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Listings of Eaton Corporation by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
EMI337-10EMI33710Eaton Corporation
EMI344-10EMI34410Eaton Corporation
EMI345-HWEMI345HWEaton Corporation
EMI350-10EMI35010Eaton Corporation
EMI361-06EMI36106Eaton Corporation
EMI363-06EMI36306Eaton Corporation
EMO114-10EMO11410Eaton Corporation
EMO324-10EMO32410Eaton Corporation
EMO325-10EMO32510Eaton Corporation
EMO326-10EMO32610Eaton Corporation
EMO328-10EMO32810Eaton Corporation
EMO329-06EMO32906Eaton Corporation
EMO333-10EMO33310Eaton Corporation New Epdu Metered Emo333-10 28-Outlet Pdu - Nema L21-30p - 1 X Nema 5-20r, 6 X Iec 60320 C19, 21 X Iec 60320 C13 - 120 V Ac, 230 V Ac - 8.64 Kva - Network (Rj-45) - 38uvertical Rackmount
EPBZ79Eaton Corporation New BASIC EPDU 24A L6-30P 16XC13 4XC19
EPPDMG3000R-2U-HWEPPDMG3000R2UHWEaton Corporation
ETN-ACC4442DPETNACC4442DPEaton Corporation
ETN-ACC4448DPETNACC4448DPEaton Corporation
ETN-ACC4448SPETNACC4448SPEaton Corporation
ETN-ACC5148SPETNACC5148SPEaton Corporation
ETN-ENC422448SEETNENC422448SEEaton Corporation
ETN-ENC423048SBETNENC423048SBEaton Corporation
ETN-ENC423048SDETNENC423048SDEaton Corporation
ETN-ENC423048SEETNENC423048SEEaton Corporation
ETN-ENC442442SEETNENC442442SEEaton Corporation
ETN-ENC442448SETNENC442448SEaton Corporation
ETN-ENC482442SEETNENC482442SEEaton Corporation
ETN-ENC482448SEETNENC482448SEEaton Corporation
ETN-ENC483048SEETNENC483048SEEaton Corporation
ETN-ENC512448SETNENC512448SEaton Corporation
ETN-ENC513042SETNENC513042SEaton Corporation
ETN-VS2252440ETNVS2252440Eaton Corporation
ETN-VS2302440ETNVS2302440Eaton Corporation
IPC3400-A1-NETIPC3400A1NETEaton Corporation
IPC3401-3633IPC34013633Eaton Corporation
IPC3402-3305IPC34023305Eaton Corporation
IPC3402-3371IPC34023371Eaton Corporation
IPC3402-3880IPC34023880Eaton Corporation
IPC3402-A2IPC3402A2Eaton Corporation
IPC3601Eaton Corporation
IPC3601-F3-3316IPC3601F33316Eaton Corporation MONITORED EPDU 1U
IPC3602Eaton Corporation
MBP6K208Eaton Corporation New Eaton MBP6K208 Maintenance Bypass HotSwap rack-mountable AC 208V
P-103000900P103000900Eaton Corporation
P-103001016P103001016Eaton Corporation
PC125-APC125AEaton Corporation
PC125-A2-LTPC125A2LTEaton Corporation
PC125-C-LTPC125CLTEaton Corporation
PC2646-CPC2646CEaton Corporation
PC2672-3389PC26723389Eaton Corporation
PC2679-1PC26791Eaton Corporation
PC2715Eaton Corporation
PC3038-3074PC30383074Eaton Corporation
PC3368-3511PC33683511Eaton Corporation
PC420-CPC420CEaton Corporation
PC5008Eaton Corporation
PC5016Eaton Corporation
PC5585-CF1/LTPC5585CF1LTEaton Corporation
PC874-F-2241PC874F2241Eaton Corporation
PC975-2109PC9752109Eaton Corporation
PC975-2109-LTPC9752109LTEaton Corporation
PC975-3293PC9753293Eaton Corporation
PSPD050208Y1KEaton Corporation
PSPD050208Y3KEaton Corporation
PSPD100208Y3MEaton Corporation
PSPD100240S3MEaton Corporation
PSPD120208Y3MEaton Corporation
PSPD160208Y1KEaton Corporation
PSPD160208Y3KEaton Corporation
PSPD200240S2KEaton Corporation
PSPD300208Y3MEaton Corporation
PSPD400208Y2KEaton Corporation
PULSI1000R-XL2UPULSI1000RXL2UEaton Corporation
PULSL1500R-EBMPULSL1500REBMEaton Corporation
PULSMI3000-EBMPULSMI3000EBMEaton Corporation
PULSMI3000-XL3UPULSMI3000XL3UEaton Corporation New Eaton Unit -w/15mos warranty -fresh batts !We just do UPSes!
