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Listings of Dataram by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
20-00FSA-082000FSA08Dataram Refurbished 2000FSA08 ES40 Ram 4 x 1024 4GB Kit
300702-001-C300702001CDataram Refurbished 300702001C 2GB Memory PC2100 CL2.5 DIMM 3rd-Party
328809-B21C328809B21CDataram Refurbished 328809B21C 2GB Memory Kit 2X1GB
40467ADataram Refurbished DATARAM 40467A COMPATIBLE MS310-CA 256MB 200-Pin PC100 Memory CL2 32X4
63663Dataram Refurbished 2GB 184p PC2100 CL2.5 36c 128x4 DDR266 2Rx4 ECC 2.5V RDIMM RFB
60027Dataram Refurbished Dataram 128MB ECC 8K Buffered FPM 60ns 168-Pin 18c DIMM 16x4
60133Dataram Refurbished DATARAM 512mb ECC Rec
60133-A60133ADataram Refurbished 60133A DATARAM 512mb ECC Rec
60193Dataram Refurbished DataRam 1GB DIMM BGA PC133-E-R C9B1-B9-2C
62650Dataram Refurbished 512MB Memory Mezzanize GB22B6-B9-2C
62651Dataram Refurbished ES40 Ram 4 x 1024 4GB Kit
62689Dataram Refurbished DATARAM 2 X 1024
62705Dataram Refurbished 2GB DIMM for Blade 2000/1000 E280R sale qty 4 ONLY
62707-KIT62707KITDataram Refurbished 62707KIT 4GB Memory Kit 4x1gb for SUN X7052/7056/7063A THCL-4C
62709Dataram Refurbished 2GB DIMM for Blade 2000/1000 E280R sale qty 4 ONLY
64500Dataram Refurbished 128MB FOR VAX 4000
65002Dataram Refurbished DATARAM MEMORY
65105Dataram Refurbished DATARAM 65105 MS44-AA 4MB MEMORY VS4000-XX MS44-AA COMPATIBLE 4M
68015Dataram Refurbished 512MB 133MHZ ECC SDRAM Memory Module
69205Dataram Refurbished Memory Module
A6016ADataram Refurbished 1GB DIMM for C/J/B class Visualize workstations DRHVU
A9773ADataram Refurbished 2Gb Memory Kit 4X512Mb for rp34x0 DRH3400
AA834A-CAA834ACDataram Refurbished AA834AC 2GB DDR PC2100 ECC Memory Module
DATARAM60193Dataram New DATARAM60193 1GB PC133 ECC-REG ECC Registered DIMM Memory Module Low Profile BGA RAM chip = Best
DR-215DR215Dataram Refurbished DR215 Memory
DR-300-16MBDR30016MBDataram Refurbished DR30016MB
DR3100VSDataram Refurbished 24MB
DR450-128DR450128Dataram Refurbished DR450128 DATARAM 128MB FOR VAX4000
DRD500/512DRD500512Dataram Refurbished DRD500512 NEVER OPENED Original PACKING
DRG08L/512DRG08L512Dataram Refurbished DRG08L512 512MB Kit 2 x 256MB for Octane
DRH370/1024DRH3701024Dataram Refurbished DRH3701024 1GB Memory PC2100 Kit 2 x 512MB mw
DRH370/512DRH370512Dataram Refurbished DRH370512 512MB Memory PC2100 Kit 2 x 256MB mw
DRHL2000/1024DRHL20001024Dataram Refurbished DRHL20001024 DATARAM 1GB KIT FOR L/N/A CLASS
DRHLC2000/512DRHLC2000512Dataram Refurbished DRHLC2000512 512MB 133MHZ ECC SDRAM Memory Module
DRHXW9400/4GBDRHXW94004GBDataram New DRHXW94004GB 4GB - 667MHz DDR2-667/PC2-5300 - ECC Chipkill - DDR2 SDRAM Memory - 240
DRQ380/1024DRQ3801024Dataram Refurbished DRQ3801024 1024MB EDO DRAM Memory Kit 2 x 512MB mw
DRQES40/4096DRQES404096Dataram Refurbished DRQES404096 ES40 Ram 4 x 1024 4GB Kit
DTM63672CDataram New 512MB - 400MHz DDR400/PC3200 - Non-ECC - DDR SDRAM Memory - 184-pin
