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Listings of Delta Electronics by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
DPS-275GB-2DPS275GB2Delta Electronics DELTA.275 POWER SUPPLY FOR 2610-N
E62433-008E62433008Delta Electronics DELTA ELECTRONICS 850W HOT SWAP POWER SUPPLY DPS-850FB A E62433-
S30122-H7726XS30122H7726XDelta Electronics 38V 420MA 100-240V AC POWER ADAPTER
DPS-200PB-101DPS200PB101Delta Electronics Delta DPS-200PB-101 0
FHS-A9025S16FHSA9025S16Delta Electronics Delta Heatsink Fan FHS-A9025S16
FHS-A9025S18FHSA9025S18Delta Electronics Delta Heatsink Fan FHS-A9025S18
504966-001504966001Delta Electronics HP 220W Switching Power Supply DPS-220AB-2 504966-001
AF600C00000Delta Electronics Dell Poweedge Perc 6i PCI-e SAS RAID Controller Card
DFB0812HDelta Electronics Delta Fonsan 12V 0.18A 80x25mm 3-wire Fan
WFB1212HEDelta Electronics Delta Electronics 128x38mm DC 12V 0.60A Brushless Fan DC 4-wire
DFB0412M-LOT10DFB0412MLOT10Delta Electronics Lot of 10 Delta Fonsan DC Brushless 12V 0.08A 40x20mm 2-wire Fan
DFB0812H-LOT10DFB0812HLOT10Delta Electronics Lot of 10 Delta Fonsan 12V 0.18A 80x25mm 3-Wire Fan
KUC1012D-AJ03KUC1012DAJ03Delta Electronics Delta Electronics DC12V 0.75A Brushless Blower Fan KUC1012D-AJ03
KUC1012D-AK69KUC1012DAK69Delta Electronics Delta Electronics DC12V 0.75A Brushless Blower Fan KUC1012D-AK69
KUC1012D-BF22KUC1012DBF22Delta Electronics Delta Electronics DC12V 0.75A Brushless Blower Fan KUC1012D-BF22
21G0325Delta Electronics LEXMARK ADAPTOR MODEL: ADP-15NH A
25.10251.0112510251011Delta Electronics HP ADP-65JH T5740 T5745 Acer Asus AC Adapter 586992-001 19V 3.42
A48359-007A48359007Delta Electronics Delta RPS-350-1 A A48359-007 DC - DC DUAL 350W Hot-Swap PSU JJ2
D20851-009D20851009Delta Electronics Delta Electronics AC-050 A D20851-009 Intel Hot Swap Power Backp
D20852-005D20852005Delta Electronics Delta DPS-830AB A Intel FXX830WPSU 830W For SC5400 Redundant Pow
D39925-010D39925010Delta Electronics Delta Electronics TDPS-450AB A D39925-010 450W 48-60v Power Supp
E30692-007E30692007Delta Electronics Intel AAX750WPS Delta DPS-750PB A E30692-007 750W SR2600 Power
E33446-007E33446007Delta Electronics Delta Electronics DPS-650QB A E33446-007 650W Redundant PSU N4
E67646-003E67646003Delta Electronics Intel AC-081 SR2600URLXR Delta Power Distribution Board E67646-0
FAN-0078L4FAN0078L4Delta Electronics Supermicro FAN-0078L4 GFB0412SHE 40x50x38mm 4 Pin PWM Fan for SC
FFB0412UHN-BE67FFB0412UHNBE67Delta Electronics Delta FFB0412UHN -BE67 12V 0.75A 40x40x28mm 10-pin Cooling Fan Y
FFB1212EHDelta Electronics Delta 120mm 12V DC 4000RPM Brushless Case Fan FFB1212EH
BFB1224HHDelta Electronics Delta Electronics 120x32mm 24VDC 0.80A 3-wire Blower Fan
DPS-1125ABDPS1125ABDelta Electronics HP/Delta Z820 1125W Power Supply
DPS-120FBDPS120FBDelta Electronics Delta DPS-120FB internal power supply 120W HP JukeBox Power Supp
AFB0612SHDelta Electronics Delta Fan AFB0612SH 60x60x25mm 5-pin DC12V 0.14A DP/N: 0J2222 J2
DPS-125GBDPS125GBDelta Electronics DELTA POWER SUPPLY 125W Model: DPS-125GB A IBM PN: 49P2001 FRU:
DPS300KBDelta Electronics Delta Original ATX 300 Watt Power Supply Model:DPS-300KB
DPS-400MBDPS400MBDelta Electronics DELTA POWER SUPPLY 340W Model: DPS-400MB A IBM PN: 74P4498 FRU:
EADP-18SBEADP18SBDelta Electronics Ideapad Tablet Power Adapter 12V 1.5A 100-240V ~.4A 50-60HZ PN:
619397-001619397001Delta Electronics Power Supply pulled from HP Z210
619564-001619564001Delta Electronics Power Supply pulled from HP Z210
BFB0712HFDelta Electronics
539838-001539838001Delta Electronics DELTA 30w Power Adapter In:100-240vAC Out:12V/2.5A GC2W-25C
DPS-850DBDPS850DBDelta Electronics HP Z800 Workstation 850W Power Supply DPS-850DB
EADP-32BBEADP32BBDelta Electronics AC ADAPTER EADP-32BB A P/N: 524475-017; 524475-025 12V 2.67APA
608435-003608435003Delta Electronics HP 19.5V 2.05A AC Power Adapter w/out Power Cord 608435-003
ADP-40DDADP40DDDelta Electronics AC Adapter 100-240VAC 12VDC; 3.33A
ADP-60DBADP60DBDelta Electronics AC Adapter 100-240VAC 19VDC; 3.16A

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