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Listings of Eaton Corporation by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
PXS-PROPXSPROEaton Corporation New Power Xpert Software Professional Edition
ZC0811108100000Eaton Corporation New BLADEUPS 8KW 208V L21-30P L21-30R PXGXUPS
9PX5KTF5Eaton Corporation New 9PX 5K UPS W/ 120V XFMR 18 5-20R
W2FLN7NEDX-0080W2FLN7NEDX0080Eaton Corporation New Eaton
9PX3K3UNP2Eaton Corporation New Vendor ship options avail too!
5PX3000RTNEaton Corporation 5PX 3000VA RT 120-Volt L5-30P 2U 6X5-20R L5-30R NETWORK MS
9PX5KEaton Corporation New Eaton 9PX5K 5kVA UPS - 3 Minute Full Load - 11 Minute Half Load Power Supply
9PX6KEaton Corporation New Eaton 9PX Kit Model 9PX6KTF5 UPS 5.4kW 6000VA 6U Unit Model: 9P
9PX3000GLRTEaton Corporation New 9PX3000GLRT - UPS - 3 KW - (2) L6-20R, (1) L6-30R
9PX3000RTEaton Corporation New 9PX3000RT - UPS - ONLINE - 2.7 KW - (6) 5-20R, (1) L5-30R
XXXXNEXX-0825XXXXNEXX0825Eaton Corporation New Eaton
XXXXNEXX-1100XXXXNEXX1100Eaton Corporation New Eaton
PP81NEDXEaton Corporation New PowerTrust Preferred Service P Plan 8 Hr - 1 Year
SU05NXXX-0080SU05NXXX0080Eaton Corporation New STARTUP AFTER HRS 7X24
SU06NXXX-0080SU06NXXX0080Eaton Corporation New STARTUP BUSINESS HRS 5X8
PW9130L3000T-XLPW9130L3000TXLEaton Corporation New PW9130L3000TXL Towe UPS 3000VA/2700-Watts - 5-Minute Full-load - 4 x NEMA 5-15/20R 1 x NEMA
9PX3K3UNP1Eaton Corporation New KIT:(9PX3K3UN+9PXPPDM1)
9PX3K3UNEaton Corporation New 9PX 3KVA / 3KW 3U UPS W/ NMC
PW9130G3000R-XL2UEUPW9130G3000RXL2UEUEaton Corporation New UPS rack-mountable - AC 208 V - 2.7 kW - 3000 VA 9 Ah - RS-2
9PX6KTF5Eaton Corporation New Eaton 9PX Kit Model 9PX6KTF5 UPS 5.4kW 6000VA 6U Unit Model: 9P
9PX6KP1Eaton Corporation 9PX 6K UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply W/ MBP 14-Inch-30R L6-30R 6X5-20R
SDC1559-2911SDC15592911Eaton Corporation New SDC15592911 Eaton Power Quality SDC1559-2911 Epdu 208-240V 9XL6-20P 2U NEMA CLEI 1649035410
SDC1559-C-2724SDC1559C2724Eaton Corporation EPDU VR L6-30P 12X5-15R-Outlet
T800P-03000T800P03000Eaton Corporation PWRSURE 800 Panel/Hardware 3KVA
T800P-05000T800P05000Eaton Corporation PWRSURE 800 8KVA HARDWIRED Panel/Hardware
W1PA81NEDX-0080W1PA81NEDX0080Eaton Corporation New W1PA81NEDX0080 PROACTIVE Service PLAN 8 HR
W1PT42NEDX-0030W1PT42NEDX0030Eaton Corporation New W1PT42NEDX0030 1 Year Power TRUST 4 Hour Service PLAN 9355 20-30KVA
W1PT82NEDX-0050W1PT82NEDX0050Eaton Corporation New W1PT82NEDX0050 1 Year Power TRUST 8HR Service PLAN 9390IT 40KVA
W2FL47NEXX-0050W2FL47NEXX0050Eaton Corporation New W2FL47NEXX0050 2 Year FLEX 4 Hour 7X24 COV ENOTIFY ONLY 9390IT 40KVA
W2FL47NXXX-0050W2FL47NXXX0050Eaton Corporation New W2FL47NXXX0050 2 Year FLEX 4 Hour 7X24 COV ONLY 9390IT 40KVA
W2FL87NEXX-0050W2FL87NEXX0050Eaton Corporation New W2FL87NEXX0050 2 Year FLEX 8HR 7X24 COV ENOTIFY ONLY 9390IT 40KVA
W2FL87NXXX-0030W2FL87NXXX0030Eaton Corporation New W2FL87NXXX0030 2 Year FLEX 8HR 7X24 COV ONLY 9355 20-30KVA
W2FL87NXXX-0050W2FL87NXXX0050Eaton Corporation New W2FL87NXXX0050 2 Year FLEX 8HR 7X24 COV ONLY 9390IT 40KVA
W2FL87NXXX-0080W2FL87NXXX0080Eaton Corporation New W2FL87NXXX0080 2 Year FLEX 8HR RESPONSE7X24 COV BLADEUPS 12-60 KW
