180D 105X140NPA MW
78088Da-lite New DaLite 78088 DALIFT 15 PROJECTOR LIFT
78679Da-lite New DaLite 78679 PERMWALL DM 78X139NPA 159
79015LDa-lite New DaLite 79015L 159D 78X139NPA MW
79026Da-lite New DaLite 79026 TNSD 133D DM
84146Da-lite New Draper 84146 PERMWALL PL 144X192NPA 240
84256LSDa-lite New DaLite 84256LS 84X84 MW
84300LSRDa-lite New DaLite 84300LSR 120D 69X92NPA MW
84329LDa-lite New DaLite 84329L 159D 78X139NPA MW
84347LSDa-lite New DaLite 84347LS TNSD 100D DM
84371LSDa-lite New DaLite 84371LS TNSD 8X8 DM
84402Da-lite New DaLite TensAdv 65 x 116 133 Diag
84402LSDa-lite New DaLite 84402LS TNSD 133D DM
84968LDa-lite New DaLite 84968L TNSD 150D DT
84999Da-lite New DaLite 84999 TNSD 133D DT
85031Da-lite New DaLite 85031 TNSD 159D DT
85398LSDa-lite New DaLite 85398LS TNSD 119D DT
85416Da-lite New DaLite 85416 C WCSR 92D 45X80NPA VS
85743Da-lite New DaLite 85743 MANL WCSR 159D MW
87354Da-lite New DaLite 87354 Skt DRAPE 83X144
87883LSRDa-lite New DaLite 87883LSR TNSD 133D DMHC
88110Da-lite New DaLite 88110 DLX 10X10 MW
88134IDa-lite New DaLite 88134I DLX 120D 69X92NPA MW
88159Da-lite New DaLite 88159 DLX 133D 65X116 MW
88282Da-lite New DaLite 88282 DLX TNSD 92D CV
88321LSDa-lite New DaLite 88321LS 70X70 MW
88325LSDa-lite New DaLite 88325LS 84X84 MW
88333LSVNDa-lite New DaLite 88333LSVN 8X8 MW
88383ELDa-lite New DaLite 88383EL 200D 120X160NPA MW 220
88401LDa-lite New DaLite 88401L 159D 78X139NPA MW
88497LSDa-lite New DaLite 88497LS TNSD 120D DT
88603Da-lite New DaLite 88603 DLX COMP SCRN DMBBF 56X96
88608HDDa-lite New Draper 88608HD FF DLX COMP SCRN DMBBF 6
88624Da-lite New DaLite 88624 DLX COMP SCRN DT 56X96
88630HDDa-lite New DaLite 88630HD DLX COMP SCRN DT 83X144
88633Da-lite New DaLite 88633 DLX COMP SCRN DT 6X8
88638HDDa-lite New DaLite 88638HD DLX COMP SCRN DT 76X10
89730WDa-lite New DaLite 89730W DESIGNER 8X8 MW
89746WDa-lite New DaLite 89746W DESIGNER 100D 60X80 MW
89754LDa-lite New DaLite 89754L DESIGNER 92D 45X80 MW
92580Da-lite New DaLite 92580 119D 58X104NPA HCMW
92618LSDa-lite New DaLite 92618LS 119D 58X104 HCMW
92664Da-lite New DaLite 92664 DESIGNER 8X8 HCMW
92683Da-lite New DaLite 92683 C WCSR 100D 60X80 HCMW
92688Da-lite New DaLite 92688 C WCSR 119D 58X104 HCMW
92689Da-lite New DaLite 92689 C WCSR 133D 65X116 HCMW
92690Da-lite New DaLite 92690 C WCSR 159D 78X139 HCMW
93888Da-lite New DaLite 93888 PIC KNG 106D 52X92 MW CPB
93994Da-lite New DaLite 93994 DM 108X192NPA 220
94218LSDa-lite New DaLite 94218LS TNSD 110D DT
94230LSDa-lite New DaLite 94230LS TNSD 110D DM
94275LSDa-lite New DaLite 94275LS 110D 54X96NPA MW
94335Da-lite New DaLite 94335 PERMWALL 54X96NPA 110D
94353Da-lite New DaLite 94353 MANL WCSR 110D MW
94358Da-lite New DaLite 94358 C WCSR 110D 54X96NPA MW
95633Da-lite New DaLite 95633 SLIMLINE 92D 45X80NPA MW
