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Listings of Datamax Corporation by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
C63-00-48400004C630048400004Datamax Corporation New 1810 DATAMAX-ONEIL H-6310X PRINTER 6 DIRECT THERMAL/THERMA
C42-00-48000007C420048000007Datamax Corporation New C420048000007 H4212 TALL Display Thermal TFR
C82-00-48000004C820048000004Datamax Corporation New H6210 TALL DSP THERM TRANS USB 8MB FLASH
I13-00-08000L07I130008000L07Datamax Corporation New I130008000L07 I4310E MARK II 300DPI DT SER PAR USB 64MB FL WIRED LAN
I16-00-48000L07I160048000L07Datamax Corporation New I4606E MARK II TT 600DPI 6IPS WIRED LAN AUTO EMULATION
XD1-00-07000000XD10007000000Datamax Corporation New XD10007000000 1810 DATAMAX-ONEIL MOBILE PRINTER MP COMPACT4 DIRECT THERMAL
C36-00-48000007C360048000007Datamax Corporation H4606 TALL Display THERM TRANS
KA3-00-48900S07KA30048900S07Datamax Corporation MARK II M4308 BI-DIRECTNL TT P EEL PRES. REWND LAN BG/USB
C63-00-48000004C630048000004Datamax Corporation H-6310X DT/TT
C82-00-48000J04C820048000J04Datamax Corporation H-6210 8MB TALL TT USB/SDIO DM XRFNET3 802.11B/G WPA2
C42-00-48900007C420048900007Datamax Corporation H4212 TALL TT 8MB FLASH PEEL P RESENT INT REW
C42-00-480000S7C4200480000S7Datamax Corporation -EOL- H4212 TALL TT SCANNER
C93-00-48000004C930048000004Datamax Corporation DATAMAX-ONEIL H-6308 PRINTER 6 DIRECT THERMAL/THERMAL
C32-00-48000004C320048000004Datamax Corporation H-4212X
I16-00-48000007I160048000007Datamax Corporation I-4606E MARK II TT 600DPI 6IPS 3/1.5 MEDIA HUB AUTO EMLTN -Ava
I16-00-48900L07I160048900L07Datamax Corporation I4606-E MARK II TT 4 600DPI PEEL PRES INT REW LAN
I16-00-48900P07I160048900P07Datamax Corporation I-4606 4 600DPI/6IPS TT Cast PeelPres w/ Internal Rew GPIO
KA3-J2-48000YR7KA3J248000YR7Datamax Corporation M4308 TT RFID HF 13.56MHZ KIT INTERNAL LAN CARD
C43-00-48000007C430048000007Datamax Corporation H4310 TALL DISP TT
C32-00-48400004C320048400004Datamax Corporation H-4212X
C42-00-48400007C420048400007Datamax Corporation H4212 TALL DISP TT REW
C82-00-48000E04C820048000E04Datamax Corporation H-6210 8MB Flash Printer w/Tall Display
C34-00-48000007C340048000007Datamax Corporation DATAMAX H-Class 4408 Thermal Label Printer - Parallel
C62-00-48000004C620048000004Datamax Corporation H6212X TT
I16-00-48040L07I160048040L07Datamax Corporation I-4606e 4 600 dpi 6 ips BDTT Cutter
C32-00-48900004C320048900004Datamax Corporation H4212X TT PEEL PRES REW

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