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Listings of Eaton Corporation by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
PXS-PROPXSPROEaton Corporation New Power Xpert Software Professional Edition
5PX3000RTNEaton Corporation 5PX 3000VA RT 120-Volt L5-30P 2U 6X5-20R L5-30R NETWORK MS
9PX5KEaton Corporation New Eaton 9PX5K 5kVA UPS - 3 Minute Full Load - 11 Minute Half Load Power Supply
9PX3000GLRTEaton Corporation New 9PX3000GLRT - UPS - 3 KW - (2) L6-20R, (1) L6-30R
9PX3000RTEaton Corporation New 9PX3000RT - UPS - ONLINE - 2.7 KW - (6) 5-20R, (1) L5-30R
XXXXNEXX-0825XXXXNEXX0825Eaton Corporation New Eaton
XXXXNEXX-1100XXXXNEXX1100Eaton Corporation New Eaton
PP81NEDXEaton Corporation New PowerTrust Preferred Service P Plan 8 Hr - 1 Year
SU05NXXX-0080SU05NXXX0080Eaton Corporation New STARTUP AFTER HRS 7X24
SU06NXXX-0080SU06NXXX0080Eaton Corporation New STARTUP BUSINESS HRS 5X8
9PX6KTF5Eaton Corporation New Eaton 9PX Kit Model 9PX6KTF5 UPS 5.4kW 6000VA 6U Unit Model: 9P
9PX6KP1Eaton Corporation 9PX 6K UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply W/ MBP 14-Inch-30R L6-30R 6X5-20R
W1PT42NEDX-0030W1PT42NEDX0030Eaton Corporation New W1PT42NEDX0030 1 Year Power TRUST 4 Hour Service PLAN 9355 20-30KVA
W2SU05NXXX-0030W2SU05NXXX0030Eaton Corporation New W2SU05NXXX0030 START-UP 24X7 9355 20-30 Services COMMISSIONING TRAINING
W2SU05NXXX-0050W2SU05NXXX0050Eaton Corporation New W2SU05NXXX0050 STARTUP 7X24 9390IT 40KVA
W1PT82NEDX-0080W1PT82NEDX0080Eaton Corporation Eaton Power Quality W1PT82NEDX-0080 Bladeups 12-60 KW 1ST Yr CLEI 1649008750
NSHELOADBANKEaton Corporation
0660C120AAAAAAAIEaton Corporation
9PX5KP1Eaton Corporation New UPS - AC 200/208/220/230/240 V - 4.5 kW - 5000 VA - Ethernet 10/
W1PP81NEDX-0050W1PP81NEDX0050Eaton Corporation 1YR POWERTRUST PREF 8HR SVC PLAN 9390 IT
9PX3000RTNEaton Corporation Eaton - UPS rack-mountable / external - AC 100/110/120/125 V
9PX3K3UNTF5Eaton Corporation Eaton - UPS rack-mountable / external - AC 200/208/220/230/2

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