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Listings of Eastern Research by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
MKT-006-45301MKT00645301Eastern Research Refurbished Eastern Research MKT-006-45301 Hybrid DS-3 Application Module
MKT-006-50311MKT00650311Eastern Research Refurbished Eastern Research MKT-006-50311 STM1/OC3 Interface Module - IR131
MKT-006-20108MKT00620108Eastern Research Refurbished OCTAL T1/E1 MODULE CLEI NA 2 1NOB
MKT-006-04215MKT00604215Eastern Research Refurbished Eastern Research XLC Expansion Link Controller Module Front
MKT-006-05206MKT00605206Eastern Research Refurbished MKT00605206 Eastern Research N+1 Narrowband Redundant Card
MKT-006-05200MKT00605200Eastern Research Refurbished MKT00605200 Eastern Research DNX-11 PSX Chassis
MKT-006-10054MKT00610054Eastern Research Refurbished MKT00610054 Eastern Research QUAD OCU INTERFACE
MKT-006-10828MKT00610828Eastern Research Refurbished MKT00610828 OCTAL HS Synchronous APPLICATION MOD
MKT-006-45001MKT00645001Eastern Research Refurbished MKT-006-45001 - INTERFACE MODULE SIGNAL T3 CLEI MKT-006-45
MKT-006-02350MKT00602350Eastern Research Refurbished Eastern Research System Manager Controller Card
MKT-006-10634MKT00610634Eastern Research Refurbished MKT00610634 Eastern Research Quad OCU-DP Application Module
ESA-016-20104ESA01620104Eastern Research Refurbished EASTERN RESEARCH ESA-016-20104 DNX 1U MOD QUAD T1/E1EASTERN RESE
MKT-006-01017MKT00601017Eastern Research Refurbished MKT00601017 REAR BEZEL
MKT-006-02014MKT00602014Eastern Research Refurbished MKT00602014 Eastern Research Manager interface card
MKT-006-02507MKT00602507Eastern Research Refurbished MKT00602507 Eastern Reaserach NT1 card
MKT-006-05203MKT00605203Eastern Research Refurbished MKT00605203 Eastern Research N+ 1Switch Controller Card
MKT-006-05300MKT00605300Eastern Research Refurbished MKT00605300 N +1 Protection Switch for DNX 11 only
MKT-006-10034MKT00610034Eastern Research Refurbished MKT00610034 Eastern Research DNX-11 DNX10034 QUAD RS530 INT
MKT-006-10058MKT00610058Eastern Research Refurbished EASTERN RESEARCH MKT-006-10058 DS0-DP INTERFACE 8 PORT REAR CARD
MKT-006-10508MKT00610508Eastern Research Refurbished EASTERN RESEARCH MKT-006-10508 DSO-DP 8 PORT MODULE EASTERN RESE
MKT-006-10814MKT00610814Eastern Research Refurbished MKT00610814 Eastern Research DNX-11 QUAD PORT Synchronous DATA
MKT-006-11000MKT00611000Eastern Research Refurbished MKT00611000
MKT-006-11206MKT00611206Eastern Research Refurbished MKT00611206 Eastern Research 110/220-AC power supply DNX-11
MKT-006-14004MKT00614004Eastern Research Refurbished MKT00614004 Eastern Research Quad T1 IO
MKT-006-15104MKT00615104Eastern Research Refurbished MKT00615104 Eastern Research Quad DS-1 Module
MKT-006-50303MKT00650303Eastern Research Refurbished EASTERN RESEARCH MKT-006-50303 OC-3/STM-1 Optical Module MKT-006
MKT-016-01048MKT01601048Eastern Research Refurbished MKT01601048 POWER SUPPLY MODULE 21 V DC
MKT-016-02801MKT01602801Eastern Research Refurbished EASTERN RESEARCH MKT-016-02801- DNX-1U base station access gatew
MKT-016-20104MKT01620104Eastern Research Refurbished MKT01620104 QUAD T1E1 MODULE
MKT-079-00050MKT07900050Eastern Research Refurbished MKT07900050 Eastern Research SDL Loop unit 220-Volt! Like white box
NAS1500Eastern Research Refurbished Eastern Research PRN T1 V35
NAS9000-0100NAS90000100Eastern Research Refurbished NAS90000100 Eastern Research 56K T1 external AC power
NAS9056Eastern Research Refurbished Eastern Research NAS9056 56k DDS Box is in rough condition. N
MKT-006-11017MKT00611017Eastern Research EASTERN RESEARCH MKT-006-11017 MAK-006-11017 DNX 11 SLOT BLANK F

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