EV284AADataram New 4GB DDR2 Compatible Memory Module HP EV284AA
MS15-FAMS15FADataram Refurbished MS15FA 256MB ECC MEMORY 8X32 SIMMS
MS610-FAMS610FADataram Refurbished MS610FA ES40 Ram 4 x 1024 4GB Kit
MS650-BCMS650BCDataram Refurbished MS650BC
MS65A-CAMS65ACADataram Refurbished MS65ACA 64MB FOR VAX 4000 MODEL 500
300682-B21C300682B21CDataram Refurbished 300682B21C 4GB Memory Kit 2 x 2GB DDR PC2100 ECC
358349-B21C358349B21CDataram Refurbished 358349B21C 2GB PC2700 Registered ECC Ram Module
371049-B21C371049B21CDataram Refurbished 371049B21C 4GB PC2700 2 x 2GB Registered ECC Memory kit
395409-B21395409B21Dataram Refurbished 395409B21 HP 8GB (2 stick X 4GB) 333MHz PC2700 ECC Registered DDR SDRAM DIMM.HP Memory Module for ProLiant Server
40537Dataram Refurbished
40903-2MB409032MBDataram Refurbished 409032MB
61945Dataram Refurbished DATARAM MEMORY MODULE PTG8E7-2C
62030Dataram Refurbished
62032Dataram Refurbished Dataram 64MB 4K Buffered ECC 60ns 36c 200-Pin FPM DIMM 4x4
62039Dataram Refurbished Dataram 128MB 8K Buffered ECC 60ns 18c 200-Pin FPM DIMM 8x8
62201Dataram Refurbished 62201
62614Dataram Refurbished 128MB Kit 2 x 64MB for SGI Octane
62631Dataram Refurbished Memory Module 1 DIMM
62638Dataram Refurbished 256MB DIMM 200-Pin 10NS SDRAM Memory
62642Dataram Refurbished Dataram 1GB RAM DIMM
62656Dataram New 512MB 200p PC100 18c 64x4 Registered ECC SDRAM Memory DIMM MS310-EA
62688Dataram Refurbished 512MB Dataram Module for RP54xx Lseries
63011Dataram Refurbished
63015Dataram Refurbished DATARAM MEMORY MV3
63330Dataram Refurbished DATARAM 2GB 2Rx4 PC2-4200R-444-12-J1
63332Dataram Refurbished 240-Pin DDR2-2GB-PC5300 ECC Registered
63653FDataram Refurbished 1GB 184p PC2100 CL2.5 36c 64x4 Registered ECC DDR DIMM T027 RFB
63653NDataram Refurbished 256MB DDR-333 PC 2700 DDR MEMROY
63691Dataram Refurbished 2GB Memory PC3200 DDR SDRAM 400MHZ DIMM
62662ADataram Refurbished 512MB SDRAM DIMM
66791Dataram Refurbished HP MEMORY BAORD
69201Dataram Refurbished
69204Dataram Refurbished 256MB KIT 2 OF THE 128MB BOARDS FOR HP K AND 969
69207Dataram Refurbished 128MB Memory Kit
69211Dataram Refurbished 64MB Module Memory SDRAM PC100 CL=2 non-ECC 100MHz 3.3-Volt 8MB x 64 Mfr P
69702Dataram Refurbished HP MEMORY BOARD
69940Dataram Refurbished
60037Dataram Refurbished 64MB 168p 60ns 9c 8x8 4K Buffered ECC EDO DIMM
62616Dataram Refurbished DATARAM AXP 4100 1GB MEM BD HIGH PERF
62613Dataram Refurbished 512MB FOR AS4100
A183850074Dataram Refurbished SIMM MEMORY MODULE
A3737A/TPA3737ATPDataram Refurbished A3737ATP DATARAM 512MB KIT FOR D/K/9X9
A6114ADataram Refurbished 2Gb 2x1Gb kit for Aclass rp2405243024502470 servers
A6115ADataram Refurbished 2Gb 2x1Gb kit for Lclass 54xxservers 62689
DR-275DR275Dataram Refurbished DR275
DR300/16DR30016Dataram Refurbished DR30016 II
DR5100-32DR510032Dataram Refurbished DR510032 64MB
DRH9200/128DRH9200128Dataram Refurbished DRH9200128 DATARAM 128MB SET FOR 9X9
DRH9200/256DRH9200256Dataram Refurbished DRH9200256 DATARAM 256MB MEMORY MODULE.