W2FL87NXXX-0160W2FL87NXXX0160Eaton Corporation New W2FL87NXXX0160 FLEX:8 HR RSP 7X24 CVG ONLY
W2SU05NXXX-0030W2SU05NXXX0030Eaton Corporation New W2SU05NXXX0030 START-UP 24X7 9355 20-30 Services COMMISSIONING TRAINING
W2SU05NXXX-0050W2SU05NXXX0050Eaton Corporation New W2SU05NXXX0050 STARTUP 7X24 9390IT 40KVA
W2SU05NXXX-0080W2SU05NXXX0080Eaton Corporation New W2SU05NXXX0080 START UP 7X24 BLADEUPS 12 60KW
W2SUPS05NXXX-0080W2SUPS05NXXX0080Eaton Corporation New W2SUPS05NXXX0080 BLADEUPS Service STRT LVL 1 7X24 PREASSEM
WE87CXXX-0030WE87CXXX0030Eaton Corporation 3 Year External Warranty 24X7 8HR LABOR AND TRAVEL 100 MILES
Y03111055100000Eaton Corporation RACK Powerware MOD F/ BLADE UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply 208V 6X L6-30R OUTPUTS 3U
Y03113011100000Eaton Corporation REMOTE Power MOD F/ PW BLADE UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply 12KW 4X L21-20R OUTPUT 15FT CORD 3U
Y03113017100000Eaton Corporation RACK Power MOD F/PW BLADE UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply 208V 15FT CORD 2XL21-20-Inch 6X5-20-Inch 3U
Y03113047100000Eaton Corporation New EATON RACK POWER MODULE, 12KW, (3) L6-20R & (6) 5-20R, BLADEUPS, 208V
Y03113055100000Eaton Corporation New EATON RACK POWER MODULE, 12KW, (6) L6-30R, BLADEUPS, 208V
Y03113077100000Eaton Corporation RPM Rack Power Module BLADE UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply 12KW 5-20R/5-20R
Y03113099100000Eaton Corporation RPM Rack Power Module BLADEUPS 12KW 6XL14-30R 15-Inch & NO EMS
Y031130FF100000Eaton Corporation RPM Rack Power Module 3U BLADEUPS IN 208V 4XL15-30 15-Inch CORD Standard DISPLAY
Y03114011100000Eaton Corporation REMOTE Powerware MOD F/ Powerware BLADE UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply 208V 4X L21-20R OUTPUT 20FT CORD
Y03114022100000Eaton Corporation REMOTE Power MOD F/ PW BLADE UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply 208V 2X L21-30R RECEPTACLES
Y03114027100000Eaton Corporation RPM Rack Power Module 208V BLADEUPS PLUG 20FT L21-30R 5-20R
Y03114055100000Eaton Corporation Powerware 12KW L6-30R/L6-30R BLADEUPS 20FT RPM Rack Power Module
9PX8KHWEaton Corporation Eaton Power Quality 9PX8KHW UPS 208V Hardwired CLEI 1649004700
9PX8KPMEaton Corporation Eaton Power Quality 9PX8KPM Module Electronics CLEI 1649004690
PSPD160480Y3MEaton Corporation Eaton Power Quality PSPD160480Y3M 160KA Surge Protection Series CLEI 1649011850
W1PT82NEDX-0080W1PT82NEDX0080Eaton Corporation Eaton Power Quality W1PT82NEDX-0080 Bladeups 12-60 KW 1ST Yr CLEI 1649008750
W2PVN3NEXX-0015W2PVN3NEXX0015Eaton Corporation Eaton Power Quality W2PVN3NEXX-0015 9355 10-15 Kva 1ST Yr CLEI 1649007890
0660C060AEKCNAAIEaton Corporation
0660C090ACXAAAAIEaton Corporation
0660C090AEXAAAAIEaton Corporation
0660C120AELAAAAIEaton Corporation
0660C120AGOAAAAIEaton Corporation
0660C120AINBRAAIEaton Corporation
0660C122AAAAAAAIEaton Corporation New Eaton 9170+ 12-slot cabinet
0660C122ADEAAAAIEaton Corporation
0660C122AEKEOCRIEaton Corporation
103004137Eaton Corporation New 9170+ 12 SLOT BATT CAB W/CHGR RM RWARE
103007830-55911030078305591Eaton Corporation New BLADEUPS BUSBAR 4 HIGH BOTTOMENTRY
124100020-002124100020002Eaton Corporation