PULSML3000-XL3UPULSML3000XL3UEaton Corporation
PW102BA1U159Eaton Corporation
PW102SW0U151Eaton Corporation
PW103BA0U237Eaton Corporation
PW103BA1U191Eaton Corporation New Powerware Enclosure Power Distribution Unit Basic
PW103BA1U406Eaton Corporation
PW103SW2U413Eaton Corporation ePDU SD Switched 1U Horizontal 120-240VAC/16A C-20 Input/8 C13
PW105BA0U412Eaton Corporation
PW105BA1U404Eaton Corporation
PW306MI0U243Eaton Corporation VERTICAL MONITORED EPDU 5.75KW
PW314BA1U193Eaton Corporation
PW317MI2U141Eaton Corporation
PW9130G2000T-XLEUPW9130G2000TXLEUEaton Corporation New UPS - AC 208 V - 1.8 kW - 2000 VA 9 Ah - RS-232 USB - output co
PW9130I1500R-XL2UPW9130I1500RXL2UEaton Corporation
PW9130I2000T-XLPW9130I2000TXLEaton Corporation New UPS - AC 230 V - 1.8 kW - 2000 VA 9 Ah - RS-232 USB - output co
PWATSL520004Eaton Corporation
PWATSL530007Eaton Corporation
PWATSL630006Eaton Corporation
PXG900Eaton Corporation New PWR XPERT INSIGHT GTW
PXGMSUPSEaton Corporation
PXGXPDPEaton Corporation New Powerware Power XpertGateway Series PDP Card
RCP200-BLKRCP200BLKEaton Corporation EPO SWITCH 2U
RCP200-GRYRCP200GRYEaton Corporation
RCP2500-3485RCP25003485Eaton Corporation EPDU REMOTE CONTROL PANEL 9
RELAY-MSRELAYMSEaton Corporation New Remote management adapter - RS-232
REMOTE08-07REMOTE0807Eaton Corporation
RK4PCEaton Corporation
SB3011Eaton Corporation
SB57163S084FBEaton Corporation
SB571GROMMETKITEaton Corporation
SB58604BZEaton Corporation New RACK MOUNTING HW KIT
SB708193025FBEaton Corporation
SB85219084FBEaton Corporation
SB860FSFBEaton Corporation
SB860FSKFBEaton Corporation
SB87019S1FBEaton Corporation
T100H-0500T100H0500Eaton Corporation
T100H-5000T100H5000Eaton Corporation
T17C19260-2-015T17C192602015Eaton Corporation
T2235-3209T22353209Eaton Corporation
T2235-5166T22355166Eaton Corporation
T2235-A1-CNB15ST2235A1CNB15SEaton Corporation
T2235-A2-CFB09ST2235A2CFB09SEaton Corporation
T2235-A2-NFB09ST2235A2NFB09SEaton Corporation
T2235-AB-CNBC20T2235ABCNBC20Eaton Corporation
T800R-03500T800R03500Eaton Corporation
T800R-075001WT800R075001WEaton Corporation
T8S-3189T8S3189Eaton Corporation
T982-5195T9825195Eaton Corporation
T982A1-N-SL-015T982A1NSL015Eaton Corporation
T982A2-F-SL-115T982A2FSL115Eaton Corporation EPDU L5-20P 1U INPUT 12X5-20R
T982B2-N-SL-115T982B2NSL115Eaton Corporation
T982C2-F-SL-015T982C2FSL015Eaton Corporation
T982F2-N-SL-115T982F2NSL115Eaton Corporation
T982F3-F-SL-015T982F3FSL015Eaton Corporation
T982J1-N-SL-009T982J1NSL009Eaton Corporation
TPC115-10D-3889TPC11510D3889Eaton Corporation
TPC115-3245TPC1153245Eaton Corporation
TPC12-CTPC12CEaton Corporation New Pulizzi ePDU TPC12 12-Outlets 2.88kW PDU - 12 x NEMA 5-15R - 2.8
TPC2105-2-107TPC21052107Eaton Corporation
TPC2105-2-108TPC21052108Eaton Corporation
TPC2105-5305TPC21055305Eaton Corporation
TPC2234-5042TPC22345042Eaton Corporation
TPC4100-A2TPC4100A2Eaton Corporation
TRN-0240TRN0240Eaton Corporation
Y03100099300000Eaton Corporation
Y03112057100000Eaton Corporation
Y0311301B100000Eaton Corporation
Y03113057100000Eaton Corporation
744-00255-00P7440025500PEaton Corporation New Eaton Network-MS 744-00255-00P Network Management Card
9PX8KEaton Corporation Eaton Unit -w/15mos warranty -new fresh batts !We just do UPSes!
