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Listings of Datum by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
23412898-000-0234128980000Datum Refurbished 234128980000 PRR-10 DS1E1 OUTPUT power video server
06554-50106554501Datum Refurbished 06554501 3800-TSG DS1 IN MOD CLEI D0CPH008AA
25476585-000-0254765850000Datum Refurbished Chasiss
23412887-007-0234128870070Datum Refurbished 234128870070 PRR10 GPS Reference Controller
234128950000Datum Refurbished PRIMARY REF. RECEIVER
23477337-000-0234773370000Datum Refurbished 234773370000 Datum CC Output module
23478272-001-0234782720010Datum Refurbished DATUM 23478272-001-0- STRATUM 3E CLOCK DATUM 23478272-001-0-
23478303-002-0234783030020Datum Refurbished TSG 1-PORT DS1 INPUT MODULE Rev E
23478305-000-0234783050000Datum Refurbished 234783050000 Frame Generator Ver D
23478309-000-0234783090000Datum Refurbished 234783090000 AMI OUTPUT Rev D
23478443-000-0234784430000Datum Refurbished 234784430000 FRAME GENERATOR
25412900-000-0254129000000Datum Refurbished 254129000000 PRR10-CHASSIS Only no card
25477362-000-0254773620000Datum Refurbished 254773620000 Datum 3800 Chassis no card
25413106-000-0254131060000Datum DATUM 25413106-000-0- OT-20 OFFICETIME DATUM 25413106-000-0-
23476554-000-0234765540000Datum DATUM 23476554-000-0 DS1 Input Card for Main shelf chassis 2547
23412988-000-0234129880000Datum Datum 23412898-000-0 PRR-10 ANALOG Output 23412898-000-0
25412901-000-0254129010000Datum Datum 25412901-000-0 PRR-10 EXPANSION CHASSIS 25412901-000-0
25476672-000-0254766720000Datum Austron-Datum 25476672-000-0 TSG3800 CHASSIS 25476672-000-0
23412968-000-0234129680000Datum Datum 23412968-000-0 PRP-10 Output Exp Module 23412968-000-0

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