69C2562G04Eaton Corporation New Eaton Power Quality 69C2562G04 ATC-100 150A 3PHASE 480V Contacto CLEI 1649041550
124100028-007124100028007Eaton Corporation
3XXGP917012SLCXEaton Corporation Eaton Power Quality 3XXGP917012SLCX 3YR Gold Plus Plan PW9170 12 CLEI 1649002400
5PX3000IRT2UNEaton Corporation Eaton Power Quality 5PX3000IRT2UN 3000VA 230V C20 8XC13 C19 Netw CLEI 1649026940
6000FLEX3YR9135UEaton Corporation Eaton Power Quality 6000FLEX3YR9135U Warr 24x7 Startup For PW913 CLEI 1649003450
700PT3YR9130UEaton Corporation Eaton Power Quality 700PT3YR9130U Warr Ann PM 24x7 Startup For P CLEI 1649002420
9PX6KSPEaton Corporation New Eaton 9PX 5500VA Tower/Rack Mountable Dual Conversation Online U
ETN-ENC422442SCETNENC422442SCEaton Corporation
ETN-ENC422442SLETNENC422442SLEaton Corporation
ETN-ENC423042SCETNENC423042SCEaton Corporation
ETN-ENC423042SDETNENC423042SDEaton Corporation
EXRTG5000-PWRMSEXRTG5000PWRMSEaton Corporation Eaton Power Quality EXRTG5000-PWRMS Pulsar 5KVA Module CLEI 1649003410
FF040AA0A0A0A0BEaton Corporation
FF060AA0A0A0A0BEaton Corporation Eaton Power Quality FF060AA0A0A0A0B FE1.8KVA 120V Ext Battery I/O H CLEI 1649003480
W20005NXXX-0160W20005NXXX0160Eaton Corporation
Y03100022100000Eaton Corporation
Y03100099100000Eaton Corporation New RPM 12KW L14-30R/L14-30R BLADEUPS 208V
Y031120BB100000Eaton Corporation
Y03113015100000Eaton Corporation New BLADEUPS 208V RPM 12KW L21-20R L6-30R
Y03113055300000Eaton Corporation New BLADEUPS RPM 208V 6L6-30R 15FT 3PHASE
Y031340BA100000Eaton Corporation
103007571-55911030075715591Eaton Corporation New 1030075715591 BLADEUPS BUSBAR 60KW BOTTOM ENTRY
NSHELOADBANKEaton Corporation
PW9125-5000GPW91255000GEaton Corporation New Eaton Unit -w/15mos warranty -fresh batts !We just do UPSes!
PW9135G6000-XL3UPW9135G6000XL3UEaton Corporation New Eaton Unit -w/15mos warranty -fresh batts !We just do UPSes!
5PX3000IRTNEaton Corporation 5PX 3KVA LINEINT TWR IRT 2U W/ NTWK
PW9125-6000G+PPDMPW91256000GPPDMEaton Corporation Eaton Unit -w/15mos warranty -new fresh batts !We just do UPSes!
0660C120AAAAAAAIEaton Corporation
0660C120ACOCXAAIEaton Corporation
0660C120ACOEXAAIEaton Corporation
0660C122AEECNCOIEaton Corporation
103004192-55011030041925501Eaton Corporation
103007573-55911030075735591Eaton Corporation
103007828-55911030078285591Eaton Corporation New Eaton - Blade bar and top wireway kit - for P/N: 1030507
124100027-001124100027001Eaton Corporation
124100027-003124100027003Eaton Corporation
124100028-001124100028001Eaton Corporation
124100028-003124100028003Eaton Corporation
1FEEaton Corporation
5PX3000RT2USEaton Corporation New TAA COMPLIANT 5PX 3000 RT2U
68403Eaton Corporation
8MEEaton Corporation
9EZHA1010000000Eaton Corporation
9EZHA1020000000Eaton Corporation
9EZHA2020000000Eaton Corporation
9EZHB1010000000Eaton Corporation
9EZHB1020000000Eaton Corporation
9EZHB2010000000Eaton Corporation
9MEEaton Corporation
9PX5KP1Eaton Corporation New UPS - AC 200/208/220/230/240 V - 4.5 kW - 5000 VA - Ethernet 10/
9PX6KGEaton Corporation
9PXTFMR11Eaton Corporation New Eaton Isolation Xformer 11kva - 240/208v to 120v - 3U Rack
PW9130G3000T-XLPW9130G3000TXLEaton Corporation New Eaton Unit -w/15mos warranty -fresh batts !We just do UPSes!
