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Listings of EDGEWATER by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
457XU-1XX-0030457XU1XX0030Edgewater New 4571/4571W/4572W: EdgeMarc VoIP License Upgrade for 45xxT4/T4W S
457XU-1XX-0050457XU1XX0050Edgewater New 4571/4571W/4572: EdgeMarc VoIP License Upgrade for 4571/457xW Si
EA-PSU4550SERIES-01EAPSU4550SERIES01Edgewater New Edgemarc AC Power Adapter for 4550 series Edgemarc appliance
EM-4550-1-4-0-0-0-0EM4550140000Edgewater New Designed for Small to Medium enterprise deployments the 4550 Se
ED-EM-4550-5EDEM45505Edgewater 4550 EdgeMarc 5 Network Services Gateway
7300S-210-0025-P17300S2100025P1Edgewater Premium 1 Yr Suport EdgeProtec t 25 Video 75 Voice Sessions
7301-100-010073011000100Edgewater EdgeMarc 100 Enterprise Sessio n Border Controller
4550-0034550003Edgewater 4550 EDGEMARC15 NET SERV GATEW AY 4LAN+1WAN+2USB
4552-0024552002Edgewater 4552 EDGEMARC5 NET SERV GATEWA Y W/SINGLE T1 ENABLE
4700-100-000547001000005Edgewater 4700 EdgeMarc Enterprise Session Border Controller - 8 LAN 2 WA
4550US-230-0005-P14550US2300005P1Edgewater PREMIUM 1 YR. SUPPORT UPGRADE FOR 4550
EM-4550-5EM45505Edgewater 4550 EdgeMarc 5 Network Services Gateway
7300S-210-0010-P17300S2100010P1Edgewater New 7300EdgeProtect 10 1 YR Premium support
7300U-1XX-05007300U1XX0500Edgewater New 7300: EM Upgrade 300-500
7300UI-210-00057300UI2100005Edgewater New 7300 EdgeProtect Upgrade add 5Video
4500Edgewater Edgewater Networks Inc 4500 VoIP Router
ED-EM-4700-05EDEM470005Edgewater 4700: EdgeMarc 5
EM-4700-05EM470005Edgewater 4700: EdgeMarc 5
4806-102-25480610225Edgewater 4806: EdgeMarc 25 Intelligent Edge Solution - 2WAN
2900A-100-00052900A1000005Edgewater New Edgewater Networks 2900A-100-0005 EdgeMarc 5 w/1GB Max Data Throughput Adapter

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