96389LDa-lite New DaLite 96389L 240D 141X188NPA
96390LDa-lite New DaLite 96390L 188D 92X164NPA
96518VDa-lite New DaLite 96518V CINEMA DM 82D 405X72
97962LDa-lite New DaLite 97962L DESIGNER 77D MW
97992Da-lite New DaLite 97992 TNSD 14X14 DM
97995LDa-lite New DaLite 97995L TNSD 14X14 DV
98220MVDa-lite New Draper 98220MV EQUIP RACK CART 12 SPACES
99290Da-lite New DaLite 99290 TNSD 220D CV HDTV
99293LDa-lite New DaLite 99293L TNSD 220D DV HDTV
99480GWLDa-lite New Draper 99480GWL EQUIP RACK CART 17 SP KB
20412Da-lite DaLite 20412 405X95 103D CS
20871LSDa-lite DaLite 20871LS TNSD 123D
20875LSDa-lite DaLite 20875LS TNSD 123D DT
21859LSMVNDa-lite DaLite 21859LSMVN TNSD 123D HD9
21859LSVNDa-lite DaLite 21859LSVN TNSD 123D HD9
21862LSRDa-lite DaLite 21862LSR TNSD 130D HD11
21896VDa-lite DaLite 21896V CINEMA HD11 208D 110X176
21900VDa-lite DaLite 21900V HD11 50X80NPA 94
21916VDa-lite DaLite 21916V HD11 110X176NPA 208D
23587Da-lite DaLite 23587 UTB BLK DM 82D HDTV
23641Da-lite DaLite 23641 UTB BLK DM 106D HDTV
23947Da-lite DaLite 23947 UTB BLK 208D CS
24039LSDa-lite DaLite 24039LS VS TNSD 94D DM
24079LSDa-lite DaLite 24079LS VS 92D 45X80NPA MW
24747LSDa-lite DaLite 24747LS TNSD 130D HD13
24844LDa-lite DaLite 24844L TNSD 188D HD13
25940TDa-lite DaLite 25940T IDEA SCREEN 53in X8475in
27970TDa-lite Draper 27970T IDEA PANORAMIC 53in X192in
27972TDa-lite Draper 27972T IDEA PANORAMIC 53in X144in
27976TDa-lite DaLite 27976T IDEA PANORAMIC 46X192in
34492Da-lite DaLite 34492 COSMO TNSD 130D DM
34526LDa-lite DaLite 34526L 164D 87X139NPA VS
34581Da-lite DaLite 34581 ADV DLX 164D 87X139 HCMW
34683VDa-lite DaLite 34683V 60X96NPA 113
34689VDa-lite DaLite 34689V DM 69X110NPA 130
34690VDa-lite DaLite 34690V DMHC 69X110NPA 130
34700Da-lite DaLite 34700 DM 87X139NPA 164
35168LMDa-lite DaLite 35168LM 184D 90X160NPA MW
35168LRDa-lite DaLite 35168LR 184D 90X160NPA MW
35191LIDa-lite DaLite 35191LI TNSD 184D DM
36521Da-lite DaLite 36521 DUK DLX 76X10 UV
36542PDa-lite DaLite 36542P DUK DLX WBAR 76X10 UV
36782Da-lite DaLite 36782 Skt DRAPE 10ft1X17ft1 UV
36784BUDa-lite DaLite 36784BU Skt DRAPE 11ft1X19ft1 UV
36795Da-lite Draper 36795 DRAPE PANEL BGS BLK 16ftX13
37578LVNDa-lite DaLite 37578LVN 164D 87X139NPA MW
37602LSIDa-lite DaLite 37602LSI TNSD 130D DM
37606LSVNDa-lite DaLite 37606LSVN TNSD 130D
38304Da-lite DaLite 38304 DLX COMP SCRN DMBBF 62X96
38313KHDDa-lite DaLite 38313KHD DLX COMP SCRN DV 69X108
38778BRDa-lite DaLite 38778BR DLX TNSD 119D HD9
38778FDa-lite DaLite 38778F DLX TNSD 119D HD9
38780BRDa-lite DaLite 38780BR DLX TNSD 133D HD9
38791LSIDa-lite DaLite 38791LSI TNSD 119D HD6
39158LDa-lite DaLite 39158L TNSD 159D HD11
39313HDDa-lite DaLite 39313HD DLX COMP SCRN DV 8X14
39905PDa-lite DaLite 39905P DUK DLX 62X96 UV