APS3-421-A0AAPS3421A0AEaton Corporation Access Power Solutions DC Power Systems NO Rectifiers Panel w/
PA41NEDX-0015PA41NEDX0015Eaton Corporation NC SVC 8-15KVA 7X24 4HR RESP
PA81NEDX-0020PA81NEDX0020Eaton Corporation NC SVC 15-20KVA 7X24 8HR RESP
PA81NEDX-0030PA81NEDX0030Eaton Corporation NC SVC 20-30KVA 7X24 8HR RESP
PVN3NEXX-0030PVN3NEXX0030Eaton Corporation NC SVC 20-30KVA 5X8 PT NDR
PVN3NEXX-0050PVN3NEXX0050Eaton Corporation NC SVC 30-40KVA 5X8 PT NDR
W1FL27NXXX-0050W1FL27NXXX0050Eaton Corporation 1YR FLEX 2HR 7X24 COV ONLY 9390 IT 40KVA
W1PP41NEDX-0015W1PP41NEDX0015Eaton Corporation 1YR POWERTRUST PREF 4HR SVC PLAN 9355 10
W1PP81NEDX-0030W1PP81NEDX0030Eaton Corporation 1YR POWERTRUST PREF 8HR SVC PLAN 9355 20
W1PP81NEDX-0050W1PP81NEDX0050Eaton Corporation 1YR POWERTRUST PREF 8HR SVC PLAN 9390 IT
W1PT22NEDX-0050W1PT22NEDX0050Eaton Corporation 1YR POWERTRUST 2HR SVC PLAN 9390 IT 40KV
W1PT82NEDX-0030W1PT82NEDX0030Eaton Corporation 1YR POWERTRUST 8HR SVC PLAN 9355 20-30KV
ASY-0739ASY0739Eaton Corporation
EMA330-06EMA33006Eaton Corporation
ETN-ENC423048SBETNENC423048SBEaton Corporation
PC3038-3074PC30383074Eaton Corporation
PXG900Eaton Corporation New PWR XPERT INSIGHT GTW
RCP2500-3485RCP25003485Eaton Corporation EPDU REMOTE CONTROL PANEL 9
T800R-03500T800R03500Eaton Corporation
TPC115-3245TPC1153245Eaton Corporation
Y03100099300000Eaton Corporation
Y03113057100000Eaton Corporation
9PX8KEaton Corporation Eaton Unit -w/15mos warranty -new fresh batts !We just do UPSes!
PW9135G5000-XL3U+BPPW9135G5000XL3UBPEaton Corporation Eaton Unit -w/15mos warranty -new fresh batts !We just do UPSes!
9104-12585-00P91041258500PEaton Corporation Eaton 9PX Kit Model 9PX6KTF5 UPS 5.4kW 6000VA 6U Unit Model: 9P
9PX6KEaton Corporation Eaton 9PX Kit Model 9PX6KTF5 UPS 5.4kW 6000VA 6U Unit Model: 9P
9PX6KTF5Eaton Corporation Eaton 9PX Kit Model 9PX6KTF5 UPS 5.4kW 6000VA 6U Unit Model: 9P
PW9130I3000R-XL2UPW9130I3000RXL2UEaton Corporation Eaton PW9130I3000R-XL2U UPS 3000VA 2700W 230V 2U Rack Mount C20
9PX3000RTNEaton Corporation Eaton - UPS rack-mountable / external - AC 100/110/120/125 V
9PX3K3UNTF5Eaton Corporation Eaton - UPS rack-mountable / external - AC 200/208/220/230/2
9SX6KIRTEaton Corporation Eaton 9SX6KIRT UPS 6000VA / 5000W Uninterruptible Power Supply -

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