PW9130L3000T-XLPW9130L3000TXLEaton Corporation Refurbished PW9130L3000TXL Towe UPS 3000VA/2700-Watts - 5-Minute Full-load - 4 x NEMA 5-15/20R 1 x NEMA
PW9135G5000-XL3U+BPPW9135G5000XL3UBPEaton Corporation Eaton Unit -w/15mos warranty -new fresh batts !We just do UPSes!
EATS115Eaton Corporation Power distribution unit rack-mountable - AC 120 V - 1.44 kW
9104-12585-00P91041258500PEaton Corporation Eaton 9PX Kit Model 9PX6KTF5 UPS 5.4kW 6000VA 6U Unit Model: 9P
9PX6KEaton Corporation Eaton 9PX Kit Model 9PX6KTF5 UPS 5.4kW 6000VA 6U Unit Model: 9P
9PX6KTF5Eaton Corporation Eaton 9PX Kit Model 9PX6KTF5 UPS 5.4kW 6000VA 6U Unit Model: 9P
9210-3363-00P9210336300PEaton Corporation Eaton 5P850GR 9210-3363-00P UPS 850 VA 600w 240 V AC Rackmount 1
EMA325-10EMA32510Eaton Corporation Eaton ePDU G3 Managed EMA325-10 PDU 5.76 kW AC 120/208V 3-phase
103005977-551103005977551Eaton Corporation Eaton Powerware Replacement Battery pack Extended Cabinet P/N:10
5P1000Eaton Corporation Eaton 5P 1000 Tower UPS 770 Watt 1000 VA UPS AC 120 V 9 Ah RS-23
PW9130I3000R-XL2UPW9130I3000RXL2UEaton Corporation Eaton PW9130I3000R-XL2U UPS 3000VA 2700W 230V 2U Rack Mount C20
T1H1-10T1H110Eaton Corporation Eaton Powerware Sensor T1H1-10 Sensor with 1 Temperature Probe T
PC2641-DPC2641DEaton Corporation EPDU 2U RE L21-30P 5-20R OUTPUTS
EFLXL1500R-PDU1UEFLXL1500RPDU1UEaton Corporation Eaton FlexPDU 1.44kVA 12-Outlets PDU - 12 x NEMA 5-15R - 1.44kVA
9PX3000RTNEaton Corporation Eaton - UPS rack-mountable / external - AC 100/110/120/125 V
9PXTFMR5Eaton Corporation Refurbished 9PX 5K XFMR IN L6-30P OUT 18 5-20R
9PX2000RTNEaton Corporation Eaton 9PX2000RTN 2000VA Tower/Rack Mountable UPS - 2000 VA/1800
PW105BA2U420Eaton Corporation Eaton ePDU Basic 4-Outlets 4.99kW PDU - 4 x NEMA L6-20R - 4.99 k
DX3000LEaton Corporation Eaton Unit -w/24mos warranty -new genuine batts !We just do UPSe
9PX3K3UNTF5Eaton Corporation Eaton - UPS rack-mountable / external - AC 200/208/220/230/2
5SC1000Eaton Corporation Refurbished 5SC UPS - 1000 VA/700 W - Tower - 5 Minute - 8 x NEMA 5-15R
5SC1500GEaton Corporation 9210-63010-00P EATON 5SC 1500VA 1050W XL TOWER UPS 120V
5S1500LCDEaton Corporation Refurbished 5S1500LCD 1.50 kVA/900 WTower 2 Minute - 10 x NEMA 5-15R - 5S LCD 1500VA Tower 120V
EPBZ91Eaton Corporation Eaton ePBZ91 ePDU Basic power distribution unit 4.99 kW RM input
05146726-5591051467265591Eaton Corporation Eaton 2-Post Rail Kit 05146726-5591 RREA001
5P1500REaton Corporation Eaton 5P1500R RM UPS 1100W 1440 VA AC 120V RS-232 USB 1U UPEA036

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