39906PDa-lite DaLite 39906P DUK DLX 69X108 UV
39929Da-lite DaLite 39929 Skt DRAPE 62X96 UV
39930Da-lite DaLite 39930 Skt DRAPE 69X108 UV
40323Da-lite DaLite 40323 SCENIC RLR 20X20 MW
40833Da-lite DaLite 40833 CLASSRITE 50X50 MW
40988Da-lite Draper 40988 CASE POLY SCREEN 9X1275X
41269Da-lite DaLite 41269 CASE POLY Y
69604Da-lite DaLite 69604 UPRIGHT ADJ WSLIPLOK 916
69606Da-lite DaLite 69606 DRAPE SUPP 7217 1O12STPS
69607Da-lite DaLite 69607 BASE HVY ASSY 18X18X38 ZN
70100Da-lite DaLite 70100 DLX 137D 725X116 HCMW
70103EDa-lite DaLite 70103E DLX 189D 100X160 MW 220
70180LSDa-lite DaLite 70180LS TNSD 137D DV
70185LDa-lite DaLite 70185L TNSD 189D
70284BDa-lite DaLite 70284B MANL WCSR 109D MW
70373Da-lite DaLite 70373 DM 100X160NPA 189D
74677Da-lite DaLite 74677 BRDRM 120D 69X92NPA MW
7467EDa-lite DaLite 7467E DALIFT 33P CV 220V
76180Da-lite DaLite 76180 C FLOOR 9X12 MW CPT GRAY
76754Da-lite DaLite 76754 PIC KNG 120D 69X92 MW CPG
78090Da-lite Draper 78090 DALIFT 19L VIDEO PROJECTOR
79014EDa-lite DaLite 79014E 133D 65X116NPA MW 220
80539Da-lite DaLite 80539 TNSD 133D DV
82430VNDa-lite DaLite 82430VN TNSD 200D DM
83238LDa-lite DaLite 83238L 200D 120X160NPA
84180Da-lite DaLite 84180 BAG PIPE Y BLCK WLOGO
84327LSRDa-lite DaLite 84327LSR 119D 58X104NP MW
84346LSIDa-lite DaLite 84346LSI TNSD 84D DM
84863Da-lite DaLite 84863 TC DV 10X13
87292Da-lite DaLite 87292 SURF DAMAT 11X19
88142Da-lite DaLite 88142 DLX 180D 105X140 MW
88233Da-lite DaLite 88233 DLX TNSD 72D DM
88341LSDa-lite DaLite 88341LS 9X9 MW
88368LSRDa-lite DaLite 88368LSR 100D 60X80NPA MW
88393LSIDa-lite DaLite 88393LSI 119D 58X104NPA MW
88397LSVNDa-lite DaLite 88397LSVN 133D 65X116NPA MW
88483LSDa-lite DaLite 88483LS TNSD 84D DT
88485LSDa-lite DaLite 88485LS TNSD 100D DM
88609KHDDa-lite DaLite FF DLX COMP Scrn DMBBF 83 x 144
89162Da-lite DaLite 89162 Frame Assy 6 x 8
89977LSDa-lite DaLite 89977LS TNSD 119D
92104Da-lite DaLite 92104 HD DLX DT 10X13
92599IDa-lite DaLite 92599I DLX 119D 58X104 HCMW
92613LSDa-lite DaLite 92613LS 100D 60X80 HCMW
92620LRDa-lite DaLite 92620LR 159D 78X139 HCMW
92707Da-lite DaLite 92707 MANL WCSR 119D HCMW
92709Da-lite DaLite 92709 MANL WCSR 159D HCMW
92843Da-lite DaLite 92843 B WCSR 92D 45X80 HCMW
93160Da-lite DaLite 93160 B 72D 43X57NPA HCMW
94219LSDa-lite DaLite 94219LS TNSD 110D DV
94354Da-lite DaLite 94354 MANL WCSR 110D HCMW
97982LDa-lite DaLite 97982L TNSD 188D
98043Da-lite DaLite 98043 C FLOOR 120D MW CPT GRAY
99286LDa-lite DaLite 99286L TNSD 240D DV
99578Da-lite DaLite infrared remote
99778EDa-lite DaLite 99778E PRO 188D 92X164 MW220
99779EDa-lite DaLite 99779E PRO 216D 106X188MW220
99780Da-lite DaLite 99780 PRO 243D 119X212 MW
91226Da-lite Dalite 24X36in Veneer Cabinent

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