DRH9200/64DRH920064Dataram Refurbished DRH920064 DATARAM 64MB SET FOR 9X9
DRH9717/32DRH971732Dataram Refurbished DRH971732 DATARAM 32MB MEMORY FOR
DRHA500/512DRHA500512Dataram Refurbished DRHA500512 2X256MB 512Mb Dataram Module for RP24xx Aseries
DRHL2000/2024DRHL20002024Dataram Refurbished DRHL20002024 2Gb 2x1Gb kit for Lclass 54xxservers 62689
DRHVU/256DRHVU256Dataram Refurbished DRHVU256 DATARAM 256MB FOR B C J-CLASS
DRIH80/2048DRIH802048Dataram Refurbished DRIH802048 DATARAM 2GB 2X1GB 200P 10NS KIT
DTM63641Dataram Refurbished Dataram 512MB 266 MHz PC2100 184-pin Memory Module
DTM63715BDataram Refurbished MEMORY DATARAM DTM63715B 512MB DDR 184PIN
DTM63715CDataram Refurbished MEMORY DATARAM DTM63715C 512MB DDR 184PIN
DTM63715EDataram Refurbished 512MB ECC Unbuffered SR X8 DDR400 INTEL/CMTL
DTM65526ADataram Refurbished 1GB SR X8 PC2-5300F-555 INTEL/CMTL QUALIFIED- FREE FREIGHT
MS02-CAMS02CADataram Refurbished MS02CA
MS15-CAMS15CADataram Refurbished MS15CA 8 II 61558
MS44L-BAMS44LBADataram Refurbished MS44LBA MEMORY
MS650-BAMS650BADataram Refurbished MS650BA II
SEWX2D1ZDataram Refurbished 32GB MEMORY KIT M3000 4X 8GB DIMM
X7003A-GX7003AGDataram Refurbished X7003AG 128MB DIMMPTG8E2-42C
X7038A-DATARAMX7038ADATARAMDataram Refurbished X7038ADATARAM 256MB2x 128MBDIMM 50ns memory KITPTG8E2-6Cfor Ultra 510
X7093A-3PTX7093A3PTDataram Refurbished X7093A3PT 3-Port 1GB SDRAM Memory for V120/Netra 120 DATARAMTH-C9-2C
63370Dataram 63370 DATARAM 8GB 2RX4 PC2-5300P MEMORY MODULE
382876-001-DR382876001DRDataram 2GB pc3200 DDRSDRAM 400MHZ DIMM
DRHXW9300/2GBDRHXW93002GBDataram 2GB pc3200 DDRSDRAM 400MHZ DIMM
PP656ADataram 2GB pc3200 DDRSDRAM 400MHZ DIMM
62404Dataram DATARAM 16 MB FOR MVII
64313Dataram DATARAM 8GB 2 x 4GB 2Rx4GB DDR3 1333Mhz PC3-10600R 64313 ECC Ser
46645CDataram BEY 512MB 280p 60ns 36c 8x16 ECC EDO Mezzanine Module
X7056A-DATARAMX7056ADATARAMDataram DATARAM 4GB Memory Kit CL16-BAP-4CGP44#7-4C
40284Dataram DATARAM 32MB ECC Buffer FPM SIMM168Pin60ns 18c5V CL6#7-1C
501-2471-D5012471DDataram DATARAM 32MB MEMORY SIMM for SS4/SS5 PTG8E7-7CCL6#7-8CG
65007-F065007F0Dataram DATARAM 32MB ECC Buffer FPM SIMM168Pin60ns 18c5V CL6#7-1C
65008-A065008A0Dataram DATARAM 32MB ECC Buffer FPM SIMM168Pin60ns 18c5V CL6#7-2C
4GB-PC3-10600R-240P4GBPC310600R240PDataram Samsung 4GB 2Rx4 PC3-10600R-09-11-E1-D2 240Pin HS GS20X4170-5
DRHL2000/2048DRHL20002048Dataram 2GB Memory Module Kit 2 x 1GB
X7026A-DATARAMX7026ADATARAMDataram DATARAM 2GB8x256mb Memory Kit CL66A-B25-2C
40285Dataram DATARAM 32MB ECC Buffer FPM SIMM168Pin60ns 18c5V CL6#7-1C
65006-C165006C1Dataram DATARAM 32MB ECC Buffer FPM SIMM168Pin60ns 18c5V CL6#7-1C
DTM64327Dataram 16GB DDR3 DIMM 240pin PC3-8500
DRH1066RQ/16GBDRH1066RQ16GBDataram Dataram 16GB 4Rx4 PC3-8500R walt
64367Dataram Dataram 8GB 2Rx4 PC3L 10600R Memory DIMM
63680Dataram New 2GB 184p PC2700 CL2.5 36c 128x4 DDR333 2Rx4 ECC 2.5V RDIMM
63689Dataram DATARAM 2GB DDR PC2100R 184Pin ECC REG CL6#1A -8C
63715Dataram DataRam Memory DIMM TRLR-2C
370-31993703199Dataram Sun Microsystems 128MB
370-37993703799Dataram 256MB SUN Memory for Ultra5/10
370-41503704150Dataram 256Mb memory for blade100/150

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